How A Good Web Content Writer Can Impact Your Website Conversions

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How A Good Web Content Writer Can Impact Your Website Conversions

What can a good web content writer get to your business?

The outcome of good web content writing is to seal conversions.

Quality of the content is definitely the crux of online marketing campaigns. Well written content is capable of being able to turn warm leads into loyal customers. How quickly and easily are you able to get your probable customers to sign up for an email list, and how effectively you can keep your reader engaged with your content like blog posts can speak volumes about conversions. Conversion-oriented website content creation attracts readers. It compels them to take action. It has the power to convert visitors to leads, leads to clients, and eventually clients to fans. Therefore businesses spend a lot of time, effort, and money on improving electronic content. 

Content is the base on which the entire design of the website is set. This is what helps to drive traffic to your business’s website. To be able to convert leads, both Search engine optimization (SEO) and the right content is equally important. The quantity and quality of both determine the growth of your business.

But how exactly can you write conversion-oriented content? Read along to get to know a few tricks that can help you to create great content that can drive more traffic to your website and ultimately lead to increased conversions.

Content Writing Tips From Expert Web Content Writers That Ensure Lead Conversions

Knowing the Audience

This is the most basic step. We all understand that to be able to get our message through, talking in a language and style the listener understands is vital. When it comes to content, what works is having a definitive idea of your target audience. Once you know this, you can curate your content accordingly.

It is essential you align the tone of your text as per your target audience. It could be playful, friendly, formal, informal, sincere, ironic, etc. Being able to choose the right tone gives you an edge over the competition. At times a website content writer tends to overlook the ‘tone’ element while focusing on SEO. But only the right voice and tone of writing can give you an edge over your competitors and add flavor to your writing.

Trying to show the readers how clever or knowledgeable you are doesn’t work as the academic tone is often dry and complex. What works instead is the use of common English words, and writing in the way you speak.

Make your content readable

Ensure that the ‘readability’ score of your content is high. You can do this by breaking down the writing into more than a few lines by using a colon, then continue writing in the next line. This is referred to as the bucket brigade. This ensures readers do not lose interest midway while reading.  Choose action-packed words. Try developing an emotional bonding with the readers. Avoid talking in the passive voice. Don’t write in long sentences. Keep paragraphs short. Let the writing style be such as you are writing to one person at a time. The words “you” and “because” work more positively than you think. Place solutions for the reader’s problems with your writing.

Be specific, avoid ambiguity

Be specific in the headline, it works positively. Instead of writing ‘how to win clients’, writing ‘how to capture 100 clients in one month’, works better.

Incorporate questions in writing

Questions can be used as weapons. They keep the readers focused as it gives them a chance to respond. 


A reader would stay on your page only if he feels a connection with what he is reading. He leaves as soon as the content gets irrelevant to him. In today’s fast-paced world, staying relevant requires a sincere effort on part of the website content writer. The key is to show your readers, you are up to date. Talk about the latest developments and current situations. When the content you offer the readers is relevant, the chances of conversions increase multifold.

Ensure use of proper keyword research

Great writing without the right keywords won’t lead your content far. Keywords are the most common words people generally use while searching on a search engine. Keywords could be a single word, a couple of words, or a phrase. When such words are present in your content, they would come up in a search and hence the visibility of your content is higher. Professional website writing services can do this for you easily, and more effectively.

Optimize your titles, metadata, and tags

The blue ink that appears on making a search on a search engine is known as the title tag. The description appearing below it is called the Meta description. An exemplary title is about 50 to 60 characters and the Meta description around 120 to 158 characters. Also, ensure your title tag has your primary keyword. The Meta description is the most vital way to attract a reader to your post.

Good content is nothing with optimized titles, metadata, and tags. These work as breadcrumbs that lead the reader to the webpage, your content, and your product/ service. A compelling headline works like a magnet to draw readers. Metadata and tags work like lures, to ensure your content pops up in a Google search. So even if your content is excellent, but lacks these 3 pointers, it is highly likely consumers would see your material!

Do not overstuff keywords

Yes, keywords are vital to make your content valuable and search engine friendly, but overuse could lead to monotony and less credibility. Readers would lose their interest and may leave.

Latent semantic indexing

After keywords incorporation, latent semantic indexing is the next thing to do. It is through this latent semantic indexing that search engines determine the relationship amongst the words on the web page. The website content writer also needs to concentrate on incorporating secondary keywords in the text. This contributes to increasing the ranking of your website on the search engine.

Genuine and emotional

Yes, you need to consider aspects like keyword densities and SEO, but do not miss out on ensuring that the content feels like it is written from the heart. Your content should reflect an emotional side and feel genuine. Consumers are more likely to connect with businesses that seem transparent and honest.

Talk about the vital things in the first paragraph

A Microsoft study shows that the average attention span of an individual is 8 seconds. That means you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of a visitor. So having the most vital content first ensures longer interaction with a probable customer.

Social media to measure success

Ensure you keep an open eye on the impact of your work. You could do this with

And if results say that your content is underperforming then it is time you brush up your copywriting skills and tie-up with professional website writing services.

A picture speaks volumes

The use of pictures to convey things proves to be more effective. Research confirms that we process visuals faster than texts. So whenever possible try sharing your idea through an image. A reader would begin losing interest when the website has too much content and not an appropriate graphical representation.

Ensure you add calls to action 

Send out exact and catchy calls to action (CTAs) messages, but ensure they don’t sound very repetitive, pushy and cliché. List out the benefits explicitly and clearly the consumer would get on responding on your CTA. Try making the writing style more user-centric than making it sales-centric. Make them an offer that’s hard to refuse.

Wrap up with confidence

Once you have incorporated your CTA, all a web content writer needs to do is close with confidence. Give your readers food for thought, so that they think about you even after they have stopped reading. 

My Two Cents

An untrained website content writer can get you the needed exposure by creating a lot of content. He can even get you great improvement in your search engine rankings. But good search engine rankings do not mean anything if your leads aren’t converting to customers!

We must not overlook the fact that when people come to your website it is solely your content that would be doing the business for you. And if the content fails to impress your visitors, they would leave as quickly as they came.

Website content creation can prove to be extremely complex. But it is a cakewalk for a professional and experienced web content writer. He knows what the whole process calls for. He would begin by research and data collection. Next, he ensures that the writing style is audience geared, and most importantly better than your competitors’. He also understands that your website should load quickly (the desktop as well as a mobile site).  He understands the importance of attracting quite a few backlinks. And the most important thing he does for you would be creating reader-centric and evergreen content.

These tips are the basics of attracting traffic and generating conversions that professional website writing services bring to your business! Come partner with Towards 90 and ensure that your business is not only visible to your prospective customers, but their visits to your webpage also lead to conversions!