Why Is Quality SEO Content So Hard For Businesses To Create?

Why Is Quality SEO Content So Hard For Businesses To Create
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Why Is Quality SEO Content So Hard For Businesses To Create?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex task that includes a variety of aspects. Most digital marketers and businesses struggle to master the basics of SEO.

One of the most critical aspects of SEO is creating original and unique content that convinces and motivates the viewers to engage with the brand.

However, most businesses ignore this basic aspect and concentrate on other secondary aspects such as link building, site structuring, etc. They lament that in spite of their efforts, the SEO tactics fail to deliver results. 

The main reason for failed SEO attempts is the lack of quality content that establishes thought leadership and builds trust in the viewers. 

What is Quality Content? How does it affect SEO? 

Content that adds value to the readers and provides them with a better understanding of a topic is quality content. Quality content is data-driven, clear, and honest. It provides readers with unique insights to widen their knowledge on a subject

Benefits of Quality Content

According to statistics from CMI, more than 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. There are many benefits of creating and publishing quality content.

  1. It increases audience engagement and ensures that the viewers stay on your page for longer and improves conversions.  
  2. Quality content aids SEO as Google and other search engines reward well-researched content with depth. 
  3. High-quality content establishes your authority as a credible source of information. As more and more audiences trust you and approach you for advice, it increases your brand recognition. 
  4. It is easy to move ahead of your competitors when you publish unique content that adds value to the readers’ knowledge. 

Though every business knows the advantages of creating quality content, most of them fail to reap the benefits.

According to statistics, over 60% of businesses use content marketing to reach out to their target customers. But only a few of them succeed in connecting with the audience and converting them into paying customers. 

Why is Quality SEO Content So hard For Businesses to Create?

Lack of Understanding of the Buyers Demands 

Good content talks directly to the audience and addresses their problems or pain points. Most business owners start writing the content without a proper understanding of their target audience. They just write random content that does not appeal to the audience. 

 In order for content to be successful, you should first understand the needs and demands of your target audience. The first step before you start writing content is to create buyer personas and understand their requirements.

 Inability to Connect With the Audience

One of the main reasons content fails to connect with the target audience is using language that does not resonate with them. The major problem faced by most businesses while writing content is finalizing the tone and language for the brand. 

 People prefer to engage with content that is relatable. In order to be relatable, the content should be written in the same language that they speak.

You should use the same language and tone used by your potential customers to connect with them and evoke the desired response. 

Failing to Provide Real Value

Businesses fail to create quality SEO content because of their inability to provide real value to the readers. They create content without proper research about the needs of the target customers and their content preferences. 

Quality content should provide real value to the readers. It should deepen their understanding of a concept and help them in solving their problems.

In order to be valuable, the content should be unique, actionable, and resourceful. Instead of repeating and rewriting what is already available, create new and original content that offers meaningful insights.

The readers must be able to take action as soon as they finish reading the content. They should be able to overcome their pain points by using the knowledge from your content. 

Lack of Clarity in Language

To be able to impress the viewers, the content should be precise, clear, and free of grammatical and factual errors.

No one likes to read content filled with errors and spelling mistakes. There is no use in creating valuable and actionable content if your audience is not interested to read it. This is the reason why most businesses fail in content marketing.

They do not understand that content writing is a specialist task, which is better done by professional writers. The business owners write the content by themselves and publish content that is not properly proofread and edited. 

Improper Formatting 

The attention span of the viewers is limited and there is too much content vying for their attention. Content that is simple to read gets the most attention.

To attract the viewers and grab their attention, content should be short, simple, and neatly organized. Instead of writing huge text walls,  make the content scannable by

  •  Writing in small paragraphs
  •  Using the right font
  • Breaking up the content into headings and subheadings,
  • Creating lists, bullet points
  • Using tables and images 

SEO involves many aspects but quality content tops the list. Well-researched content with a lot of depth automatically captivates the attention of search engines and improves your rankings on search engine results pages.

However, most businesses find it hard to create quality content because they fail to recognize that content creation needs time and effort. 

Present-day search engines use advanced algorithms to scan and rank content so it is crucial to pay attention to the type and quality of content you create.

Creating quality SEO content is a team job. One person cannot create high-quality content as you need multiple people to research, write, proofread and edit the content to make it ready to be published.

Businesses should invest in hiring and training content creators or hire the services of content writing agencies to do the job for them.