Content writing company in India

Useful Tips to Choose a Content Writing Company In India For The Success of Your Content Marketing Strategy

content writing company in India

A strong online presence is of utmost importance for any business organization to build brand recognition and brand recall value. Gone are the days when businesses depended on TV and print advertisements, and billboards for their brand promotion. Now the scene is increasingly shifting towards the internet and digital marketing.

Content is one of the biggest contributors to digital marketing. Appropriate content that provides value to the readers helps to attract quality traffic to your website. But everyone cannot write in an effective manner, it is essential to hire the services of a professional content writing company. If you are looking for cost-effective content writing services, India is the best place. Hiring a content writing company in India will help you to work with the best writers, who can produce effective content that helps to connect with your target audience. 

There is a lot of content writing company in India, which provide a range of services to their clients. But choosing the best and reputed company is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of content and timely completion of the project. If you are searching for professional content writing agencies in India, approach us. 

Towards 90 is one of the best content writing companies in India. We have a pool of qualified and experienced content writers, who can create up-to-date and useful content for various niches. 

Most business owners feel that creating a responsive website and an app for the business is enough. But it is not the case. You will require high-quality content on your website to ensure that the target audience can see your website on Google and other search engines, whenever they search for information related to your business. Our dedicated content writers are adept in writing various types of content to suit the skills and preferences of the target audience across different demographics. 

Before we discuss the tips to choose the best content writers in India, let us understand the different types of content.  Here are the 10 different types of content you will need to attract potential clients, engage with them and push them further down the sales funnel. 

Content Writing Services – Types

Website Content 

A website consists of different pages that tell the customers about the company and the services it provides or the products it sells. The content in these pages must be crisp and to the point. It should inform the readers’ everything about the company and its services. For example, The About Us page of the website should provide information about the vision and mission of the company, its achievements, and accolades, the management team, the promoters, etc. In a similar way, the Services page should contain information about the services provided by the company, areas covered, the prices of the products/services, etc. 

Though it seems easy to fill the pages with information, it is not everyone’s job to create website content. The content should be relatable, evergreen and easy to read and understand. You will need the services of expert website content writers to create appropriate and clear website content. 

Being one of the top content writing companies in India, we have a team of professional writers who can create highly effective website content. Our writers understand your company’s background and the preferences of your target audience to create appropriate content that strikes a chord with the readers.

Expert company profile writers in India can create compelling stories that educate the viewers about the history of the company, its mission, vision and objectives, the background of the promoters, and so on. Our writers’ team consists of website writers, company profile writers, SEO content writers, technical writers, and academic writers, who work together to create a successful content strategy for your business.

SEO Content

Quality web content alone is not useful to draw traffic to your website. While web content engages potential customers, SEO content helps to draw them to your website. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps your website to appear on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Most of the viewers prefer to visit the websites that appear on the first page of the search engines when they search for different products and services. SEO involves writing meta descriptions, meta titles, and using suitable keywords in the content. 

Hiring the services of our SEO friendly content writing company in India will help you in creating search engine optimized content for your website and social media pages. Our digital marketing and SEO experts conduct scientific keyword research to select the most trending keywords that help you to rank high on the search engines. Our experienced content writers are aware of the latest panda content writing update and can create well-researched and original SEO content

Press Releases

It is essential to communicate with the press from time to time, to let the public know about the latest updates from the company, the companies’ opinion on different issues, new product launches, etc. A press release is a to-the-point message to the press directories or to be displayed in the Media section of the website. 

Writing a press release requires good marketing skills. The press release should convince the reporters that you have a newsworthy story. It should not contain unnecessary jargon and must be easy to comprehend by the readers. If you are not sure about your team’s press release writing capabilities, hire our services.

We provide the best content writing services in India and have a huge network of dedicated content writers to work on different types of content. Our writers can make your press releases appear like interesting stories that are worth publishing. 

Landing Pages

The landing pages of a website provide a clear path to the search crawlers and make it possible for search engines to rank your website. It is essential to optimize these landing pages to ensure the success of your content marketing campaign.

Each landing page of the website should be tied up with specific and relevant keywords to ensure that your website ranks high on Yahoo, AOL, Bing, and other search engines.  Hiring the services of an SEO friendly content writing services company will ensure that your website has optimum landing pages with the right keywords. The content on these pages should be clear and offer value to the readers. The prospective customers enter your website through one of these landing pages, and hence it is very important to have effective and well-written content. 


Blogs help you to connect with your followers on social media and attract them to your website. Publishing regular blog content with shareable links helps your website to rank well in search engines. Blogs help to provide useful and informative content about your products and services to the target audience. For example, if you are promoting fitness and yoga business,  you can write blogs about different types of exercises, the importance of fitness, tips to stay fit amidst hectic lifestyle, diet tips to remain healthy, etc. These blogs help you to stay connected with the audience and create awareness for your brand. 

Writing blogs is not as easy as it seems. Blog writers should have the skills to create short and crisp 300-word blogs as well as 3000 to 5000 words lengthy content. We have a highly motivated and specialist team of content writers for blogs, who are experts in creating informative blog posts for different industry verticals.

White Papers

White papers are research-based posts that are aimed at an industry audience, searching for authentic content. They are pivotal lead generators that can help to attract the attention of your target audience through long-form content. White papers are generally written about path-breaking and new technologies in your respective industries, innovative solutions to the bottlenecks faced in the industry, or to share proprietary data that offers in-depth insights about interesting topics. White papers should be easily accessible to the audience through your social media pages, website, and email subscriptions. 

Writing white papers needs sound knowledge of the industry and good writing abilities. You will require content writers, who have good knowledge about your specific industry to curate high-quality white papers. We attract the best talent for academic content writing jobs in India. Our experienced writers can curate excellent white papers after thorough research of the subject matter.

Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to showcase your efficiency without sounding too salesy. A case study or a customer testimonial will allow you to boast about the products and services but from the point-of-view of your customers. A majority of your future clients will want to go through the feedback and testimonials of your previous clients to know about the quality of your products/ services. A case study helps you do just that in an effective manner. 

A case study should include key data points and should be formatted properly to make it attractive for the readers. For example, if you have an advertising business, the case studies should portray how your creative ideas helped to leverage your clients’ business, which was making losses and about to shut down. Include a few quotes from the client and make the entire write-up seem like a story. 

A good case study will be a strong asset to convert your leads to future customers. But to achieve this objective, your case study should be well-written. We have access to the best content writing freelancers in India with experience in writing case studies, White papers, and other academic content. We can help you in writing excellent case studies that can help you connect with the audience and can be reused whenever needed. 


CTA or Call-to-actions are valuable content that gently nudges readers to provide their information and engage with your company. The CTA should be catchy and resonate with the viewers. The clicks on the CTA button is a key conversion measurement metric to measure the success of your content marketing campaign. The Call-to-action should be written in such a manner that it encourages the readers to take immediate action. You should use the CTA everywhere possible, such as website, social media pages, blogs, vlogs, video content, ebooks, etc. 

The CTA should convey the intended message in as few words as possible. It should use action-oriented phrases, attractive colors and clear directions to the readers about what to do next. Some examples of actionable CTAs are – Sign up, subscribe to our channel/newsletter, Try for free, Learn more, etc. 

Though it sounds simple, creating crisp and catchy CTAS is a specialist job. The writer should be able to create strategic CTAs that persuade the readers to engage with the company. Our professional team of content writers can help you with this task. We have a huge team of in-house content writers and freelancers to take care of the different types of content requirements for your website and social media pages. 

Technical Content

Technical content is very different from all other forms of content. This type of content explains the complex ideas and principles of technology in a simple and understandable manner to the target audience. Technical content consists of user manuals, technical reports, process manuals, instructions about how to assemble or how to use a product, etc. The tone of these technical content pieces should be objective and to the point. They should be able to explain to the readers about the method of doing specific tasks or using a product. 

You will require the services of writers who are experienced in technologies content writing to write technical content. The writers should be well versed in different technologies and at the same time be able to write effectively in an understandable manner for the audience across different education levels. 


The attention span of the readers is very short. You have to convey the information in an easy to grasp fashion to ensure that the readers actually read and understand it. Infographics are excellent tools to convey lots of data in a simple manner. Using graphs, animation and custom illustrations to explain complex information in an easy way to understand. 

Infographics are very versatile and can be used to suit different types of content. They can be used in your blog posts, newsletters, emailers, landing pages, and social media feeds. A good infographic will help you to attract the attention of the viewers without using too many words. They can also be used on picture-based platforms such as Instagram. 

Using infographics can help you to summarize a blog post, white paper or a report, compare different options, display survey data or findings of a research, or to provide a quick overview of the topic. To ensure that the infographics are engaging and easy to remember, you have to get them done by experts. Though there are many templates that help you design infographics, the ones done by professionals are more effective and engaging. 

Apart from these 10, there are many other types such as paid ads, emailers, animations, ebooks, copywriting, product descriptions, etc. Now that we have a brief idea about the different types of content, let us know about the need for hiring content writers.

Why do I need the service of a content writing company in India?

  • The days when you could produce generic content with keywords and rank well are over. The current audience prefers well-researched content that adds value to their experience. Professional content writers can research about the topics related to your business that interest the target audience and write useful articles and blogs about them. 
  • Each type of content has a specific format and requirements. Content writers should be knowledgeable about the demands of each type of content and must be able to work accordingly. For example, You will need to hire reporters or experienced content writers for magazines to write press releases or magazine articles or blogs. In the same way, to create About Us pages for your website and company profile for your brochures you need to hire the services of content writers for a company profile. 
  •  Content marketing helps you to interact directly with your potential customers. You can communicate with them on a regular basis by publishing informative and helpful content. This helps you to improve your brand recall value as the target audience can recall your brand whenever they need products or services related to your business.

If you are planning to outsource your content marketing, it is crucial to choose top content writing companies in India. Choose a company with professional teams that have the right mix of dedicated content writers and content writers freelancers, graphics designers, and content marketers. The task of identifying the best content writing companies may seem challenging to new entrepreneurs. Here are some tips to help you. 

Tips to Choose The Best content writing company in India

The first step in the process of choosing a content marketing company is to assess your own requirements. Determine short-term and long-term goals that you want to achieve with the content marketing strategy and chart out your requirements.  

If you are unable to do this task, consult a reputed content marketing agency that offers content strategy consultation. Towards 99 offers comprehensive content strategy consultation services. Our range of services includes on-call content strategy consultation, brainstorming, and review, brand and marketing research, and content scope analysis. We help you identify the requirements and curate a suitable content marketing strategy that successfully attracts viewers and helps you achieve the goals. 

Qualifications and Experience of the Writers

To ensure that you get original and authoritative content, you should consider the education and experience of the writer. he/she should be able to understand the subject matter and produce high-quality content that adds to the knowledge of the readers. For example, if you are a management services firm, the writer should have a sound knowledge of the different management services on offer and how they help clients to overcome their everyday struggles. Hiring a management graduate with good writing skills will be apt for your requirements. Also, consider the niche or specialty of the writer before hiring him/her. 

Apart from the qualifications of the writer, it is important to assess the style and tone of his/her writing. The writer should be able to curate content in such a way that it is easily understandable to laymen. Not every one of your target audience is highly educated or have a thorough understanding of the niche. The writer should be able to create a fine balance between providing informative content and explaining it in a clear and easy manner. 

You might have to go through the resumes, portfolios and sample articles of several writers for this purpose. This process is highly time-consuming. However, instead of hiring individual writers or freelancers, approaching reputed content writing services in India is a good option. We work with dedicated in-house content writers as well as professional freelancers and provide appropriate content for all your content requirements. 

Grammar is crucial

Nobody likes to read content with bad grammar and gaping spelling mistakes. No matter how original and well-researched content is, it will not engage the viewers if it’s not written well. Though there are tools and apps to correct grammar and spelling, it is advisable to hire writers with a good grip over the language they are writing in. 

The resume and portfolio of a writer is a good yardstick to measure his/her writing skills. If you are planning to hire content writing agencies in India, visit the website of these companies and go through their own content. Choose a company that impresses you with the quality of the content and the style of presentation.  

Hire Writers Who Write Daily

The content marketing scene is very dynamic. You cannot exactly the time when you will require an urgent press release or content updates. It is advisable to hire reliable and trustworthy writers who can provide content at short notice. Moreover, writers who work daily are more knowledgeable, up-to-date, and productive than occasional writers. We all know that Practice makes a man perfect. 

But in most cases, it is hard to find reliable content writing freelancers in India. However, this gap is bridged by the top content writing company in India, which provides reliable writing services. Choose a company that has a team of dedicated content writers for various niches and industry verticals. 

Meeting Deadlines is Important

Have reasonable deadlines and intimate them to the writer. The writer should be able to deliver content within the stipulated deadlines. While it is ok to miss the deadline a few times, you should consider a replacement if the writer is constantly giving excuses for not being able to deliver content within the deadlines. However, if you require a team of writers, communicating with each writer is going to be tedious and time-consuming. 

In this regard, you will be better off working with a content writing agency instead of individual writers. It will save you time as you just have to communicate your requirements and deadlines to the company. Before hiring a content writing company in India, go through customer testimonials or feedback. This will help you to gauge the quality of their work and their ability to function within strict deadlines.

Plagiarism is a Red-flag

Plagiarism is the most critical aspect to check when hiring content writers or content writing companies. Google, Yahoo, AOL, and other search engines punish websites with plagiarized content. No matter how many keywords you use, if the content is plagiarized your webpage is not visible in the search engines. The latest Google Panda content update 2019 is very strict about plagiarism. 

While hiring a writer ask for a sample write-up. You may decide to pay for the sample or ask it for free depending on the budget. Run the sample article through plagiarism checkers to check its originality. If you detect any plagiarized content, proceed to the next writer.

We aim to be the best content writing company in India and take pride in providing our clients with plagiarism free content. Our content writers and freelancers are aware of the Panda content writing updates and follow them diligently. We believe in writing content after conducting proper research and brainstorming to ensure that our articles, blogs, and any other content pieces are authoritative, informative and valuable. 

Price is Important Too

In the end, the price you pay for the content adds up to your content marketing expenses. You have to ensure that you get the best quality content for the price you are paying. While creating your content marketing budget, include the content writing charges as a separate overhead. Having a predetermined budget will help you to keep the expenses in check and prevent overspending. 

However, it is essential to remember that you should not base your decision on price alone. Consider the services provided by the company and their effectiveness in your overall content marketing campaign. Get quotes from a few content writing companies in India and choose the one that offers the best package and competitive prices. This will enable you to hire a professional writer at the best price. 

Most companies also offer different packages to suit the budget of different business organizations. For example, Towards 90 offers different content writing and marketing plans for SMEs, SEO agencies and established business organizations. You can choose from our basic and fast track plans depending on your requirements and budget. Our packages include various services such as content strategy consultation, keyword research, content development, social graphics and images for content, content publishing and followup, campaign management and analytics tracking. 

If you are still in a dilemma about hiring content writing company in India, here are some advantages of doing so. 

Advantages of Hiring SEO Friendly content writing company in India

If you are an SME, first time entrepreneur or new to digital marketing, the entire concept of content marketing may seem alien and challenging. You are confused with the different concepts of creating, marketing and analyzing the campaign. Do not worry, We are here to help you. 

We offer a wide range of content strategy consultation, content writing, content marketing, and analytics services to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaign. Our top-notch campaigns will help you to reach out to your target audience and create awareness about your brand. Storyboarding and promotional marketing services will aid in creating effective content pieces that educate the readers about the history of your company, and how your products/ services will help to resolve everyday issues faced by them. Our catchy CTAs will compel the visitors to further engage with your sales team or subscribe to your mailers and newsletters. 

Here are other advantages of Hiring us

Saves Time

Outsourcing your digital marketing campaign to the best content writing company in India will help you to save a lot of time. You can concentrate on the other important aspects of the business such as production, marketing, etc. leaving the job of digital marketing to our experts. This strategic decision will improve the efficiency of your employees as they can work on other critical functions rather than wasting time on something they are not well-versed with. 

Enhances Your Website Rankings 

The main purpose of hiring SEO friendly content writing services is to improve the search engine rankings of your website. SEO is not limited to stuffing keywords in your website and blog content, it involves a lot of scientific research and writing skills. We conduct professional keyword research and content scope analysis to determine the right keywords for your content. Apart from identifying the right keywords, we also ensure that they are integrated into the content in the right places. We follow the latest Google Panda content writing update 2019 to ensure that your website ranks well. 

Brings Expertise to the Table

All our content writers have years of experience in writing SEO, web content, articles, case studies, white papers, and other forms of content for different industries. Our writing and editing teams are well-versed with the latest Google webmaster and other search engine rules and panda content writing update. This knowledge and experience help us to create unique and eye-catching content to suit the requirements and understanding level of your target audience. Our professional team of in-house writers and content writing freelancers in India can create highly researched and accurate content for different purposes. This expertise helps us to add significant value to your campaign. 

Measurable Results

Hiring a full-time content writing and marketing company will help you to meet your short-term and long-term goals of your digital marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategy. Our campaign management and analytics services will help you to keep track of the performance of the digital marketing campaign and take steps to improve performance wherever necessary. 

Hire Professional Writers in India at Best Prices

Our costs are very competitive in comparison to content writing agencies in other countries. We offer high-quality professional content writing, marketing, and analytics services at highly discounted prices. We hire experienced freelancers and dedicated content writers at reasonable rates and pass on the cost advantage to our clients. Moreover, we provide special benefits for SEO agencies and SMEs. 

Hire Professional Content Writers for Company Profile

A company profile is a critical form of content that can convince the new visitors to stay on your website and know more about your products or services. While it is easy to find the website and SEO content writers, searching for company profile writers is a time-consuming task. 

The profile writers should be able to create a brand story that creates a positive impression on the readers. They should be able to combine effective text with eye-catching images, graphics, and animation to make the story interactive and interesting. 

We have complete brand story packages for SMEs, startups and established businesses looking to foray into digital marketing. 

Hire Experienced Content Writers for Blogs

As we have already discussed, blogging is a crucial form of content to stay connected with your target audience. Business blogging is a specialization and cannot be done by everyone. We work with the best content writers for blogs and can provide you with timely blogs on diverse topics pertaining to your industry. Our blog writers are experts in different tasks, such as researching different topics, identifying the right keywords and long-tail keywords, placing proper hyperlinks in the blog, adhering to the Panda content writing update, etc. 

Transparent Pricing

We follow transparent pricing policy. Our prices include the costs of all the services provided in the package. There are no hidden charges or unexpected surprises. Our invoice process is quick and easy. 

You can go through our FAQ sections if you still have doubts about choosing content writing companies in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities to Look for While Hiring Content Writers for Magazines?

Not every writer can write magazine articles. Magazine writing is a separate niche in content writing. Magazine publishers choose articles with in-depth and authentic information about a concept. The content writer for the magazine should be able to identify topics that resonate well with the target audience of the business as well as the audience of the publication, research well, and create articles that can hook the readers. We have professional reporters and experienced magazine writers in our team and can provide you with all types of magazine content. 

Where to Find a Writer for Technologies Content Writing?

Towards 90 has professional technical writers, who can write user manuals, how-to guides, process manuals, and other types of technical content in a clear and understandable manner. If necessary, we also provide prompt revisions in the content. 

What are the Different Content Packages Available?

We offer different content strategy consultation, content development, and content marketing packages to suit the requirements and budget of business organizations. Our packages include a basic plan and fast track plans. You can choose from our different articles, social media, and video content kits to suit your budget. 

Where to Find Academic Content Writers?

We hire highly qualified subject matter experts for academic content writing jobs in India and abroad. Our academic content writers can cater to different areas of specialization such as science, technology, finance, management, etc. These writers can produce simple articles as well as in-depth academic content for white papers, ebooks, etc. 

How to Improve the ROI of My Content Marketing Campaign?

Hiring the services of a good SEO friendly content writing company in India can help you get a good ROI on Your digital marketing investment. Our pay per use and maximum value packages provide optimum value for your money and improve the return on your investment. 

Our services include 

  • Brand and market research
  • Content strategy consultation
  • Content development
  • Social publishing and follow-ups
  • Web and other channels analytics set-ups and streamlining
  • Social listening 
  • Campaign mapping
  • Campaign management and analytics

We use our expertise to curate a highly effective digital marketing campaign for your brand and improve the ROI.

How Do You Ensure the Quality of Your Content?

We believe the choice of writers plays a critical role in the quality of the content. We follow strict screening procedures to enroll writers in our team. All our team members including in-house content writers, freelance content writers, editors, graphics designers are subjected to strict onboarding procedures. We only work with the best people in the industry to ensure that we provide high-quality content to our clients. Moreover, we recognize the importance of paying our writers well and on time. We pay competitive rates prevailing in the industry to attract and retain the best writers.

All our writers and editors have years of working experience and can curate content to match the understanding level of the audience across different demographics. 

We also ensure that we allocate the content to the writers, who are specialized in the niche it is related to. 

Once the write-up is ready, our editors work on the content to ensure that it is error-free and up-to-the-mark. 

Towards 90 is amongst the top content writing companies in India that aim to provide end-to-end content marketing services to clients in India and abroad. Our range of services includes content strategy consultation, content writing services, content marketing campaigns across different platforms, campaign analytics, A/B testing, and promotional marketing. 

We work with highly committed clients and aspiring brands. We have completed more than 1000 projects till date and have served around 94 entrepreneurs and 32 SEO agencies. Our clients vouch for the quality and effectiveness of our services. 

SMEs and StartUps in India or abroad can contact us for more information about our services and packages,

We have special offers and discounted rates for SEO agencies, who require bulk content.