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Whitepapers are a critical element in a successful content marketing strategy. According to statistics, it is the second most shared type of content. Whitepapers help to increase your credibility in the target audience and make you the trusted source of information.

Hire whitepaper writers who are experienced in writing well-researched whitepapers for different industries.

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Technical White paper Writing Services to Boost Your Business Growth

Whitepapers are lead generation magnets that play a crucial role in the success of your content strategy. An effective whitepaper provides innovative and effective solutions to the problems faced by the target audience. It grabs the attention of the audience and increases traffic and leads to your website.

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Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Whitepaper Writers?

Writing whitepapers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Whitepaper writers require in-depth knowledge of the industry and subject matter expertise. The writer has to thoroughly research the topic and gather relevant information that adds value to the readers. You have to be very careful while shortlisting companies that write whitepapers. Choose experienced companies such as Towards 90 that have experienced whitepaper writers for hire.

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Reach Out to Prospective Customers and Convert Them Into Clients with Well-researched Whitepapers From Towards 90

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Our Process

We follow a simple and streamlined process for creating authoritative whitepapers that showcase your brand’s expertise and knowledge in the industry. The client is always kept in the loop throughout the process through constant updates.

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Topic selection is the primary step in creating whitepapers. The topic should be relevant and useful for the audience. You can suggest the topic or you can leave the task of choosing a topic on our experienced whitepaper ghostwriters.

Once the topic is finalized, our in house and freelancer whitepaper writers for hire will start researching the topic. They gather information from highly trusted and authorized sources and start creating content for the whitepaper.

The final copy is proofread and edited by our experienced editors to ensure there are no errors. Our professional whitepaper writers and editors strive to deliver each and every project on the scheduled time in a perfect manner.

white paper writing services

Impress Your Audience

No matter whether the whitepaper is aimed at investors, customers, or public agencies, we provide compelling whitepapers that speak to the audience. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, which makes it easy to understand for the readers.

white paper writing services

Stand Ahead of Competitors

Authoritative and well-written whitepapers written by professional whitepaper writers help to increase your reputation. It helps to establish your brand as a credible source in the industry and positions you ahead of the competitors.

white paper writing services

Promote Your Products or Services

We work with experienced whitepaper writers, who understand how to promote your products or services as a potential solution to the existing problem faced by the readers. The call-to-action at the end of the whitepaper motivates the readers to make a decision in your favour.

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Why Choose Towards90:

Hire whitepaper writers from Towards 90 to create exhaustive and authoritative whitepapers that are well-researched and well-referenced. We ensure that you get the perfect whitepaper that enhances your reputation and converts leads to paying customers.

An experienced content marketing company with professionally trained and experienced whitepaper writers for hire.

Flexible and affordable packages to suit your budget and requirement.

Dedicated accounts manager for each client for effortless communication.

24/7 support to ensure that you are never left waiting.

Transparent operations and detailed monthly reports.

Applications for Product Descriptions

Business Whitepapers

Business whitepapers are written for the general audience. These whitepapers are non-technical in nature and convey the benefits of a product or service to the readers. It can be used at any stage of the sales cycle to inform the buyers about the USP of your product offering and how it will solve the challenges faced by them.

Technical Whitepapers

Technical whitepapers are for a knowledgeable and technically advanced audience. They contain in-depth information about a particular topic with content researched and referenced from authoritative sources. Technical whitepapers can be used in the advanced stages of the sales cycle to inform the readers about the technical details of a product.

Hybrid whitepapers

Hybrid whitepapers are a mixture of business and technical whitepapers. They provide in-depth technical details of the product along with the benefits of using the product. It can be shared with both the technical and non-technical readers at different stages of the sales cycle.

Whitepaper for Product Comparison

Product comparison whitepapers are used to discuss the features of the competing products in the market and finally position your product or service as the best possible option. These whitepapers are most suitable for customers who are at the end of the sales cycle and wish to compare a few products before making the final decision.

Video Whitepapers

Video whitepapers are an innovative format to reach out to your target audience and convince them about your product offerings. Since most of the modern audience prefer to watch videos or slides to read huge walls of text, these whitepapers are more effective in conveying the message to the viewers.

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We have qualified and experienced whitepaper writers for hire at most affordable rates. Our operations are transparent and there are no hidden charges. Give us a call today to know more about our white paper writing services.

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All the information shared by the client will be kept confidential. We ensure that privacy is maintained at all costs.

Privacy Of Work

Our whitepaper writers are highly experienced and provide high-quality work. However, if you require revisions, we will be happy to oblige. We are proud to say that 95% of our projects are accepted without any revisions.

Our Support

We value our customers and strive to develop long term professional relationships. We are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Terms Of use

The content created by whitepaper writers at towards 90 will be only shared with the respective client. We will not use the content for any other purpose.

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What is the purpose of a whitepaper?

The main purpose of a whitepaper is to address customer questions about a certain problem they are facing or to provide them with a new opportunity. Whitepapers discuss the problems, offer solutions, provide arguments for and against different solutions and finally offer your offering as the best solution to solve the problem.

What should a whitepaper include?

Content is the key to an effective whitepaper. The content of the whitepaper should be relevant, engaging, informative and actionable. The whitepaper should have

  •  An attractive heading to capture the interest of the readers
  • A brief introduction that defines the topic of the whitepaper
  • Challenge section that describes the pain points of the readers
  • An overview of the contents with the definition of the key terms used in the content
  • The body of the whitepaper should contain well-researched content about the challenges faced by the customer, different solutions, and statistics to prove that your solution is the best option. 
  • The whitepaper should end with an inspiring call-to-action.

Do people read whitepapers?

Most of the businesses do not give proper importance to whitepapers in their content marketing strategy. However, statistics prove that a majority of B2B customers read and share whitepapers with their colleagues. However, the whitepaper has to be engaging with a good design and visually attractive images and videos that complement the written content to make it interesting for the readers.

Why do companies publish whitepapers?

Companies publish whitepapers for different purposes. However, the main purpose of a whitepaper is to provide informative content to the target audience and promote your products and services. Some main reasons companies publish whitepapers are

  • Provide relevant information to the target audience
  • Gain quality leads
  • Inspire the customers to take action
  • Establish credibility in the market
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Provide information to media, clients, public agencies or trade bodies

What is a government whitepaper?

Government whitepapers are policy documents of the governments.  Governments release whitepapers to present their policies and test public opinion before introducing legislation.

What are the types of whitepapers?

There are 3 different types of whitepapers, depending on their format. They are

  • Backgrounders that describe the technical features of a product or service and highlight its benefits.
  • problem/solution type that outlines the problems faced by the readers and innovative solutions to solve them. 
  • Easy to read numbered lists that highlight solutions for a given problem.
  • A combination of any of these issues.

Why are interviews important when writing a whitepaper?

Whitepaper writers require in-depth information about a topic, industry, or a business to create engaging and informative whitepapers. Interviews aid in the research and help to get relevant information for the whitepaper from authentic sources.

How to choose companies that write whitepapers?

Whitepapers are a highly effective tool to establish your credibility in the industry. They help to improve your reputation, reach out to target customers and finally generate quality leads for your business. There are many companies that write whitepapers for clients. But choosing the right company is utmost important to ensure the quality and originality of content.  Before choosing white paper writing services, you have to consider the following factors. 

  • Experience of the company
  • Availability of professional whitepaper writers for hire
  • The reputation of the company
  • Customer support provided by the company
  • The price charged by the company 

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