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Importance of Choosing The Best Content Writing Services Company in Chennai For the Success of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Owing to the increased use of the internet, more and more people are using digital platforms to search for products and services required by them. The role of digital marketing is gaining importance due to the need for business organizations to attract online customers. Digital marketing helps businesses to increase their reach and create a brand identity. Content writing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Companies create unique content that is useful to the end-users and distribute it on the channels that are frequented by their target audience. The right content marketing approach allows you to attract leads and turn them into loyal customers. Content can either be written in-house by a team of content writers or it can be outsourced to companies that provide content writing services in Chennai. The quality of content plays a crucial role in the success of your content marketing strategy. It is essential to hire content writers in Chennai to ensure that you get high-quality content that suits your organization’s requirements.

For the success of a content marketing strategy, it is important to hire popular content marketing companies. Towards90 is one of the reputed content writing companies in Chennai. We provide a range of content services for different organizations ranging from start-ups to established companies. We have a team of dedicated writers, who come with creative and useful content suitable for your target audience. 

We are a reputed content writing company in Chennai offering different packages to suit the content needs of our customers. Our content marketing services include a range of services such as blogs, SEO articles, podcasts, E-books, E-mailers, product descriptions, press releases, etc. which are essential to provide the most relevant content to the audience and engage with them.

Importance of Hiring the Best Content Writing Companies in Chennai

content writers in chennai

The quality of content is important to help you attain your content marketing goals. Good content results in high lead generation and also helps to push these leads further down the sales funnel. Let us understand the importance of content and choosing the right content writing company.

  • Offers Information and Educates the Audience

Content marketing is the best way to offer relevant information to your potential customers. It also helps to educate them about the features of your products or services. Towards 90, a professional content writing company in Chennai uses advanced techniques to identify the target audience, understand and analyze their requirements, and create suitable content with the exact information required by them. This will help your target audience to find all the information they are looking for on your website or on social media pages.

Well-written content will attract more and more leads to your website and engage them in a conversation by providing them the right information.

Good content does not have a shelf life, it can be used for many years with some minor changes to suit the changing business environment and advancements. Businesses can use a high-quality content piece with small updations to include the latest developments over long periods of time.

Moreover, content can be used across different platforms such as websites, social media, advertisements etc, with minor modifications to suit each channel. This offers a good Return on Investment to business organizations.

  • Improves Search Engine Rankings

The right content helps businesses to improve their search engine rankings. The majority of people use search engines like Google, to search for information. Ranking high on search engines will help you attract quality traffic.

Being one of the reputed content writers in Chennai, we provide keyword-rich content to help you rank high on the search engines.

Our experienced content writers identify the right keywords for your products and create content that has the right density of quality keywords that will help you rank high on search engines. This will help you to attract readers and convert them into profitable leads.

High-quality content also helps to get links from other websites. The more links you earn, the higher your website ranks on Google and other search engines. Creating content and adding it to Google will make your website appear on the first page on Google, thus improving your visibility and increasing your reach.

  • Content Can be Shared on Social Media Platforms

It is essential for businesses to maintain social media pages to stay in touch with their customers. There are a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Each of these platforms requires a different type of content. For example, Instagram and snap chat are image related platforms while YouTube is a video content related platform.

We are one of the best content writing companies in Chennai and specialize in providing content that is suitable for different social media platforms frequented by your clients.

We provide video content, Infographics, and Gifs that are easy to share, blog articles, and SEO articles to improve your Search Engine rankings, and Case studies, white papers, and other technical content.

  • Content Aids in Customer Conversions

The main function of content is to attract prospective clients and engage them with the right information to convert them into customers. The process of converting leads or potential customers into actual customers is known as conversion.

Providing the right information to potential customers plays a major role in conversion. Each of the content pages of a website should be optimized to aid conversions.

We are one of the top content writing companies in Chennai to provide A/B testing services as part of our content marketing packages to evaluate your website and improve its conversion capacity, by adding good content that is suitable for your target audience.

As the adage goes, “Content is the King. ”  We believe in providing the best content to our partners that aids in achieving their content marketing goals. Our qualified content writers in Chennai are well experienced and create high-quality content that is curated as per the needs of each individual client.

Many business organizations think that content is only writing SEO articles and blog posts. But that is a misconception. There are different types of content like Email marketing, advertisements, case studies, E-Books, etc.

Each business organization requires a few of these different content types or all of them depending on the nature of business and the marketing strategy of the business. As each customer is unique, creating different types of content will help businesses to engage with each of them and improve their brand identity and brand recognition. Let us discuss a few of them.

Content Writing Services: Types

content writers in chennai

1. Blogs

Blogs are a quick way to offer relevant information to customers. Blog Posts are a major element in the content marketing strategy of most of the business organizations. The main advantage of blogging is that it is quick and easy. Blogs can be quickly found through a simple search on Google. Blog posts help brands to engage with the readers and are a major tool for conversion.

It is advisable to maintain a consistent blog that has regular high-quality posts to improve the traffic to your website. We provide a team of excellent content writers for the blog, who create attractive blog posts to suit the tastes and preferences of your customers.

Our content writers choose interesting topics for blogs and write engaging content that creates stories around your brand or offers the relevant answers to the questions plaguing your customers. We update the blog regularly and optimize the content for lead generation and conversion. Moreover, our content writers are up-to-date with the latest Google Panda content writing upgrade and curate the articles to match the quality standards of Google.

2. Case Studies

Case studies offer an in-depth understanding of a specific scenario. They provide knowledgeable information to the readers. Case studies are highly shearable because they are unique and have specific data that is relevant to your business. Case studies are easy to write as they have a very straightforward model. But most case studies aren’t well written. They do not follow the model of stating the problem, explaining the solution and providing a summary to make the content understandable and engaging.

We have a team of content writers in Chennai who specialize in writing case studies. Our content writers create actionable and informational case studies that are easy to understand. Our content writers follow the right model of writing case studies and concentrate on providing answers to all the questions that need to be addressed, to make the case study meaningful.

3. White Papers

White papers are detail-oriented content that focuses on a specific subject. They are an excellent tool to gain thought leadership and respect in the industry. White paper content is difficult to write and is often the most expensive type of content. White papers follow a strict proforma and should be written to address a specific issue or problem. Writing White papers requires in-depth research about the topic and takes lots of time.

We have dedicated content writers for Magazine and Whitepapers, who are well versed in creating apt content to publish in Magazines and whitepapers. Our content writers are from diverse backgrounds and can write on a variety of topics. So no matter what industry your business belongs to, we have the right content writer to address your requirements.

4. E – books

E-books are a great tool for lead generation and conversion. The main advantage of E-Books is that they are evergreen. They do not require regular updates, like other forms of content. However, it is advisable to remember that E-Books have to offer value to the readers to convince them to convert to your products or services. The book should deal with the real problems faced by the readers and different solutions to handle them. It should not suggest that buying your products is the only solution but subtly convince the readers that it is a better solution when compared to others.

Writing E-Books is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs an in-depth understanding of the topic. We are a popular company for content writing services in Chennai and boast of a team of dedicated content writers. Our well-read and experienced content writers freelancers can write the best E-books that help you attract and engage prospective clients.

5. Infographics

One image is equal to a thousand words. Infographics are a visually appealing and understandable form of content. You can convey lots of information using one infographic. The backlinks of infographics are usually embedded within them, it is, therefore, a valuable element of content marketing. Infographics can be designed in numerous ways to suit the content.

Nowadays readers don’t have much time to read through the content. Their attention span is very less. Infographic comes to the rescue of content marketers. A well-designed infographic is simple, clean and easy to understand.

We are the best content writing company in Chennai with a professional team of content writers and designers. Our experts can create self-explanatory and interesting infographics to explain content to the readers. Our content writing packages include a variety of services such as infographics, EBooks, Blog posts, etc.

6. Videos

Videos are a more visual and engaging form of content. Most viewers prefer to watch videos rather than reading huge walls of text.

Video content should be included in the content marketing strategy to ensure its success. For example, videos can be used to explain product features or as tutorials about how to use the product. This will help the viewers to understand how to use the product to get the optimum advantage. Instead of reading manuals, watching videos will help the users to understand how to assemble or use a product in a better manner.

Videos can be distributed along with written content. They can be uploaded on video platforms such as YouTube and links can be provided in the blog posts and SEO articles. Videos should be designed to offer value to the viewers. They should have engaging content and an attractive Call to Action at the end.

Consult Towards 90, one of the best content writing agencies in Chennai for a content marketing strategy to start using different visual tools such as infographics, videos etc for your business.

Our efficient team of video directors and designers will create engaging videos to showcase the best features of your product. Our videos are exceptionally catchy and creative.

We not only create exceptional videos but also distribute them across different digital platforms to improve the reach of your content marketing campaign. Our package also includes campaign analysis and A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and make suitable changes to improve its performance.

7. Website content

The website is an important part of the digital marketing strategy for your business. It acts as the salesperson of the business on the internet. Your website should be engaging and provide all the necessary information to the visitors.

Generally, people visit a website in search of information regarding a product or service they are interested to buy. Your website should provide all the details of the product/service, contact details of the company, testimonials from previous clients and other relevant information.

The content on your website plays a crucial role in determining your success. Though most of the startups create their own website content, it is always advisable for you to get it done by experts to ensure their authenticity and quality.

We provide content writers for website content, who are experienced in creating engaging content that attracts, engages and converts the readers. Our website content writers work alongside your website designers to make your website look amazing.

8. GIFs

GIFs are a perfect example of attractive and shareable content. Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp made it easy to share GIFs that match with your chosen sentence or phrase. You can create GIFs using tools like GIF Maker from Giphy. You can turn webcam content or video content into funny and light-hearted GIFs. Most of the young generation users prefer to communicate using GIFs as they can be used to convey messages without using text.

GIFs are an excellent way to market your content. Outsource the task of creating GIFs to professional content writers and graphic designers. Our team can create interactive and funny GIFs that attract the viewers and convey the intended message. Our content writers in Chennai are the best at creating GIFs and Infographics.

9. SEO Articles

The ultimate objective of any content is to help your website rank high on search engines and attract quality traffic that can be successfully converted into leads and business. SEO Articles are the best tool to achieve this purpose.

As the name suggests, SEO or Search Engine Optimization writing uses specific phrases known as keywords to grab the attention of search engines. SEO writing requires creativity as it should have the right balance of optimal search engine content as well as high-quality content that interests the viewers.

Though SEO writing seems to be simple, it is not as easy as it seems to be. It requires a careful analysis of the relevant keywords that suit your business and writing blogs, articles, and guest posts using those keywords. Most of the businesses do not realize the importance of SEO until late. If you are a startup it is recommended to hire SEO friendly content writing services company to take care of your SEO requirements.

There is good news for SEO companies, we provide high-quality SEO content with the right density of keywords that will rank your client’s website high on Google and other search engine rankings. We are an SEO friendly company in Chennai and offer special bulk packages for SEO agencies.

10. Press Release

A press release is known by many names such as media release, press statement or video release. It is the official statement from an organization delivered to the media. A press release can be made to provide information to people, make an announcement or put across the organization’s statement of view.

A press release consists of nine structural elements and can have 300 to 800 words. Media agencies rely heavily on press releases to create stories about the business, hence it is very important to have a correctly drafted press release in order to portray a professional image to clients.

Startups, as well as established companies, should hire professional writers to draft press release statements. Press release statements are the only means of communication between a business organization and the media. Any errors in these statements may tarnish your organization’s image forever as media creates content from these press releases and statements.

11. AD/Copywriting

Creating advertisements and promotional materials is known as copywriting. A copywriter is responsible to create the ad content that is visible in newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc. They also create promotional EMail content, website content,  product descriptions, catalogs, and other promotional materials.

Quality is a crucial element of copywriting. Good content can make or break your content marketing campaign. It is essential to hire the services of best content writing companies in Chennai to ensure that your ads and other promotional material like Newsletters, brochures, etc. are attractive and raise a curiosity in the viewer to know more about your brands.

Apart from the above-mentioned types, there are many other types of content that can be used in content marketing and digital marketing strategies. Many startups often think that content marketing is an easy job that can be done by amateurs. But that is a misconception.

Content marketing requires specialist content writers and marketers, who can understand the needs of your business and preferences of the target audience in order to create a balanced strategy that provides useful information about your products to the audience, and engage them in a meaningful and long term conversation that results in maximum conversions.

If you are still confused about the role of a professional content writer, let us explain it in detail.

Why I Need Content Writing Services for My Business

content writing services in chennai
  • Hiring Good Content Writers Saves Time and Money

Content writing is a professional job. The right content helps to create a brand identity and improve brand recognition among the viewers. Writing content that strikes a chord with the readers is a task that is left to professional content writers, who know the ins and outs of effective writing.

Most businesses think that they are reducing costs by writing the content in-house, but sometimes it works on the contrary.

If you want a good return on investment on your content marketing strategy, it is always advisable to outsource content writing to professionals, who can create engaging, informational, and effective content that is easy to read and understand. They can convey the features of your product or service effectively without confusing the readers in a web of words.

As we have already discussed various types of content, it is in the interest of your business to hire a professional content writing agency in Chennai that has content writers for blogs, SEO articles, technologies content writing, academic content writing, etc. to save time and costs.

  • Helps your website to be Found Easily on Google

Professional content writers can create compelling content that is relevant to the readers and also make your website and social media pages rank high on search engines like Google.

Studies prove that most of the viewers, visit websites that appear on the first page of Google. There are many other factors that are considered by the search engines to rank your website, such as backlinks, quality of traffic, use of high-quality videos and images, etc. but the content is the most important factor.

Companies that offer SEO friendly content writing services specialize in identifying the right keywords that are used by a majority of your target customers and create content using the right amount of those keywords.

Content with the correct keyword density helps your website to rank high on search engines and stay ahead of your competitors. These companies create original unique content rather than spinning the already existing information available on the internet.

  • Helps to Understand Your Prospective Customers and Engage Them

In order to ensure that your content engages the target audience, it is essential to identify their problems and address them. The process of understanding the critical challenges of prospective clients needs a lot of time-consuming research and empathy.

Professional content writers are well-versed in doing the task. They use advanced methods to identify the pain points of your target audience and come with creative solutions to overcome them. They can curate the content to showcase that your product/service is the best option to solve the problem, without sounding too salesman-like. They make use of storytelling techniques to create engaging stories around your brand and show them that your product/service is going to do wonders in solving their problems.

  • Professional Content Writers Can Devise Compelling CTAs

CTA  or Call-To-Action is a critical part of the content that motivates the customers to buy or engage with you. The CTAs have to be attractive and motivating to compel the viewers to engage with your business.

Each customer is unique and so are the factors that motivate them. It is important to write CTAs that appeal to a majority of the readers. Professional content writers can identify the different points in the sales journey of your prospective clients and create inspiring Call-to-Actions that get them to proceed further in the sales funnel.

  • Professional Content Writers Are Updated About latest Developments

Professional content writers are always on their toes to know about advanced technologies and latest updates from search engines. For example, when Google Panda Update was launched many companies lost their rankings due to plagiarized content that is of low quality.

Reputed content marketing companies in Chennai follow the Panda content writing update and create unique blogs, articles and other content that helps your website to rank well on Google.

These are some of the advantages of hiring top content writing companies in Chennai to create content for your business. Now that we have discussed the importance of content, types of content and the importance of hiring a professional content writer, let us discuss some tips to find the right content writers.

Tips to Hire Professional Content Writers At the Best Price

content writing services in chennai

Hiring a professional content writer for company profile, blog writing, copywriting, and writing other content is highly essential to ensure better lead generation and conversion. However, there are many writers and freelancers, who claim to be experts in the market.

It is a daunting task to find the right professional content writing services company in Chennai, who can deliver what they promise. Here are some tips to help you hire a professional writer at the best price.

  1. Search on Multiple Platforms

There are multiple platforms to search for content writers. You can post ads for content writers on these platforms. However, keep in mind to use multiple platforms to avoid the chances of losing talented content writers. Instead of hiring multiple freelance content writers, you can also outsource the whole content writing function to content writing agencies.

These agencies have a pool of talent to address different varieties of content. Moreover, the writers working with these agencies are updated about the latest developments in content writing markets such as Google Panda content update 2019, latest tools to measure conversions, advanced tools to identify the right keywords, etc.

2. Have Clear Communication

Clear communication helps you convey your expectations to aspiring writers. While posting ads for content writers be very clear about your expectations. For example, if you are posting a requirement for academic content writing jobs in Chennai, clearly state the expected qualification and specialization. If you want experienced content writers, mention the years of experience required to apply for the job. Being clear and specific helps you to attract relevant applications that suit your requirements and saves time as it reduces the time spent on scrutinizing applications

3. Research is Important

Once you shortlist a few resumes, perform a research about the writers. Look at their portfolios and references from past clients. Observe their records and past write-ups. You can also ask the writers to provide testimonials from their previous clients.

Exercise utmost caution while selecting content writers as they determine the fate of your content marketing strategy. Experienced content writers charge higher fees. Do not base your decision on the fees alone, consider factors like qualification, experience, writing style, niche, etc. while choosing content writers.

4. Test The Writers

No matter how experienced the writer is, it is always recommended to test the writers before hiring them. Ask the applicants to send a sample or two. You can also give a paid test to evaluate the style and quality of the content. This will give you a chance to determine whether the writer suits your content requirements or not. Though asking for paid samples costs some money, it ensures that you have great talent in your team and your content strategy is in the right hands.

5. Give Specific Instructions

Be very specific about your requirements while posting job requirements and also while allotting content writing projects. The writer should have all the details regarding your expectations from the content. Clear communication aids to reduce costly mistakes at a later stage.

Following these tips will aid you to ensure that you pick the right content writers for your content marketing team. However, the process of posting ads, scrutinizing resumes and shortlisting them, and getting samples written costs time and money.

You can outsource the entire content writing strategy to top content writing companies in Chennai. These companies have a huge team of in-house writers and content writers freelancers, who are experienced in different styles of content writing. These companies provide different content writing services such as company profile writing, copywriting, blog and article writing, Infographics, etc. under one umbrella.

Hiring these companies will save you from the time-consuming task of interacting with different freelancers.

Frequently Asked Questions

content writing companies in chennai
  • How to Choose Content Writers For Blog?

Blog writing is easy but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The subject for every blog post should be carefully selected in order to ensure that your viewers are engaged and keep returning to the page. The blog should be informative and should contain the latest and updated information about any given topic.

You can hire blog writers at freelance marketplaces or hire a professional company that has access to the best content writers for blogs. Hiring a professional company lets you enjoy the benefits of the experience of the content writing services company in researching suitable topics for your target audience and writing creative and knowledgeable blogs.

  • How to Choose Content Writers for Company Profile?

Company profile is a formal introduction to your organization. It introduces your clients and prospective customers to the business, policies, services or products of your business organization. In short, it is a brief summary that lets people know about your business organization.

Quality and creativity are critical while writing a company profile. First impressions are long-lasting, a comprehensive company profile allows you to cast a professional first impression. One has to be very careful while hiring company profile writers as one mistake may cost you a lot of business. Hire content writers or content writing agencies who have good experience in writing company and business profiles.

We have a host of experienced company profile writers in Chennai. Our writers have years of experience in writing the “About Us” pages and company profiles. We deliver crisp company profile write-ups that reflect the character of your organization and convince prospects and clients to contact you for further information.

  • How to Hire Content Writers for Magazines?

Writing for magazines requires an extensive understanding of a given subject or topic. Most of the startups hire freelance writers without any experience in writing for magazines and regret it later when the reader’s feedback is negative. While hiring content writers for magazines, it is essential to pay attention to the experience of the writer.

See some sample magazine articles written by the writer and scrutinize their quality and performance. If you want to save time and money, it is better to hire content writing agencies in Chennai that provide magazine writing services.

  • How to Hire Content Writers for Technologies Content Writing?

Technical writing involves writing crisp and clear content that educates the readers about how to do a given task or how to use an electronic or other product. There are different types of technical writing such as

  1. Traditional – Writing repair manuals, medical studies, etc.
  2. End-user documentation – Writing product manuals, assembly guidelines, technical books for electronics and other consumer products
  3. Technical marketing – Writing press releases and catalogs

While hiring writers for technology content writing, it is essential to look for the qualifications and experience of the writers in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi. This type of writing requires technical know-how and superior writing skills because these writers act as the mouthpiece of the company to the consumers. Technical writing is a niche subject and the qualification and experience of the writer will impact the quality of the content.

  • How to find SEO Friendly Content Writing Services in Chennai?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the main objective of any content writing or content marketing campaign. You have to pay attention while choosing SEO writers or companies to handle your SEO requirements. Choose writers who are familiar with the concept of SEO and have experience in identifying the keywords, performing analysis and choosing the right keywords used by your target audience.

  • What are the Factors to Consider While Choosing a Content Writing Company?

Due to the presence of a host of content writing agencies, it is difficult to choose a professional content writing agency that adds value to your digital marketing campaign. The factors to consider while choosing a content writing agency are

  1. Quality of writers
  2. Experience of the organization
  3. Past clients
  4. References
  5. Services offered
  6. Budget

Towards 90 is a reputed content writing company in Chennai that offers special packages for startups and SEO companies. We take care of all your content writing needs and provide a bouquet of services that includes blog writing, SEO writing, videos, company profiles, brochures, etc.

Our comprehensive content writing and content marketing packages are designed to suit every business organization, no matter the size. We have a highly motivated and professional team of content writers, graphic designers, and video directors to take care of all your content needs.

If you are a startup in Chennai or an established organization, wanting to expand your reach and educate potential customers about your products or services, we are just a call away. Our content managers are experts at understanding your content needs, identifying the preferences of your target consumers, and curating crisp and clear content that connects with them. We provide a comprehensive range of services at reasonable prices. We also have a pay as you use options.

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