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Have you ever visited a website with an amazing UI/UX, and a stunning layout but felt that something is amiss? Or found a simple website attracting visitors like a magnet? 

Most businesses do not understand the importance of working with a niche writer to create website content. If you are among them,  we will help you know why you should hire a website niche content writer to create your website content. 

The internet is a really crowded place. There are approximately 1.9 billion websites in existence, as per the latest statistics from Internet Live Stats. In order to stand out from the sea of websites and attract visitors, your website has to offer them something valuable. 

Well-researched content that solves the customers’ queries and provides solutions to their pain points is a valuable asset to your website. It is the key to attract prospective customers to the website and keep them engaged. Working with the best niche content writer for websites ensures that your website content is optimized for search engine algorithms as well as human readers. It not only aids to increase your SERPs rankings but also improves your brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions on your website. 

Before you type something about professionals to niche write for us in your Google search, here are some proven advantages of working with professional niche writers for websites.   However, let us answer the basic question first, before proceeding further. 

Who is a niche writer

Niche writers are people who have expertise in their field of study and also have the knack of putting their knowledge into words. Niche writers are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, etc. who have an in-depth understanding of their field of study. They possess good subject matter expertise and can convey information in a visually appealing manner. They can understand the troubles and common queries of your target audience and provide the right information to address them. 

Advantages of Hiring a Niche Writer To Create Content For Your Website

1. Grab Viewers’ Attention With Professional Writing 

The quality of content on your website determines whether visitors leave the page or engage with it.  The content should be scannable, readable and easy to understand. It has to grab their attention within a short time of 3 seconds and motivate them to stay on the page. There should not be any unwanted jargon or slang that disinterests the readers. 

Working with professional writers ensures that you get appropriate content for your website. They can come up with captivating content that not only grabs the attention of readers and directs them to your website but also motivates them to stay on it. 

2. Engage The Readers With Relevant Content

The website content should be authoritative, well-researched, and provide answers to the specific queries of your visitors. Only a person who understands your industry inside out will be able to provide in-depth and authentic information to the visitors. And here’s where the services of a niche writer come into play.

A Website niche content writer understands the content demands of your target audience and can curate the content to match their preferences. This increases the engagement rate and generates quality leads for your marketing team. 

3. Niche Writers for Websites, Understand SEO

The first 3 websites that appear on top of the search engine results pages garner more than 50% of the traffic. Your website has to appear on the top of the SERPs result pages for the keywords used by your target audience. And in order to ensure this, you have to hire niche writers for websites. 

These writers have a good understanding of the factors considered by the search engine bots to rank websites. They can create content that is easy to crawl for these bots. Moreover, they can produce authoritative and relevant content that directly answers the viewers’ questions and creates value. 

4. Time to Focus On Other Strategic Areas of Business

Most of the small and medium business owners prefer to write their own content in order to save the costs of hiring niche writer services. But not everyone has the ability to write well. Writing a good blog post for a website requires at least 3 hours for experts, it may take even more time if you are not a professional writer.  

Hiring a niche writer saves your time as Instead of wasting time in creating content for the website, you can focus on other strategic areas of the business that need your attention such as HR, finance, sales, and marketing. The writer will take care of the task of conducting research and writing appealing content that keeps the visitors glued to the website

5. Ensure Your Website Content is Up-to-date

Search engines prefer to rank websites with up-to-date content on the top of their results pages. Moreover, viewers are more likely to engage with websites that have fresh content over those with outdated content. Having outdated content on your website can also ruin your reputation. 

You have to constantly keep updating the content through blogs, repurposed website content, new landing pages, etc. This process takes up a lot of time as the writers have to research about the emerging trends in the industry and curate their content accordingly. A niche writer is up-to-date with the happenings in his/her industry and can also predict or forecast trends. This helps them to come up with informational blogs well ahead of others in the market. 

6. Maintain Consistent Voice that Portrays Your Brand Image

Branding is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Everything that you do must align with your brand personality. Your website content is no exception. Creating a positive brand image helps you to generate leads and improve sales that in turn boost your revenues. Every word you post on the website influences your brand image. 

Hence it is critical to make sure that every piece of content that you publish on your website no matter if it blogs, web copy, landing pages, CTAs, or social media content should be consistent and must portray your brand personality. Getting the content created by a proficient niche writer is critical to maintaining consistency. 

7. Gain The Trust of Your Customers With Customer-focussed Content 

If you want to stay ahead of the competitors, it is important to gain the trust of your target audience. Having content that is written with your customers in focus is the key to gain their trust. Everything in the content should be about your customer. It should be about his pain points or challenges, his queries, and how your product or service can help him. 

Most of the businesses make this mistake of talking about themselves while writing the website content. The customer is not interested in knowing you. He is interested to know how you can help him to solve his daily challenges or add value to his journey. A website niche content writer has the ability to speak directly to the customers and tell them an appealing brand story that prompts them to associate with you. 

8. Get Access to the Latest Technology

Content marketing is highly dynamic and keeps evolving day-by-day. The technologies to track and measure the performance of the content strategies change every day. It is not possible for everyone to update the technologies regularly. 

Hiring well-known content marketing agencies such as Towards 90 that provide niche writer services helps you to get access to the latest technology without investing hundreds of dollars. We have experienced freelance niche writer for hire for businesses from different industry verticals. Our writers are well versed in working with the latest technology and various content development platforms. 

9. Increase Onsite Conversions

Your website must act as your online salesperson. It should promote your business and generate leads for your marketing department. It is necessary to optimize your website content for conversions to make sure that it converts the visitors into customers, and heightens revenues. 

Niche writers for website content have the industry experience and also know how to create appropriate content that suits your audience’s demands. They can optimize each heading, every Call-to-Action, and every single line of the content to hook the audience’s attention and persuade them to achieve your goal such as, provide their contact information, take up a survey,  subscribe to your newsletter or buy your products and services.  

10. Establish Your Authority

Publishing thoroughly researched content that provides a new perspective to the readers will help you in establishing thought leadership in the industry. When your target customers believe that you have good knowledge about various issues concerning your niche, they will flock to you for answers to the challenges faced by them. This will help you to increase brand awareness and forge a connection with the audience. 

Hiring a niche writer from your industry allows you to publish superior content that not only establishes your authority but also positions you as a trusted source of advice. This, in turn, will help to grow website traffic and generate higher leads. 

11. Get High-quality Backlinks

The higher the number of backlinks to your website, the better the SEO ranking. However, the backlinks should not be bought and must be organic. Publishing valuable content that is not available anywhere helps you to get a higher number of backlinks from reputed websites, trade journals, and well-known bloggers. It not only improves your search rankings but also helps in digital PR. 

Working with the best niche content writer in the industry is a sure shot way to achieve quality backlinks from trusted sources. As the niche writers have proficient knowledge in their field of expertise, they can produce authentic and evergreen content that works for you over a long time. 

12. Create Long Term Value

Working with website niche content writers helps to create long term value. They can create unique content that is fresh and engaging. This content can be easily repurposed for digital PR, social media, and other purposes at a later date. This helps to avoid the costs and time involved in creating new content every time. Though hiring a niche writer may seem to be expensive initially, the long term benefits outweigh the costs, and your decision will surely prove to be beneficial to your business interests.  

Now that you are aware of the 12 benefits of hiring a niche writer to create content for your website, the next immediate question that comes to your mind is:

Should I Choose  Freelance Niche Writer for Hire or Hire a Content Agency with Niche Writer Services

Your choice of the content writer plays a significant role in the success or failure of your business website. A website with outstanding content can outshine competitors and draw traffic in leaps and bounds. 

There are two options to hire niche website content writers. You can either register on the platforms that help you collaborate with freelance niche writer for hire, or choose a content writing agency that provides niche writer services. Both options have their own pros and cons. 

Hiring freelance niche writers from online marketplaces is a tedious job as you have to scan through hundreds of profiles and shortlist the writers, who suit your requirements. Later, you have to go through their samples, conduct interviews, and choose the best writer for your website. 

On the other hand, working with a content writing agency saves time and effort. These agencies work with experienced niche writers, who are highly efficient and possess good subject matter expertise. Moreover, these agencies have access to modern tools and technologies that guarantee the success of your content marketing strategy. You can leave the task of creating amazing content for these agencies and concentrate on other important areas of business. 

Tips to Hire Niche Writer for Website

Search for Trusted Freelancers or Agencies

Choose content writing agencies or freelance niche writers with considerable work experience. You can ask the writer or agency to provide references of their previous clients and speak to them. This helps you to get a clear idea about the quality of work of the writer or agency. Though niche writer services are costly, they provide long term value. 

Request for  Samples

Once you have shortlisted a few writers or agencies for the job, you can ask them to provide work samples. Going through their samples allows you to gauge their style of writing, subject matter expertise, command over the language and understanding of the audience preferences. 

Discuss Your Requirements

While hiring for a niche writer, it is crucial to communicate your requirements to the writer. Not every writer is proficient in writing for different niches. For example, if yours is a healthcare business, you have to hire a niche writer who is a healthcare professional, or someone who has done good research on your niche. 

Verify Their Reputation

While hiring niche writers for your website, it is always recommended to research about their reputation. You can visit different discussion forums, and groups or conduct online research to know about the reputation of your shortlisted writers and agencies. Choose writers with a reputation for providing good quality content within deadlines. 

Ask Questions 

Schedule an initial interview and ask as many questions as you need to verify the authenticity of the writer or the niche writer services agency. Ask about their experience, the number of clients served, The number of clients from your industry, what is their content policy, service policy, and support policy, the copyright of the content created, etc. A good agency or writer will leave no stone unturned to provide satisfactory answers to your questions. 

We can conclude that hiring a niche writer to produce content for your website is a great idea to make sure your website stands out from competitors and establishes your brand image. It also helps to build your authority in the industry and develop a connection with the target audience as a reliable source for advice. However, you have to be careful while hiring a niche writer and ensure that he/she has the required industry experience, in-depth subject knowledge, and good research skills. 

Towards 90 offers niche writer services for clients from different industry verticals. We have an experienced team of professional content writers with in-depth knowledge and working experience in the industry. 


  1. What are the main factors to consider before hiring an agency to niche write for us

Before you hire a niche writer agency to create your website content, you have to consider factors such as 

  • The availability of niche writers for your industry
  • The experience of the writers working for the agency
  • The availability of a dedicated writer to handle your project from the starting to end
  • The availability of the same writer to make the necessary edits 
  • The content writing process of the agency 
  • The policy of the company regarding privacy, support and the copyrights of the content
  • The reputation of the company 

2.  How do content writing agencies charge to provide website niche content writer services? 

Niche writing is a specialized field. Niche writers are writers with considerable industry experience, good subject knowledge, and impressive writing skill. Agencies may charge depending on your content requirements and the level of research required to create content for your website.  

3. How is a niche writer different from a regular content writer?

Most people use the words niche writers and content writers interchangeably. However, it is important to know that there is a huge difference between these categories of writers. While content writers are professional writers, who can create general content for blogs, articles, and social media posts, niche writers are professionals with astounding knowledge in their subject and working experience in the industry. They can create highly focussed content that appeals to the audience at different stages of the buyers’ journey. They can produce website content or blogs that are unique, fresh, and are capable of setting trends.

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