How a Copywriter Can Help Your Business | The Power of Fine Tuned Words

how a copywriter can help your business

How a Copywriter Can Help Your Business | The Power of Fine Tuned Words

In the era of digital marketing, you speak to your target audience through your content. It is extremely important to create content that conveys your message in a clear and crisp manner. Before we proceed further to discuss businesses that need copywriting and the advantages of copywriting, let us see an example of good copywriting, to understand the importance of how a copywriter can help your business.  

how a copywriter can help your business

In the above example, you notice that the language is simple, conversational, and does not have any fancy vocabulary. The copywriter introduces you to the problem faced by most of the companies shifting to remote work. It is the pain point faced by many small and large organizations in the current times. Next, they offer you a solution, which is the product sold by basecamp. To further convince the audience, they have social proof under their CTA.  

Businesses That Need Copywriting

Every business has to promote its products and services in order to reach out to the target customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales. And this where the services of a copywriter are useful. A copywriter helps marketing teams to create enticing content that communicates with the prospective buyers and convinces them to make the purchase decision. 

The role of a copywriter is to create memorable content for your website, paid ads, emails, social media, landing pages and SMS campaigns that attract the attention of the viewers, engages them, and converts them. Copywriters can add value to your digital marketing team and help you in achieving business growth and success.

The copywriter uses words as tools to persuade and motivate an audience. You persuade your readers that you have something valuable to offer; you motivate them to acquire it for themselves. This is the essence of effective copywriting

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Advantages of Hiring a Professional Copywriter

how a copywriter can help your business

A copywriter is a professional, who can produce compelling content that connects with the target audience and sells your products or services. He can understand your customer’s problems, pain points, and expectations. Copywriters are experts in creating copies that appeal to your prospective customer’s emotions and nudge them to engage with your brand. There are many ways in which a professional copywriter can help you achieve your business goals. Here are some advantages of copywriting. 

Create Effective Copies

A persuasive copy needs to offer value to the reader. It has to inform, educate, and convince the reader about your products and services and how they help to solve certain problems. A copywriter can help you produce strong content that communicates with the viewers. He can create simple yet compelling content that strikes a chord with your audience, engages them, and influences them to take the required decision. 

Get a Fresh Perspective

Most of the entrepreneurs who write their own copies often fail to impress the audience as they are emotionally attached to their brand. They often overlook the expectations of the customers and create redundant content that does not convey any message. Experienced copywriters can create magic with words. They bring about a fresh perspective to the table and can create invigorating content that can be adapted for different purposes

Develop a Brand personality

Copywriters can speak the language of your buyers and prospective buyers. In the process, they help your brand to develop a personality and tone of its own. Brand personality differentiates your brand from that of the competitors and makes it stand apart in the crowd. 

Get Quality Content

A website or an ad with spelling and grammatical errors can spell doom to your business. It creates a negative impression of your brand and drives prospective buyers away from your website to your competitors. Hiring a copywriter will ensure that you get high-quality content that is professionally proofread and edited. 

Towards 90 is an experienced content marketing company with a professional network of copywriters. We offer scalable copywriting services for businesses across different industry verticals. Our experienced copywriters can create compelling copies that convince and convert. 

Increase Conversions

Experienced copywriters can create persuasive content that prompts the readers to take the intended actions, such as buying your product, subscribing for the mailing list,  giving personal details, etc. A professionally written copy emphasizes the problems faced by your target audience,  provides solutions, offers value, and provides social proof to arouse the emotions of the viewer and convince him to take an action. 

Improve Rankings with SEO-Optimized Copies

Professional copywriters are abreast with the highly dynamic algorithms of Google and other search engines. They produce powerful copies that appeal to the search engine bots and improve your search rankings. An expert copywriter understands how to optimize the content and make it appealing to the search engines as well as your viewers. 

Publish Fresh Content

Publishing fresh content is a necessity for modern businesses. It not only improves your SERPs rankings but also creates a professional image for your brand. Professional copywriters can bring in new ideas to create interesting content that is relevant to your audience. 

Before you rush to hire or outsource a copywriter,  it is crucial to know about the types of copywriting and how to choose the right copywriter for your business. 

Styles of Copywriting

how a copywriter can help your business

There are many niches that copywriters specialize in, such as website copywriting, SEO copywriting, advertisements copywriting, social media copywriting, etc. You have to choose a copywriter with the right specialization that suits your requirement.  Here are some common types of copywriting. 

B2C Copywriting 

B2C or Business to Consumer copywriting is one of the most common styles of copywriting. Any business that sells products or services directly to the customers uses this style of copywriting. For example, retail stores, salons, fashion stores, gyms, etc. B2C copywriting mainly focusses on the emotions of the customers. 

B2B Copywriting

B2B or Business to Business copywriting is used by businesses, which sell products or services to other businesses. The style of B2B copywriting is completely different from B2C copywriting because a B2B copy has to be based on facts and figures and provide in-depth information about the product, to convince the decision-makers of the client company. 

SEO Copywriting

SEO is the buzz word in digital marketing. But what is SEO copywriting? SEO copywriters specialize in creating copies that make it easy for your target audience to find you on search engines. They create attention-grabbing copies by incorporating the keywords used by the majority of your customers when searching for your products or services on the internet.   

SEO copywriters not only specialize in creating keyword-rich content, but they can also optimize other aspects of your web copies such as meta tags and meta descriptions. They help your website rank well on search engines. 

Sales Copywriting

Sales copywriters specialize in producing sales letters, sales copies, landing pages, emails, etc. They create copies that motivate the buyers to take immediate action that increases your sales. The services of a sales copywriter are essential when you launch new products or services, or when you enter new markets. 

Hiring an experienced copywriter with writing experience in your industry can take your digital marketing campaign to the next level. It is, therefore, necessary to spend some time in choosing the right professional, who understands your business as well as your audience. 

Tips to Choose a Copywriter For Your Business

how a copywriter can help your business

Before you hire or outsource a copywriter, it is essential to list out your goals. This will help you in the process of shortlisting the copywriters. For example, if you want to hire a copywriter for your website content, you have to choose one with expertise in website copyrighting. In the same way, if you are looking for content for your landing pages, you should work with a landing page copywriter


Experienced copywriters can add a fresh perspective and unmatched expertise to your marketing team.  Look at the copywriters working experience and the number of projects he has done in your industry. Choose a professional copywriter, who has proven experience of copyrighting for local businesses in your industry. 


Talk to the copywriter to gauge how professional he/she is. A good copywriter is easy to work with, believes in collaboration, and is supportive of your views. See how the copywriter convinces you that he/she is the right fit for the job. (After all, if a copywriter cannot convince you to hire them, how can they convince your customers to buy your products?) 

Ask For a Sample

Ask the copywriter for a sample copy. You can either ask them to share something from their previous work or request them to create a sample copy for your business. This is the most effective way to assess the skill of the copywriter. 

Check Their Website

Before finalizing the copywriter, check the business website of the shortlisted copywriters. This will allow you to assess the writing skills of the copywriter and how adept he/she is in engaging the viewers with their content. You can also know about other details such as their copywriting experience, client reviews and testimonials, and writing style. 

You can search for copywriters online or hire an agency with a professional network of copywriters. Hiring a copywriting agency allows you to have access to copywriters with varied skill sets. You can find the best fit for all your copywriting projects and get stellar copies that convince and convert the audience. 

Towards 90 is an experienced copywriting agency with a huge network of professional copywriters. We offer multiple copywriting services under a single roof, at affordable prices. No matter whether you want a landing page copywriter or an SEO copywriter, we have the right person for the job.