Is “Geo-targeting” the right solution for marketing your business


Is “Geo-targeting” the right solution for marketing your business

.Geo-targeting has opened endless opportunities for marketers today. Marketers nowadays more and more prefer geo-targeting ads and marketing campaigns to get desired results.

What are geo-targeted marketing campaigns?

The Geo-Targeted marketing campaign is developed by practicing and delivering the content to the user based on their geographic locations. This can be done by including city or postal code, IP addresses, GPS tracking, and more at acute levels.

Today we are seen spending more time on smartphones, and this helps in tracking the customer location. The marketers hence use this data to develop their promotional campaign that makes it easier to deliver the ad to the right audience, in turn, providing 100% sure shot results.

The basic idea being, the more relevant your ad the more likely it is to drive what the marketer wants: more leads, better conversions, sales ultimately resulting in more revenue.

We take one example here:

Let’s say, your restaurant is in New York, hence the marketer will set the campaigns in a way that will be shown to only those consumers who browse about the restaurants in New York. This means the ad won’t be published only for New York.  This way you will not be wasting your money on those customers who won’t convert.

How Is Geo-targeting Used? How Does Retargeting Work?

Geo-targeting marketing campaigns are all about to reach your potential consumers located in a specific location, city, or state. This way the campaign offers more meaningful and recognizable traits about your consumer behavior and shopping patterns.

Let’s understand this with an example here:

You are looking at “ The things to do in “PARIS” for sight-seeing”, as you are planning to take up a trip with your friends. You have googled around a few websites but didn’t confirm any bookings. So, what happens now that in few coming days you will be seeing a lot of accommodation deals and tour packages pitching at every corner of the website you visit – that’s called retargeting.

The ads start to appear looking at your browsing patterns. In the same way, you can create retargeting campaigns to reach out to your potential customers.   

Direct ads to the local venues

Once you get to know your audience’s tastes and preferences, it makes it easy to prepare your ad accordingly aiming for that specific consumer only. However, it didn’t make sense to advertise to everyone because not everyone would be near to your business stores.

So instead, you only advertised in a specific area of your store location. By using the geo-targeting marketing technique, it is easy to drive more customers to your store.

Using location-specific keywords

For example, “New York gyms” or “coffee shops near Time Square” or “uptown coffee/ cafes” are what you intend to target your audience. 

By including relevant keywords along with postal code, area code, landmarks, neighborhood, street names can help get you found by your targeted consumer easily, this way you get to show them your ad hence leading them to your café/gym/store in that area.

Using consumer behavior analysis and preferences from past locations

The location history of your consumer provides a lot of information specific to their tastes, shopping, dining, traveling, and so on. Acquiring this information will provide you with better insights to your marketers which in turn boosts the ability to target your right consumers, delivering relevant ads

Using geographic events for more leads

Geographic specific events like 4th July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving celebrations can be used to target consumers. An “apparel store” may target consumers with content promoting seasonal apparel with all deals and discounts.

For example, the store can start advertising the ads to avid shoppers/premium members or “sale on specific items” before Thanksgiving Day. This way the online marketers increase the awareness about the sale to the potential consumers which sees a rise in sales before the sale day arrives.

Pitching through custom landing pages

Landing pages are a great opportunity for this. Structure your landing pages around a person’s location. This can mean simply using pictures from the surrounding area or structuring the landing page around a theme that is relevant. Not only does this engage the user on a personal level, but it also draws them in to the page, keeping them clicking for longer.

What Is The Difference Between Geo-targeting and Geofencing

Geo-targeting and geo-fencing are equally important in any promotional campaign. Depending on your business requirements, it determines which will be a suitable one to provide you with the results.

Geo-fencing mainly refers to the present location to attain a customer base. Just like how your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is utilized to send relevant push notifications to the customers.

Geo-fencing is effective in letting businesses connect with customers selectively. Geo-fencing is ideal for those companies who want to reach out to the target market in a specific area only.

On the other hand, geo-targeting is a more customized approach to reach the target market using geographical location to be specific. For many years, SMEs have profited from using Geo-targeting marketing strategies because it is reasonable and has the full potential to gain maximum ROI.

Benefits of geo-targeting

Geotargeting has the potential to double the performance of your marketing campaigns. Sharing below significant benefits that it brings to your marketing efforts:

  •   It lets you design personalized content that further helps you to increase engagement
  •   Gives you more business locally
  •   Gets you more advertising returns
  •   Improves customer experience
  •   It is easy to spread the awareness of promotional offers to your local audiences
  •   The marketing campaign helps businesses in promoting local events
  •   You can hide your ads from competitors

How To Geo-target Using Facebook? Are FB ads worth it?

With Facebook ads, you can target your users using geo-targeting marketing strategies based on their country, state, and city. This can prove to be extremely profitable if you are doing business locally and wish to target your local customers.

Facebook Ads have amazing advanced features that let you target the users using a specific address location.

The Facebook ad campaigns are way cheaper compared to other online marketing mediums. The cost-per-click is reasonable and since it is one of the most favored social media platforms, you are sure to get 100% results when you run them.

Geo-targeting Using Instagram

Instagram is trending these days and so is Instagram marketing. If your business depends on Insta stories and pictures, the social media platform shows you how to use them to engage with your target audience. Instagram lets you use its geo-location to gather the data of your potential audience through mobile devices.

This lets your user go to the relevant store or tag their favorite content further resulting in an increase in shares and likes. However, this strategy can be only applied when you tell your Instagram to advertise your location. This way your recent posts will have a boost in engagement. If Instagram is a big part of your overall social media marketing strategy, make the most out of its geotagging features.

How To Use LinkedIn In Your Geo-targeting Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn is one of the most social media platforms that connect world-wide professionals. The platform lets you convey the message using geo-targeting marketing. Using LinkedIn geo-targeting in your marketing strategy can help you connect with the right people. The geo-targeting LinkedIn marketing features lets you:

  •   Target geographic locations
  •   Optional targeting facets
  •   Targeting options to match with the right audience
  •   Audience size
  •   Relationships between targeting selections

What Is Mobile Geo-targeting?

Customer location data is helping businesses worldwide in delivering a better mobile experience. This further enables them to tap into the right audiences for their products/services.

In mobile geo-targeting, it provides information/data to the marketer about the consumer location data. This helps in identifying the right audience as the marketers will be only delivering the promotional ads to those people based on location data.

What Is Online Behavioral Targeting?

Behavioral targeting is a technique where the marketers use the visitor’s browsing history. It usually includes websites visited, relevant products/service searches, shopping patterns, tastes, and preferences.

This online targeting technique is highly effective as the ads are delivered to the right audience. Hence it has the potential of giving a 100% ROI.

On a Final Note

In each of these geo-targeting advertising campaigns, the ad or content pitched to the consumers should be developed and delivered based on absolute relevance with the right strategy.

If done correctly, it can thus expand your scope and opportunity to communicate with potential consumers in a much targeted and effective way.

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