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Reasons Why Should You Hire Professional Writing Firms for Your Business’s Content Creation

As a business owner and entrepreneur; you are the best person to know the ins and outs of your business. But can you convey it with the same precision on your website? Even if you do, can you find enough time to do it? Can you consistently produce several styles of writing pieces that are authentic and engaging to your client? Probably not. This is where professional writing firms come to your rescue and make it a cakewalk for you. Here, we would understand who they are and why they are integral to your business’ success. Stay hooked! 

Defining Professional Writing Firms  

No matter which business you are in, you need to convey your ideas, suggestions, and vision in a clear and precise written content. It needs to convey your ideas clearly with precision and should have no grammatical or factual errors. You and your team may not be up to the task.  

But professional writing services can be the solution here. They are a team of experts and professionals who can produce content written to your exact requirement. Not only are they original and unique but they are completely free of plagiarism, of high-quality, and help you achieve your content objectives with razor-sharp precision.   

Hiring an In-House content Writers vs Hiring Freelance Writers vs Outsourcing it to an Agency.

A ubiquitous need of all business is to have a content writing team on the fingertips to cater to all kinds of content needs. As a business owner, you have three options for getting your needs fulfilled. The right decision depends on your goals, budget, industry, and various other considerations. Here, we talk about each type of option.  

1. In-house writers  

Many business owners are under the impression that building a content team means hiring some in-house writers. But it implies an additional cost that comes along with hiring and training them and imparting all the perks of a formal employee.  

Another drawback is the limitation of the skill. It is impossible for any one or two people to have all the skills needed to plan, strategize, create the content, distribute it, and promote it to yield profitability to your business. The result is only possible with a team where each contributes only what he/she is good at.  

Again, in-housed writers are not scalable. You cannot expand or decrease your team according to your business needs.  

Given the above arguments, we can conclude that the in-house writer model works only for large businesses with a big budget to spend on an in-house content writing team

2. Freelance writers  

Most businesses prefer this option because of its benefits like expertise, flexibility, scalability, and cost-saving. You need not pay them the benefits of a regular employee and still select from a pool of talent to select from. 

But here you need to spend time building your team of freelance writers after rejecting many. Moreover, accountability can be on the question here. Without any contract to bind them, they can move on to better opportunities without giving you any kind of warning. This can leave you high and dry and your business in a mess.  

Hence, while it is a good option for any business, it does have its fair share of hassles and headaches.  

3. Hiring Professional Writing Firms  

This option works for most businesses of any size and any stage they are in- startup, small to medium-sized or large-sized business. It has plenty of benefits attached to it that we would be discussing in detail in our next segment. The only care and precaution you need to take is to associate yourself with a reliable and credible professional writing firm like us.  

Reasons to Hire a Professional Writing Firm  

We talked about hiring a professional writing firm for the content needs as the best solution for any business of any size and any budget. According to CMI reports, over 70% of brands resort to this option to scale their business to new heights. To reiterate the fact, we highlight an in-depth analysis and benefits of hiring a professional writing firm for all content requirements. Read on! 

1. More time to focus on other business activities and strategies 

Running a business is no mean task. You have millions of other tasks to take care of. This makes researching, writing, and publishing content regularly, a task you could do without. It is because content creation is a full-time job in itself.  

As a business owner with limited hours, it makes sense to concentrate and spend your energy on those tasks and aspects where you are indispensable. This would help you take your business to scale heights and lead to a profitable ROI.  

For content creation, you can easily outsource it to a professional writing firm. You will not only procure more precise and high-quality content but it would also yield you much higher monetary value than your initial investment.  

2. Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring in-house 

No matter what is the size of your business, finance is always a constraint. You are always gunning for a higher ROI. Outsourcing your content to a professional writing firm proves to be very cost-effective. You are required to pay only for the content that you are ordering. There is no other extra cost attached to it. Additionally, you are required to pay only for the content that you have approved. 

You can utilize their services as and when required and need not pay when you do not need their services. If you compare it with the cost of an in-house team; it proves significantly cheaper.  

Additionally, since content creation companies work for several clients and focus on only content creation; they offer you their services at highly reasonable pricing. It proves to be a win-win situation for all.  

3. Time-saving 

As already discussed, content creation is a full-time job in itself. This can distract you from taking care of other core activities of your business. But if you pass this responsibility to a professional writing firm; you save yourself plenty of time and energy. Without any worry, you can focus on other important aspects of your business and ensure that it is scaling heights.  

4. A more flexible option 

Hiring an in-house has certain limitations. You are stuck with the writer and skills. It limits your ability to adapt to changing content needs over time.  

But outsourcing to a professional writing firm gives you immense flexibility. You can order any type of content at any time, choose the writer whose writing style you like, or choose any expert writer you want. You even have a choice to choose a writer with a different tone.  

There also comes a time in business when you do not need any content. At that time, you need not order any content and knock at their door only when the requirement arises. This flexibility is a huge bliss for your business.  

5. Publish content more frequently  

Even if you do hire an in-house content writer, there is a limit to the content that one or two persons can produce. Moreover, producing high-quality content is a time-consuming affair. It means you will be publishing less content and too at longer intervals. Such content will rarely drive any credible traffic or yield you any success with your content marketing strategy.  

Considering the time, it takes to research, create, and publicize content, any good writer can churn out one to two posts per week. To make your content strategy a success, you would need to hire more writers that mean more costs. 

However, you can easily resolve the dilemma by hiring professional writing firms. They have a large pool of writers, each with different expertise. They also have a backup of different types of writers. Hence, you can get plenty of content every single day and consequently, publish more frequently. This proves advantageous to your business.  

6. The benefit of fresh ideas and varied viewpoints  

We all have our viewpoints and ideas. The story might be the same but it gets a fresh twist from different people narrating it and mixing their point of view in it. Similarly, while you might be narrating your business story from a certain point of view, it might get a fresh twist from a different writer. It could be a concept that might have eluded you or you might not have thought it possible.  

Hiring a professional writing firm exposes you to plenty of fresh talent and ideas that can give your overall content marketing plan, an edge, and an out-of-the-box concept.  

Moreover, these firms and writers have been writing for different other companies and have a rich experience backing them. While you are brainstorming and planning out your content with them, you can tap on this experience and use it to the advantage of your business.  

Again, you are always up-to-date with all emerging content marketing trends and come up with fresh ideas and inspiration. All this implies that none of your content ever loses its spark.  

7. A wider pool of writers to choose from  

A big advantage of hiring professional writing firms is the availability of a large pool of writers at your disposal. You always have a choice of writers even within the same niche. If a writer’s work does not impress you, you can always demand another writer. 

Another advantage is that you have a pool of writers who specializes in different niches of content writing. For instance, one might be an expert in writing web content while the other might be good at writing business proposals or white papers, etc.  

Again, if a specific writer is unavailable for work; you can hire another writer to do the job for you. This control and choice always add fresh juice to your content management strategy.  

8. Faster production of high-quality and inventive content 

One of the beauties of hiring a professional writing firm is the high-quality and inventive content that you get even on the tightest of deadlines. The readers of today are no longer naïve and would flatly reject a low-quality ‘phoned-in’ content. 

A content writing agency can quickly adapt their writing style to match even your highest demands and successfully juggle multiple tasks. They can even accommodate your last-minute requests if need be. It means that you are getting a high-standard content in a shorter period. It means faster publication and greater traffic and better ROI.  

9. Various industry and subject matter experts available for hire 

Any person can be an expert in one or two subjects but not in all. In these scenarios, a subject matter is your best bet. For instance, if you have a children’s toy business, you might need a writeup about the importance of play and toys for child development. The best content production would be done by a child psychology and development expert.  

Similarly, you might need an expert on automation and artificial intelligence. Even though you do not have the expertise on the subject, you can hire a subject matter expert to write the content for you. Most professional writing firms have their team of subject matter experts from various fields to drool out fresh pieces from scratch.  

You can hire an expert on any subject for your content needs for powerful and impactful content. You are able to explore any subject to its depth and accuracy. This leads to a positive impact on your business as it establishes you as an authority.  

10. Reliable content with on-schedule deliveries  

Sometimes you might have a business emergency like getting a presentation prepared or a speech written. You might even need to have a certain written content refined. Or you might be posting content more frequently on your website.  

No matter what is your situation or requirement, you would always have reliable and top-notch content delivered on time. 

Most writers employed by professional writing firms work on a word per word payment mode. It means that they would be dedicated to drooling out content at the earliest and of top-quality to earn income. This is in sharp contrast to the in-house writers who draw a monthly salary and might lack the same motivation to give you that fast a work or of equivalent high quality. 

Again, professional companies have a large pool of writers. Thus, even if an individual is unable to work, there is a backup available who can easily complete the work. Meeting deadlines is one of their hallmarks.  

11. A wider audience outreach  

Professional writing firms work for several companies and are backed by years of experience. Hence, they are well aware that what works and what does not work. They have rich experience in content marketing and its various strategies and can guide you properly.  

Not only they would know how to produce razor-sharp content but also the various ways to use it so that your business reaches a far wider audience than you expected at the start. They can publicize your brand and content right.  

Many share the content on their social network. They can even connect you to their past clients for things like backlinks and other mutually beneficial arrangements. This helps you reach audiences that you might have perceived as inaccessible.  

12. Improve your search engine rankings  

One of the primary goals of your content marketing strategy is to improve your search engine rankings i.e. get your website on the first page of the search engines. This drives more traffic to your website which translates to more sales and business success.  

Professional writing firms know all about search engine rules and algorithms. From web content to blog posts, they deliver engaging, informative, and relevant content such that your SEO goals are met comfortably.  

13. More traffic and increased conversions 

The objective of an online marketing strategy is to drive more traffic to your website that would translate to increased conversions. The content you publish plays a critical role in achieving the aim.  

Professional writing firms know this and help you publish authoritative content not only on your website but also on all possible social websites such that your brand becomes more recognizable. Your brand gains an image of authority and people take your content far seriously.  

They are able to effectively engage the audience on your website and social media platforms. This improves your business views, build a powerful audience, and eventually convert your followers to brand evangelists.  

All this gets manifested as increased traffic and subsequent better conversions.  

14. Ability to experiment with different types of content 

All businesses require different types of content for smooth functioning. Some of the content varieties can be a white paper, e-books, podcasts, emails, and even informative videos. Infographics are yet another powerful way to reach the audience.  

You might not have the expertise but professional writing firms would always have the talent pool for all types of content writing. Moreover, they would do it flawlessly. With them, you can easily experiment with different types of content and find which form of content delivers the maximum results for your business.  

15. Access to custom technology  

For collaborative and effective content creation and its management, you need a plethora of tools and software. Purchasing them might mean a sizeable cost for your business. But professional writing firms would inevitably have them as it is a part of their business.  

By hiring them you are able to take advantage of all these tools and software for seamless content management at no extra cost.  

16. Scalability 

Another big advantage of hiring a professional writing firm is the scalability flexibility that they offer. You can suddenly increase or decrease your content requirement without even giving any kind of notice. You can even stop your orders for a while if you need to. This ability comes very handily, especially if you are a start-up.  

17. Finetune your marketing strategy to meet your business goals  

It is surprisingly easy to partner with a professional writing firm. They can be your partner in a real crisis. They can improve what is already written, can help you with damage control, and can work with you on any kind of project. Most of these firms like ours, offer other services as well, like SEO services such that your marketing strategy becomes most effective and you are able to meet your business goals easily. They help you modify and adjust your strategies at every point in time for the best results.  

18. The ROI of outsourcing can be measured 

For any business, everything is about the investment and the returns gained on it. Moreover, the parameters need to be measurable for you to infer. Outsourcing content to a professional writing firm offers you a measurable index. Few of them are: 

  • The number of views and subsequent conversions on any content piece. 
  • Increase in the number of likes, shares, followings, etc. on social media platforms. 
  • Increase in sales and business revenue post implementing your content marketing plan. 

With high-quality, optimized, and targeted content being published regularly; increased leads, conversions and engagements are inevitable outcomes.  

19. Customer support  

Most business owners need support for their content marketing strategy. They sometimes need to understand what would work best for their business. You might also have a few issues and queries regarding the content received or your website might be facing some glitch.  

No matter what kind of jam you are finding yourself into; you will be eased out of it by the excellent customer support that most professional writing firms provide. Many have their support open 24/7. This way your business never gets hindered and you get maximum results.  

20. White-glove service  

A hallmark of professional writing firms is the white glove service that they provide. They literally make your business their own. They grow alongside you and thus leave no stone unturned in ensuring your success.  

Today, no business can skip on content marketing. Given the advantages mentioned above, it makes sense to take advantage of them and hire a professional writing firm like us.  

Final Words  

By now, it is evident that content writing goes beyond writing impeccably. The words need to be weaved such that they become your ultimate weapon and act as perfect masters of persuasion to attract clients, climb up the search engines, and ultimately get you sales. 

The benefits of outsourcing your content requirements far exceed its costs. If you do want to know more about it; do reach out to us. We are eager to help your business scale heights.