Best Tagline for Service Company | What Should Be Included in It

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Best Tagline for Service Company | What Should Be Included in It

The tagline has been used as a business weapon for ages. Inadvertently, we come across it daily. We recognize it as slogans. We read them daily. Few of them impress us, and we keep praising them while we mock and criticize others.  

But you might be wondering about what exactly is a tagline and why any business should have it. In this writeup, we would address all your queries on the tagline for service company. Stay hooked! 

What is a Tagline 

In simple terms, a tagline for a service company is defined as a short, memorable phrase or catchphrase that works as a punchline and leaves a sentiment or feeling within the people that you want them to associate with your brand. It conveys to people who you are and what you stand for.  

The tagline tends to stick in the people’s mind even when it is out of sight and serve as constant reminders of the products and the brand. They elevate to be a cultural reference.  

Difference Between a Tagline, Slogan, Vision & Mission for a Company 

Generally, we tend to slot tagline, slogan, vision, and mission as synonymous. But it is not so. There is a thin line of difference between each.  

The tagline is often associated with the brand name. It represents the tone and emotions that you want for your product or services. As it grows popular, it makes your brand instantly recognizable. 

A slogan is almost like a tagline but slightly different. A little less long-lasting than a tagline, it often represents only one product or campaign. It can vary from campaign/product to campaign/product. But a tagline associates with the brand and remains constant. Most marketers call slogans as product taglines while taglines are popularly called as company taglines.  

A vision statement is future-oriented and states what the company wants to achieve. It is all about the image that the company wants to create.  

Finally, a mission statement is about what a company does. While taglines and slogans are all about few words, a vision can be a sentence or two. But a mission statement is generally a paragraph but easy to remember. Unlike a tagline or a slogan, which is unique, vision and mission statements might be similar for companies as they would be offering the same products or services.  

 Need and Importance of Tagline  

Like many, even you would be wondering about the real value of taglines. Some swoosh while some linger in your memory. The baseline is that tagline does serve a vital function. Taglines for service companies have long been emerging as the most powerful marketing weapon to remain in the consumer’s mind. 

Unfortunately, many businesses do not realize its importance. Here, we highlight a few of the critical importance and need for a tagline for your service company.  

Conveys information about your business  

Many think of a tagline as a joke, punchline, or a catchphrase. But it is not so. The purpose of it is not to make people laugh or jeer. Despite being catchy, it is crafted carefully such that it conveys the information about a particular product. 

It is a marketing message that tells you what the product is and what is expected out of it. Hence, it is an excellent tool to convey a crystal-clear statement about your business and product.  

Reinforces your brand identity  

Taglines are a powerful weapon to reinforce your brand identity. It can be illustrated from the simple fact that you often remember the taglines and then associate it with the brand. Being catchy and attractive; the tagline never fails to leave an impression. You usually remember them unconsciously, and with it, you invariably remember the brand associated with it.  

Sets you apart from competitors 

Every business is bound to have competitors. It is a challenging task to stand a class apart from the competitors. But a tagline makes the job hordes easier. It gives you a special place in the customers’ minds and thus helps you create a place different from your competitors. It is the best tool to flaunt your brand’s personality and imprint it in the mind of the customers.  

It’s your copyright. 

Whether it’s your business or your product, there is always a risk that your competitors might clone it. But such is not the case with a tagline. It is a representation of your brand, and you have copyright over it. Even if your competitors want to, they cannot imitate or copy your business tagline. Its copyright gives you a unique place and an authority that none can replicate. 

Important strategic move  

Taglines always convey what the product is and what can be expected from it. It states what you are trying to solve for them. It eliminates all doubt about the product and highlights all that the product would offer to the customers. The knowledge increases the chances of the customers buying the product. It increases the recognizability factor of your brand. Hence, it plays a vital strategic role in your entire marketing strategy.  

Types of Taglines for Different Industries  

If you are a keen follower of taglines, you would have noticed that they vary in length and content. From a mere couple of words, they can extend to a sentence or two.  

Creating this tagline is more of an art than a process. There is no fixed formula for crafting it. But it is definitely not throwing in words. It requires plenty of time and intellectual energy. It should be attention-grabbing, flaunting the brand’s personality, and flexible enough to remain relevant for a long time. 

Meant to be iconic; these taglines cannot be the same for all industries. But one can follow specific tagline approaches and styles to generate the tagline that best fits the industry. The types can be selected based on the brand and industry.  

Thus, let’s get down to the most effective styles of taglines that you can use for your business.  


This style of taglines has a subtle assertive approach and ooze authority, edginess, and attitude. They generally have a verb as the start word and often command users to take a specific action desired by your business. A classic example of this is Nike’s tagline, ‘Just Do It.’ 

As evident, it commands the athletes to tap their inner will and perseverance. 

Another example is YouTube’s tagline ‘Broadcast Yourself’. It is directed at video bloggers and budding directors.  


An extremely straightforward style, they usually have a short and succinct description of the product, service, or brand. For instance, the TOMS shoe tagline, ‘One for one,’ informs customers about the brand’s mission of donating a pair of shoes for every sale. It helps build a loyal customer base, especially of those people who wish to make a positive impact on the world.  

Another example is Target’s tagline, ‘Expect More, Pay Less.’ It not only showcases the brand’s value but also shows its difference from its top competitor, Walmart.  


This style of a tagline is used when a brand wants to emphasize itself as the best in the industry or at the top of the class. For instance, Budweiser’s tagline, ‘The King of Beers’ or the BMW’s tagline, ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine,’ clearly states their superiority.  


These taglines are fabricated with celebrity stunts and shock tactics. They often make a statement or ask a thought-provoking question. The best example is the Dairy Council’s 1993 ‘Got Milk?” campaign. 


These taglines use creative and memorable ways to directly or subtly reveal the brand’s product or service. Olay’s tagline, ‘Love the Skin You Are In,’ is a shining example of such a tagline style.  

Elements of a Good Tagline  

Now that we know the basic and popular styles of the tagline, let’s walk through some critical elements that should be present in any good tagline. These elements ensure that your crafted tagline permanently imprints your brand in the mind of potential customers. 

It’s to the point.  

Taglines are all about passing the most potent message in as few words as possible. Hence, taglines are always to the point of your business with no frivolousness.  

It is connected to the brand. 

The tagline must always sound sensible and sync with the company’s vision, culture, and values. It can be made possible only when you know who exactly you are, how you are different from your competitors, and how you want your customers to perceive your brand.  

It is ownable  

The tagline must always tie with the core of your brand and should be the best fit only for that brand. You can equate it with Randy’s litmus test. For instance, if your tagline worked well for another brand, it is not a good tagline. You would need to create another tagline. It should be wholly owned by your brand exclusively.  

It should be simple. 

Taglines cannot get embroiled in complexity. Nobody has the time for it. Nobody would look forward to a tagline that needs to be explained to them. It should be short and simple and not multiple long-winded sentences. The KISS principle must be followed religiously.  

Clarity is uncompromisable 

It might look simple, but it is too daunting. The tagline should always take a laser-like focus on your brand and clearly pave the way to how you want to position your brand.  

It should be customer-focused 

No business can thrive if it cannot showcase how it will benefit the customer. Consumers’ top priority is to know why they should buy your product.  

It should be memorable.  

Taglines will lose their essence and purpose if they are not catchy and memorable. Their impact should not be such that they leave an indelible impression in the mind of the customers. They should be able to recall it instantly even after it is out of sight.  

Guide to Creating a Tagline for Service Company  

We are confident that by now, you understand quite a bit about tagline and should be excited about creating a tagline for your service company. The next question is how to create the tagline. Even though there is no hard and fast rule for crafting the tagline, the below tips go a long way in making the task easier.  

Keep it simple  

We have already discussed it as an essential element of a tagline. Taglines would end up being miserable if you try to say too much with it. A good tagline would clearly communicate your vision in just a couple of words.  

Shun the Marketing Meeting Effect 

Many fall into the trap of vague and hollow-sounding taglines. A shining example of this is the KFC’s “So Good” tagline. Its soulless marketing meeting is crystal clear. Instead of this, the tagline should speak directly to a benefit.  

Tell a story  

Your brand’s story is vital for your business success. Hence, your brand’s tagline would not be compelling if it does not reiterate it. It should communicate your brand’s positioning and feelings. Firms like us can be your godsend friend to help you achieve that effortlessly.  

Explain your offering 

Taglines might be memorable and straightforward, but they must also be functional. It should not only clearly communicate about your business or service, but it should also explicitly convey what sets your business or brand apart from your competitors.  

Ensure clear communication 

The tagline is all about branding, which is again all about clarity and distinctness. Focus on clear communication and avoid being too cute. For instance, let’s look at Lexus’s old tagline, “Pursuit of Perfection.” The tagline immediately connects with consumers who are pursuing perfection and are high achievers in their personal life.  

Communicate who you are  

Often people lose their way in trying to make their brand’s tagline cool and edgy. But a powerful tagline is that which communicates the best aspect of what your brand is all about. The tagline should clearly express how your product or service will make the lives of the consumers better. The job is not easy, but the talented and creative copywriters at Towards 90 make it a breeze.  

Must evoke a double-take 

A tagline can be termed effective only if it gets imprinted in the mind of the consumers at first sight. Hence, it must have that attention-grabbing charisma. For instance, an energy brand created a tagline, ‘Changing the Current.’ 

Say just enough 

A tagline is just about communicating one message. You should not try sharing too much information like who you are, where you are, etc. in one tagline. It must always be kept short and simple.  

Be scenario-driven 

Your tagline must not be too broad as people will forget about your product. It should be specific and focused. This way, whenever your tagline will trigger, the consumers would think about your product. Taglines must always be scenario-driven and specific.  

Following these tips, you would be able to create a stellar deal.  

Some Examples of Awesome Taglines  

By now, you must be itching to see some awesome taglines which have all the ingredients discussed above. They must be memorable, short and instantly tug at the emotions of the consumers. We share some iconic taglines. Read on: 

  • SoulCycle: ‘Take your journey. Move your body. Join the Movement.’ 
  • Airbnb: ‘Belong Anywhere.’ 
  • Coca-Cola: ‘Taste the feeling.’ 
  • BMW: ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine.’ 
  • Maybelline: ‘Maybe its Maybelline.’ 
  • Apple: ‘Think Different.’ 
  • Lush: ‘Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.’ 

Wrapping up  

We hope you are now well-versed with a tagline and how it can benefit your business. It is also understood that crafting a tagline is not an easy task. But you can easily avail of our services and get the best tagline for service company. Do get in touch with us to take your business to the next level.