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Marketing automation helps you to reach your marketing goals in a short time, within the fraction of the cost, and also provides a high ROI in your digital marketing expenditure. 

Towards 90 provides marketing automation and content marketing services for small business to start-ups, and established businesses. We use the latest content marketing automation tools to manage all your content marketing campaigns and provide you with all the information to track the behavioural information of your leads. 

We Use some of your favorite and marketing flow automation tools

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Make Your Leads Sales-ready Within a Short Period With Comprehensive Marketing Automation and Content Marketing Strategy

  • Businesses are often overwhelmed by the variety of content marketing services available. However, to be successful in online marketing automation is a useful strategy.
  • Content automation in digital marketing is the right strategy that can help you get the optimum return from your internet marketing efforts. Our experienced marketing automation teams create customized marketing automation content strategy that boosts your business growth. 

Hire Towards 90, The Best Company for Content Marketing Automation Services that Boost Your Sales and Improve Revenue

  • As per the latest statistics, 51% of companies are using marketing automation strategy.
  • According to the statistics, 55% of e-commerce marketers use content marketing email automation strategy and another 25% of new marketers are planning to use it this year.
  • 55% of companies are planning to increase their spending on content marketing automation technology.
  • Over 75% of digital marketers use at least one type of content marketing automation tools.
  • 56% of the marketers think that the martech industry is evolving at a faster pace than their companies use of marketing automation tools.
  • Customer experience mapping is the top tactic used by 53% of marketers to optimize marketing automation.
  • 48% of digital marketing experts use content automation in digital marketing to provide customized experiences to customers. 
  • The annual spending on marketing automation tools is set to reach $25.1 billion by 2023.
  • 63% of companies outsource the task of marketing automation and content marketing strategy planning.


Towards 90 is a trusted partner for content marketing automation services. We have a team of highly dedicated marketing automation experts, who are well-versed in using different content marketing automation platforms and technologies. Our dedicated experts track your prospective customers and report their behaviour to enable you to create a personalized content strategy to engage and influence them. We use the latest content marketing automation tools to trace the journey of your prospective customers through the sales funnel. We identify the best channels that are bringing more leads and take steps to optimize them for increased returns. 

Advanced content marketing automation tools

 Lead tracking

Competitor tracking

Content marketing email automation strategy

Integration with CRM tools


Our Process

At Towards 90, we believe that the first step before creating any strategy is in-depth research and review. Our marketing automation and content marketing pros review all your existing content marketing campaigns and their performance. We identify your marketing and business goals and choose the best content marketing automation tools to create a tailormade strategy for your business. 

We choose the best marketing automation platforms that align with your marketing goals. Our marketing automation experts integrate the content marketing automation tools with CRM to ensure that there is a smooth flow of information between the marketing and CRM tools. We also create a personalized marketing automation content strategy that bridges the gap between your marketing goals and marketing automation strategies. Our experts create customized content calendars for different online mediums. For example, we create a content calendar for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. for blogs, for releasing infographics, e-books etc. our experienced content developers create relevant and up-to-date content and distribute it across all the appropriate channels to reach your target audience. 

Towards 90 is a reputed company for content management automation services. We not only offer consultation services to develop your marketing automation content strategy but also manage your marketing automation system. Our dedicated marketing automation experts can manage the leads and guide them through the sales funnel to make them sales-ready in a short span with a fraction of the cost. Our experts will craft personalized messages to engage your target audience, and improve website traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. Our marketing automation pros can help you to satisfy the dynamically changing customer expectations and achieve high growth. 

Why Choose Towards 90 for Marketing Automation and Content Marketing Services?

Benefits Of Content Marketing Automation

Why you should automate your Content Marketing!

Content Marketing Automation Services

Boost ROI on Marketing Investment with Content Marketing Automation Service from Towards 90

Reasons to Invest in Marketing Automation Content Strategy from Towards 90

Marketing automation provides numerous benefits to business owners. Using advanced content marketing automation tools helps you to track the journey of your prospective buyers through the sales funnel and develop personalized content that caters to their requirements. Our marketing automation and content marketing services help you to quickly solve challenges by leveraging the power of information and data. You can use the marketing automation tools to free up your staff from repetitive tasks and concentrate on other strategic activities. Marketing automation helps you to gather, view, segment, and understand the consumer data based on their actions. This, in turn, helps you to create winning content campaigns that engage the audience and convert them into loyal customers. 



Choose the Right Channels

Email automation (64%), Profiling and targeting (26%), and personalized use of dynamic content(23%) are the top 3 marketing automation techniques. 


Create a Content Calendar

Worldwide digital ad spends to reach $375 bn by 2021.


Stay Ahead of Competitors

As per the latest stats, only 33% of the email marketing campaigns are automated.


Get Better Insights Into the Performance of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

75% of B2B marketers use automation in content marketing to get better insights into the performance of their content.


Differentiate Your Brand

According to the statistics from the Content Marketing Institute, 63% of the most successful marketers use marketing automation tools.


Increase Qualified Leads

As per statistics from Business2Community, brands that use marketing automation reported a 451% increase in qualified leads.


Ensure the Success of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

91% of marketers believe that marketing automation is crucial to the success of their digital marketing campaigns.


Get High Returns in Short Time

44% of brands investing in marketing automation get ROI within 6 months and 76% of brands get it within a year.


Increase Productivity

A survey conducted by Nucleus reported that implementing marketing automation improves business productivity by 20% on average.



93% of businesses use content marketing.

Are you finding it hard to automate your marketing automations?

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Go through some of the successful examples from industry to understand the importance of automation in content marketing


Capgemini, a leading consulting company used content marketing to increase engagement with customers and drive up their sales to $20 million per year.

SEO Company in Trichy


Lenovo, a leading computer hardware manufacturing company used content marketing to increase brand awareness and build trust in their target audience. 

presidential election

SAP, the largest vendor of ERP across the globe, used content marketing to reach out to their target audience in all 19 customer segments, and educate them about the different features of their ERP system.

What is content automation in digital marketing?

Content automation helps to remove human intervention in the process of content management. It helps to automate the content lifecycle and reduce the costs involved in content management. Content automation can be applied to different phases of the content marketing strategy such as content planning, content creation, publishing the content, and tracking it. It helps to identify the best channels to publish your content to reach to your target audience and engage them. It involves using artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies to handle repetitive tasks in content marketing. 

Do I need to invest in marketing automation and content marketing?

Marketing automation helps businesses to gather crucial data that helps in understanding their potential customers. This data can be used to develop engaging content that offers personalized experiences to the target customers. It helps to create content for customers at different stages of the sales funnel and make them ready for sales. Every business irrespective of its size requires marketing automation and content marketing services to ensure the success of ita digital marketing campaigns. 

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is also known as an editorial calendar. It helps content managers to plan where and when to publish their content. A well-planned content calendar is crucial for the success of any content marketing campaign. It helps brands to organize their content and ensure that it reaches the specific audience on the right channel, at the accurate time. There are many content calendar templates to help you create a content calendar for blogs or content calendar for social media. 

How to create a content calendar?

Creating a calendar is easy as there are many content calendar templates available on the internet. You can also create a content calendar on google sheets or excel. You have to choose the right tool to create the content calendar depending on the size of your content team, business and the no of people working on the content. For example, a content calendar created on google sheets is apt for small teams and is good for collaboration.

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