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SEO copywriting is an integral part of a Search Engine Optimization campaign. It plays a crucial role in turning website visitors into paying customers. Hiring professional SEO copywriting services from the best copywriting agencies in India such as towards 90, warrants that you get the maximum ROI from your SEO campaign.

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Professional Copywriting Company To Boost Your Conversions and Sales

Optimizing a website or blog for lead generation & sales requires high-quality content which converts. Creating engaging content with attention-grabbing headlines and persuasive tone is the job of professional copywriters. Hire world-class copywriting services India from the best copywriting agencies and see your blog or website convert visitors like crazy.

Digital Marketing Company In Trichy

Why Do You Need to Hire Professional copywriters?

The quality of content on your website, emails, and sales materials determines its effectiveness in converting the viewers into customers. The content should be put forth in an easy to understand and visually appealing manner to impress the viewers, and convince them to do the desired task.

Hiring professional copywriting services helps you to cut the fluff and retain the content that actually matters to the viewers.

What Do You Get

Seo Copywriting Services


Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your Website With Our Freelance Copywriting Services For Websites

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Our Process

Our copywriters are experts at creating captivating content for websites, sales copies, marketing copies, and eCommerce product pages. No matter whether you hire freelance copywriting service for websites or email copywriting services,  we follow a 3 step process to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing Company In Trichy

Our professional SEO analysts use the latest tools to analyze the performance of your existing content. We measure how the content ranks on search engines and its efficiency in converting the viewers.

We curate the content on your website to match with your buyer persona. Our expert copywriters understand what makes the audience click. They optimize the content by adding some conversion-oriented phrases, and removing the unwanted fluff if required.

We create multiple copies and then conduct  A/B testing to choose the best performing one for your website, email, or advertisement. Testing & Optimization will be done on headings, CTAs, length of the copy, images, promotional offers, and other elements crucial for conversions.

Seo Copywriting Services

High Engagement Rates

Hire our professional copywriting services to increase the engagement rate of your content. Our writers follow the best practices to ensure that each content piece is unique, informative, and immersive.

Seo Copywriting Services

Increased ROI

Hire the best copywriters in the industry and boost the ROI on your content marketing spend. Every content piece crafted by our team is optimized for your SEO and conversions. Feature on top of the SERPs, attract more viewers to your website and increase conversions with the best SEO copywriting services.

Seo Copywriting Services

Cost-effective SEO Copywriting Services

Hire professional copywriters at the best price. Though copywriting fees appear to be expensive, the long-term benefits of an eye-catching and persuasive piece of content outweigh the costs. Get the best content for your websites, eCommerce product pages, emails, and marketing copies at the lowest prices.

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Why Choose Professional Copywriting Services From Towards90?

Make a mark in your industry and outrank your competitors with white label copywriting services from towards 90. We are one of the best copywriting agencies providing turnkey SEO copywriting services India that are a notch above the rest.

A data-driven approach that guarantees the success of your SEO campaign.

More than 2 years of experience in providing freelance copywriting services for websites.

A dedicated team of professional SEO copywriters with sales expertise, SEO analysts, editors and content creators.

Detailed monthly reports in an easy to understand format to know the performance of your campaigns.

Flexible SEO copywriting service packages with no hidden costs.

Applications of SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting for Website

In order to capture the attention of the viewers and engage them, it is essential to have the right content that is presented well. The content on your website should be useful, show the uniqueness of your product, create urgency and convince the users to do the desired job. Hiring website copywriting services ensures that the content is optimized for SEO and conversions.

Landing Page Copywriting Services

The landing pages are the pages on your website where the viewers are diverted after they click on an ad or search engine result. Landing pages should provide the viewers with the exact information they are looking for. Moreover, they should also have catchy CTAs that motivate the customers to share information such as their email, phone number, contact address, etc.

Sales Copywriting Services

Copywriting includes text on advertisements, magazine and online advertorials, and product descriptions. Sales copywriting requires novel skills as the writer has to understand what motivates the customers to make the buying decision. Copywriters should have the knack of presenting the features and USPs of the product/service in an easily digestible and convincing manner.

Email Copywriting Services

Copywriting for is one of the key tools to consider in your content marketing strategy. Personalized emails with customized subject lines are highly effective in increasing the open rates and customer engagement. Hire our email copywriting services to create emails that tell engaging stories about your brand and motivate the viewers to purchase from you. Provide refreshingly fresh content with every email and get the desired response from your customers.

Social Media Copywriting services

Every modern brand has social media presence. But to engage the audience and increase the number of followers, it is imperative to have shareable content that appeals to the target audience. However, the audience of each social media platform is different, and the content and ads have to be optimized to suit the audience. Social media copywriters create clickable ads, engaging posts, tweets, etc. that easily capture the viewers’ attention.

Blog Post & Social media packs​

You can hire our content outreach services at highly affordable prices. Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs. Choose from our flexible packages or choose to pay as you go.

Increase conversions with the rightly written copy

Pack of 12

5999 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 8 Social Media Posts

Pack of 24

11499 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 8 Blog Posts
  • 16 Social Media Posts

Pack of 45

19999 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 15 Blog Posts
  • 30 Social Media Posts


We strive for perfection in every content piece. However, any request for revisions is happily obliged.

Privacy Of Work

We take all the necessary measures to ensure the privacy of the client information. All our team members sign non-disclosure agreements before being on-boarded into the team.

Our Support

You never need to worry about anything while working with us. Our team is always ready to support your requirements.

Terms of Service

All the content is only shared with the client. We will not use the content for any other purpose.

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"Keep up your good work...!!! I really appreciate your detailed review. Looking forward to create many more great content pieces together. Cheers!!!....

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"Thanks for creating complete content for my website. It feels a milestone reach, yet we have a long way to go...Thanks for your teams support.

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Why should I hire professional copywriting services?

The content on your website is crucial to engage the audience and convert them. The attention span of the viewers is less than 3 seconds and it is important to provide them with relevant content that can hold their attention. Though you can save some money by hiring affordable SEO copywriting services, getting it done by experts compromising cost does have early reaping benefits. Hence, we advise you to hire professional copywriting services that deliver long-lasting results.

How much do you charge for copywriting services?

The charges depend on your requirements. We provide a whole gamut of SEO copywriting services that include sales copywriting services, marketing copywriting services, eCommerce copywriting services, email copywriting services, technical copywriting services, etc.

Choose the services you want and we will design a customized package for you. You can also choose from pre-existing SEO copywriting service packages.

What are the different types of SEO copywriting?

There are many types of copywriting services. Some of them are

  • Sales or marketing copywriting that deals with advertisements online or in newspapers and magazines. 
  • Ecommerce copywriting that deals with creating catchy product descriptions for eCommerce websites
  • Email copywriting to create promotional emails 
  • Web copywriting to optimize the content on websites for conversions
  • Landing page copywriting with the right message and CTAs

Can you provide express service?

We require at least a week to deliver projects as we follow a data-driven process for creating content. However, if you need content urgently, we can surely deliver it at short notice.

Who owns the copyright for the content created?

The client owns the copyright for the content created for them. We do not use the content for any other purpose nor share it with other people.

Why should I hire you over other agencies?

Towards 90 is one of the best copywriting agencies in India.  

  • We have a 99% client satisfaction rate. 
  • Our team has delivered 95% of the projects perfectly in the first go. 
  • All Our operations are transparent.
  • We do not believe in one size fits all approach and create customized campaigns for each client. 
  • Our prices are very affordable and you can choose to pay as you go.

Who can hire copywriting services?

Every business no matter its size can benefit from professional copywriting services. The experienced copywriters analyze your content and measure its performance. They then optimize the content by removing the unwanted items that do not add value. They also introduce new elements such as click-worthy headlines, bulleted lists, motivating CTAs and so on. This increases the efficiency of the content in generating leads and increasing conversions.

What if I don’t like the copy?

We hire the best copywriters, who understand the art of copywriting. Before delivering the copies, each copy is proofread by editors and is sent for A/B testing. However, if you are not satisfied with the final copy, we will revise it as per your preference.

What are the industries you are experienced in?

We have a team of inhouse and freelance copywriters, who are experts in various niches. We work for different industries such as travel and tourism, education, automotive, law firms, interior design, IT and software, etc.

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