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Digital PR is a crucial component that contributes to the success of the SEO strategy. Digital PR marketing is your ticket to success if you are concerned about the Google rankings of your website. Towards 90 is one of the top digital PR agencies in India with connections to highly accomplished journalists, influencers with a huge following, and successful bloggers. We collaborate with the right people to improve your brand’s online visibility and boost website traffic. 

digital pr services

Our digital PR services help you to earn high-quality backlinks, increase the number of social mentions, get 5-star online reviews, manage online reputation, and skyrocket SERP rankings. 

Our PR experts ensure that your brand is featured on the right platforms, and reaches the specific audience at the best time. Increase conversions on your website and boost sales with the best digital PR services India

Digital PR Services Aid to Improve the Search Engine Rankings of Your Website and Increase Brand Recognition and Recall Value

Hire Towards 90, the Best Digital PR Agency India to Ensure the Success of Your SEO Campaign

  • Nearly 73% of journalists search the web for the latest press releases from companies.
  • Influencer marketing is all set to become a $10 billion industry by the end of 2020.
  • Press releases with an interesting news hook are 45% more effective in drawing viewers attention.
  • Over 92% of consumers trust influencers over celebrity endorsements and direct advertising by brands.
  • Journalists get an average of 300 emails every day, and 70% of journalists spend less than a minute reading them.
  • 65% of brands have increased their influencer marketing budgets in 2019.
  • 61% of digital marketers believe that building an organic presence online is a priority.
  • The top-ranking page of search engines has approximately 35,000 backlinks on an average.
  • 85% of brands report that their top goal for influencer marketing is increasing brand awareness.


Towards 90 is a professional digital PR firm with a dedicated team of PR and SEO experts. We understand the dynamics of digital PR like none other and can help you gain the highly coveted backlinks from authorized media websites through our comprehensive digital PR services

We network with highly successful journalists, influencers, and bloggers to increase the online visibility of your brand. Our experts are well versed in the different types of digital PR strategies and can build a customized strategy to suit your unique needs and budget.

Blogger outreach

Influencer marketing

Affiliate programs

Organizing press events

Networking with editors and journalists


Our Process

digital pr services

Experts at Towards 90 understand what is digital PR and how to use it to offer maximum benefit to the client. We understand that like any other marketing strategy, there is no one size fits all solution for digital PR. Every business has its own strengths and limitations. Before we build your digital PR strategy, our experts spend ample time to understand your business, goals and objectives, audience, and competitors. We also study your industry to develop a tailored digital PR campaign that makes you stand ahead of your competitors. We ensure that your SEO, link building and digital PR strategies are well synced and work together to provide maximum results in terms of website traffic, customer engagement, leads and conversions. 

The digital PR team at Towards 90, the best digital PR agency, India, create a customized digital PR campaign to suit your industry and business. Our digital PR services different components such as press releases, connecting with established journalists, influencer and blogger outreach, affiliate programs, etc. to make sure that your brand is presented in a positive light on all the right platforms frequented by your target audience. Our dedicated project manager will discuss the strategy with you in detail and explain the expected results of each campaign. We implement the strategy only after you give us a go-ahead.

We continuously track each and every digital pr marketing campaign and measure its performance using various parameters. Our experts use the latest analytical tools to measure web traffic, leads, conversions, and other critical parameters. We constantly optimize the campaign to ensure a good ROI for our clients. 

Why Choose Towards 90 for Digital Marketing and PR Services Over Other Agencies?

Content Writing Service
Content Writing Service

Hire Towards 90, Dedicated SEO Expert in India to Boost Sales and Earn More Revenue

Increase Brand Awareness Through Digital PR Services from Towards 90

Digital PR Services

Reasons to Invest in Digital PR Services from Towards 90

Digital PR marketing provides many benefits to businesses. It helps to add credibility to the brand and establish it as a thought leader. Earning brand mentions from popular media houses, influencers and bloggers helps to develop trust among your target audience and open conversation with them when they are not in buying mode. A successful digital PR campaign helps to increase brand awareness among the audience so that they reach out to your brand when they need your product and services. Our digital PR services help you to maintain continuous engagement with the audience also helps to improve brand loyalty and repeat purchases. 


Connect with Established Journalists

54% of journalists believe that press releases are the most trusted source of information.


Develop Trust Among Target Audience

92% of consumers trust earned media in comparison to direct advertising.


Improve the Open Rates of Your Emails

85% of journalists open an email based on its subject line. 


Increase the Chances of Your Story Being Picked Up

60% of journalists write 2 or less than 2 stories in a day, and 11% of them pick a story sent through digital PR. 


Reach a Larger Number of Audience

The use of ad blockers has gone up by 30% in 2019. However, with the right use of digital PR services and SEO, you can improve your organic search rankings and reach out to a larger audience. 


Connect With Specific Audience

Millennials are 247% more likely to engage with brands on social media networks and blogs. 


Improve Your Brand Image

90% of consumers state that establishing thought leadership through well-researched content improves the image of a brand.


Generate Accurate Content

78% of journalists report that ensuring the accuracy of the content distributed by companies is their topmost priority


Improve Your SERP Ranking

Two most important factors considered by search engines to rank websites are high-quality content and authoritative backlinks. 

Our Clients

Towards 90 is a digital PR firm trusted by reputed brands.

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Go through some of the successful Digital PR examples from industry to understand the importance of hiring digital PR services.

Digital PR Services

hilton hotels

Know how Hilton hotels developed a content marketing strategy with a combination of digital PR and social media marketing to target young professionals. 

Digital PR Services


Know how Hostelworld, changed audience perception about hostels and improved brand awareness through a successful digital PR exercise.

Digital PR Services


Know how Honeywell soared their brand recognition through a digital PR marketing

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy that helps businesses to increase their online visibility and promote brand awareness and recognition. Digital PR firms network with journalists, influencers, and bloggers to distribute the brand content. It helps the brand to gain authoritative backlinks, social mentions, and coveted media impressions. Digital PR marketing also helps to improve the SERP rankings of the brand website and make it visible to the audience. 

Is SEO and Digital PR same?

SEO and digital PR complement each other to increase the online visibility of a brand. Though they are often used together, they are not the same. Digital PR can be said to be a part of the off-page SEO process. 

Are press releases still effective?

The main objective of a press release is to provide a story to the media. Well-written press releases which have an interesting angle are picked up by journalists and earn backlinks to your content. For your press release to be effective, it should be relevant, have some breaking news or a story, should be backed by statistics to prove accuracy, and must be sent to relevant media outlets that cover your industry. Professional digital PR firms have dedicated writers for writing effective press releases that instantly attract the attention of the journalists and writers. 

How can digital PR help my business?

Digital PR helps to let the world know about your business through increased online visibility. It also helps to increase web traffic by developing trust among the target audience through journalist and influencer outreach. It also works together with your SEO strategy to improve your SERP rankings. Hiring digital PR services from a reputed digital PR company guarantees the success of your content marketing campaign.  

Hilton hotels is a popular hotel brand with properties worldwide. They wanted to target over-stressed and holiday deficient young professionals and convince them to book holidays at their properties. They created a fictitious disease called Vacationitis and developed a microsite to diagnose the audience and give them prescriptions. They also got custom illustrations to depict the symptoms of the disease and created an e-book. Hilton distributed these e-books to the media after their campaign launch. Apart from this, they also combined influencer outreach, social media marketing and a pop-up stunt to their content marketing campaign. As a result of this integrated campaign, Hilton hotels got 100+ media placements, added 7000 new subscribers to their newsletter, and doubled their Facebook followers. Apart from this, nearly 50,000 people visited the microsite.

Hostelworld is a hostel booking platform. However, the wrong perception that hostels do not offer quality accommodation affected its business. They developed a comprehensive digital PR strategy that involved media and influencer outreach to give a fresh perspective about hostels and improve their sales. 

Their digital PR professionals identified the media and influencer list to reach out to their target audience. The campaign was delivered by the group and individual personalization for specific targets. They also shot a video ad with Mariah Carey and planned to make it go viral through an integrated marketing strategy.

The results of the campaign were phenomenal. Hostelworld got 1700 pieces of media coverage globally with over 100 pieces from the top media agencies. They reported a 62% increase in their blog traffic and the ad video continues to drive traffic to their website till date.

Honeywell is a well-known brand in the aerospace industry. However, it was not a recognized brand in in-flight Wi-Fi. To improve brand recognition and educate the target customers about how their service modernizes the aircraft, they devised a digital PR exercise. 

Honeywell launched the Summer of Connected World Tour campaign. Journalists from all over the world were taken on a tour in Honeywell’s own connected aircraft. The aircraft visited 31 cities and flew more than 90 journalists in a span of 2 months. 

The journalists experienced the power of a connected aircraft, and how it helped pilots to respond better to weather conditions, stream real-time data, and create a smoother and efficient flying experience. The journalists used the in-flight wi-fi to share their in-flight experience in real-time using different social media channels. 

As a result of this outreach, Honeywell earned 106 media placements across all forms of media such as print, web and television. They also received 8.4 billion media impressions. In 3 months, the company managed to get 73% more media coverage than its major competitor.