Outsource Content Writing: Most Underrated Option with Huge Benefits

Outsource Content Writing
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Outsource Content Writing: Most Underrated Option with Huge Benefits

In today’s digital world, your written copy is the only way to make your impression in front of a customer. Appropriate digital marketing is the key to a business’s success. To outsource content writing and your digital marketing requirements to third-party professionals can be a benefitting move, and I wonder why it is so underrated!

Today, outsourcing your business’s content writing is no longer seen as the industry taboo, like it was a decade ago. In fact, research states that almost 64% of marketers today are turning towards outsourcing their b2b content writing requirements.

Digital needs, when outsourced to the right partners, can lead to an exponential increase in your engagement & conversions. It will save you time & resources.

What is SEO Content Writing?  

SEO content writing is a term the whole content world is talking about! But what exactly is SEO content writing? And why has the world moved to outsource content writing to professionals?

In simple words, SEO content writing is a focused form of writing content online that contains keywords, ensures your content rank higher in search engines, and thus drives organic traffic to your website. Numerous web designs and web development factors contribute to this.

So basically SEO content writing means you create content with words and phrases that your target audience is likely to click when they search online. It also takes into account a wide range of tactics like-

  • Link building,
  • Mobile optimization, 
  • Load speed, and
  • Ensuring the site is device and user-friendly,

And have insightful content that provides readers with essential details.

So Why Outsource Content writing?

For your brand to do well in the online marketing ocean, it requires a lot of specialized knowledge and expertise. This is not very feasible for a business to handle alone. That is why it is recommended to outsource content writing to professionals!

Why Is SEO Important?

Whatever is your business type and size, SEO is quite an essential requirement for being present in the digital marketing world.

Let us explain in simple words why it is so-                                  

When anyone uses a search engine be it Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, or anything else, they are most likely to look at only the first, and maximum the second page of the search results.

So, if you intend to use the web as a marketing medium for your business, your business’s name must come up in those first two pages.

And you know what, SEO is actually free!!! In simple words, you would not have to pay money for it to rank well. Yes, you would have to spend money, time, effort, and resources on making sure you produce quality content that is SEO friendly.

Either, by having an in-house employee of your business to look after the SEO content writing or outsource content writing to professional freelance content writing services or reputed outsource content writing and marketing firms.

A business also needs to understand that all the benefits of SEO content writing cannot be reaped overnight. It can take 4-6 months to begin getting results. 

SEO Content Writing Best Practices

Appealing visuals and timeless content, placed in front of a user are sure vital things when it comes to quality content writing. But not to forget, implementing the best SEO practices across your content enables it to rank on top of search engines, and professional content writing services are the best means to do so. 

Let’s drive you through the best SEO practices in addition to high-quality content that are your keys to higher conversion rates and outstanding results:


The speed at which your site loads is a noteworthy factor in determining if the user would stay or leave your page. Studies say, if your webpage takes more than 2 seconds to load, your business needs to work towards this lagging.

The attention span of an average person is too short. And if your webpage makes him wait, he is likely to leave due to bad user experience, never to return! So even if your content is awesome, it hasn’t reached the right place!

Studies state that 40% of browsers are likely to abandon a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to fully load.  So, speed does have a role in improved conversion rates.


The title is what holds the attention of a reader and makes him compelled to click and read further. Amazing content with a mediocre title is more likely to get lost in the online world.

It is advised you spend some time and give a good thought on the title of your content. Your headline should be specific yet thought-provoking. 

Certain aspects that make a good headline are ones that 

  • Include numbers
  • Ask a question 
  • Addresses readers
  • Has a long tail keyword to the title

A title should be short and crisp. An ideal title is one with 72 characters as this way the entire title would be visible in a search engine result.


Ultimately, Only good content will sail your ship in the online ocean. Your content should be strong enough to hold the attention of a reader. You as a business can work on making the best possible product. But over the internet, it is only your content that works for you. So why not seek help and outsource content writing to professionals?

When you outsource content writing to professionals they ensure that they update content about your business regularly, which is extremely vital to get displayed on the top in search engines. This is why a good content marketing strategist means posting blogs about the business at least 2-3 times a week, and that too consistently.

Search engines have smart designs that can filter out thin and shallow content that can stop it to reach top rankings in a search. One also needs to target long-tail keywords. But also remember neither stuffing keywords nor over-optimization works.

You should ensure the content you churn out is a smooth and engaging read for the readers. It should have the power to solve the reader’s problems. Ensure that you create a compelling introduction to your content, and it has your targeted long-tail keyword in it. 

Meta description:

The Meta description is a small introduction to the topic you are writing on. It helps search engines to understand your topic. Creating an ideal and attention-holding Meta description is vital.

For SEO purposes an ideal Meta description should be 150 – 160 characters. If you are targeting mobile sites, you should keep it under 113 characters including spaces. Ensure you add a call to action and keywords in it.

Another pro tip when it comes to Meta descriptions is that they should be unique across all pages of your site. Search engines dislike duplication in Meta descriptions. It should also be click-worthy in addition to satisfying these parameters.

Even when your user finds your content on the top of the first page of the search engine,  80% of the credit of someone clicking on your content goes to the title and meta description. So that’s how important it is to craft a perfect title & Meta description.

Keyword frequency and density :

The number of times your chosen keywords appear on the webpage is referred to as keyword frequency. Keyword density is the number of times the keyword is present in comparison to other text.

There was a time in the SEO world when these two parameters had extreme importance. But today even though its importance has reduced, thanks to smart search engines, keywords do impact organic ranking to a certain extent.

Page links :

Links are the basic constituents of your web page. Having links, within your webpage or with anyone across the internet is a way for search engines to know that you’re connected and sociable. When you have external links on your web page it sends out a message that you value what other people create. 

Search engines have a mission – to organize information and make it universally accessible. By having page links, you are being in sync with this mission, and would be rewarded for it!

Copywriting & Its Importance In Content Writing:

Copywriting is using the right kind of words that compels people to buy. The goal of a content writer is to inform and educate readers.

The goal of a copywriter is to write content in such a way that it persuades or influences the readers to make a purchase. A copywriter needs to have a deep understanding of human psychology and what motivates people to buy.

Content Writing Industry Trends:

Let us look at 5 of the most promising trends –

Voice search:

Predictions state that by 2020, over 40% of searches that happen will be over voice. Assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google would be used extensively. This means that your written content needs to be optimized for voice searches.

Keywords would no longer remain as technical hooks to fool the search engines. It will be considered as full sentences, as consumers articulate their queries in full sentences, while typing is just a group of keywords!


Watching a video is more alluring than reading content. Podcasts are more convenient for today’s on the go millennials, compared to text that requires full-time attention. Today, nearly 50% of internet users listen to podcasts and videos to get information!


A story has the power to take a reader on an emotional journey. Reviews and testimonials also fall into this category. Stories are an extremely effective way to build trust with consumers. Stories can have a very deep emotional connection. It allows the reader to join the writer on an emotional journey. 

This connection ensures the reader is in a hungry mode, waiting to read more. Stories can take many different forms of usage depending on where it is applied. Be it your website or any other platform and mode of content. Like video, audio & other forms.

Social media:

Social media has stood the test of time. Mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn- continue to attract record audiences. Therefore, do ensure your business has its presence on such mediums and has content curated and adapted as per that platform.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Content writing: 

Read along to get to know the best reasons why outsourcing content writing may be one of the finest decisions you can take for your business.

A fresh perspective from an outsider:

An in-house content writer may know everything about your business and industry, but did you know something- when you work with a content writer who is an outsider, he brings with him his new perspective along with experience of working with other clients in the industry. 

Yes, it is really true! Looking at it from the customer’s perspective and creating content from their eyes will put them on their shoes and deliver a clear message to your customer to understand and agree with.

Also one must realize that professional content writers do only writing and they are good at their craft, Unlike any jack of all trades. They are better experienced and more creative, understand in depth about the content with solid research practices, and all other technical parameters that go into content creation.

Furthermore, an outsider can objectively look at your business. This could offer your business the benefit of wider and a fresher point of view. By opting for outsourced content writing, you even get access to a wider perspective of ideas.

With the same information from the same internal source, time after time, the chances of getting caught in a creative echo chamber are high.

Professional writers with subject matter expertise:

Businesses definitely stand to gain by outsourcing. That’s because content writers are professionally trained writers. They are experts and can ensure to create content that draws the attention of the audience, is more reader-friendly and focused.

In short, professionally created content is more likely to have all the elements of well-written, impact generating, and goal achieving content leaving the audience with the right call to action.

Professionally trained content writers have the right tools to carry out in-depth market research that helps them gain industry knowledge. This along with their deep knowledge in the field of content creation ensures they churn out content that can lead your business towards conversions.

Free uptime:

If you are a small or mid-sized business, you definitely don’t have all the time to be able to handle a lot of things with a limited pair of hands. Neither are you financially strong to have a huge pool of people on your full-time payroll to handle the diverse requirements.

In scenarios like this, it is a wise thing to outsource a few departments, and concentrate on your core strength, and have your full time for business and its product/ service. With the time that you free up, you can focus on your core competency and focus on growing your business.

Accounting, marketing, and content creation are examples of departments that can be outsourced. By outsourcing them you not only save on the cost but also get the benefit of professional content writing services.

Wide audience knowledge:

When your business outsources content writing to a content marketing agency, they bring in with them huge knowledge of market trends and pointers that work across industries! This knowledge of having worked with a lot many businesses across industries gives them that awesome outsider’s perspective. This could not have been possible if you have an in-house team. It is difficult for in-house staff to have visibility levels that match and outsourced service providers.


By outsourcing content writing needs of your business, you get the option to match diverse content writers with diverse projects. Not to forget diverse budgets too! Also, your task can be expected to be completed in quicker turnaround times too!

When you run a small or medium-sized business, your in-house is generally not bigger than 1 or 2 employees. They may not be the best people to handle a wide variety of content needs. For the same person to effectively handle blogging, social media, print copy, web copy, website content, newsletters, etc. is a daunting task.  

By outsourcing, you could find experts for each kind of dedicated project.


In the end, doing business is all about cost-effectiveness. The charges you end up paying an outsourced content writer is often way lower than you would have to spend on an in-house employee on your payroll. The content needs of small and mid-sized businesses are not worth having a full-time liability on your payroll. By outsourcing, you only spend what you require and only when you require it. 


Scalability becomes feasible when outsourced. You are at total liberty to increase or decrease your requirements or discontinue or even pause them. 


Experienced content writing teams can prove to be your one-stop go for all kinds of content needs, with the promise to provide you the best in each segment. Their team can handle everything your business is likely to need! You could reach your target audience more effectively with the right strategies.

Outsourced Content Is The Future

There was a time when businesses fled from outsourced content. Today, it is key to help businesses maintain a successful online strategy. Today quality content creation agencies are affordable, accessible, and extremely beneficial.

So, How To Choose Whom To Outsource?

Now that you have understood outsourcing content is the key to take your business to the next level, it’s a huge take to decide whom to outsource to! You could hire freelancers, agencies, studios, and the list is pretty long. Look in someone with the following combination of qualities-

  • Has a unique writing skill
  • Is capable and committed to research well before writing
  • Has in-depth knowledge of SEO and WordPress
  • Well versed in wide genres of writing
  • Is committed to adhering to timelines and deadlines
  • Focused and organized

We at Towards90 have all the qualities required to ensure the content writing and marketing need of your business are best-taken care of. Come partner with us and see how we can take your business towards higher conversions!