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Unlike other businesses, educational institutes cannot sell their services to the target audience. They have to convey the intended message in a subdued and subtle manner to convince the students and their parents. Hiring exceptional and best academic writing services to create valuable content for your institution to draw the attention of prospective students and their parents.

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Attract Talented Students to Your Institute With Best Academic Writing Services

A school website has to draw the attention of interested students looking for educational institutes that offer quality education. Moreover, it should also appeal to the discerning eyes of parents, and guardians. Moreover, educational institutions are expected to share scholarly and educative content from time-to-time to add value to their followers. Hiring writers with experience in content writing for educational websites allows you to achieve these objectives. 

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How Hiring Best Academic Writing Services Can Help To Improve the Reputation of Your Educational Institute?

Educational institutes are required to make meaningful connections with their target audience through simple and effective storytelling. Schools, universities, and other educational institutes have to produce fresh and informative content on a regular basis without appearing too academic or rigid. They have to strike a fine balance between the academics and fun part of education. Working with expert academic content writers helps you to establish yourself as a good source of information and increases the reputation of your institute. 

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Best Academic Writing Services

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Impress Your Target Audience With Superlative Content Written By Academic Content Writer With Subject Matter Expertise

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We follow a data-driven process to ensure that each content piece written by our writers stands out and attracts the attention of the target audience. Our educational content writer understands the nuances of writing content for educational websites, blogs, and other forms of content. 

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After you subscribe to our educational content writing services, our team will hold a consultation to understand your requirements and goals. We conduct in-depth research to understand your buyer personas. We also conduct keyword research to identify the high performing keywords for your niche. The next step is to review your existing content and assess its performance.

Based on the content demands of your target audience, our academic content writers start their content creation process. We create informative and engaging website content, blog posts, articles, social media posts, infographics and videos that suit your brand personality and audience preferences. We make sure that the content is fresh and is ready to be repurposed. 

Our analysts track the performance of each content in terms of various parameters such as engagement, conversions, lead generation, etc. We optimize the content that is not performing well to improve its ROI. 

Best Academic Writing Services

Establish Thought Leadership

Sharing valuable content on your website and social media platforms helps to establish your thought leadership in the industry. Your audience will rely on you to get the information they need about different courses and the best institute to pursue them. 

Best Academic Writing Services

Develop a Brand Image

Regularly posting informative content that supports the viewers to update their knowledge, helps to improve brand awareness and build brand image. Once the audience is aware of your institute, the courses offered, and the facilities provided, they are sure to contact you when needed. 

Best Academic Writing Services

Attract Young Talent

Working with professional academic writing companies ensures that you create and publish the right content that motivates young learners. These companies work with a qualified and experienced team of in-house and freelance education content writer, who understand the demands of the present generation students. 

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Draw the attention of the best students in the country and abroad, well before the admission season. Inform them about the different courses offered at your college, facilities provided, the USP of your institute that sets you ahead of the rest, etc. and motivate students to seek admission.  



Attract students and parents to your website and engage them by providing a sneak peek into the various activities conducted at your school. Build the reputation of your school by sharing regular posts about various topics that deal with education and parenting. 


Coaching Institutes

Showcase your achievements and attract students, who aspire to clear the various competitive exams. Highlight your unique method of training students, tips to score well in competitive exams, various career paths in a field of study, etc. to engage the students and their parents. 

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Why Choose Towards90:

Get it done by the best academic writing companies in India. We can guide your content marketing strategy on the right path.  We work with a team of accomplished educational content writers, who know the art of writing content for educational websites.  

Well-researched and scholarly content that provides value to the audience.

Plagiarism free, original content to establish your brand reputation.

Fresh and authentic content that can be easily repurposed for social media posts, digital PR or magazine stories.

Content with high SEO value to boost your SERPs rankings. 

Exceptional academic writing services under a single umbrella. 

Applications For Academic Content

Website content

Captivate your website visitors with engaging and informative content on every page. Hire our content writers, who are well versed in content writing for educational websites to improve the conversions on your website.

Educational Magazines

Contribute interesting stories to leading education magazines to enhance your reach and build brand awareness. Create content that interests different stakeholders such as parents, students, teachers, etc. to gain maximum brain space.

Landing pages

Ensure that the viewers get all the information, they are looking for on the landing pages. Never lose a lead and maximize conversions with eye-grabbing headlines, informative content, catchy CTAs and unbelievable offers.

Books and Videos

Create educational books and videos, to help students in increasing their knowledge about different subjects. Hire dedicated book content writer with subject matter expertise to design authentic and well-researched ebooks.

Blogs and Articles

Publish informative blogs and articles to keep your audience engaged. Write blogs that appeal to different stakeholders and inspire them to seek admission in your institution. Keep your website updated and also benefit from good SEO.

Our Pricing

We have standard combos which you can choose from. For bulk orders and for agencies we do have retainer model and special pricing at discount

Establish your Academic Authority and convey clear education through thoughtful content

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5999 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 8 Social Media Posts

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11499 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 8 Blog Posts
  • 16 Social Media Posts

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19999 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 15 Blog Posts
  • 30 Social Media Posts


We strive to provide perfect copies every time. But if you are not happy with the content, we provide multiple revisions at no extra cost.  

Privacy of Work

We value the privacy of our clients. All the data that you share with us is kept confidential. Our writers sign a non-disclosure agreement before they are onboarded. 


Working with Towards 90, you are never left unattended. Our support team is available 24/7 to solve your queries. 

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You have the copyright for all the content created on your behalf. We do not use the content for other clients. 

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What is meant by academic writing?

Academic writing is planned and structured writing that improves the knowledge and understanding of the reader. The content is written in a formal style but it is not complicated or difficult to comprehend. 

What are the types of academic writing?

There are different types of academic writing. Some examples are 

  • Creating website content for educational websites
  • Producing video content to explain the concepts in a better way
  • Writing educational blogs and articles 
  • Preparing info-graphics to explain complex concepts
  • Writing books and guides to guide the students

How is academic writing different from other types of writing?

Every industry is different and has unique demands. Writing academic content for educational websites, blogs, articles, magazines, etc. is a specialist job that requires subject matter expertise. Since lots of students depend on this content to gain knowledge and further their understanding, it is crucial to ensure that the content is accurate, well-researched and up-to-date. 

Moreover, since educational institutes cannot hard sell their services like other businesses, the content has to be subtle and crisp to appeal to the students and their parents or guardians.

What are the qualities of good academic writing?

Academic writing requires a good grasp of the subject and exceptional research skills. Some qualities of good academic writing are

  • It is backed by evidence
  • Written in a crisp and clear manner
  • Easy to understand by the reader
  • Does not contain jargon or complicated words
  • The information is accurate
  • Focuses on honest storytelling

Why should I hire academic writing services for my school website?

Content writing for an educational website is a specialist task that requires experience and great writing skills. A majority of your prospective students will visit the website before they seek admission. Any bad experience on the website can result in a loss of valuable leads and may cause a bad reputation for your school.  Though hiring professional academic writing services may seem costly, it is a safe bet to reap benefits in the future. 

How to provide innovative content that adds to the students’ knowledge?

There are many ways to provide innovative content to the students. 

  • Create informational videos that deal with the various concepts taught in the class.
  • Curate engaging eBooks that provide additional information to the students.
  • Produce interactive info-graphics to easily understand complex concepts. 
  • Use the storytelling approach to introduce new concepts to the students.

How do you charge for educational content writing services?

Educational content is very different from other types of content. It requires thorough research and in-depth subject knowledge. We create customized packages based on your content requirements. Get in touch with our team for an initial consultation and a customized package. 

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