How To Get Value From Zero-Click Searches | Positive And Negative Aspects | No-Click Searches

how to get value from zero-click searches
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How To Get Value From Zero-Click Searches | Positive And Negative Aspects | No-Click Searches

Did you notice that Google displays direct answers to your query on top of the first Search Engine Results Page?  

Search Engines strive to improve their user experience from time to time. They bring constant changes to search algorithms to ensure that searchers get the best experience, every time they use the search engine.

Zero click searches are one of the recent features added by Google and other search engines. 

Read on to understand more about what are zero-click searches,  how they affect your SEO, and how to get value from zero-click searches. 

Google introduced zero-click searches to help users find the accurate information they are looking for right on the first Search Engine Results Page.

Zero click search provides specific answers to your query in the form of paragraph, list, video, table, map, definition, calculator, or featured snippet. These answers appear on the top of the first results page for your query and are known as zero-click searches.

For example, if you type the question what is bitcoin? Google gives you a short answer with the relevant information. Google also provides a calculator to know the present value of bitcoin against the currency of your choice. You can view all this information on the first SERP for your query. 

how to get value from zero click searches

A featured snippet showing  specific  information about bitcoin

What is a No-click Search Engine Results Page SERP?

No click search engine result page SERP is the page that displays the answer to the user’s questions at the top of the search results. In other words, it is the result page that displays the relevant information for your question.

no-click search engine results page
no-click search engine results page

For example, in the above image when asked for 7 best ab exercises, Google provides a YouTube video of 7 best exercises for washboard abs. 

Positive And Negative Aspects of Zero Click Searches

The number of zero-click searches is growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that over 34% of desktop searches and around 62% of mobile searches are zero clicks. Through zero-click search, Google aims to provide instant answers to the searcher’s question without having to leave the First results page. 

Zero click search is a good tool for Google to make viewers stay longer on their platform. It provides them with ample opportunities to target the visitors with paid ads. However, it poses a big problem to businesses depending on organic search to increase their visibility.

As viewers can find the information they need right on top of the SERPs first page, they no longer click the website links for further information. 

But not everything is bad with zero-click searches. They provide a good opportunity to place your brand on top of the SERPs if you learn how to get value from zero-click searches and tweak your SEO strategy. 

featured snippet for how to create an Instagram post
featured snippet for how to create an Instagram post

For example, the featured snippet in the above image gives information on how to create an Instagram post. Being featured on top of the SERPs above the organic search results gives better exposure to the blog. Moreover, it also provides an opportunity to lure the viewers to the blog for further information. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zero Click Searches

Zero click searches pose both opportunities and threats to digital marketers. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of zero-click searches. 


  1. Google provides the link to your website below the snippet or the zero-click search answer. 
  2. Being featured on top of the search results increases the visibility of your brand and improves brand awareness. 
  3. Finding a place on top of the results pages, establishes your authority and enhances trust among the viewers. 


  1. Since the information related to the viewer’s query is present on the results page itself, there are fewer clicks on your link. This leads to lesser traffic to the website.  
  2. Concentrating only on getting featured in position 0 can drain your resources and ruin the user experience.  

Do Zero Click Searches Add Value To Your Content Marketing Efforts

Zero click searchers help brands to improve visibility as they get featured on top of the organic search results. Knowing how to get value from zero-click searches, helps you to optimize your content creation strategy and be featured on the top position, the coveted place to be found on search engines. 

It increases your reach as the audience can directly see your content on top of the SERPs. Additionally, appearing frequently in featured snippets, videos, lists, and other Google answer blocks helps to gain the viewers’ confidence and trust. 

How to Do SEO For Zero Click Searches

The number of zero-click searches is constantly on the rise. Finding a place in the Google answer block can offer a great opportunity to improve your brand awareness.  Here are some tips to get value from them. 

Choose the Right Keywords

Not all keywords have zero-click searches. While performing keyword research, consider the percentage of click distribution for each keyword. Choose the keywords with a fewer number of no clicks. Including sufficient long-tail keywords in the content can also help to get featured in the Google answer blocks and get traffic. 

Create Deep Content

Gone are the days where you could post surface-level informational content and get clicks from the viewers. In order to compel the viewers to visit your website, you should concentrate on creating deep content with relevant statistics, insights, and analysis. Creating in-depth content has three-fold benefits. 

  • It helps to establish your authority on the subject matter
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Fetch you a position in featured snippets

Improve Readability of the Content

Google prefers content with a readability index value of over 50%. The content should be clear and concise. It should be readable for average viewers. Avoid using jargon and difficult words and phrases in your content. Make it as simple as possible. Maintain the optimal line length, which is around 40 to 60 words, while creating the content. 

Adopt Inverted Pyramid Structure

Structuring the content in the inverted pyramid style is one of the best strategies to get a featured snippet. Begin with a clear and concise answer to the question, you are targeting. Beneath the answer, you can add more details to provide in-depth information about the topic. 

For example, if you are targeting the question of what is digital marketing, first you have to write a short and simple definition of digital marketing in 40 to 60 words. Beneath the definition, you can add further information to help the readers get a better understanding of the topic. 

Create Lists

Break down your content to match with the user intent. Use numbered lists and bullet points, wherever possible. Long paragraphs are boring to read and take a long time to skim through. Viewers prefer to go through lists and tables as they can be scanned quickly to find the relevant information. 

Add Meta Descriptions and Tags

Adding Meta descriptions and tags helps search engines to identify the contents of the webpage and help you earn a snippet. For example, adding alt text for images will help you to feature images in the Google answer block. 

 Adapting to zero-click searches requires a paradigm shift in your content marketing strategy. You must aim to create unique content layered with meaningful analysis and deeper insights. The content must compel the viewers to click on the link for further information. 

What Are Zero Click Ads

Zero click advertising is also called domain redirect advertising. Zero click ads target users who misspell the name of a website. The user is redirected to the landing page of the advertiser without any further clicks., giving it the moniker zero-click ads. 

Digital marketers love zero-click ad campaigns because these highly targeted campaigns provide higher conversions. Since the users are actively searching for a particular product or service, they have higher chances of converting.

Moreover, it is easier to improve the engagement rate as the attention of the viewer is completely available without any distractions like ads, banners, windows, etc. 

How To Get Value From Zero Click Searches

Zero click searches are not as evil as they are made to look. They provide advertisers with an excellent opportunity to appear on the top of the search engine result page, even if the organic ranking of the page is lower.

It helps to beat your competitors and be seen by your target audience. Knowing how to get value from zero-click searches is crucial for the success of zero-click SEO. 

Getting value from zero-click searches is possible when you optimize your content marketing strategy to match with the ever-changing algorithms of search engines.

Paying attention to the quality of content and the way it is structured is essential to master the art of getting featured in Google answer block.

Other ways to win the zero-click searches are to include meta descriptions and titles, include an ample number of long-tail keywords, creating long-form content that provides value to the audience, and choosing the right keywords.