Keep Your Audience Informed About Your Latest Business Happenings with Press Release Writing Services

Press releases are a great way to keep your audience informed about your views on the latest affairs, the important events related to your industry or simply put forward your opinions. Get noticed easily by your target audience and boost customer confidence with our press release writing and distribution service.

Our professionally written press releases will help you to increase search rankings and get noticed by media outlets, which will, in turn, boost your website traffic and conversions.

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Press Release Writing and Distribution Services to Build Your Reputation

Press releases help to get quality backlinks to your website and improve search engine rankings. However, it is crucial to create attention-grabbing headlines and resourceful news stories that are informative and attract the viewer’s attention. Hire the best press release writing services India to get eyeball-grabbing news stories that interest the viewers.

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Why Do You Need to Hire Press Release Writing Services?

Press releases are a useful tool to keep your customers, vendors, and other stakeholders informed about the latest happenings in your business. They are a critical component in your digital marketing toolkit to establish your industry authority and increase your brand credibility. Hiring professional press release writing services from a reputed agency is crucial to elicit the desired impact on the readers.

What You get

Press Release Writing services


Hire Press Release Writing Services To Establish Your Brand’s Credibility and Build Trust In Customers and Stakeholders.

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Our Process

Being one of the best agencies for press release writing services India, we follow a streamlined and data-driven approach to create striking press releases and news stories.

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We will have an in-depth discussion with the client to understand the business, brand personality, and client requirements. Our experienced team will take detailed inputs that guide us in the process of creating click-worthy press releases.

We conduct extensive research of your industry, customers and competitors. It helps us to understand the customer demands and preferences, and what your competitors are up to. Our dedicated teams also conduct keyword research to shortlist the keywords to be aimed to improve your search rankings.

Our experienced press release writers carefully draft precise and crisp news stories with attention-grabbing headlines. We ensure that each news story highlights your brand personality, accomplishments, insider deets, and other information .

Press Release Writing services

Highly Effective News Stories

Impress your audience with highly informative news stories containing statistics and relevant data. Our professional press release writing services are what you need to march ahead of your competitors and establish thought leadership and credibility in your industry.

Press Release Writing services

Network with Prominent Journos and Influencers

Hiring our press release writing and distribution service aids you to network with the leading journos from reputed media houses. We take your content to the people, who matter to get optimum coverage and exposure that evokes the desired response from the viewers.

Press Release Writing services

Improve Brand Visibility

Get the maximum mind share of your audience by publishing regular news stories and press releases. Viewers trust news reports from respected media houses than in your face advertisements from brands. Hire press release writing services to improve brand awareness.

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Why Choose Towards90:

Hiring professional press release writing services helps you to leverage the power of press releases to increase your brand awareness and build trust among prospective customers. Buy press releases from professional writers at Towards 90 to develop online assets that increase website traffic and conversions.

Press releases copywriting service company with 99% client satisfaction rate.

We promise quick turnaround time and error-free content.

Flexible packages with absolutely no hidden costs.

Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager for the easy flow of communication.

You can choose to pay as you go as there is no long-term commitment.

Applications for Press releases

General News Posts

Let your customers, vendors, investors, and other stakeholders know about your latest accomplishments or the latest news about your company through general news posts. This type of press releases give you good coverage in the media and help you to stay in the limelight.

Launch Press Release

This type of press release is used to launch a company, product, brand, website, or an initiative. The format of product launch press releases is similar to general news releases but it lays importance on the timelines and schedules. It generates curiosity among the viewers about the upcoming launch.

Product Launch Release

Generate a buzz about your upcoming products or services with a product launch press release. The only difference between both these styles is product launch release contains detailed information about the product to be launched, such as its colours, price, features, etc.

Event Press Release

An event press release aids to provide the details of an upcoming event to the general public. It contains specific details about the event such as the venue, date, and the theme of the event. Hire experienced press release writing services India to reach out to your target audience and promote your upcoming events.

Executive Press Release

This type of press release is used by companies to announce the newly appointed executives in higher positions to the media. It contains an extensive biography of the person and their photographs.

Blog Post & Social media packs​

We understand that most small businesses have budget constraints. Our packages are very flexible and transparent. You can choose from our packages or consult our team to get a customized package that suits your requirements and budget.

Boost Your Brand Reputation With Press releases


We cherish each of our clients and value their privacy. We make sure that all the information provided by the client is kept confidential at all circumstances.


Our editors go through each of the press releases created by the writers and make sure that is error-free and is in the right format. However, if our content piece fails to impress you and requires any revisions, we will be happy to oblige.


We strive to develop a long-term professional relationship with each of our clients. Our dedicated project manager is always available to answer your queries.

Terms Of Use

The press releases created by our team are shared with only the client. We will not use the content for any other purpose or share it with others.

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What are the types of press releases?

There are 6 types of press releases depending on their format and nature. 

  1. General news posts to convey newsworthy information
  2. Launch releases to launch a product, service, company, brand, idea, or initiative
  3. Product launch press release to inform the audience about the launch of a product
  4. Executive or employee press release to let the public know about new hires or executives in crucial positions
  5. Event press release to inform the audience about an upcoming event
  6. Expert opinion release to establish your identity and expertise in a particular industry or topic.

Are press releases really helpful?

Most of the businesses do not give enough importance to press releases when creating their content marketing strategy. However, press releases are the most cost-effective tools to generate interest in the audience and garner public attention. They also help to get quality backlinks from respected media houses, journalists and influencers.

Is it necessary to hire professional writers to draft a press release?

Though there is no compulsion to hire professional writers, it is always recommended to hire a professional press release writing services to maintain the quality of the content. Professional writers have the knowledge and expertise in drafting striking press releases with attractive headlines. This improves the success rate of your content to get the desired impact.

What is a press release distribution?

Apart from creating press releases and news stories, it is critical to distribute them to the online press release directories, news search engines, and respected journalists to ensure that they get the attention of the readers. Press release distribution deals with networking with the right journalists, media houses and influencers to publish your press releases and news stories. Well-written and properly distributed press releases help to develop confidence in the target audience and increase your sales.

Why should I hire press release writing and distribution from a content agency?

Press release is a highly effective component of your content marketing toolkit. It is important to make sure that your press releases grab the attention of the viewers in order to make them stand out from the sea of news stories on the internet. This is where our professional press release writing services comes to your rescue. We work with professional journalists and experienced press release writers who are well-versed in the art of writing effective press releases that are in line with the industry accepted format and contain useful information.

What are the benefits of sending press releases?

Some common objectives of using press releases are

  • To get valuable media coverage to a product or idea launch or an event organized by your company.
  • To establish brand image and increase awareness among the target audience.
  • To share the latest information about your company with customers and stakeholders.
  • To get high quality backlinks to your website, blog or article from reputed media houses and well-known journalists.
  • To get public attention and market your brand in a subtle manner. 
  • To showcase your expertise on a specific topic and gain customer trust.