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85% of consumers trust brands that provide solutions to guide them through the different stages of the buyers’ journey, and aid them to make the right decision. Consumers value brands that acknowledge their ability to make decisions after evaluating the different options available to solve a personal or professional challenge. A well-structured and effective content marketing strategy helps you to identify the different stages in your consumers’ journey, where they are looking for guidance, and offer them the solutions that guide them to the decision-making process. Only 30% of brands believe that their content marketing is effective, and this is due to the absence of a well-defined content marketing strategy for business. A successful content marketing strategy helps you to target buyers at all stages of the buyer journey, instead of focussing just on the start and end of the sales funnel. 

Content Marketing Strategy Services
Content Marketing Strategy Services

A Professional Content Development Strategy helps to Build Credibility For Your Brand By Providing Accurate Information to Specific Audience at the Right Time On the Best Platform

Bootstrap Plan

( For Startups, Small Businesses & Growing Brands ).
$ 422 6 Months
  • Current Business Content Analysis Report
  • Market Research Reports
  • Content Scope Analysis
  • Audience Persona Gathering
  • Keyword Research

Fast-track Plan

( For Startups, Small Businesses & Growing Brands ).
$ 782 6 Months
  • Current Business Content Analysis Report
  • Market Research Reports
  • Content Scope Analysis
  • Audience Persona Gathering
  • Keyword Research

Hire Towards 90 to Create Content Marketing Strategy for Business and See Leads and Conversions Go Through The Roof

  • As per statistics from the Content Marketing Institute, 92% of businesses treat content as a business asset.
  • Statistics from Aberdeen show that content marketing leaders report 7.8 times or 19.7% more unique website traffic than other brands.
  • An effective content marketing strategy can increase conversions by 79.3%.
  • 96% of the top content marketers report that their audience views them as a credible source of information
  • 61% of customers report that their buying decisions are influenced by custom content created by brands.
  • As per the CMI report, 60% of the most successful B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.
  • 60% of content marketers, who create content consistently get more leads than others.
  • Brands that adopt content marketing report 6 times more conversion rates than brands that others.
  • 86% of highly successful brands outsource their content strategy for the web.


Towards 90 is a Reputed Content Strategy Agency with an Experienced Team of Content Marketing, Content Development, and Content distribution Professionals. Our team understands your business objectives and content marketing goals to create a professional content development strategy that yields results. We help you to identify the target audience, define buyer personas, understand their requirements, and develop branded content that strikes a connect with the audience.

Data-driven solutions

Dedicated team of professional content marketing experts

Latest analytical tools

Expertise in developing branded content

Client-centric approach

Content Marketing Strategy Services

Our Process

Content Marketing Strategy Services

It is crucial to know about the client’s business objectives and goals to develop an effective content development strategy. Our professionals spend ample time to understand your content marketing goals before developing the strategy. This helps us to align the buyer demands with your business goals and develop a professional content development strategy that provides measurable results. We ask a number of questions and conduct in-depth research of your existing content to assess your current position. We also conduct competitor research to identify the best strategies that are working for your competitors. We create your buyer personas to understand the specific challenges and content requirements of your clients.

We create a clear roadmap based on the research results and begin drafting your content marketing strategy. We identify the right platforms to distribute the content and also create a content calendar to publish the content at the precise time, your audience are looking for it. Our proficient content marketing gurus create your brand identity blueprint to enhance your brand awareness, increase website traffic, and improve conversions and sales.

Once the strategy is ready we discuss it with you. We implement the strategy only after a go-ahead from the client. We conduct A/B testing of all the aspects of the strategy to ensure the client gets nothing but the best. Once the strategy is implemented, we track and measure the performance of each content piece and campaign using the latest analytical tools. Our experts optimize the strategy for superior results.

Why Choose Towards 90 Content Marketing Strategy Services Over Other Agencies?

Content Creation Service
Content Creation Service

Get an Edge Over Your Competitors with an Effective Content Marketing Strategy That Differentiates Your Brand

Boost Your ROI Through Professional Content Marketing Strategy from Towards 90

Content Marketing Strategy Services

Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing Strategy Services from Towards 90

A documented content marketing strategy improves the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns. It helps you to use the resources efficiently to achieve your marketing and business goals, and improve the ROI on your content marketing spend. A well-defined content development strategy helps you to outline your customers’ requirements and create content to address them at the accurate time. A documented content marketing strategy helps business organizations to ensure that each member of the marketing team is on the same page and avoid duplicated efforts.


Content Prominence Increase the Efficiency of Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Out of 83% of marketers who have reported having a content marketing strategy, only 35%  have documented it, and they feel that the efficiency of their campaigns has improved with documented strategy. 


Choose the Right Marketing Tactics

As per the latest research, content marketers use 8 tactics on an average to promote their content.


Increase the Reach of Your Marketing Efforts

72% of marketers report that branded content is effective than traditional marketing methods such as magazine advertisements.


Target Customers With Right Content

As per the Custom Content Council, 69% of brands say that content provides superior results than direct mail and PR.


Create Snackable Content

Over 60% of marketers repurpose and reuse successful content. It saves time and budget required to produce new content consistently.


Easy to Measure Results

61% of marketers report that improving their ability to measure the results of their marketing efforts is one of their main concerns.


Increase the Consistency of Content Creation

60% of brands find it difficult to produce content consistently.


Contributes to the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

72% of brands feel that content strategy contributes to the success of marketing campaigns, second only to content creation.


Increase Customer Engagement

60% of customers will not engage with a brand that has poorly-written content, overly personalized or no personalized content, or content that is not optimized for mobile viewing.

Our Clients

We have partnered with the best brands in India and abroad. Here are a few of them.

Content Marketing Strategy Services
Content Marketing Strategy Services
Content Marketing Strategy Services
Content Marketing Strategy Services
Content Marketing Strategy Services


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Go through some of the content marketing strategy examples from industry to understand the importance of having a strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy Services


ADP, a business outsourcing service provider got new sales opportunities worth $1 million through an effective content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy Services


Intelligentsia, a coffee company developed a unique content marketing strategy that set it apart from competitors.

Content Marketing Strategy Services

crowe horwath

Crowe Horwath, a leading accounting and consulting firm generated 800 new contacts with an engaging content marketing strategy.

How to create a content marketing strategy for my business?

Here is a content marketing strategy checklist to help you create a content strategy from scratch.

  • Define your content marketing goals.
  • Create buyer personas to clearly define your target audience
  • Review your existing content
  • Choose a content management system to create, publish and track your content
  • Determine the types of content you want to create
  • Create a content calendar
  • Allocate resources
  • Create and publish content
  • Track and optimize content

Is there a fixed template to create a content marketing strategy?

The content marketing strategy should contain a detailed outline of your business objectives, content marketing goals, customer requirements, and a well-defined plan about how to address the customer requirements with content. There is no definite content marketing strategy template to build your content marketing strategy. The strategy is specific to your business goals and the message you want to deliver through content marketing.

What are the essential components of a content marketing strategy?

  1. Your business case for venturing into content marketing. This should consist of the reasons for choosing content marketing, risks involved and the parameters to measure success. 
  2. The next element is the business plan. It should contain your content marketing goals, the value you want to provide customers through content and any opportunities and threats that may arise in due course of implementing the plan. 
  3. Your buyer personas, which helps to identify the exact target audience and their requirements. You should also outline the steps in the buyer’s journey and content requirements at each phase of the journey. 
  4. Content maps that help to define the content that is to be produced for each stage of the buyer’s journey. 
  5. The brand story that differentiates you from the competitors and establishes credibility in the industry. You should also outline the ideas and messages you want to communicate to the audience, and how they will influence them. 
  6. A channel plan that outlines the platforms to publish your content, the selection criteria for each platform, and how you plan to develop a cohesive brand personality across different platforms

Are brand strategy and content strategy, the same?

The content marketing strategy is a part of the overall brand strategy. A brand strategy outlines the core of the identity and aspirations of your brand, and how you intend to accomplish them. Creating a brand strategy requires an in-depth assessment of your brand’s identity and ecosystem. Both the content marketing strategy and brand strategy are interrelated. While the brand strategy helps to achieve the overall business objectives, a content marketing strategy helps to create a blueprint about how to use the content for branding. However, it is crucial to document and align both the brand and content marketing strategies to ensure that they support each other and help you achieve the business objectives

What is the difference between branded content and branding for content?

Branded content is different from branding your content. While branded content mainly refers to paid media, branding for content ensures that the content offers value to the audience while subtly introducing them to your brand.

How can I create a brand identity blueprint?

Here are the steps to create your branding guidelines document

  • Define your brand’s vision, mission, and values 
  • Audit your existing content to asses how it aligns with your brand personality
  • Create buyer personas
  • Understand your brand positioning in relation to your competitors
  • Create brand messages in the form of taglines, brand stories, etc. 
  • Create guidelines to establish your brand identity in terms of voice, tone, visual identity, and other factors
  • Create a content marketing strategy to achieve the business goals


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ADP is a reputed business outsourcing solutions company. Their content marketing strategy involved the use of Whitepapers to educate the audience on topics related to human capital management. They created valuable whitepapers on the topic, and also a search engine to help viewers to search for whitepapers in their respective industries. The search engine also provided detailed estimates of the savings to a firm, if they switched to ADP’s solutions. This feature convinced the viewers to download the whitepapers. The strategy helped ADP to generate new leads and fetched new sales worth $ 1 million in the first 3 months itself.

Intelligentsia is a company that produces roast coffee blends. The company effectively used content marketing to grow their brand. One of their content strategies of developing brew guides with attractive photographs and detailed instructions on how to brew different coffee. These guides have been shared on various platforms like Reddit, Vimeo, etc. and made the brand viral on social media platforms, which in turn improved its online visibility and brand awareness.

In 2013, Crowe Horwath launched a massive content marketing campaign to reach financial institutions with assets worth $1 billion and more. Their strategy was to create 50 different content pieces on several topics of interest to their target audience. They used different formats such as case studies, infographics, video, and executive briefs to create engaging content. Their content marketing strategy produced spectacular results. One of their infographics helped them to earn 800 new contacts, with two clients paying $250,000 for Crowe’s services.