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Towards 90 is the Social media marketing agency services with an expert team for making your social media plan effectively. No matter if you focus on creating a new audience or engaging with your existing buyers, our dedicated team of professionals can make optimized use of your social media presence. 

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Social media marketing services India to Differentiate Your Brand and Increase Sales with social media marketing agency services

  • Facebook, Twitter & other social media channels have become a part of our daily life.
  • Millions & billions of users are active on them all day long. With such a far-reaching platform, it’s no secret that these networks have become a part of every business promotional strategy.
  • If you are not actively present on social media channels, you are lacking behind time. 

Hire Social Media Content Agency from Towards 90 to expand your reach & lead your business to a new height with successful social media management

  • 91% of social media user access through a mobile device, which makes it easier for business to target mobile audience
  • 54% user search on social media for in-depth product research
  • 73% of marketer believes that social media is an extremely effective and trusted platform
  • 75% of consumers use social media as a tool to make a purchasing decision
  • 71% consumer with a positive experience of the brand on social media recommend their relative & social groups
  • 66% of the audience follow a brand that appears to make social media presence catchy & informative with regular updates
  • Social media has users of all types, 90 % millennials, 77% Generation X, 48% of Baby boomers as active users.
  • 49% of user rely on influencer recommendation on social channels


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Towards 90 is one of the prominent social media marketing companies in India. With a proven track record of accomplishing the goals of the client with a successful social presence. 

We are specialized in various areas be it Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing as well as Content marketing & Social media marketing. 

Provide In-depth analysis of social media presence

Young & Skilled team

Monitor Real Results

Custom Social media Features

Affordable Social media services pricing that suits any business type

Dedicated Account manager for social media handles

Our social media marketing services India helps to cater to the needs of every client with comprehensive & customized solutions. With possible efforts and great Social media marketing services package we help brands increase awareness, reach a new audience & bring a large number of online buyers on the website. 

Our Process

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Targeting the right audience seems intimidating at first. And it is often an overlooked phase in a social media strategy. We focus more on targeting the right set of audience suitable for your business. If you are unsure about how your customers are? We can help you get in touch with them through effective research. Our mainstream customized social media campaign starts with targeting the right set of audience. 

If you are wondering, which is the best social media marketing service near me?  Our social media professional team understands what is important to customers that we have targeted as your audience. We know how it works to make an effective presence on social media. With strategies and campaign design in a way that appeals to the audience and generates interest in the mind of the viewer, we will engage your audience and provide them only what they are searching for.

Cultivating your audience online is the last and very crucial step. With a complicated algorithm and competitor presence, it is a challenging job. However, our social media managers know what it takes to engage your audience and gain. With the strategies that work well with your brand, we will put all our efforts to create engaging content for your customers to evolve them to be loyal to your brand. Our efforts will be to maximize your audience and allow them to know about you more and more.

Why Choose Towards 90 social media marketing agency services Over Other Agencies?

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Content Writing Service

Boost Audience & Engagement Through social media marketing agency services from Towards 90

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Social media marketing agency services helps you connect with real-time viewers online, inform them, keep them updated about your product or services. They will, in turn, become loyal to you, when you engage more, connect & listen to them. It will be a cost-effective, fast & easier approach to generating a larger audience.

Reasons to Invest in top social media content services from Towards 90

Nowadays, customers online use online social platforms to find a product or service. In this scenario, business tends to give importance to maintaining a brand’s online visibility. This way it is needed to inform your target audience about what you offer in-store. Wondering which could be the best social media companies near me? We can help you make your social presence up to date. No business is the same,  each requires a customized social media plan that meets the marketing needs and budget most importantly. We know it, and thus we make customized plans for every client, that suits their interest. 

No more hunting for “social media marketing services near me”. This is taken care of well in advance by Towards 90, so you invest in the right place & price. Our social media strategies and service help you rely on us, trust in what we serve & provide your audience with effective conversion. Social media management is a tough job, but it is the most cost-effective approach to bring real-time viewers to your website. Through constant update & posting, your audience will see the best of you, and revenue generation won’t become a hassle at all.


High Sharing

Your brand’s fans and followers are 41% more likely to recommend your social media handles if they are your loyal users for the products and services that you offer.


Establish your brand

One in 10 consumers acts as a free brand promoter online, with a massive number of millennials in the category, only if they like a specific brand.


Testing Public Opinion

Social media can help you evaluate what clients or prospective clients think about you. They share their opinion on the online platform, with that you can review what needs to be modified in your service. We provide Social media services list that goes on and on. And from that you need to choose the one that suits your business type well.


Amazing ROI

Users hype over social media advertising if you have invested your efforts and creativity to make a creative and engaging ad.


Greater audience & traffic:

You uncover demographic areas that you never thought were relevant, you reach out to a loyal audience, you could never connect through offline mode.

Our Clients

Towards 90 is a well-reputed social media management service. Truly the results are commendable & a customized plan is much needed for your business.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


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Industry Case Studies

Social Media Marketing


Dove, a leading beauty company used social media marketing to generate engagement with customers and drove 800 million social media impressions on their campaign.

Social Media Marketing


Airbnb travel accommodation used Social media marketing to build engagement & audience in an interactive way.

Social Media Marketing


Nutella, manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero used Social media marketing to build trust, engage the audience in a fun and interactive way.

Do I need to be present on Social media?

Just because you don’t take any interest in social media handling, doesn’t make it least effective. This is a platform that can help you reach a wider audience. Every day, every minute there are millions of online users, on a different platform. The highly active users are found on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and across channels, getting engagement is actually possible. 

Is Social media the right investment plan?

Gone are those days where people relied on traditional marketing like TV, Print media and banners. Now everything is digitalized, and mobile users want information in just one click. Thus, your investment in social media management will prove to be your best investment plan. Hunting for the top social media companies near me? You will be in a better position if you allow us to make a smart decision to invest in the right strategy and campaign online. 

What tools do you need to use in Social media marketing?

First and foremost, we focus on creating engaging posts, and then all the posts are scheduled accordingly ahead of time. Post scheduling is done beforehand which makes us save a lot of time and this runs effectively for a long-term approach. Facebook business managers use Tweet Deck and tools such as Hootsuite, which allows us to schedule a post for your social handles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook. Adobe Photoshop, Design studio and various other graphical and design tools are used to create, resize & modify images.

How much should I be spending on social media content services?

It is difficult to figure out the exact numbers on a social media marketing budget for the business. It depends upon the number of ads created every month, your budget, business size, goals, milestones, etc. The more you define these parameters accurately and spend, the more results you drive. Ads can go for a long way or short period. We recommend starting with the basic limited budget at first and then see what works best for your business online.

How often do you interact with your clients?

We know how important it is for our clients to communicate and know the process of our work. Thus, we often make a habit to inform and update our clients with the action we take on your social media handles. We discuss periodic strategies, results, ads, comments and feedback that your business has online.

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Capgemini is a consulting company, which worked for top brands such as Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG. However, the company had a problem with its brand awareness. This led to low revenue growth and their competitors surged ahead of them. 

The executives at the company suggested an expensive paid marketing campaign. They wanted to advertise in golf magazines and airports, and also sponsor professional golfers. However, their digital advertising and brand campaign manager, Rena Patel had a different plan. She was convinced that the expensive campaign will not yield results as Capgemini customers were not golf lovers and did not recognize golfers, the company wanted to sponsor. 

She realized that the company was not engaging with its customers, and that is the main reason for the lacklustre performance. She developed a content marketing strategy to engage the present customers and target audience of the company. 

The content marketing strategy of Capgemini was based on creating a storytelling website, which answered the queries of their clients on Big Data and Cloud. Rena Patel achieved her goal of attracting one million new followers to the website after a year. This strategy also helped the company to add 100,000 followers to their LinkedIn page, and the content received 1.8 million shares. 

The content marketing strategy generated about $1 million in sales in the first year, and $5 million in sales in the second year. It now brings a staggering $20 million per year sale to the company. 

Lenovo is a leading manufacturer of laptops, computers and other computer hardware products. The company used content marketing to increase awareness about their brand, and develop trust among the target audience. The main goal of their campaign was to improve its brand re-call value. 

They created a content hub called “Tech Revolution.” This hub was used to deliver the latest news and information related to technology products. They were able to successfully engage with their target audience, which mainly comprised of IT professionals. The leads generated through this platform were routed to their website, which helped the sales executives to contact the interested customers. 

This strategy not only established Lenovo as a thought leader in the industry but also contributed to $300 million in sales. The content hub was able to garner 34 million impressions, and visited by 170,000 new web users.

SAP, the largest vendor of ERP systems across the world wanted to educate their customers and target audience about the different facets of their ERP system. 

The company chose different topics of interest for each of its 19 customer segments. They created suitable content and distributed it using Emails, Tweets, Radio ads, Virtual events, SAP community network, LinkedIn, account-based marketing, in-person events and individual client meetings. 

This content strategy worked to create business opportunities for the company. It created  MTP of over $ 50 million and marketing generated sales of about $4 million.