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The way consumers are searching for information has transformed due to the advent of the internet. A Majority of the population uses their mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and other digital devices to search for products and services. Hence, digital marketing plays a crucial role in taking your brand to customers and improving brand awareness. However, it is essential to choose a reputed and best digital marketing company in Trichy, Towards 90 to ensure the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Company In Trichy

Do You Know? 90% of people searching for a product or service on the internet have not made up their mind about a particular brand before beginning the search.

Digital Marketing Company In Trichy

How Digital Marketing Company In Trichy Helps To Differentiate Your Brand And Stand Ahead of Competitors

No matter whether you are a start-up, SME, or an established organization, digital marketing plays a critical role in improving your sales and revenue. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, digital marketing is a cost-effective and result-oriented approach that leads to increased ROI

Increase Qualified Leads to Your Website and Skyrocket Your Conversions With Digital Marketing Service in Trichy

Trichy is an industry-based economy. There are many public and private sector industries in the cityThe city is also known as the “boiler capital of India” because of the large number of boiler manufacturing units in the city.

Trichy is also an engineering equipment manufacturing hub. There are many small and big business organizations that benefit from our Digital marketing in Trichy as it helps to differentiate their offerings from competitors and develop a loyal customer base.

Digital marketing company in Trichy

How Digital Marketing Helps in Business Growth in Trichy

For small businesses and start-ups in Trichy, finding customers is a tedious task. As a small business owner, you have to spend on advertising to take your products/ services to the customers and educate them about the features of the products and benefits of using them. However, the process will take a long time. On the other hand, online marketing helps you to reach scores of customers with a short span and fraction of the cost. 

It is crucial to choose the best digital marketing agency in Trichy that understands the needs and preferences of your local and global audience.

Digital marketing can help you in 3 different ways.

Digital marketing company in Trichy

Building Brand Awareness

Digital marketing helps you to reach a large number of your prospective audience at the same time. You can advertise your products and explain the features of your products, you can also tell them how your products and services help them to solve their everyday challenges. The more the customers see your brand on search engines, blogs, websites, etc., the more they trust you. Hiring an experienced digital marketing company in Trichy helps to create the right strategy to achieve your business goals.

Digital marketing company in Trichy

Engaging The Audience

In order to convert your website visitors into paying customers, it is essential to engage them. High customer engagement helps to push the customers quickly through the sales funnel as they are likely to comment, share and interact with your brand on various platforms. Creating effective and useful content that interests and add values to the viewers’ knowledge is an effective way to increase audience engagement. Towards 90 is the best digital marketing companies in Trichy that has a team of experienced professionals, who can create successful digital marketing campaigns to engage your audience.

Digital marketing company in Trichy


The success of your digital marketing strategy is defined by the number of conversions on your website. Our digital marketing services include conversion optimization campaigns through various platforms such as PPC, social media marketing, etc. We are an experienced digital marketing company in Trichy with the right resources and expertise in creating successful digital marketing campaigns that maximize conversions and improve sales.

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Our Expertise:

Towards 90 is the best digital marketing agency in Trichy with over 2 years of experience in the industry. We have helped many small and big businesses to reach out to their target audience and improve sales through our result-oriented digital marketing strategies.

Personalized digital marketing strategy to suit your requirements and budget

Transparent operations and monthly reports

Dedicated project manager to create, deploy, and track your digital marketing campaigns

Advanced analytical tools to track and measure the performance of each campaign

A young and dedicated team of digital marketing experts

Our Process

Being one of the best digital marketing companies in Trichy, we follow a streamlined approach that is based on data to ensure the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Company In Trichy

Our digital marketing experts conduct an in-depth research of your potential customers, competitors and the market. We also review your existing digital marketing strategies, if any.

Based on the data collected from research, we formulate a solid digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. We create multiple campaigns, A/B test them and choose the best campaign that offers maximum results.

We track each and every campaign implemented by us and measure various metrics that indicate the performance of the campaign. We optimize the campaigns for maximum ROI.

Reasons to Invest in Best Digital marketing company in Trichy From Towards 90

Many small businesses think twice to invest in digital marketing as they are not sure about its benefits. However, it is important to know digital marketing is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies that offer higher returns. Hiring the services of an experienced digital marketing agency in Trichy will help you get the optimum ROI on your digital marketing spend.


Increase Brand Recall Value

80% of customers can remember a brand that they saw in a video ad in the past 30 days.


Improve conversions

The conversion rate of smartphone users is up by 64%.


Boost Sales

Product videos help eCommerce sellers to boost their sales by 144%.


Engage With the Audience

According to statistics, 72% of online customers want brands to share promotions and discount deals on social media.


Get Top Ranks on SERPs

72% of businesses feel that creating effective content is one of the most successful SEO tactics.


Increase Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers are 5 times more likely to return to your brand for repurchase and 4 times more likely to refer your products to someone.


Skyrocket Website Traffic

As per statistics, 51% of website traffic comes from organic search, 10% from paid ads, and 5% traffic comes from social media.


Increase Store Visits

78% of the local searches on mobile devices lead to an offline purchase.


Build Brand Awareness

Google reports 63000 searches per second every day. If viewers see your brand in the search results often, they become aware of your products and will revert to your brand when they need them.

Some Examples of Digital Marketing Successes Near You

Digital marketing company in Trichy


SIS, a real estate company increased customer engagement and generated over 3900 leads,  through social media campaigns.

SEO Company in Trichy

Hallmark business school

Hallmark business school increased their website traffic with digital marketing

Digital marketing company in Trichy

Sankara Eye Hospital

Sankara Eye Hospital used digital marketing strategy for eye hospital to increase their search rankings and conversion rate

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SIS is a real estate company from Chennai. The company built luxurious properties in Chennai and Trichy. The company wanted to use digital marketing to improve brand awareness and heighten lead generation. 


They used the power of social media to connect and engage with their target audience in Trichy and Chennai. The digital marketing team conducted in-depth research about the properties in Trichy and the preferences of the local customers. They also did the same for the Chennai properties. 


They unleashed lead generation campaigns aimed at NRIs, IT professionals, investors, custom audience, lookalike audience and the audience who have engaged on their page as well as the competitors’ pages. They also used contests, videos, and special day posts to increase engagement.


As a result, they generated over 3900 leads within a budget of 10 to 20 lakhs.

Hallmark business school is a popular business school in Trichy that provided quality management education. The institute wanted to rework its branding strategy and improve brand awareness in the southern regions of Tamilnadu.


Their digital marketing company created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved a review of their existing social media and website content and optimizing it for SEO  with specific keywords. They also created contests, memes, quizzes, etc. to improve audience engagement on their social media posts. They also set up a blog page to provide the latest info to the website visitors. 


As a result, they increased audience engagement on their posts by 300%, and website visitors by 50%.

Sankara eye hospital is a well-known eye hospital in Coimbatore. They have over 35+ years of experience and have cured more than a million patients. The hospital wanted to improve its search rankings and increase online sales through their website. 


Their digital marketing partner used on-page, off-page and technical SEO techniques such as meta titles, quality backlinks, targetted keywords, etc.  to improve the search rankings and conversions on the website. 


As a result, the hospital reported an 80% jump in the organic traffic, a 40% improvement in the conversions and a 30% increase in online appointments.