What to look for When you need Bulk Content Writing

Bulk Content Writing

What to look for When you need Bulk Content Writing

Good and bulk content writing at publishing at consistency. That is one of the most critical requirements for a successful campaign. Only amazing content can add fuel to even the best of the best content marketing strategies. 

Today, the digital industry is growing at leaps and bounds. The extensive requirement of content writing work is apparent. And the challenge increases multi-fold when the content requirements are bulk in nature, say from hundreds to tens of thousands of words each day. Such bulk article writing service presents some unique challenges. 

We live in a digital world and it’s a dynamic one. The norms of content marketing and content creation are dynamic here. It is also a competitive world for professional content writing companies. Surviving here requires such content creating companies to be fast, up-to-date, knowledgeable, and efficient to be able to cater to the varied kinds of the clients’ content needs, including SEO content.

Ingredients Of Creating Great Content

 Ensure the content is original                      

Search engines favor original content. Neither should it be similar to other content available online nor should it be plagiarised in form rehearsing the same concepts of other available content about your own business.

 Have strong titles

Research states that 80% of readers quit reading a write-up with an uninteresting headline. A wise thing to do is to take time to chalk out a headline. You could create a few and then decide on the best one.

Actionable content

Your content should place any assurance in front of its readers about how to best use what they have just read and learned from your content. Be it tips to use the information or ignite some idea-generating sparks.

Provide answers

Most people come online in search of answers. So you need to ensure the blog post that you have placed before them should ensure they gain some knowledge and answers from it. And quickly too!!


It is of utmost importance that the content you place in front of the readers is accurate and verified. Anything placed online is open for the world to see and is read by thousands of people with each passing minute. Imagine the reputation your business would create even if a very little part of the information is wrong or inaccurate! 

Content on blogs reflects your company’s credibility. And issues with it would mean doom for your business. Accuracy of content is the only way to build trust with readers.


Having multiple visual learning aids in the content ensures that the audience is glued to your content. Add a relevant and decent dose of diagrams, videos, images, charts illustrations to your content, apart from usual paragraphs of text.

The short and precise content

Be crisp in what you wish to say. Cut the chase. Nothing can match simple, brief, informative, and to-the-point content. A long blog post can cause more harm than benefit.

Likable and thought inciting content

Your content should be powerful enough to be able to hold the attention of the readers and keep them engaged. Some tips that help to engage readers’ are-

  • Leave them with food for thought
  • Ensure that they can apply what they are learning from your content
  • Place a promising introduction before them
  • Give them reasons so that they continue reading your content till the very end and not leave it midway.
  • Try weaving your content into a story. People love stories!
  • Ensure that your content sparks a flurry of comments. This way search engines are sure to notice it and rank it higher.
  • Update your content regularly.

Continuous updates

Search engines do not favor content that is not regularly updated. So having a website and blog post but not updating it regularly does no good for your marketing strategy. The most vital way of drawing traffic is to regularly update your content. Businesses that post more frequently tend to have a startlingly stronger influx of visitors. This is where the need for bulk article writing service comes in.

What Exactly Is Referred To As A Bulk Content Writing Assignment?

When a content writing firm needs to complete a huge volume of content writing in a short duration of time, it is referred to as a bulk content writing project. Such content needs to be high in quality, affordable in price and has a fixed deadline.

It is noteworthy you understand that what constitutes bulk varies from a company or project to another. But we can broadly lay down what the requirements include:

  • Short turnaround time for large content.
  • A requirement of multiple writers or writing teams.
  • The voice and tone of all the pieces to be consistent.
  • Quality consistency between pieces.
  • Affordable prices due to bulk nature.
  • Medium to store and publish the large content.
  • SEO optimized content.

Some Simple Examples Of Bulk Article Writing Service

  • eCommerce stores that are looking to rewrite the whole store’s worth of product descriptions.
  • Location pages for a service-based business
  • An agency looking for creating monthly blogs for a bunch of clients.
  • A business that covers the whole country, and is looking for location-specific content like city pages.
  • Companies looking for landing or summary pages on a wide array of topics. 

Indispensable Tips to Handle Bulk Content Writing Projects

Now that you have understood what bulk content is, next you need to figure out how you can get it! Creating bulk content requires an added amount of time and planning than normal content. 

The foremost requirement for a company to be able to handle a bulk writing assignment is a good writing team with expert content writers who can generate high-quality content within quick turnaround time. 

Let’s discuss tips that can help to nail bulk content writing projects!

Size and scale of the project

The word bulk is a very general term. You must be able to put a quantifiable number to the size of the project. You need to clearly define things like-

  • Estimated word count
  • Numbers of writers required for the project
  • A detailed timeline of completion of tasks- both phase-wise and of the entire project
  • Figuring out if to allot in-house writers or hire freelancers 
  • Number of articles allotted to each writer

Outline quality expectations 

When work is higher, there are chances the quality may suffer. But such a thing should not happen. Therefore before you begin any sort of bulk project you must have a thorough idea of the caliber of work you are aiming to accomplish. If the bulk writing job on hand is about basic and simple information, the level of expertise required from the writers varies as compared to when the project is about complex and technical topics. Once such parameters are clear, you could choose the team of writers accordingly.

Style guide

Bulk writing assignments call for a lot of writers to work together. But one prime aspect of a bulk project is the writing style and pattern. This is required to be the same throughout the projects. No two writers can write the same way. So for your writing team to be able to write content that looks and feels unified, you would have to make the entire team understand the expected writing style and tone for each single write up. You would have to clearly define a style guide. Such a style guide ensures writers understand-

  • Purpose of content
  • Expectations
  • Preferences
  • Important industry knowledge
  • Keyword to be used
  • Outline of the content
  • Formatting pattern
  • Expected word counts 
  • Target audience
  • Appropriate links to sources

And a host of other things that can help the whole writing team to churn similar yet different content, just as required for a bulk project.

Select the writing team

It is ultimately the writers, who can float or sink the content ship. So the importance of choosing an appropriate writing team cannot be emphasized enough. Since bulk content writing projects involve a large volume of work, stringent patterns need to be followed along with a high level of coordination amongst all writers, yet the ability to create unique content with each passing piece of writing, so it’s important to choose sensibly. 

What doesn’t matter is-whether the writers are full-time in-house staff, part-time staff, freelancers, or hired through writing-specific platforms as long as they understand the nature of work and are good at what they do.

There should be proper organization and allotment of tasks amongst writers. Apart from good writing skills you also need to ensure that the writers you get aboard are 

  • Flexible
  • Accomplished
  • Adaptable
  • Capable of honoring deadlines
  • Good team players

All of which proves to be vital to be able to churn out quality work for the team as a whole.

Detailed procedure 

When the work is voluminous in nature, it is possible to overlook a detailed process for each segment of it. But when working on a bulk content requirement it is expected that each piece of writing, from each of the writers, has gone through the entire process of research, SEO research, content creation, editing, and passing of quality checks before declaring it complete.

The team could have specific team members responsible for monitoring each step. This way the end result of good, consistent, interesting, and engaging bulk content can be achieved.


The importance of the feedback loop can never be emphasized enough. The most vital feature of doing any task is keeping open doors for feedback, examining what has been done and what could be done to improve it further. 

When we work in a team, the strength of the team should be measured by the strength of the weakest link. When it comes to bulk content creation, the key to quality content creation lies in continuous communication and feedback amongst the writers, editors, and managers. The team manager should be capable to motivate, communicate, and maintain a stable connection with the content creation team. Teamwork calls for a transparent, articulate feedback mechanism during all stages of the project.

Training matrix 

The writing team should be provided with writing tools, writing samples whenever possible. They would even require in-depth training for the task on hand. The entire team should be individually guided through the process of segments which they got right and which they need to improve on. 

After considerable progress with the project, it also becomes possible to discuss with real sample articles about which one ranked well and which ones couldn’t make the mark. This would be a learning medium to improve the balance part of the project.

Categories of Bulk Content

There could be various forms of bulk content. But one common thing about bulk content is that the same or similar content needs to be presented in a variety of faces and looks. This should happen is such a way that each piece of writing is fresh and unique to each item, yet sends out the same message as the others. Usually, a fixed template is followed in such cases.

Some common types of bulk content handled by Towards 90 content creation services include-

  • Blog posts
  • Review pages
  • Category page descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • City or location-specific pages
  • Social media posts
  • App descriptions

How Does Bulk Content Writing Aid Marketers?

Type in anything into a search engine and you are bombarded with thousands of results. Out of these thousands, some are extremely useful, some somewhat match your search and some are imposed on you by black hat SEO practices. But search engines have overcome this to a large extent. Today the most benefitting content to a customer gets displayed on top of the search engine results. This leads to greater readability resulting in better performance. 

There was a time in the marketing circles when business houses followed the practice of populating content. Today, it has become the art of curating the right information for a suitable visitor. This is the time of ‘quality’ bulk content and it has become a critical tool for marketers.

How Does Content Fail?

Any content that does not have efficiently arranged information, is likely to fail. The only thing that can make a write-up unique is the way it is written, the flow of thoughts in it. 

So What Does A Reader Want?

Readers are looking for new and unique things. For drawing the attention of a reader to your content it has to have quality, consistency, uniqueness, and novelty. Only then would a customer return to you in search of more. With a sea of write-ups available online only those with the above qualities stand out, and the rest all would fail to make their mark. Your content should be useful and informative. 

The internet is a dynamic medium. So a business needs to ensure its content doesn’t get lost in this dynamic ocean. This can be achieved through a regular and fresh stream of content being published at regular intervals to keep the audience glued. And with an increase in business, and volume of customers, arises the need for bulk content.

SEO Benefits Of Bulk Content

Bulk content aids in generating good SEO results. When a company updates its blogs regularly, it ensures attracting search engine traffic. But a company can only hold the attention of such traffic if it offers quality content in bulk. If your content can solve problems of the reader, people are sure to keep coming back for more. 

Incorporating tactics like allowing the audience to like, comment, and share your blog enhances chances to reach out to a wider audience. Content is king. And apart from generating top-class content, adding features like infographics, videos, animations, and images add multi-fold to the value of a blog.

Social Media Marketing

The Internet is flooded with content. And there is more content added to this sea with each passing day. Marketers today have also taken up a wide variety of social media to promote their content. Till a few years ago, marketing was limited to blogging and SEO optimized content. Today social media marketing has joined the bandwagon. Visitors on social media, when presented with the required information can easily lead to conversions. A business just needs to provide interesting information and a mild call-to-action. Social media is a quicker means to convert visitors to leads!

Pro’s Of Bulk Content Creation

  • It saves time. You can get a lot of content ready in a short amount of time.
  • It saves a lot of trouble and effort for a business that it might have to go through if it were to have to find a new content writer each time. 
  • Once a rapport is built with the writing team, both the parties understand each other and know what is to be done, without the business having to make an effort to guide the writing team through the orientation process.
  • It works out cheaper as the general market norm is that bulk work is paid at a lesser rate. Writing teams often charge less when they know the workflow is expected to steady.
  • You can expect consistency in all content created about your business as it is done by the same set of limited people.

Cons Of Bulk Content Creation

  • Bulk work can get monotonous and the writers may run out of ideas to talk about the same things in different ways. This could result in compromises on the quality of the content over time.
  • Limiting the scope of opportunities. The world is full of creative writers and when your business commits to a set few, it may sometimes prove more a drawback than a benefit. You may lose out on the chance to associate with even better writers than your existing ones.

Parting Words

Even with a few cons, businesses always stand to benefit from bulk content creation. Yes, coordinating bulk writing projects is a tough task, but when you have the right strategy, you can go a long way. 

So, What are you waiting for? Hire someone with experience, knowledge, and skill for your bulk content marketing needs. Get in touch with the Towards 90 team soon. 


Hire Towards90’s bulk article writing service today!

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