Things To Consider Before You Buy SEO Articles For Your Website

buy SEO articles for your website

Things To Consider Before You Buy SEO Articles For Your Website

Have you been toying with the idea to buy SEO articles for your website?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Let us help you understand all about SEO, and how to buy effective articles for your website.

What is an SEO friendly website?

A website that has easily understandable structure and content for a search engine are called an SEO friendly website. Let us discuss a few important features of an SEO friendly website-

  1. All the pages on the web site need to have a unique title and description. It is generally accepted that titles should be between 60-65 characters. Descriptions should be about 150 characters.
  2. The URLs should be well formatted, descriptive, and in small cases.
  3. Ensure the web pages are quick to load.
  4. Ensure the content on the website is unique is not found anywhere else on the web. Plagiarised content cannot be SEO friendly.
  5. All images on the web site should be optimized for size. Another thing to be ensured is that they have a meaningful image filename and ALT text.
  6. The web site should have a meaningful structure. The elements of a web page are-
    • Header
    • Breadcrumb menu
    • Page Title, one H1 tag per page
    • Well formatted text with short paragraphs with subheadings
    • Author information
    • Footer

So Why Is SEO Friendly Website So Important?

Here is what an SEO friendly website gets to the business-

Surge up your search engine rankings

Great SEO can make your content more visible. This can get higher prominent spots in the SERPs. And it is these spots that claim most of the clicks and attention.

SEO tools and strategies lead to a rise in organic traffic. Such traffic increases at a steady and stable rate, resulting in constant improvement and boost in your sales.


Good search result listings are important to achieve, but did you know they are free and easy to achieve? A business does not need to spend any money especially for getting good search results ranking like you have to spend on advertising and marketing strategies.

Paid advertising is a “spray and prays” approach to reach customers. Opting for SEO content can turn out to be a real cost-saver. And what’s even better is that such a ranking can remain constant, unlike with advertisements that when removed from the web leads to a decline in web traffic.

Easy traceability

The best means of increasing sales and banking profit for your business is through ranking well in search engines. The internet is the first and most preferable place a probable customer is likely to search for your business. So ranking well on a search engine is the key to success.

Through the medium of the internet, a probable customer can search for your business, get to know the content you have placed there, have meaningful interactions with your business, eventually leading to higher sales!


Today all businesses, whether big, medium, or small have understood the importance of SEO. But if your business is amongst the last one to board the SEO train, you definitely stand to lose while your competitors have already drawn in customers.

Enhanced user experience

SEO optimized website is not only beneficial with search engines but for the users of the website. The principles of SEO ensure that the website is well-formatted and easier to understand, thus resulting in enhanced user experience.

Adds to the credibility of your brand

Websites that rank higher in search engines are likely to seem more genuine and trustworthy to users. Generally, search engines are often considered credible and your business appearing on the top declares you as the best in the field. This way your business gets both awareness and brand credibility.

Improved Return On Investment(ROI)

Paid advertisements can get your business, but they come at a high cost. SEO is free. And can still make your business better. So even with a little or no investment, your business reaps benefits and profits. Therefore SEO optimized website is an ideal way to generate awareness and boost sales with a minimum requirement of investment.

Stay in competition

The world has gone digital. Today each business has an SEO optimized website. So if you wish to stay in the competition your business too would need to have an SEO friendly website. To be able to challenge the competition a business needs to lead the search results.


Research states that people often click only from the results on the first page of the search listings. If they do not find results matching their requirements, they rather type a new query than search the second or third page. with SEO optimized website you can ensure your website gets displayed on the top of the search.

How Do I Make Sure An Article Is SEO Friendly?

Do you know what the most vital component of any content is? It is definitely optimizing it for search engines as well as for users. And achieving such a thing does call for a lot of effort, dedication, and time. But when done correctly, it is sure to pay off in a multi-fold way!

Come, lets me take you through how each article your business puts up on the web can be SEO friendly!


The most important thing to begin off with is research. this research should cover 4 aspects

  • Keyword to be used
  • Length of the article
  • The kind of already existing articles on the topic
  • And the section called ‘people also ask’

With your article having the right keywords, the chances of your article dominating the search results, and being able to please your target audience are supremely high. Once you have done this, the placement of keywords in the text on the list.

Ensure your primary keyword is there in the title of your article, in its URL, in your Meta description, in a few heading tags. Next, ensure you keep your Meta description between 150-160 characters and give proper names to all images your article contains.

Search engines like longer content and rank them better. An ideal article could be 2000 words, but this is no rule of thumb. The length must justify the topic.

Structure of the content

The content needs to be logically flowing structurally sound. Ensure there is a distinct introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Do not forget to add a strong call to action in the conclusion.

Catchy title

The title of the content is the first thing a reader sees about your article. Only a compelling, descriptive, and catchy title can draw the interest of a reader. Further, to be able to get a higher ranking, titles can be SEO optimized by the following ways-

  • Begin the title with the keyword
  • Keep the title under 60 characters
  • Create compelling subtitles within the content with appropriate HI, H2 tags.


A well-crafted is one of the most important SEO elements. Ensure you follow the following- 

  • Each page should include the target keyword
  • Keep URLs compelling and relevant and short to about 3 to 5 words and around 60 characters.
  • Use hyphens to separate words.
  • Use lowercase letters

Formatting the text

Have smaller paragraphs of about 2-3 sentences. Format well and make use of bullet points, different fonts, and highlighting text.

Optimize Meta description and images

A summary of your content is called the Meta description. It appears below the title in a search result. Ensure it is appealing, informative, and compelling to click. Ensure it has the main keyword.

All images need to be given an appropriate filename, descriptive titles, and a caption. 

Add links that make sense

It is good to have internal and external links in your article. This way the reader could explore the topic in more depth if required yet stay on your main article. Internal links ensure a reader spends more time on your website. External links to reputed resources like Wikipedia build trust. Both of these help to improve the user experience.

Optimize your content for different mediums

In today’s digital world, a user is more likely to search for your business on his mobile/ tablet than a traditional desktop. Therefore it is wise to have a responsive website design.

Things to Note When You Buy SEO Articles For Your Website

 Some people are better article writers. Period. 

In today’s digitalized world, the most viable way your company can hold the attention of a probable customer is through the content you have online, on your website or blogs.

Everyone can write, but to be able to write creatively is a skill and talent, not everyone does well in. That’s the reason experts today suggest companies to buy SEO articles. 

Before you venture out to buy SEO articles for your website,  there are a few things you need to consider – 

Experience of the writer

Content coming from experienced article writers gets with it a lot of perks. Such writers are professionals. Their quality, knowledge, and ability to meet deadlines can add a lot of value to the output they produce.

Be it a single writer or writing groups or specialized agencies, the experience they hold is what can distinguish them from others.

When your business is looking for bulk article writing service, contact Towards 90. They can cater to a wide variety of writing needs and ensure top-notch content at reasonable prices.


Another parameter to consider is the cost at which this SEO article writing service charges. A lot of parameters help determine the cost like-

  • Type of research involved in writing
  • Type of writing
  • Turn-around time
  • Number of articles required- either a bulk lot of a couple of them

There is a huge article marketplace out there that is willing to offer their services. The decision to buy SEO articles for your business is definitely going to save time and resources of your business and more likely to be better in quality too! 

However, the wish to buy SEO articles that speak for you and about your business should be preceded with careful planning and research.

A rush to purchase content without a carefully planned decision could lead you to waste money and driving your readers away. This would ultimately lead to lower your webpage rankings.

There are a lot of bulk article writing service specialists, both firms, and individuals out there who can customize articles to suit your website and business. One such agency is Towards 90. Get in touch with us to create content for your business, curated exactly per your needs! 

Pitfalls You Need To Avoid When Buying Articles for Your Blog

There are correct and incorrect ways to buy articles for my blog. Here are possible things that could go wrong when you opt for tying up with a bulk article writing service.


Let cost not be the only determining factor of decision making when your business chooses to buy ready-made content. Often low-cost articles are low on quality too.

But, the truth is the contrary is also true. Not all expensive things are worth it and good!

Buying without much thought

Planning your content is a vital ingredient of a successful blog. Topics you intend to cover and what has already been covered need to be planned in detail.

Following your whims in content buying, is a wrong thing to do. This way your business ends up spending time and money on content that may not be attention-grabbing to anyone but you.

You must take the time to decide what you want, and how and when you should present it.

Quality and voice of your posts is inconsistent

A successful blog has a distinct voice of its own. It could be anything – casual/ formal/ down to earth/ stuffy/ humorous or serious. Your blog needs to reflect on your business and brand. It should depict what you desire people to think about your business.

When you buy SEO articles for your website from a dozen different article writers, it is very likely to create voice confusion. 

Also, some sort of continuity between your blog posts is vital as it helps to maintain the illusion that a single person- you – write your blog. With a lot of sources working for you, this gets difficult.

Buying more content than needed

Regular blogging works well for SEO purposes, but you don’t need to post every day. Posting without a tight grasp on the content schedule isn’t worth it. An ideal scenario is just 1-3 posts per week, of high quality, focused, and thought-inspiring content.

How Do I Get Bloggers To Write For My Business Website?

Recent research states that 61% of business owners today are more likely to buy ready-made content for their blogs from sources that create custom content.

These sources can help your business find great blog writers –

Look out for hidden talents within

It’s a good option to give the people who work with you a chance.

Advantages– People who work with you know best about the business.

Challenges– Most people may not have done this before, hence do not understand the long list of things to consider to write winning content.

Comments section

The comments section is the easiest way to find professional blog writers.

Advantages– A commenter is likely to be well aware of the audience and their content needs.

Challenges – It is a time consuming and daunting task to review and find such people in a crowd of comments.

Social media

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ prove to be the perfect place to find bloggers.

Advantages– The content creators’ knowledge and social media following can add multifold to your business blog’s readers, the online reach of your business.

Challenges– Calls for a lot of preliminary work.

Freelance sites

There are plenty of freelance websites available.

Advantages – Access to varied content at affordable prices.

Challenges– Calls for a lot of administrative work like creating guidelines and managing contracts. Sometimes you may even end up paying for not satisfactory content.

Guest bloggers

Guest blogging is writing content for another company’s website

Advantages– An amazing way to get free, expertise quality content

Challenges– Cannot be a permanent source of blogs and requires a lot of management from your end

Content creation agencies

These are professional teams that can handle a wide variety of content needs. They have just the right amount of expertise, knowledge, and experience.

Advantages– Top-notch, SEO friendly, professionally created content minus any sort of administrative burden. Agencies manage the content creation process from beginning to end start to finish, and frees your business with issues like missing deadlines, managing contractors, analyzing the performance of content, etc.

Challenges– May cost your company a bit extra, but worth every penny in the long run.

Parting Words 

It is best for both you and your business if you continue to concentrate on what you are best at. Channelize all your energy on managing the business and outsource the concerns of SEO and digital marketing to experts

If your business is still struggling with SEO friendly bulk content creation and does not wish to waste your precious time and resources in finding individual article writers and managing their work, contact us at Towards 90 today.

Tie up with us to get professional SEO article writing service so that all clicks convert to conversions!

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