Startups! This is how content marketing works:

As the effectiveness of traditional marketing is decreasing by the minute, content marketing is becoming a necessity for modern businesses. Content marketing provides reliable information that helps the target audience to solve their day-to-day challenges. It engages them in a conversation with your brand and converts them into customers.

Relevant content that connects with your brand’s target audience is a valuable asset for your business. It is the backbone of every successful digital marketing campaign. Every business irrespective of their size is using content marketing to build brand recognition, increase website traffic, multiply conversions, and boost sales.

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Where are you right now?

Starting out and building your business online

Create & Establish your business’s online assets

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Need to build a successful brand story

Create a comprehensive content marketing strategy to build brand awareness

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To become an authoritative voice in your industry and build a long term brand establishment

Create well-researched and engaging content that connects with the audience

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Low marketing spend, turning prospects into actual customers, better conversions, consistent revenue growth

Concentrate on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to generate more leads and increase conversions

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To be easily reachable, findable and connectable to your customers

Invest in Digital PR and SEO

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To build strong emotional connect, trust and loyalty with the customers

Identify the right social media platforms for your brand and develop suitable content for each platform

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Meeting your short term goals and milestones along the journey

Develop PPC campaigns, social media marketing, retargeting campaigns and paid promotions

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Making things automated, staying relevant, maintaining pace with the changing technology and competition so that you can focus on serving the customers

Opt for content marketing automation and create an effective content calendar to make things happen

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Retaining customers & building long term relationships

This is your job!!!!!!! Provide Great customer experience and offer value to the customers.

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This is how


Customer engagement is crucial for the success of any content marketing strategy. The content should be able to strike a connection with the audience and motivate them to like, share and comment. However, earning customer engagement is not an easy task. It requires creativity and consistent efforts.


The content must inspire the audience to take action. It should provide an enriching experience that adds value to their knowledge. It should enlighten the audience about the possible solutions to their everyday challenges and guide them towards the next step in the buyer journey.


Your content must transform the target audience into loyal customers through building trust. It should differentiate your brand from competitors and develop an emotional connect with the audience. It should finally motivate them to choose your brand over competitors.

[1.1] Content Marketing is a Strategic Marketing Technique to Grow Your Brand

Content marketing involves creating and sharing content that instantly connects with your prospective buyers. It attracts prospective customers, educates them about your brand, provides reliable solutions to their problems, builds trust, and converts them into loyal customers.

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“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” - Jon Buscall

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[1.2] So What is an Effective Content Marketing?

The effectiveness of content marketing depends on the quality of the content. Creating well-researched content that adds to the audience knowledge should be the focus of an effective content marketing plan. The content should be able to build a strong relationship between your brand and the customers. 

[1.3] What Can You Achieve Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective and useful marketing strategy that increases your brand’s online visibility and drives traffic to your website. It helps to develop brand awareness and improve brand recall value. When customers recognize and remember your brand, they will visit your website whenever they require your products or services.

Good content pushes the buyers quickly through the sales funnel. Creating content that educates the customers at every step of the buyer journey, guides them to the next step and motivates them to make a quick buying decision. 

A well-developed content strategy educates the audience and helps to build trust. The more customers trust your brand, the better the brand loyalty. They keep coming back to you for repeat purchases, which in turn boosts your sales and revenues. 

increase online visibility

develop brand awareness

improve brand recall value

establish the credibility of the brand

build trust in the prospective customers

boost website traffic

increase quality leads & conversions

skyrocket sales and increase revenue

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“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.” - Marcus Sheridan

Content marketing differentiates your brand from the competitors. It helps to deliver value to the customers, who are tired of traditional marketing promotions. It requires low investment and provides a high ROI. According to content marketing institute, it costs 62% less than other outbound marketing techniques but generates 3 times more leads. 

[1.4] How Can You Develop Good Content

Content marketing is a long-term commitment. It takes time to create high-quality content that establishes you as a thought leader in the industry and convinces the audience that you are the best in the market. This is where the services of a content marketing agency can help you. They have the resources and experience to create content that matches your audience demands and preferences

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[1.5] How to Get Started With Content Marketing

Before you start creating content, understand your buyer’s journey and the topics they search at each stage. In general, every buyer passes through 3 stages, awareness, consideration and decision. Understanding the buyer’s questions at each stage and providing the right solutions will help to engage the buyers and push them quickly to the decision stage. Content marketing specialists suggest starting at the end of the funnel to ensure that you target the customers closer to the decision-making process. Your competitors will be busy concentrating on the top of the funnel customers, while you walk away with the sale.

[1.6] How to Measure the Success of Content Marketing

The success of your content marketing strategy can be measured using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, YouTube Analytics, etc. You can track the success by measuring metrics such as website traffic, leads, conversions, sales, SEO rankings, engagement, and bounce rate.

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[02] Why Strategy is Crucial for Content Marketing

To get the best results from your content marketing program, you must have a clear strategy. A content marketing strategy will give you a detailed roadmap on how to use content to engage, inspire and transform your target audience.

As per the latest statistics, 65% of successful content marketers have a content strategy in place. The strategy helps you to determine what type of content to develop and how to distribute it. 

[2.1] Steps in Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

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“Without a strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff” - Arjun Basu

[03] Types of Content - Different Content for Different Purposes

Website Content

A website is the online salesperson of your business. The content on your website should appeal to your viewers, as well as the search engines. It should have a clear purpose and be relevant to the target audience.

Social Media Content

Social media is an excellent platform to directly communicate with your brand’s target audience. Your social media content should be visually attractive, clear, concise and must portray the brand’s personality. It should develop empathy in the audience towards your brand and make them passionate about it.

Informative Content

The main role of content marketing is to establish your brand as reliable and trustworthy. Informative content that answers the buyer’s questions is crucial for this purpose. Blogs, whitepapers, podcasts can be used to provide informative content.

Visual Content

Viewers spend 88% more time on websites with videos. Video content is the most in-demand content right now. It is the key to grab the attention of your potential customers. Creating mobile-friendly videos that educate, inform and engage the audience is the key for a successful content marketing strategy.

Promotional Content

Apart from educating the customers, the content should promote your brand. It is crucial to maintain a fine balance between the informational and promotional content. The promotional content is mostly used for PPC campaigns, and social media paid marketing campaigns.

Updates & Subscription

The content has to convince the readers to give their information and further engage with your brand. There should be attractive call-to-actions that motivate the readers to subscribe to newsletters and content updates.

Crucial Touchpoints

There are 7 crucial touchpoints in a buyer’s journey. The quality of content in each of these touchpoints is extremely crucial to make a great impression and engage the audience. Your company profile, blogs, hyper-local content, e-books, testimonials, user-generated content and online reviews are crucial to attracting the customer at the different touchpoints.

Lead Generation and Conversion Oriented Phrases and Words

There is no use of creating great content if it fails to convert the website traffic into sales leads and paying customers. It is important to infuse certain lead generation and conversion-oriented words into the content that can successfully persuade your customers to move down the sales funnel.

Lead Generation and CRO: What Does the Industry Think

Tracking conversion rate helps you understand how the visitors are moving through your website.  Conversion Rate Optimization improves the efficiency of the website in converting website visitors to sales leads, who can be converted into paying customers.

There are many factors that determine the conversion efficiency of your website. Some of them are design, branding, call-to-action, pricing models, and social proof. Optimizing the content on your page to suit the specific target audience can also boost the websites conversion rate.

Improving CRO has countless benefits for your brand. It improves user experience, makes the customers feel empowered, builds trust, improves expandability, and finally produces higher ROI on your marketing investment.

“Every Aspect of Marketing is Entirely Useless Unless It Produces Conversions.” - Jeremy Smith

“By Optimizing for Customer Success, You’re More Than Likely Optimizing for Growth.” - Alex Turnbull

SEO & Digital PR: What Does The Industry Think

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[5.1] How SEO Impacts Lead Generation

SEO is a long-term strategy that makes your brand to be found by the customers’ searching for products/services in your industry. Optimizing the website content for search engines’ increases your online visibility and generates more leads.


[5.2] How Important is Digital PR in Your Brand Outreach

Digital PR is the best strategy to promote your brand online. It involves using content such as online interviews, press releases, business profiling, blog outreach, etc. to increase brand awareness and differentiate your brand.  It improves your brand image and generates more traffic and leads. 

“Great content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well” - An Handley

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[5.3] Importance of Using SEO and Digital PR Together

Effective collaboration between SEO and digital PR can work wonders for your brand outreach. Effective PR can help to cultivate relationships with the important influencers and media outlets, while SEO helps to create great content that can be delivered to these people.

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Content Marketing & Customer Engagement - The Missing Link

[6.1] Importance of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the relationship between your brand and the customers. Highly engaged customers are passionate about your brand. They are loyal customers, who not only buy more but also promote more

[6.2] How Content Marketing Improves Customer Engagement

Content marketing can be effectively used to elevate customer engagement. Engaging content answers every question of your prospective customers, appeals to their emotions, and offers value. It helps to humanize the brand and develop brand loyalty.

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"People do not buy Goods and Services. They buy Relations, Stories and Magic." - Seth Godin

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[6.3] Types of Content to Drive Customer Engagement

Choosing the right type of content is important to increase customer engagement with your brand. Social media, personalized videos, long-form blog content, infographics, and webinars are some of the most effective content that can help you increase engagement and generate leads.

“Get Closer Than Ever To Your Customers. So Close that You Tell Them What They Need, Well Before They Realize It Themselves.” - Steve Jobs

“Get Closer Than Ever To Your Customers. So Close that You Tell Them What They Need, Well Before They Realize It Themselves.” - Steve Jobs

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Great Brands will evolve from Great Content, through Great Creators

“If You Are Not Putting Out Relevant Content in Relevant Places - You Don’t Exist.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

Content marketing is a cost-effective and successful marketing technique to build your brand. Creating valuable content that resonates with the audience improves customer engagement, which in turn results in higher website traffic, more leads and better conversions and Improving ROI.

A comprehensive content marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your content marketing campaign. Get yours here.

Establish your authority in the industry, and develop trust in the audience through high-quality Content Creation.

Optimize your content for conversions and increase lead generation through Conversion Rate Optimization

Grow your business with exhaustive content marketing services from Towards 90. We help you develop your brand’s online presence, build brand awareness, enhance conversions, and skyrocket sales and revenue.

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