Can I Hire Someone To Write An eBook? How Long Should My eBook Be?

hire someone to write an ebook
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Can I Hire Someone To Write An eBook? How Long Should My eBook Be?

All of us come across a wide…….WIDE……W I D E kinds of ebooks each day – fiction/ promotional/ mythological/ biographical/ tutorial/ promotional and the list never ceases to end!!!

Today, eBooks are becoming an effective tool for ensuring your business’s online presence. Be it an eBook put up on Amazon or your website. Ebooks are storehouses of powerful content and are becoming powerful means to drive traffic to your website, thus making a stronger online presence felt.

A business often spends a lot of resources to draw the attention of its targeted audience to their website. But once they are there, what is it that you are giving them, to ensure they look, absorb, stay, and finally convert?

Ebooks have become one such lead magnet!

The last 5 years have seen a multifold increase in the number of tablets, smartphones, and eReader users. Today ebooks have become an 8.7 billion industry and are growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day.

Ebook readership has jumped 3X on mobiles since 2016.

Ebook writing is hard—-that’s why you should seek services of professional ebook writers for hire do it for you! Outsourcing your business’s eBook writing needs to our experts at Towards90 can help you solve the buyer personal challenges your business faces at all stages of a buyer’s journey and also ensure to attract new leads, and kept them glued to you till they finally convert!

But, hey, the journey of ebooks doesn’t stop at conversions. It continues to ensure long term buyer retention too.

For a small to medium business, hire someone to write a ebook does seem like a substantial investment. It also takes considerable time to create one. But it gets with it equally substantial long term benefits and proves to be an excellent ROI as it can do wonders to your business’s online presence. A business should ensure to choose a topic that viable today as well as for a couple of years to come. This way the eBook can be a source of information for the prospective customers for a few years, into the future. This continuous ability to offer content makes an eBook a good source of continuous return on investment to your small/ medium business.

Like books are man’s best friend and can contribute towards building a strong foundation, eBooks contribute to building a loyal readership foundation for your brand.

  • eBooks could be short-aimed at lead generation.


  • eBooks could even be long and detailed – aimed to educate your audience. 

And as a business, you just need to ensure that your ebook offers valuable content to your readers. This builds their trust and respect for your business and also convinces them to recommend your ebook in their circle of friends and family.

According to the American Association of Publishers, in 2109, ebooks made a little higher than 14% of the total revenue of their members. And a compilation of reports from individual publishers revealed that ebooks captured a little over 20% of the market share.

Why Are Suddenly Companies Offering eBooks?


A company offering an ebook reflects volume about its authority on the subject matter. It is a medium for your company to share their insights and expertise. This helps attract customers and gain their loyalty by becoming their trusted adviser.

For Example- Your company is into cosmetics. 

A prospective customer looking for cosmetic products has stumbled on 2 websites. 

The first website has a lot of options, good products, and an overall easy to navigate website.

The second website is yours. You apart from all the above features are also offering customers an ebook named “A Pathway To Good Glowing Skin” for free with the purchase of products from your business.

Guess what -Your site has definitely scored brownie points and ensured to attract a prospective customer.

Selling Opportunity

Ebooks work out as mediums to generate leads. They can be used tools to appeal your business to people who are looking for information, (may not be looking to buy, at the moment).

For Example- Someone is looking to decorate their nursery. Your business is dealing with baby care products. Having an ebook “How To Decorate Your Nursery” on your website would be a good read for would-be parents. Also, if they like your content in the book, they are sure to come back to you for baby care products in near future.

Build Goodwill 

When you hire someone to write a ebook for your bsuiness that offer readers valuable content work wonderfully to build the goodwill of your business. If your ebook can portray that your business has the best interest of the readers in mind, you win their hearts and goodwill.

Generate Leads

When a person downloads your free ebook, you can as a business get two things-

  • Know that the topic of your book interests them
  • Access to their email id/ contact information/ telephone number etc. of a person who is probably interested in your industry and product line.

As a business, you can use this lead. First, provide them with nourishing information and then slowly guide them through the sales funnel! This would mean expanding your upper sale-funnel by targeting high-quality leads. 

Web Traffic

A website that can provide a lot of ‘good’ information about their industry to the audience, works like a magnet to draw repeated visitors. And more web traffic is a key pathway towards the success of your business.

Ensure you add a call to action in your eBook asking them to check out your website, social media handles, and other avenues where you have a presence.

And another trick is that a business can repurpose its eBook content into multiple or a series of blog posts, thus contributing to boosting the SEO of your website.

Rise Above The Competition

Today, ensuring your business stays afloat in this competitive world is a tough task. You need to ensure you do things that can make your prospective audience choose you over your competitors.

eBooks are a fairly new concept, especially with small or medium-sized businesses. When you hire someone to write a ebook for your business, you can gain the first-mover advantage if you can tap this medium and draw the attention of your targeted audience

Other Miscellaneous Benefits Of Writing An eBook 

  • They don’t have to be very long, you can write as much or as little as you like.
  • They are inexpensive to produce and distribute globally.
  • Customers can easily access them online, instead of needing to go to a bookshop.
  • The convenience of an ebook also makes it a hit amongst your audience. It can be shared with a free medium (email) and can be created in multiple formats like PDF, EPUB, etc. as per convenience.
  • eBooks are a wonderful opportunity for your business to go green. Not only do you save resources that are spent on traditional marketing mediums, but you are also saving the world!!!!
  • The best part about ebooks is that it has to be made just once. Hosting it on your website will get you leads for a lifetime! So your one-time effort can garner you leads indefinitely!

What Can A Business Write About? 

As a business, the topic of your eBook should be around your area of expertise and your business. Like if you are Towards90, a content marketing company, you could create an ebook that educated readers about how digital marketing works.

This way you are not only educating the readers about the new digital marketing trends but also giving them a nudge to come to seek your services

Another thing you need to keep in mind when deciding on the topic of your ebook is your target audience. The topic you chose should be something that would interest a major section of your audience. As the primary target of your ebook is to guide them to achieve something/ share valuable information/ solve a problem.

Your ebook would only have an appeal if they can touch a chord with your target audience.

Where Can A Business Promote An eBook?

Once a business has done creating an ebook by tying up with professional ebook writers for hire, the following are the mediums through which it can reach its audience-

  • Put it up on your website and charge a nominal amount for every download.
  • Offer it as a gift to people who sign up for your email lists( which helps you to create a customer network).
  • Put it up on your social media networks and allow free downloads to people who subscribe to your page.
  • Offer it to customers who buy above a certain value.
  • Circulate it among people you meet while networking.
  • Mention about it on all your marketing channels.
  • Tie up with an influencer, ideal if the person is industry-specific to promote it.
eBooks Are The ‘New’ Business Card For Your Business!

What Can Be Called An Ideal Word Count Of An eBook?

hire someone to write an ebook

The word count of an eBook depends on parameters like-

  • Budget 
  • The objective of eBook creation
  • The industry you are in
  • The topic you intend to cover

Just like any thing else, eBook creation does need to follow some basic ‘best practices’. But the truth also remains, that even experts like Towards90 cannot pinpoint to a finite set of rules that ‘fit’ all!

If you’re unsure about how long should my ebook be and the idyllic word count for your eBook, don’t worry, our content strategists at Towards90 can easily guide you for it and curate content and word count of your eBook based on your exact needs.

All said and done, the plain truth is, the word count of the book isn’t much a matter of debate. Any book that can provide readers with value- be it a 5000 word or a 50,000 word eBook, will be welcome by the reader.

Why Are Ebooks Called A Win-Win Situation For A Business?

Ebooks are – 

  • A medium of marketing for your business.
  • Can bring in revenue to your business, even if it is nominal.
  • Also gets your business the contact information of an interested buyer.

All of which benefit your business!

But Who Can Create A Ebook For Your Business?

No, ebook creation for business does not require your or the person you hire to be a William Shakespeare! With a partnership with reputed professional ebook writers for hire that can write and edit your ebook, you can see how your raw knowledge can be converted into a high-quality and successful content marketing medium.

Repurposing Content

It is not necessary the content of your eBook need to be a completely fresh one.

A business may even combine several of its previously published blog posts and meld them together and present it in the format of an informative eBook. It is not necessary that people read the blogs your company posts regularly. Providing them in a well-formatted compilation would mean repurposing the same content but in a new format. So with minimal efforts, your content can reach a wider audience!

Ebooks Could Also Be Same Information Presented In A New Format And Dimension

Updating The Ebook Information

You can keep the information provided in the Ebook to remain accurate and current by periodically updating it.

Regular updates ensure that-

  • People who have already purchased/ got access to your ebook are provided with a refreshed content, serving as a reminder of the existence of your business. 
  • Regular updates show that your business cares about its existing customers and is trustable and dependable.
  • Works wonderfully for SEO and bags better rankings.

Why Seek The Help Of The Best eBook Writing Services?

Now that I have taken you through the benefits an ebook can get to your business, let me tell you how hiring professional eBook writing service is the most beneficial option for you.

To be able to get the maximum benefits out of this marketing medium, it is vital that the eBook you create substantially contributes to advertising your brand and business. This will happen only when the writer behind the book is an expert! eBooks are not any general content you randomly generate for your business. Ebooks call for a lot more expertise and acumen. When you tie-up with a professional content writing agency, they can do the job perfectly as they are very well aware of the elements that should go in an eBook. We at Towards90 and are experienced and can do justice to your exact needs!

What does an eBook writing package include?

When your business has tied up with professional ebook writing services like Towards90, you are in good hands. We take care of all the things that are required in the process like-

  • Strategizing and outlining the book
  • High-quality well-researched content
  • Well edited and structured content
  • Images and infographics at appropriate places in the book
  • Well-designed book cover.

Towards90 is a full-service content marketing concern and can help you achieve the results your business has been looking for.