21 Tips On How To Create Great Marketing Content

how to create great marketing content
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21 Tips On How To Create Great Marketing Content

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a well-calculated marketing approach. It involves planning to create content that has to be placed in front of a target audience to generate interest in the product/ service offered by your business. It also aims at generating brand awareness, and work in favor of augmenting search engine rankings. So, how to create great marketing content!

The content created by a business needs to be valuable, significant, and regularly available.

The ultimate goal of content creation is to ensure that the reader wishes to invest in your product/ service. With the right content marketing approach, your business can improve brand awareness, create a bond with the readers, and ultimately augment sales.

Content marketing for a business is a long-term strategy. It garners for creating a strong emotional relationship with your target audience. And the most vital key to this process is offering your target audience high-quality content. Not only does the content need to be relevant to them, but a business also needs to ensure that they keep getting it on a consistent basis. A well-done content marketing helps a business to nurture leads that in turn enable sales. All this happens with the help of incorporating strategies like using site analytics and engraving keywords in the content. 

Traditional Marketing VS Content Marketing

There is a huge difference between traditional marketing and content marketing. 

Traditional marketing is all about the age-old conventional tactic. It is used even today, but they don’t stand a chance in today’s modern digital audience. Some examples of traditional marketing include

  • Direct mail in the form of 
    • Flyers
    • Leaflets
    • Coupons
    • Cards
  • Radio/ television commercials
  • Telemarketing calls  
  • Print advertising in form or 
    • Magazines 
    • Billboard hoardings
  • Door to door selling

The problem with these outdated techniques in today’s world are they are 

  • Not cost-effective, 
  • Take a load of effort but generate low leads
  • People find them disturbing and irritating
  • Have a short impact and is more about a one-off purchase.

Advertising through content marketing ensures that you win the trust of the target audience. It works towards depicting the audience that your business truly cares for them. It is this trust that your content has won, ensures they make a purchase decision in favor of your brand over the other available competitors’ options.

Content marketing works on the opposite model of traditional marketing. While traditional marketing is about pushing your messages, content marketing is about pulling leads to your content.

Why is Content Marketing Significant?

Gone are the times when outbound marketing tactics were enough to bring in sales into your business. Such practices are no more effective. 

And this is why content marketing has come into the picture to contest this issue. A well carried out content marketing strategy not only expands the reach of your business, but it also brings a lot of things with it, like-

  • Educating your target audience about the services/ products your business offers.
  • Build a bond with your target audience. 
  • Pitch in to boost conversion.
  • Make the target audience realize, without being too pushy and sales-sy that the product/ service offered by your business can unravel their challenges.
  • Ensure the customers feel a sense of belonging when choosing your brand over the competitors’. 

Surely, these are quite many reasons for your business to understand the gravity of the importance of content marketing!

Tips On How To Create Great Marketing Content

In today’s online world, when your business is looking for solutions to drive search traffic to be able to create a profitable business, it is only a sound content marketing strategy that can come to your rescue.

The demand for content is gigantic.  

And there are heaps and heaps of content and information online. What is it that you can do to ensure your content stands out from the crowd?

Read along as we at Towards 90 uncover 21 great content marketing makeover tips that can help you cut through the noise and reach your ideal customers effectively.

Clarity on the object of content creation

This is the first and most important requirement.

Without a clear idea about the goal for your content, the content is more than likely out of line. A business has varied types of content requirements 

  • To generate leads
  • To boost sales
  • Marketing
  • Creating a community etc.

And before you create any content you need to decide on the goal of the content and how it would be used. A clear core message needs to be congruent throughout the content.

Without clarity on who your audience is, it is impossible to write successful content. The purpose of the content succeeds only if an audience is actually reading and interacting with your content.

The content creator must keep the buyer persona in mind all along in the content creation process.

Spend time on crafting the title

Whatever be the type of content you are generating- blogs, videos, or podcasts, it is a title that is going to draw the attention of readers to your content. 

The title is the most vital source of effectively placing your content in the eyes of your desired addressees. Just being sensational doesn’t work. But being focused on the reader’s needs and promising on solving their issues can help earn their click.

Juicy and enticing titles, with emotional keywords, work as magnets for audience attention holding and ultimately leading to conversions. Another tip that works is having odd numbers in your titles. 

Ensure the authenticity of content

Your content decides how your reputation stands online.

And reputation builds over a period of time. You should ensure it remains intact and in high regard. 

Content creation calls for a lot of hard work in terms of research and fact stating. Sharing promises/ claims that you won’t be able to deliver would gradually lead you to a black hole due to tarnished reputation. 

Stating the truth through your writing, even though it is ugly is sure to earn 

you a first-rate reputation.

But for the prime need of being authentic, safe, and correct, if you roll out lower content than competitors in the industry, your material is sure to get camouflaged behind the more authentic content from competitor’s camp.

Adaptive content

Adaptive content is a fairly new concept but is fast catching up.

Today, millennials constitute a large chunk of any target audience. Your business needs to ensure your content is adaptive and can reach them through all possible mediums like mobile, desktop, tablets, mobile apps.

Adaptive content means meaningful support across different platforms. It should be accessible by the reader on desktop, then continuous to read where they left on a different device like a smartphone and then finally ending up purchasing via a mobile app. All this without any hassle while shifting mediums!

Call to action

Ensure your content has a compelling call to action engraved into it. Not very direct, but definitely persuasive.

When an audience reads your content, none of them are looking for theory or speculation. They are looking for solutions, benefits, and answers. Your content suggesting a plan of action is what they are looking for, something they need to work on.

The purpose of content is to generate sales. Your content needs to have apt calls to action at proper places.

The goal of content marketing is to garner sales. Your content may be good, but if it isn’t converting to sales it hasn’t solved its purpose. The content is as good as useless!

Calls to action are the means to draw in sales. When used appropriately they do not annoy, intrude, disturb, or trouble. 

There is an outline your content needs to follow, and that is

  • Address the pain points of the readers.
  • Ensure the headline offers a solution or value.
  • Your matter should aim to build a relationship with the audience.
  • Your matter should have well-researched material.
  • and finally, The content needs to end with reassurance and a call to action.


The internet is flooded with content. For your content to be visible, distinct, and effective in this ocean, it has to be unique, solutions providing, and realistic.

Only when you offer a reader something different from the lot, are they going to be interested in checking it out. Also, search engines recognize plagiarism and penalize it by pushing them lower in search results.

So originality is the foundation of great content.


After originality, consistency is the next key leading to the answer to the question about how to create great marketing content. Posting content that is original and regular is what is required to generate traffic. 

Content publishing needs to happen at regular intervals. A bunch of content randomly thrown on the web cannot generate traffic. It calls for a well thought of strategy and flow of content in regular time intervals, topic wise sequentially planned. Having a well-planned editorial calendar makes a content marketing strategy less stressful yet high rewarding. 

Did you know that search engines rank sites better if they show signs of life? Therefore consistently posted fresh content ensures your site reaps SEO benefits.

Always include images and videos 

The adage- ‘A picture is better than 1000 words’ is true even in the content marketing world.

Research proves that humans can process images quicker than text.

Therefore to ensure that your content draws attention, it should have a fair amount of related videos and images.

Always base content on your core values

Ensure that the core values of your business are reflected in all the content you create. When content is based on something that your business truly believes, it is easier to bridge the gap between the reader’s expectations and the message the content is sending out.

Keyword research

Optimizing your content makes it more effective.

Keywords are words your target audience is likely to search for on search engines. Once you get a fair idea of your target audience, you need to understand how they think and what words they are likely to type when searching for solutions to their issues.

Incorporating such keywords on your content and offering solutions for such queries with your content can ensure that you emphasize with them and are here to offer solutions.

Quote from industry leaders

There are simple things that can add multi-fold to the value of your content. One such thing is quotes from industry leaders. Having an industry leader share views on your content increases its social value. Having your brand associated with well-known people adds weightage and increases your social standing.

Content in multiple versions

Having your content available in different mediums like text, videos, and podcasts broadens its scope.

Different people prefer mediums of learning. So don’t stick only to text when you are generating content.

Discounts and deals

Deals and discount offers are an awesome means to monetize your audience. But the way it is presented to the reader matters. It’s not only about a little slash to the price. You should be able to convince the reader about a wonderful deal they are getting. 

Like say for the first week, you offer a product for ₹100. You may make a few sales. Next week only for 2 days you offer the same for ₹85, stating it to bea limited period offer. These 2 days you are likely to bag in a higher volume of sales.

Build a rapport 

Your content should not be too sales-sy. The purpose of content should be to educate, share information, and give an insight into a new perspective.

Bombarding your reader with a lot of ‘buy now’ messages is more than likely to turn them off. The basic purpose of content marketing is not instant sales. It is about long-term inbound plans and building relationships. Its goal is to create a rapport with your readers. It works towards establishing trust in your brand over a period of time.

The logic of content marketing is simple. First, create remarkable content. Ensure the content is useful to readers at large. When you educate a customer or throw light on solving their issues, sales would automatically follow over a period of time.

As a business, you first need to build a rapport with your audience, before you nudge them to buy.

Emotional appeal

We may not like to accept, but we humans are emotional beings. So for your content to do well, it needs to have an emotional side to it. Striking the emotional cord of the audience is a good answer to the query –how to create great marketing content.

The market is flooded with options for a buyer. It is their feelings that drive purchases. When your content can strike emotions the most preferred being awe, joy, amusement, or delight, your content can win hearts.

Focus on relieving pain points than on pleasure points

In totality, it may be the same, but focusing on pain points works better than focusing on discussing the pleasure that can be achieved on using a product/service.

The scarcity effect works

Content like the limited period offer, only 10 left, only 24 hours sale, etc. have a positive impact on cashing in sales.

Clarity on B2C or B2B content

There are a lot of differences between B2C and B2B content.

Consumer blogs need to be short, easy to understand, trendy, and emotional quotient.

Business blogging is highly informative, could be dry, and need to be actionable. 

So clarity on B2C or B2B decides the type of content

Internal links and Backlinks

Internal linking helps in SEO. It does sound complex, but it is as simple as linking each page of your website with each other.

Search engine rankings and traffic are tied to backlinks. Higher the quality of backlinks, the more the traffic you can attract.

Get help

A businessman can’t do everything himself – from business to sales to marketing.

Good content marketing alone requires a lot of different skills like 

  • research
  • design
  • copywriting
  • Editing
  • promotion
  • PR
  • link building

and more…. 

The wiser thing to do as a businessman is to seek help from professionals to handle the content marketing aspects. They can definitely do a better job as they are specialized in it.

Contact Towards 90 to understand better what they can bring to your business via their content marketing skills.

My Two Cents

The most vital thing about – ‘how to create great marketing content?’ is getting to know your target audience. This calls for researching skills, dedication, efforts, and time, but knowing your audience alone is like winning half the battle. The balance half can be won by implementing these 21 content marketing tips!

Developing a strong content marketing strategy for a business is a long-term process. Apart from inputs like lots of hard work and dedication, deep knowledge about how to create great marketing content is also required. At Towards 90, we have a team of content specialists to handle all such needs of a business.