What A Professional Ghostwriter Can Bring To Your Business

professional ghostwriter

What A Professional Ghostwriter Can Bring To Your Business

What Is A Professional Ghostwriter? 

A professional ghostwriter is a person who writes but lets someone else put their name on the work. He/she would create content as per specifications given by the other person and would not have ownership rights on the content.

Creating quality content is not an easy take. It requires a fair amount of time, expertise, and resources. Most of the time, business owners lack some or all of these 3 qualities, yet want to be credited as the author of the content. Ghostwriting is the key to their woes.

What Is Blog Ghostwriting?

professional ghostwriter

By hiring ghostwriters, businesses can communicate content online, professionally, and without losing their authentic voice.

Often business owners/ managers do not have sufficient time/ resources on hand to be able to create blog posts and use them as a medium of marketing. Be it for creating brand awareness or inducing sales. They may end up creating not so good content. Blog ghostwriting is the solution. With blog ghostwriting businesses can publish content online in a professional and authentic manner. Professional ghostwriting services expertise in high-quality content creation that can match the exact need of your business.

And what makes the ‘Ghost’ in the term ghostwriting means is that your business gets the credit of the content. Ghostwriters have a confidentiality agreement for not claiming rights to their writing. They are experts in the field and would put themselves in the business’s place and write as per the style and tone of the business.

Why Use Ghostwriting Services

The two primary reasons for opting for ghostwriting services are savings in time and savings on money.

Save time

A content marketer/ businessman already invests a lot of time to generate a topic idea, keywords, and content schedules. All this apart from the usual marketing campaigns leave them with little or no time to actually create good content. By connecting with a professional ghostwriter, the writing part can be offloaded to them. This leaves you with time so that you can concentrate on other important work and strategies.

Save money

Having writers on your payroll turn out to be more expensive, considering salaries- benefits for them, equipment for them, management costs you spend over them, and so on. But when you outsource content creation to professional ghostwriting services, you pay for just the content and only when you need it. This way you don’t create a recurring liability of salaries in your finances.

Professionally written

You as a business owner or manager may have just fine writing skills. Be it the command over the language, grammar, punctuation, flow of thoughts, and tone. But a professionally qualified ghostwriter is sure to provide a cleaner, professionally written, and audience engaging content. And the quality of content that a probable reader gets is the only means to conversions. The professional and apt the content, the more the chances of cashing in sales!!

Quicker to scale

When you are looking for content in volume, opting for ghostwriting services is the only way to be able to do it, and still, stay within budget. Your outsourced army of writers can generate large amounts of content within a very short period as compared to the scenario of a few employees doing it for you.

Volume fluctuations

Outsourcing also ensures volume fluctuations do not create hassles. With in-house writers, your company has to bear payroll expenses even when the volumes of writing are low. Therefore ghostwriting services are perfectly apt for businesses that see seasonal fluctuations in content requirements.

SEO optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a crucial factor in gathering a bigger audience. A professional ghostwriter is well versed in the best SEO practices. He understands how, when, and where to use such specific words without sounding awkward or forced, yet create flawless content. He knows the art of content creation and how to rank well in major search engines. This ensures a wide audience exposure. This way not only can they attract more traffic but with good content ensure higher conversion.


Research takes up a lot more time than actual content creation. Ghostwriters are experienced in researching various topics in a little time. They also have their own sources of research and process. Information gathering is easier, quicker, and accurate when carried out by professionals. This ensures the content they create for you is not only accurate and quicker but well researched too.

Full rights to the content

A professional ghostwriter hands over the full rights to the content to your business. This way, your business has full control over how the content is used. 

Newer writing viewpoints

If you have been writing on the same topics for a long time, it is very likely that you would run out of ideas to generate content. But when you have access to a group of ghostwriters, you can have fresher content created with different perspectives of each of the writers. Also, when you have a large business that calls for expert writers across different geographical locations tying up with a bunch of ghostwriters proves to be very fruitful.

Efficiency and scaling

A ghostwriter’s expertise in writing. That’s what he does to earn money, so he is pretty good at it. He is capable of creating good quality content in volumes. Such a trait cannot be expected from an employee who has other duties to attend to apart from writing content. And when talking about scaling, ghostwriting is the only way to scaling content creation efficiently.

Hiring professional, knowledgeable, talented, and creative ghostwriters bring with it multifold benefits for your business and its reputation online. Good content is the key to luring people to put faith in your company and invest in your products/ services.

Ways To Gain Maximum Out Of Your Professional Ghostwriter

Once you have engaged a ghostwriter, you are expected to provide them with certain details to be able to gain productive, effective, and accurate content. Let us understand what is expected out of the business to ensure you and your ghostwriter together can create the best content possible-

Work together

The business is expected to work together with the ghostwriter. You as a business need to clearly communicate about the ideas and style of business to the ghostwriter. It is with these inputs that he would be able to create high-quality content that resonates with your business overall. 

Content brief

A document prepared before the copywriting begins is called a content brief. It has all the details like objectives, target audience, keywords, etc. Such a document acts as a guiding line for the ghostwriter during the writing process. A well planned and accurate content brief leads to effective content creation.

Share examples

If you can provide your ghostwriter with previous examples of your content or examples of the kind of content you are aiming to generate, he would have a clear cut idea on what exactly to work towards. Examples even come handy in case of disputes where you can always refer back in case of need.

Provide feedback and resources

You are the best person to picture the overall image of your business and explain the same to the ghostwriter. Any kind of feedback on the drafts works positively to help him create content that gels perfectly with you and your business. If the draft doesn’t impress you, you should be able to specify what is it that didn’t work. Also, as a business, you should be able to provide the ghostwriter with resources and reference points.

Share about your business goal

The ghostwriter is supposed to become the voice for your business. and this can happen successfully only when they are well aware of your business vision and plans. 

Listen to your writer

Ghostwriters are pros. They have good experience and training in what they do. So when they have suggestions, it is a wise thing to accept what they say. Most of the time, it is best for the overall wellbeing of the business.

What Makes A Great Professional Ghostwriter

When you have decided to start a relationship with a professional ghostwriter, these tell-tale signs will help you find the right person for the job.

The writer  –

  • Should be a flexible person
  • He/she should have a lucid and descriptive writing style and not a monotonous one.
  • Should be capable of storytelling.
  • Clarity with the voice, tone and branding aspects of your business
  • Is well-read. He/she should be up to date about your industry of business and well aware of its trends.
  • Should be thoughtful enough to ask questions, think outside the box, and apply his understanding of consumer behavior patterns and interests and apply the same to create content accordingly.
  • He/She is willing to listen to all information your business can provide him and capable to apply the same when ghostwriting for you. 
  • Punctual, organized, and disciplined.
  • Capable of creating a rough draft and sticking to it.
  • Understands the concepts of SEO, SERPs, CTAs, etc.
  • Capable to translate information generated from interviews and market research into the content they create.

My Two Cents

So, if as a business owner you are still wondering, if you should hire a professional ghostwriter, and how to sail through the whole process, I would say, it would not hurt to try us at Towards 90. Our professional and creative writing team is sure to win you over, and work with you towards your goal of customer creation and retention, leading you to profit maximization!

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