How to check my website keyword ranking? Here are some options for you

how to check my website keyword ranking
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How to check my website keyword ranking? Here are some options for you

Search Engine Page Ranking or SERP as it is commonly referred to, are the pages that are a result of the query typed in the search engine by the customers looking for a product, service, or a solution. So, how to check my website keyword ranking?

The entirety of this phrase holds extreme importance to the businesses aiming at expanding their business online. All the digital marketing efforts of businesses, corporates, or conglomerates are directed towards being on the first page of the search engine page. 


Because with a website ranking checker you know what page on Google or any search engine you are in. This establishes the credibility of your business and why your products and services should be preferred over others. 

how to check my website keyword ranking

You know how they say, if you want to hide a dead body, put it on the second page of the search engine? This clearly shows the importance of measuring Google ranking and being on the first page of a leading search engine page like Google.  

As important as it is to be on the first page of the search engine, take Google for instance, even more, important is to make sure that you have a system of website keyword checkers in place to measure Google ranking. An effective Google website rank checker put in place will strengthen your real-time keyword ranking efforts ensuring you maintain the position. 

Importance of checking your website’s keywords rankings

Its 2020, who monitors the keywords anymore, you would say?

But we recommend you should keep a periodic check on the real-time keyword ranking?


Allow us to elaborate:

Surfaces New Opportunities

how to check my website keyword ranking

Back in 2019, a study on Google search by Rand Fishkin revealed that more than 50% of the Google searches end in zero clicks. This proportionally has a direct impact on the traffic which will exponentially decrease with time. But having a reliable form of website keyword checker will help you look at the opportunities that you might have missed earlier. It can further your goal of brand awareness, driving more traffic, etc. 

Check for Traffic Generated by Keyword

how to check my website keyword ranking

Real-time keyword checking will help you identify which keywords you are currently ranking on and which no longer serve the purpose. You can from thereon, develop a strategy and input keywords that are trending and will help increase your ranking. Keywords can be seasonal, which is where a website keyword checker will help you identify and boost your traffic volume and quality. 

Keyword Optimization

how to check my website keyword ranking

Keyword analysis is the foundation of a well-executed SEO strategy. A website keyword checker will make you ask questions relevant to build a potent SEO plan. You will be able to identify and create a list of primary keywords and complementary keyword expressions that are currently trending and can boost your rank. According to the quality and quantity of the traffic garnered by the keywords, you can optimize your keyword utilization and placement strategy. 

Having clarified this, now we have provided you with strong pointers to rebuttal with confidence, every time someone in your SEO circle says, Keywords are dead, they should not be kept track of anymore.

Wondering, why do you need the keywords to be relevant and why can’t the same keywords be used for months and years again and again? 

Because they can adversely affect the standing of your business and throw you out of the customer’s consideration. 

Impact of the incorrect or obsolete keyword on the position of your business

As mentioned before, keywords can be seasonal and mostly are. Their utilization depends on what is currently trending i.e. which words are the customers typing in the search engine box to find answers to their queries. 

  • If you are still targeting the intended audience on the keywords which they used years before, your efforts to get noticed and increase conversions will go to waste. Similarly, if you are trying to attract an audience on the wrong keyword, then it will be a disastrous marketing strategy. 
  • Not only will you lag behind your competitors at garnering attention from your target audience but no matter how effective a digital marketing strategy you will develop, your efforts will go in vain. Furthermore, if your keywords are not aligned with your content, your SEO strategy might get regarded as a black hat technique by Google. 

This is why you need a website keyword checker. As mentioned before, it will keep you notified of which keyword is your website ranking on and which keywords should you now remove.  

How to check my website keyword rankings? Ways to check:

Keyword research, ranking, and tracking their positioning is of utmost importance and should never be overlooked by a business, big or small, working towards building and bolstering their online presence.

In the following section, we are going to help you with some of the most prominent, and effective ways to check your website keyword ranking. 

Keyword Ranking Tracker

how to check my website keyword ranking

Keyword ranking trackers are tools designed for website ranking checks. There are various tools available online which you can use to understand keywords that are being ranked on the website, important terms that you should optimize your content for, and which are the keywords your competitors are currently ranking on. 

Tracking the right metrics like keywords can help increase the click-through rates and surface more opportunities to boost your business’s revenue. This way the keyword ranking tracker will generate even higher conversions with traffic and revenue. 

This tool makes use of current ranking and historical data to track and gauge the organic position of the keywords. This helps in understanding the gravity of the impact they have on driving organic traffic towards the website. Depending on the output you will be able to understand and create an SEO strategy with optimized keywords for better ranking. 

One of the leading keyword ranking tracker is AHRef

It gives the idea of the highest precision as to which keywords can be optimized for better search ranking. It also gives you an idea of how your competitors are using the keywords for optimization. This boosts the possibility of a higher rank in the SERP. By using its paid version you can also access its premium feature that provides an analysis report for keywords as well. 

Chrome Extensions

With chrome extension, your data is well encrypted and secure and you get ad-free browsing with unlimited bandwidth. This is one of the most cost-effective means of checking your website keyword ranking. You can install chrome extensions for page rank check and website keyword ranking. But there are a plethora of extensions available online, which can make this task daunting, to say the least. Understanding this, we bring to you a list of renowned and leading chrome extensions that you should download as Google website rank checker. 


A dedicated keyword rank checking tool, BizRank is free of cost extension that is trusted to provide one of the most accurate keyword rankings for effective optimization. Easy to use, BizRank can be applied to check the ranking of multiple keywords at once. This keyword position checker will help you understand where your website stands in the online landscape. 


An award-winning keyword research tool, SEMRush is one of the best tools to check the current standing of the keywords you are ranking on. With one of the largest keyword database in the world, the extension will help you identify which keywords your competitors are ranking on. This will help you learn which are the latest keywords that you should optimize your content for. Its proficient tracking and research strengthens the business’s SEO efforts to garner organic traffic

MOZ Rank Checker

One of the most popular tools for checking the rank, it makes use of a unique algorithm to check the authority of a specific link. It is prominently used by webmasters and SEO experts to gauge how well the website is performing on the Google page ranking and further use the result as a reference to optimize the website accordingly. While it performs the analysis keeping various factors in mind, it specifically is considered reliable in tracking the keywords to boost website ranking. 

Keyword Checking Plugins

Plugins play a pivotal role in strengthening the content, metadata development, monitoring keyword phrases, and devising better marketing strategies. Install plugins to check the keyword density, relevance, and quality for optimization and creating quality content. The prominent keyword checking plugins in the market are

Google Search Console

how to check my website keyword ranking

One of the most trusted ways of tracking your SEO efforts without shelling a single buck out of your pocket is Google Analytics. The official mode of communicating within Google, Search Consoles is a prominent analytics tool that allows webmasters and SEO experts to monitor and efficiently manage their website. 

A source of massive data and information deemed a proficient analytics system Google Search Console provides for an easy to use, integrated platform that facilitates site optimization and management. What makes it a favorite among the masses? It is free of cost. Yes, GSC is a free service offered by Google. There are various drop downs and options in Google Search Console that can help you drive result-oriented keyword research. 

Looking for alternatives to these prominent keyword checking plugins?

If you are a WordPress user, you can install and include Rank Math, Mention, Chartbeat, Gauges instead of Google Analytics. Furthermore, you can yield a similarly higher return on investment from SEMRush, AhRef, Moz in place of Google Search Console. These tools will perform the same job but with a much more understandable data interpretation views, albeit at varying pricing packages. 

Keyword Surfer:

A SERP analysis and keyword research tool, keyword surfer can help by providing you with quantifiable data to understand and work on. As a free tool, it can assist with keyword suggestions, the volume of keywords on both local and global levels, estimating traffic in the search results based on the domain, etc. 

While these are mostly paid tools, we also have a list of some of the most recommended free keyword research tools that can help your website with increased SERP

  • UberSuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Autosuggest
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Keyword Scraper
  • WordTracker Scout
  • WordStream Free Keyword Tool
  • Answer The Public
  • KeyWorddit
  • Questiondb

All these are undoubtedly helpful, but no keyword research or tracking strategy is complete without checking your competitor’s ranking keywords. 

Keyword analysis on your competitors helps you see how well their site is performing, are you on the right track, etc. Keeping an eye on your competitor’s keyword ranking assists you in identifying keyword gaps in your strategy and brings to the surface new opportunities for better keyword research and placement. This will further guide you in creating an effective and relevant SEO strategy by changing incorrect or old keywords. 

Once you are done with the competitor’s keyword analysis its time you use that information to create a strategy that will help you rank better in SERP. 

  • Identify whom to target

Domains with little to no authority can gain the much-needed push by using long-tail keywords, which are more specific and increase the possibility of conversion. This can be helpful for a new website, a start-up, or in a fiercely competitive industry. For domains with high authority, keywords with moderate volume and slight competition can be utilized. 

  • Find Semantic Keywords

Semantic keywords play a crucial role in enhancing the rank of the website on the page

Google’s instant version and related search are some of the best ways to find semantic keywords.

  • Create a list

Research and create a list of keywords that you have found rankable and drop those keywords that are established irrelevant or obsolete. While creating a keyword list, make it a point to check for semantic keywords that will go with the primary one. Semantic keywords are crucial to add context to the primary keywords and the content. 

In addition to the ways to check your website keyword ranking, identifying the keywords used by competitors, we bring to you certain tips that will help you choose keywords which will boost your ranking:

  • Use leading keyword research tools to create a keyword list
  • Identify and segregate the keywords that aren’t competitive 
  • Run a thorough check to see the search volume of these low competition keywords
  • Use estimation tools to check whether or not these tools will bring revenue
  • Check whether or not this will bring organic traffic to your site
  • On the trend-scale, check if the keyword’s popularity goes up or down. 

Creating an SEO strategy with well-researched, tracked keywords is necessary to boost your brand’s name in the online marketing landscape. 

In conclusion, we will say that real-time keyword monitoring makes for an essential part of your successful search engine optimization strategy. As an SEO professional, it is your responsibility to make use of every available and proficient Google website keyword rank check to stay updated with what page on Google is your business on. We hope the aforementioned tips will come in handy in determining the same.