Top Insights about local business landing pages | Must Know

local business landing page
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Top Insights about local business landing pages | Must Know

Have you ever clicked on a Google search result, PPC ad, or a social media ad, and taken to a location-specific page of the company like in the image? Such pages are known as the Local business landing pages. 

What Are Local Business Landing Pages?

Local business landing pages are also called as city landing pages. They are pages on your website that inform the customers about the area of your operation. 

Local business landing pages provide all the relevant information that matches a search query. They also feature other useful information to help the viewer reach out to the business such as the location information, location map, details about ongoing offers and promotions, social media platforms where you can connect with the company, and recent reviews from customers. 

What is the Use of a Local Business Landing Page? 

Local business landing pages are highly appropriate for service business and brick-and-mortar stores that have operations in multiple locations. It helps you to inform your customers about the geographical extent of your business

local business landing page
local business landing page

 Geo-targeted landing pages help businesses to

  • Publicize the different areas of their operation
  • Inform the customers of the store location and contact details
  • Improve local SEO rankings and appear in the local snack pack for the areas surrounding the main city for which there is less competition in comparison to the main city
  • Claiming to Google My Business account for multiple locations to improve organic visibility

Different industries have a variety of uses of local landing pages. Every industry has its own set of requirements and target audience. Heres how local business landing pages can be used by different industries.

service -industryIntroduce the staff membersSpecify the service areasPromote customer reviewsAdvertise different servicesImprove local SEO 
Franchise businessPromote local contentAdvertise local activities and events by different franchiseesImprove local SEO
Single location brick and mortar businessesRank in the local snack pack of the main city and also the neighbouring areasAdvertise products and services to local customersIncrease store visits and salesImprove brand awareness
Multi-location brick and mortar businessesClaim Google My Business page listings for all the locations where you have operations.Showcase the products and services available at each different locations.Promote community contests and events for each specific location.Rank in the local snack pack for each specific location and improve your SERPs rankings. Increase brand awareness and improve sales.

Benefits of Using Local landing pages

local business landing page

Boost Organic Search Rankings

Geo-targeted landing pages are considered to carry more search authority by Google and other search engines. They improve the relevancy of your website and help search engines to feature your page in the local snack pack. This helps to boost your search rankings organically. 

local business landing page

For example, in the above screenshot, you can see that a simple search for beauty parlors without any geographic identification, throws up the details of the local beauty parlors for the searcher. 

Promote Content Unique to each service location

local business landing page

City landing pages provide the right platform to create and publish dynamic content based on the location of your business. They help you to

  • Connect with the local community 
  • Host and promote local events and contests
  • Generate high authority links from locally relevant sources
  • Get sales-ready leads  

Generate quality leads

Generate quality leads through local business landing pages

Creating local business landing pages for each location of your business helps to increase lead generation opportunities. Local websites, magazines, journalists, and directories are more likely to link to a local landing page. These local links boost your SEO rankings and generate good quality leads to your websites. 

Build Credibility with target customers

Apart from helping your SEO and lead generation, local business landing pages also help to build credibility in target customers. Publishing location-specific dynamic content, hosting local contests and events, promoting community events and charities, claiming the Google My Business listings, etc. on your city landing pages helps to connect with the target customers in a particular location and establish authority. 

Improve user experience

Geo-targeted landing pages make it easy for the viewers to find the location-specific content, they are searching for. Instead of searching the whole website for the required information, taking your viewers directly to the location-specific page when they click on an ad or a search result improves the user experience and boosts conversions. 

Now that you know what are city landing pages and how they help businesses to connect with the target audience to increase brand awareness and generate leads, the next logical question is how to develop superior local business landing pages that engage and convert the viewers. 

How To Develop Conversion Optimized Local Business Landing pages

Local landing pages for SEO can be highly effective in improving your search rankings and generating traffic. However, you have to put in some research to find about your audience, keywords used by them to search for information about the products or services from your industry, location-specific details, etc. You can approach content agencies such as Towards 90 or build your own landing pages using the different tools available online. 

The primary goal of creating local business landing pages is to make it simpler for the target audience to find information about your products and services and your store locations. However, most of the small businesses and start-up business owners fear to create city landing pages, in spite of the numerous advantages they provide.  Here are some tips to create effective local business landing pages for your business. 

Tips to Create Effective Local Landing Pages for SEO

1. Gather All the Geo-specific information of Your Business

Local landing pages should contain dynamic content based on location, to be effective. Before you start creating your city landing pages, it is imperative to collect all the geo-specific information of your business such as the local address, phone number, location map, and other information sought by the audience. Also, think about how to differentiate the services offered at different locations. 

2. Identify the Location of Your Target Audience

This is the most crucial step in creating geo-targeted landing pages is to identify your customer locations and how they search for information in your niche. There are many tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, etc. to research about your customers. You can also use your CRM to get data about the location of your customers. 

For example, if you already have a strong presence on Facebook, you can use Facebook analytics to find information about the location of your followers based on their likes and engagement on your page. 

You can also dive deep with Google Analytics to collect data about your website visitors and where are they located. This will help you to analyze the performance of your website and reach. 

local business landing page

3. Analyze City Landing Pages of the Competitors

Analyzing the landing pages of your competitors provides you with unique glimpses of the trending local content, how your competitors are using this content to engage the customers, and what are the most used keywords. These insights can guide you in preparing your own city landing pages. A simple google search with the relevant keywords will help you to locate the landing pages of your competitors.

While analyzing the landing pages of your competitors, pay close attention to what they have done right in terms of local content, reviews, offers, etc., which features of their pages are engaging, and how the viewers connect with the page. 

City landing page competitors

4. Search for Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is the most crucial task before you sit at the drawing board. Once you know about your target audience and their needs, the next task is to research the most common terms used by them to search for goods, services or information related to your business. There are many tools such as SEMrush, Google Analytics, etc. to conduct keyword research before you create landing pages for SEO. 

Keyword Research

5. Create Dynamic Content Based on Location

The quality of content on your landing pages determines its success in improving your SEO rankings. City landing pages with well-researched content that is presented in an engaging way rank well on SERPs, even higher than the small businesses with a local presence. 

You have to create dynamic content based on location for each location, you wish to target. Including local reviews and case studies can also help your local SEO strategy. Publishing local reviews and case studies will help you to organically reference to the hyper-local addresses and locations. 

local business landing page

In this example, we can see that the landing page of the Urban company appears on top of the search for carpenters in Ahmedabad. Other local companies are lower in the rankings. 

One important point to keep in mind while creating local landing pages for SEO is to stay away from repeating the same content for different pages. Create unique content that appeals to the audience in a particular location, you wish to target through the page. 

6. Maintain Relevance With Right Metadata, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Every landing page requires an attention-grabbing meta title and meta description. When you look at the SERPs results, this is the information that is shown as the preview. The meta title and meta description should contain the target keyword and location to ensure that your audience can easily find you when they are searching for you. 

For your landing pages to be effective, both the meta title and meta description have to be engaging to motivate the viewers to click. 

local business landing page

7. Optimize The Landing Pages for Mobile Searchers

The number of mobile searches is increasing manifold. According to the latest statistics, nearly 60% of all the searches on Google are done using smartphones. As a result, Google has also shifted to the mobile-first indexing system. It first looks at your mobile website before the desktop version

To ensure that your local landing pages for SEO rank well on SERPs, you have to ensure that they are optimized for mobile searches. They have to look aesthetic and be easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile devices. 

Most of the landing page building tools offer settings for mobile optimization of local landing pages. You can also use Google’s testing tool that determines the mobile-friendliness of your landing pages. 

Mobile Friendliness testing

Essential Components of Successful Landing Pages

The task of creating city landing pages for your business can be challenging and time-consuming. Working with experts at Towards 90 helps you to free up your time and concentrate on other areas of business, while we take care of your city landing pages and local SEO. our experts know how to rank for multiple cities using the power of local landing pages. 

However, if you want to create your own local landing pages, here is a simple checklist that can guide you in the process. 

1. Location Map

A location map makes it easier for the viewers to locate the physical location of your store, office or business premises. Embedding a map on your local business landing page allows the viewers to understand how to reach your business location without much trouble. 

local business landing page location map

For example, viewers can easily locate the Magson stores at different locations in Ahmedabad simply by scrolling on the map. 

2. Reviews

Reviews from your existing customers play a critical role in converting your website visitors. Statistics suggest that approximately 94% of the customers rely on online reviews to make purchase decisions. Posting customer reviews on your local landing pages helps to 

  • Hyper localize the content
  • Establish social proof
  • Build trust among the target audience

When your prospective clients see that other people have positive experiences with your brand, they are more likely to believe in you and convert. 

local business landing page

3. Social Media widgets

Most of the new generation customers like to connect with brands on social media to know about the latest updates, offers and promotions. Providing social media widgets on your local landing pages helps to make the viewers aware of your presence on different social media platforms. You can build a strong community of followers on your social media and at the same time enhance trust in the customers. 

Social Media Widgets

4.Information about the Products or Services

Your landing page must contain all the details about the specific services provided at the spec location you are targetting. The visitors must be briefed about the products or services available at their location, USP of your brand, product features, service speciality etc. You can also include information about any ongoing promotional offers, events and other relevant topics. 

local business landing page Products and service

For example, in the above image, the company outlines the services provided by them in Ahmedabad, highlights the reasons why customers should choose them, and also features the brands used for plumbing purposes.

Providing specific details about the products and how the customers can benefit by using them strikes an emotional chord with the readers. These details motivate them to reach out to your business. 

5. Page title with relevant keywords

Every local landing page should contain an impressive heading and subheading with the relevant keywords and location. For example, an affordable carpenter in Delhi, the best content writing agency in Chennai, etc. however, it is important to note that the page heading and subheading are different from the meta title and meta description. 

Page titles and keywords

6. CTA

You have to include a clear and strong Call to Action (CTA) to motivate the viewers to share their information or contact you. You can provide a form for customer information along with your phone number and email id to give the option to the viewers to contact you in the best way that suits them. 

call to action in landing pages

7. Clean URLs

Use an URL with natural language that is easy for your viewers to read and remember. Clean URLs can improve your local SEO as they match Google’s usability standards and also improve the user experience of your web pages. Check all the URL’s of your landing pages and ensure that they are inhuman readable form without any

  • “index.html” text
  • Uppercase letters
  • Special character codes such as %20
  • Numerical sequences or any numbers that do not make sense to your viewers
URL structuring for landing pages

8. Standardized NAP

NAP implies Name, Address and PHone number of your store or office. NAP is one of the crucial ranking elements for local SEO. Search engines verify that your information is correct and you are trustworthy with the help of NAP. You have to maintain standardized NAP on your local business landing pages, Google MY Business listing, and listings on other directories and white pages. Even a slight variation in NAP and adversely affect your SERPs rankings. 

9. Location Specific Working Hours

Every city landing page should contain details of your working hours for that specific location. You should also include the list of holidays to inform your buyers of what is the right time to visit your store. Provide accurate details as these things are the first details of your business, your viewers can see. 

local business landing page working hours

10. Quick Loading Time

The attention span of your viewers is very limited. It is crucial to ensure that your landing pages load very fast to avoid losing customers to your competitors. You have to make sure that they load faster on both mobile and desktops. 

However, there is no fixed template for creating local landing pages. The template and content of city landing pages vary based on factors such as the industry, location, target audience, the reason for creating landing pages, etc. 

Get in touch with Towards 90 for conversion-oriented local landing pages that boost your business revenues. We have a team of experts, who understand the demands of different industries and can create landing pages that connect, engage, and convert visitors. Our experts understand the dynamics of local SEO and how to rank in multiple cities with hyper-local landing pages.