How To Hire Content Writers For My Website. For Best Results.

how to hire content writers for my website

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how to hire content writers for my website

Your business has finally taken the leap and decided to create a place for itself in the digital world with a website!

So where do you begin?

The first thing you need to figure out is “how to hire content writers for my website?”

Before you begin your search, let us first take you through a broad outline of the differences between writers!

Writer Categories

When you have a better understanding of the type of writer you need, your search efforts can be channelized properly in the right direction, making the process easier.

Writers can be broadly classified into these 3 bands-

How To Hire Content Writers For My Website. For Best Results.


  • They are precise in their words and work.
  • They adhere to a stringent code of ethics
  • Their content is objective.
  • They work only with facts and thoroughly researched data to create content.
  • Their writing is impactful, information giving yet concise.
  • They cannot easily work on promotional and marketing intent writing.


  • Their writing style is all about ‘marketing’.
  • They are amazing bloggers.
  • They have in-depth knowledge of SEO and all the best writing practices of web content.
  • Their writing style is casual and informal and can create an emotional connection with the reader.
  • They are not the ones into an in-depth fact-checking for writing.


  • For them writing is an art and passion.
  • They are more into storytelling.
  • They are usually subject matter experts in their niche.
  • Can create volumes of content on the topics they choose to write on.
  • They could be screenwriters, playwrights, comedians, etc. but cannot be a content writer.

So when you are wondering how to find good content writers, it helps to first figure out your exact requirements and then proceed towards the category of writer that can help you meet those parameters.

The kind of writer a business requires entirely depends on their specific needs. A business could be looking for short term associations, small project-based needs, long term association, etc. so who they end up hiring is completely need-based. Freelance writers work best for short term associations whereas content writing agencies prove to be beneficial when the business is looking for long-duration associations and multiple needs like SEO, content, editing, publishing, etc.

Also when a business is looking for a lot of content in a short time, say a week, tying up with content marketing agencies like Towards90 can be a best option. Hiring a single freelancer or multiple content writers freelancers working on the project is not a wise choice to make.

Pointers To Consider On How To Hire Content Writers- For Best Results 

how to hire content writers for my website

Quality writing is hard!!!

And ‘How to find good content writers’ is as daunting a task – as daunting as it is to find an apartment as per your exact preferences in the city of Mumbai! You begin with high spirits, but after checking out about 10-12 places, somewhere your brain begins to melt out pointers in your checklist and you are willing to settle for much less!

The scenario is similar when you are searching “how to hire content writers for my website”.

Let us take you through four pointers that would help you to find the ‘perfect’ writer for website content creation requirements

Previous work samples

This is but obvious the first thing you would do. It is also the first thing the content writer would provide to you – Checking out their previous published work!

First, you should check about grammar and sentence formations. Also check for the presence of basics like headlines, sub-headings, keyword placement, usage of infographics, etc. Next, the flow of thoughts and language used. Next to the quality of the content and the way it has been conveyed. Then you also need to check if the research done to create content is justified and apt and is the content optimized for SEO.

You can ask the content creator about any viral articles they created and if any past clients experienced significant jumps in website traffic because of the contributions of the writer.

In crux, if a content writer has brought about significant growth in any other businesses online, there is a high possibility they would be capable of doing it for your website too.

Ability to create content on a wide range of requirements

As a business, it is not necessary for the writer you choose to create content for your website to be proficient in the industry of your business. Just ensure they are skillful at research and can create website content, based on the requirements. 

Not all writers can be good at writing all types of content. An excellent blog writer may not be able to do justice to create a landing page content. The talent to place even an ordinary thing like a simple pen in front of the readers in a stylish, attractive, and appealing way is the kind of people you are looking for! We all know that not many businesses are likely to have an attention-grabbing or sensational product! 

Experience in writing search engine optimized content

SEO expertise combined with good writing skills is the key to creating top-ranking content and drawing your target audience towards your website and your business.

A good content creator is well aware of the vitality of search engine rankings. They are well aware of things like keywords- both long-tail and general, SEO, internal links, etc. so that your website turns to be appealing and well ranking in search engine crawlers. It is the ‘organic’ search engine results that a business strives to attain. This can be done with the help of algorithms set up by Google to find your website that can be synced naturally with keywords by probable uses to search the web.

Editing and proofreading process

how to hire content writers for my website

When your business is in someone else’s hand- as they are creating content open for the entire world to view about you- on your website, you are entrusting them with your reputation. So before you do this, ensure their quality control and editing process are of high standards.

And proofreading is much more than just grammar and spelling. It is also about subject-verb disagreement, unexplained acronyms, conflicts in terminology, and host of other such things. A professional and thorough proofreading process assures the final content is nothing less than perfect.

Choosing content marketing agencies like Towards90 to outsource your website content creation requirements means the content thus created passes through multiple eyes, ensuring high standards and ‘Zero’ chances of errors.

Where To Find Content Writers

how to hire content writers for my website

Writer job boards

These are forums that connect employers and writers. They allow people to post the kind of writer requirement a business has. Each post can draw tons of applicants and can at times prove to be overwhelming.

Some examples – Problogger, Craigslist, Writer’s Den, LinkedIn groups, Freelancer’s Union.

Such boards are usually lightly moderated, so the quality of the writers available there can be anywhere between bad to excellent! When here, be prepared to sort through loads of unqualified resumes before you can find ‘the one’!

Freelancing platforms

Freelancer marketplaces connect freelance content writer professionals with businesses for a wide variety of ‘jobs’ to be done.

As a business, you have the option of selecting from amongst the various freelance content writer portfolios. These are slightly more organized platforms where writers need to create profiles that can be viewed by employers. Such profiles display details like past work and reviews from past clients.

Some examples – Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer

Such sights are flooded with content writers and freelancers and finding ‘the one’ is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A business can post for a job requirement and wait for writers to bid or browse through profiles of professional content writers/freelancers and contact the ones they feel match their requirements.

Content marketing platforms

Such platforms are costly, no doubt, but they are worth the cost! Such platforms curate their pool of writers. Many times they also provide editors, which is a good way to be assured of quality content.

Some examples- Skyword, Contently, NewsCred 

Referrals and word of mouth

This is a good way to find professional content writers as ‘someone’ whom you hear from has already vetted their work. Asking acquaintances and friends for leads for content creators they have worked with. Also, get to know from them why they are recommending the particular person. This way you can be assured to get access to good quality work along with an idea of the person who you are approaching!

Content writing agency

Opting for a content writing agency like Towards90 is one of the most stress-free solutions on where to find content writers! Agencies prove to be perfect avenues to outsource a business’s content creation requirements.

Agencies have a team of in-house writers along with a network of freelance writers and can offer you the perfect kind of work you require in the exact tone and niche.

Often an agency like Towards90 even takes care of the entire content process that includes content ideation to the SEO- actual writing – editing – publishing, etc.

Ensuring the content that we send out is well-edited and supreme in quality. Yes we may work out a bit expensive compared to the other options discussed above, but you can get the work as needed with peace of mind, one-stop go solutions, and quality output, for all possible content needs of a business.

How You Can Help Your Writers To Write Better

how to hire content writers for my website
  • Give them a clear buyer persona. The more they know about the target audience, the better they can curate content that works.
  • Give them access to data that shows how their writing is performing. Share with them information about the number of shares, engagement rate per piece of content, and other such marketing performance reports. This gives the idea of where their created content stands and how much is the scope for improvement.
  • Share any feedback- both positive and negative. Just monosyllables like thanks, good work, can be better, you need to improve, don’t carry much weightage as they are not quantifiable.
  • Always share a writing structure for the content you expect with them. Without clear briefs, suggested content outlines, appropriate links, the intent of the content, and required statistics, the content created is bound to turn out different than expected and more than often unfruitful.
  • Always have a decent timeline. Expecting ‘urgent’ submissions show its effect on the quality of content. It is vital that the timeline is decent, and does not lead to binding their creativity to flow. 

What Does Digital Age Writing Call For?

We live in a digital age.

A business website encompasses a wide variety of content. Apart from having a landing page, a ‘About US’ page, sections to display your products/ services, other basic business information, ‘contact US’ page, a business needs to ensure it addresses other aspects of website content writing requirements too!

Such digital age business content requirements include writing for

And the list is not exhaustive!

And there are more aspects to it, apart from just writing-

  • Keyword research
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Distribution

So ensure the website content writer you choose for your business is capable to take care of your varied sorts of content writing requirements! For best results, you should ‘outsource’ your website content writing needs to professional content writers, from Towards90.

My Two Cents

how to hire content writers for my website

The world would have been a better-written place if finding good writers was as easy as searching “good writer” on Google.

YES, writers are EASY to find! But when you are searching for solutions about  “how to hire content writers for my website” who can create high-quality, authentic, compelling, and memorable content, it does not have an easy way out!

So, What’s your outlook on outsourcing content creation for your website to an agency?

When done right, outsourcing website content writing needs is the best decision you can make as a business owner. With all the above discussed parameters on how to recruit a content writer you can march towards finding the best writer for your website content.

Hire someone who’s a professional- this assures they are quick to pick up the tone of your brand and business and incorporate the same in the content they generate.

Our team at Towards90 knows what exactly works and where. This is from our experience in creating thousands of content pages for our clients. Aware of all the knick-knacks of website content creation best practices, our team can churn out masterpiece content that resonates with your target audience and create an extraordinary website to enhance your brand presence in their minds.

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