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Importance of Hiring Quality Content Writing Services in Bangalore to Market Your Company Like a Hollywood Blockbuster

Looking for Content Writing Companies In Bangalore? We are best Content Writing Services Company in Bangalore India for your business needs. In this digital age, the internet has become a way of doing things. Every business aspiring to succeed is moving online. While this has rendered plenty of benefits; it has also presented a set of fresh problems. Not only do customers need to find you online but you must also beat all your known and unknown competition and become the first choice of any potential customer.

The best tool for the purpose is your business website but what makes it meaningful and mesmerizing to the customer is the words and content written on it. This is where the best content writing services in Bangalore prove to be your most useful and loyal friend. Here let’s explore who exactly they are, what they offer, and all other aspects that highlight their role for your business growth.

What is the Content Writing Service in Bangalore?

Foremost, we get clear on what exactly is a content writing company in Bangalore. Any business face on the internet is its website. But the success of the website depends upon its quality. While its logo, design, photos are all important aspects and help make the website look attractive; the punch is given by the words written on it. It is the information written there which attracts and holds the attention of the visitor and keeps him engaged on the website and ultimately lead to sales.

Thus, the quality of writing is the ultimate oxygen for any website. This is provided to you by content writing companies in Bangalore. But not all can provide a gripping and high-quality standard of writing. It can be achieved only if you get smart and choose the best content writing company in Bangalore.

How Do You Recognize Best Content Writing Companies in Bangalore?

By now, we know that the content is the cornerstone of your website’s progress. We have also been talking about the quality of content. Foremost, let us understand what exactly the quality of content implies. It can be best understood by answering the following questions:

  • Does the content, published on your website respond well to the goals of your business?
  • Is the content useful, informative, engaging and truly worth reading?
  • Is the content unique, innovative and a class apart from similar content published on your competitors’ website?
  • Will your visitors be impressed with the content and get compelled to share it with others?
  • How regularly you upgrade the content on your website?

Answering all these questions would help you infer what exactly constitutes terrific writing. The next step is to nail down the best to hire from the plethora of Content Writing Companies In Bangalore. Thus, we list out a few traits that would help you recognize and hire the most appropriate Content Writing Companies In Bangalore to meet your business goals. Read on!

  • Expertise in all industries- Professional content writing companies in Bangalore would be skilled enough to provide valuable content across industries. No matter what the industry is, they would know it’s working mechanism like the back of their hand. Be it the health industry, real estate, technology, finance, or any other; they would always provide killer content that would attract traffic like a Hollywood blockbuster keeps attracting the audience.
  • A plethora of offerings- Online business is not just web content. To successfully meet all your business goals; you need different types of content like web content, blogs, SEO friendly content, newsletter, brochure, etc. No matter what your requirements are, it can only be fulfilled by that professional company that has an expert and varied pool of content writers in Bangalore in its bounty.
  • Timely delivery- This is an era of intense competition. You can easily lose your traffic if your content is not updated on time and on a regular basis. Even an hour’s delay can lead to a significant loss for your business. The professional and reliable content writing providers would always discuss a deadline strategy with you and always adhere to it strictly and consistently.
  • Transparency on the process of vetting writers- There is no dearth of content writers in Bangalore today but not all can write unique and quality content that is loved by both your visitors and Google. Hence, any content writing company needs to have a well-defined and proven way to vet writers before hiring them. It might look inconsequential but it’s important for your business as it is the writers who would actually be delivering the content for your business. They might have to go through a written test or prove their expertise on a particular subject matter.
  • Easy pitching of Ideas- The real challenge in any content ordering is finding the right topics and well as its related topics. You need to drool out interesting and different information each time to your potential customers. The top writing companies in Bangalore should be able to furnish that to you effortlessly and at no cost.
  • Unmatched support- Selecting the best content writing services is imperative for your business. Thus, it is a big decision on which the reputation of your brand image and reputation is dependent. Hence, you cannot compromise on ground rules like getting full support, ready availability for any editing, crafting a content strategy, urgent requirements, and just about any work. It’s only by hiring reputed and credible content writing companies like us that you can rest assured of having your back covered at all times.

Once you check for all the above qualities; you can be confident of getting dedicated content writers who can help you connect with your target audience like a breeze.

Why Do You Need to Hire Content Writing Companies In Bangalore?

Reason to Hire Content Writing Services for Your Business?

Content Writing Service in Bangalore

We have discussed how to wean out the best content writing companies in Bangalore to help you meet your business goals. Now, let us understand if we really need to hire a professional content writing service. Does it indeed offer any value and returns for your business?

In 1996, Bill Gates first made the statement, ‘Content is King.’ The statement was never more relevant than today. In the present era, regardless of the size of your business, you need to make your online presence felt on all available platforms like websites, social media, email, etc. to help build your brand awareness and value. Moreover, you need to stand out as unique and notch above the crowd to become the preferred choice of any customer. One of the best ways to achieve all such goals is by keeping your visitors engaged is by hiring the SEO friendly content writing services in Bangalore. The importance and benefits of the move are highlighted below. Read on!

●      Strong grasp on SEO best practices

The entire purpose of creating a website and writing content is to improve your visibility and online presence. This implies that your website should appear on the first page of the search engines and especially Google. A professional SEO friendly company in Bangalore will be well versed with the Panda content update 2019 and can give you keyword centric content that successfully meets all required parameters.

Writing according to panda content writing update means writing in a style that Google would love and give your website an edge over others. Not only that, but the content will also be informative and compelling enough to be gripping to visitors. It would have razor-sharp convincing power to help the customer decide with no hesitation to move up your sales funnel. This is not something an amateur can achieve certainly but the professional writers can meet all requirements with flying colors. With a professional writer; you can improve your website’s content effortlessly.

In this cut-throat competition age, all are trying to get to the top of the Google Search Page Results. The competition is so fierce that it’s just a hair difference that can make or break your business. SEO is a science that only expert writers know to play with. They

  • Target the right keywords and know exactly when and how to use them.
  • Structuring and formatting content accordingly to have maximum impact.
  • Understand your target audience well and optimize the content accordingly.

Expert writers offer you a fresh perspective of your industry

It goes without saying that nobody can understand your business better than you do. Hence, theoretically, you would be the best person to write about it. But you might not have the adequate skills to play with words and put your thoughts in an impressive manner.

Moreover, you would be emotionally involved with your business, and it’s easy to miss out on the simplest of facts. But if you are hiring pro website content writers, they would give you a fresh perspective of your business. Writing is their business and they would know exactly how to play with words so that your readers get hooked and move through your customer journey mesmerized.

We talked about captivating the audience through content. This implies that we are giving them fresh content regularly. Drooling out an occasional blog post or content is hard enough but dishing out fresh content in regular short intervals is a daunting task that most amateur would fail at. But a seasoned content writer would have enough tools and resources available to exploit and bring value to your business that exceeds much beyond the service cost you pay to them.

Get custom technology at your disposal

When you hire content writing services in Bangalore, you will find them concentrating and building collaborative and effective content creation as well as its management. This implies access to all the latest and technologically advanced tools for the purpose like keyword search, the ranking of your website, etc. As amateurs, most use the free software and tools since the professional ones require quite a bit of an investment. You might be reluctant to invest in it but it would be a mandatory business investment for any content writing agency. Hence, you can easily reap its benefits at a minimal cost.

 Saves time and money

Content creation is a powerful marketing strategy but it is not complete by itself. There are plenty of other marketing initiatives that your marketing team needs to focus on. Thus, they cannot give undivided attention to content creation. Even if they do; it would rarely match the high-quality, efficiency and timely delivery that you would be provided by the professional content writers in Bangalore. They would ensure that your digital footprint is robust enough to increase your business ROI steadily. Hence, your marketing team would have free time to focus on other aspects and move your business to the next level. Hiring top-notch content writing services in Bangalore is an investment that would give you a might higher returns, thereby saving you both time and money.

A wider pool of writers to choose from

No two persons are the same. Likewise, no two writers can be equal. Each would have their personal style of writing and expertise on certain subjects. If you are tacking the content writing area for your business all by yourself, you would get limited to the number of people hired. But the pool widens significantly when you hire a professional content writing agency in Bangalore.

Most credible content writing agencies would not only have plenty of writers on their payroll but also have contracts with a rich bounty of high-quality content writing freelancers in Bangalore. You can easily go through their portfolios and choose the one or a team of writers whose work you like the best. You also have the freedom to change one writer with another at any point in time with no hassle. This is not possible if you have an in-house content writing team.

Establish your brand as an authority

It’s only with a high-value and unique content that you can flaunt your authority in your business niche and establish and strength your brand value. If you are regularly sharing your wisdom and expert perspective with your target audience, they are bound to be floored by your insights and look upon your brand as the standard.

The task is made a breeze by the professional writing agencies. Their kaleidoscopic and premium content on an ongoing basis helps you build authority not only with the audience but also with your peers and competitors.

Makes social media sharing possible

Today, social media presence has become imperative for all businesses to succeed. Almost all businesses would have their profile on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. The content on these platforms need to be bite-sized but a bombshell of information. They need to be gripping enough for the audience to click on it and visit your website for more information. It’s not only textual content that you can share but you can easily share video snippets, images, and various other forms of content to increase your social media presence and traffic and conversions for your website.

Easy scalability

Content marketing is ongoing work but it does not work uniformly. Depending on the situation, you are required to boost your efforts at certain times while you may need to scale down at other times. This flexibility can only be enjoyed by hiring a professional content writing company in Bangalore. You cannot enjoy this flexibility and freedom with an in-house team of writers.

Content is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts and you simply cannot afford to goof-up on. This could well mean doom for your business even before you start. But your success can almost be guaranteed with professional content writing services in Bangalore of a standard offered by Towards 90.

What are the Types of Content Writing Services You Can Avail?

For most laymen, content writing means web content, blogs and articles. But, as a businessman, you must be well aware that it simply does not cut the cake. We, as one of the most credible content writing companies in Bangalore understand this all too well. Moreover, we take it upon us to educate others on various types of content writing that could benefit their business.

You would be amazed at the type of content writing available. Different forms serve different purposes and the variety keeps your audience hooked. Thus, without further ado, we list down a few of the most popular types of content writing services that you can utilize and scale your business higher.

  • SEO content writing

This type of writing is the ultimate fuel to your online marketing strategies. The entire purpose of this kind of writing is to make your website most visible on various search engines. Writers of this genre need not have any journalistic experience but they need to be extremely creative. Here the writing needs to be error-free, in simple and easy-to-understand language with bold headings, subheadings, bullets, etc. Keywords are inserted as per the latest SEO trends. A few examples of this kind of writing constitutes blogs, articles, metatags, descriptions, etc.

  • Blogs

As already discussed, these are mostly written for SEO purposes. It is used to educate your audience, increase brand value and awareness, highlight the brand’s authority in its industry and make the audience understand your products and services better to push them into the sales funnel. Like a jack-of-all-trades; you can write about 21 different types of blogs.  Few examples include listicles, how-to blogs, step-by-step guides, best practices, checklists, repurposing, tips, best practices, new strategy, why, etc.

The paragraphs are often short with plenty of headings and subheadings. Keywords are inserted appropriately. Most of these have a strong call-to-action to encourage the reader to interact with the brand. Content writers for blog need not have a journalistic background but must have good command on language as well as high research skills along with creativity.

  •   Technical writing

Technologies content writing is often done by subject-matter experts or tech-savvy writers. The niche is quite widespread and spans from robotics to the latest gadgets to computers and its hardware and software components and science. Here, deep educational matters on a given topic are discussed to reach out to a certain genre of audience. The art lies in assimilating the intricate and complex technical knowledge and presenting it in a simple and tangible way so that even a novice reader can easily understand it. As evident, this writing is not every writer’s cup of tea and needs suitably skilled writers.

You know that the website is your business face in the digital space. But the mere logo and website design do not cut it. It needs a robust and compelling content in all its pages in a way that tells the story of your business, its history, its products and services and engages an audience such that your brand value increases in his mind and he moves ahead in the sales journey with your company. This involves plenty of creative writing skills and thus only a writer of high caliber can do the job.

  •   Marketing and communications writing

It is one of the most challenging and crucial forms of writing. It is slightly different from SEO articles whose purpose is to attract the audience to your website. Writings of these types are aimed to compel customers to take the action desired by you or convince them to go for the purchase. Intense research is conducted amongst the targeted audience before the content of this type is developed. The writing is similar to an advertisement which informs the customer about the benefits and features of a particular product or services such that they are motivated to purchase it.

The writer here needs to have skills like an eye for details, developing attractive content in a simple and creative way and knowhow of marketing gimmicks. Examples of this kind of writing include articles, blogs, social media content, newsletter, email marketing content, marketing collaterals like flyers, brochures, etc.

  • Instructional design

This form of writing is revolutionizing the way most students are learning. It helps in acquiring knowledge in a fun and easy way. This type of writing is all about designing instructional material and storyboard for your specific business. The writer here needs to identify the exact learning needs of the learner and then weave his magic by tweaking the learning curve. This kind of writing is challenging and time-consuming and even requires technical knowhow. The writer should be able to create characters as well as have enough patience to create bulk content in the same format and tone.

This form of writing involves writing books for schools, colleges, and even higher education. Here, keeping the curriculum of the school, college or a course is to be kept in mind and the content framed accordingly. The fantastic thing is that the books are now available online and one can easily edit the writing online. Not only is the writer required to be a subject expert here but also needs to update the content periodically.

  • Research and report writing

These are reports based on research and trends of varied industries. These are often lengthy and content needs to be detailed, descriptive and of high quality. Most often, these are written by experts of any particular industry who are well aware of its challenges and trends.

  • Research papers

It is a highly specialized form of academic writing. It is mandatorily written by people who have a deep understanding of the field and subject that they are writing about. The content is evaluated by researchers and Ph.D. holders before getting published in esteemed journals and other specified places. The quality and standard required here vary from publisher to publisher but the overall quality is extremely high and technical.

  • Feature writing

These writers generally exhibit high creativity. They need to write short stores, satires, features on food, lifestyle, fashion, etc. and so on. The work is quite similar to that of journalists of newspapers and hence, a journalistic degree is an advantage here for the writers.

The writer is required to have a strong observation skill here and then weave stories around incidents such that it enthralls the readers. Obviously, a rich vocabulary and mastery over the language is a prerequisite here. The writer is also supposed to be knowledgeable on a plethora of topics to provide plenty of reading material to the audience.

This kind of writing involves writing sales proposals, memos, concept papers, requests for proposals, official emails, summaries, and all other kinds of corporate writing. The tone of the writing needs to be clear and precise and to the point. The writings should not have jargon and must convey in simple and easy words.

The main objective of a press release is to make the readers aware of new products, new departments, developments, new mergers, events, etc. The writing works as an announcement. Today, businesses use it extensively as part of their sales initiatives. These are short in nature and often sent to various reputed platforms to serve as an advertisement on online platforms.

  • Ghostwriting

This is the most widely used form of writing in the online digital space. Here essentially a writer writes any form of content that is then published under somebody else’s name. All forms of writing can be written here. Most businesses and even content writing companies hire content writing freelancers in Bangalore for this kind of writing.

It is a highly creative and interesting form of writing. The writer is required to create jingles, punchlines for billboards, flyers, banners, etc. It is a highly skilled work that is specifically meant for creative minds.

These are written for businesses looking to prove their industry expertise. These are mostly written in a PDF format and often published online with a free download facility to cement your reputation and credibility as a subject matter expert (SME). They ate mostly written in a long format, are intensively educational and backed by statistics and hard pieces of evidence. Many businesses offer it as an upgrade to their blog content to promote their business further.

This kind of writing has recently emerged as one of the most powerful lead generators today in the digital space. Businesses use this to expand their email subscriber list and enhance engagement opportunities to boost sales. It is used to provide in-depth information to the audience who have enough time to read the entire material.

This kind of writing often requires subject matter experts and persons experienced in doing the job.

  • Infographics

It is an interesting and one of the most successful formats of writing that almost every business makes use of. Here, information is conveyed using images and statistics based on the market survey and helps to establish the credibility of the brand. It can be easily used in blogs, articles, etc. and can easily grab the attention of the readers.

With social media platforms becoming the mainstay for any business growth; this kind of writing is in high demand today. These are small snippets that convey a wealth of information and easily lead the readers to the main website for further engagement. They can easily be compared to any jingle or advertisement tag and punch lines.

There are plenty of other types of specialized content writing services provided by Towards 90. It is the ultimate one-stop destination for all your content writing needs. Few most popular content-writers offered for your needs by the brand include:

We all know the importance of the first impression. The company profile which is often uploaded in the ‘About Us’ section of your website does exactly that. It is a formal introduction to your business that should be crisp yet detailed enough to provide all necessary insights about your business. Simultaneously, it should be captivating enough to effortlessly convert all your visitors into future clients.

At Towards90, we boast of specialized content writers for the company profile who

  • Churn out content unique to your business.
  • Create unique and exclusive content for your business after intensive research and interviews.
  • Relevant content to your business and engaging for your readers.
  • Can intelligently elevate your brand value and reputation to exemplary levels.

The company profile can also be printed on E-books, brochures, etc. It is something that you cannot compromise upon and needs it to be persuasive and well-written. We have consistently delivered the true ascent of any business operation as we have the cream pick of the specialized company profile writers in Bangalore.

  • Content writers for blogs

We already know what blogs are. They are the power content that takes your SEO efforts ahead by leaps and bounds. They need to inform as well as be in sync with the latest SEO trends. We have an intensive list of content writers for blogs. The majority of them are content writers, freelancers so that you get a rich diversity at cost-effective rates.

  • SEO friendly content writing services Bangalore

At Towards90, we are confident in providing SEO content services better than any other in the business. Be it local SEO, white SEO, or any SEO requirements; our expert and experienced content writers in Bangalore exhibit a clear edge over others. We expertise in organic and white hat SEO content across businesses that can easily take your business to the next level.

We know that the website is the digital face of your business. The content written there exceeds its worth much beyond a linear arrangement of words. It shows the core values of your business and its entire personality. Hence, a mere writer cannot do justice to the job. Our website content writers have copywriting skills as well to immediately grab the attention of your visitors and convert them fast into your potential customers.  The content drooled out by our content writers in Bangalore have proven their merit with aplomb so far.

  • Technologies content writing

Look no further than us for any of your technical content writing needs. We have strived hard to create a pool from different fields who are not only subject experts but also have a hands-on experience of the field they are writing about. This helps us to go beyond bookish knowledge and provide content weaved with an eclectic mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application and scenarios. Hence, even experienced readers find our content meaty enough to learn something from it.

We continue our painstaking task of adding select and extremely talented professionals with a flair for writing in our talent pool so that you can take advantage of them at the spur of the moment. If you are looking for precise, crisp and easy digestible technologies content writing; we are your one-stop destination.

Thanks to technology, the world is nothing but like a global village today. Given that, the field of education and academics cannot remain uninfluenced. Your business might often require curated content.  With online courses also becoming the norm; there is an explosion of academic content writing jobs in Bangalore.

Our specialized and professional team fills this need for academic researchers and content curators with their exceptional services. Whether it is book reviews, book reports, thesis papers, research articles, dissertations, or even educational content writing for various learning courses, question banks, etc.; we are well-equipped for any challenge.

Not only do we provide unique and original content but we also facilitate free consultation with our professional writers and offer unlimited revision options. We believe that quality and accuracy cannot be compromised at any cost. Our academic content is always

  • Written as a logical and formal piece.
  • Written with no bias to any ideas or theories. We never express opinions but build them such that the audience is encouraged to think for themselves.
  • The language is clear, concise and resourceful so that each concept is explained in the best manner possible.
  • Correct and useful citations are the backbone of any academic writing. Our team ensures that it is accurate and precise to the maximum extent.
  • The format of the content is always perfect, right from grammar, spellings, etc. to the font type, size, alignment, text segregation, etc.

Hiring us for the task is a straightforward business. You just need to send us an elaborate requirement of your academic writing needs. We facilitate a conference with our writers to clarify any doubts and then send you completed work in parts for early detection of any revision needs and make the entire process simpler and easier. Be it medical writing, travel writing, or school academics requirements; we are well-prepared to meet all your needs with flying colors.

  • Content writers for magazine

Writing for magazines is no mean task. A single mistake or even a typing error can easily find you facing a lawsuit or losing credibility with your readers. Thus, it’s not a job for any Tom, Dick or Harry content writer. But with our carefully screened and selected content writers for magazines; you can expect a killer content written in the specific style required for a magazine. Consistency and reliability are the core values on which we serve our clients. We are successfully serving various reputed publications. Join the list for some mind-boggling services.

Hire Professional Writers in Bangalore at the Best Price

Content Writing Service in Bangalore

We pride ourselves as a class apart from the crowd. Hence, our way of working and services delivered are also a notch higher than the rest. We offer you the best price in the class of services offered. We do not boast of offering you the cheapest services as quality does have a price tag.

What we boast off is giving you a work of gold that is worth every penny spent and even exceeds that. This makes our pricing the cheapest around. We offer you the leverage to hire professional writers at the best price for uncompromising quality and content that hits the bullet eye every time without fail. Whether it is the regular writers or the content writing freelancers in Bangalore; we are confident of offering you the cream piece to choose and boost your business for fast and rapid growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring content writing services in Bangalore to grow your business is not a frivolous decision. Hence, it is natural that you would have plenty of queries and doubts in your mind to seek clarification before making the final decision. We understand the dilemma all too well. To make the entire process more seamless and less time-consuming; we list out some of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter during our daily business. It should resolve most of your confusion. Read on:

I may not require regular service. Can you be hired on a retainer basis?

We believe in building relationships with our clients. One of the biggest advantages of working with us is the flexibility and scalability we offer. You can assign us the smallest of work to bulk work. We are always available to offer you the services of the highest degree.

What is the process of hiring your services?

Availing our services is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is book an appointment with our consultant. We understand your needs, requirements, and get the content strategy ironed out with you and work with mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Will I have exclusive copyright of the content supplied by you?

We understand the value and importance of unique content all too well. We write content exclusively for you to use and give you complete copyrights of it once all terms of our agreement are met by both parties.

Do you revise the content as required? How many revisions do you offer?

Quality is something that we are extremely stringent about. Thus, we offer an unlimited number of revisions until a perfect piece is churned out.

Can I see samples of your work?

We are proud of our work and maintain a rich portfolio for you to browse and check our standards. No matter what type of content you require; we have ready samples and published samples to check out.

Can I request the same or specific writer?

We completely understand that no two content writers in Bangalore are the same. Thus, you can certainly select the writer who best matches your required standards and hire him/her for your content writing needs.

Wrapping up

If there is something that can certainly kill your business, it is poorly written content. Ensure your business’ success in the digital world by making Towards90 your content writing and digital branding partner. Get in touch with us today to know how we can build a killer foundation for your business that is going to be nothing less than a Hollywood blockbuster.

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