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Instagram is a highly popular social media platform used by more than 59% of the online population. A picture is worth a thousand words. Share captivating pictures that resonate with your brand and develop brand awareness among your target audience with Instagram account management services India from Towards 90. We are the Best Instagram marketing agency in India with a dedicated team of social media marketing experts. We create a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy to increase viewer engagement and boost website traffic.

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Increasing Importance of Instagram Marketing in the Digital Marketing Mix

Instagram is the most visual social media platform on the internet. Instagram marketing helps to build a strong community of loyal followers who engage with your posts and promote your brand. Posting visually appealing content on Instagram helps to create a positive brand perception and create brand awareness among the target audience. Instagram marketing agencies help you to use various Instagram marketing tools effectively to grow your business.

Who Can Use Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms throughout the world. Every business, big or small can use Instagram to build relationships with the audience and engage them with creative content.


Start-ups can leverage the power of Instagram and reach out to their target audience through captivating stories and images. They can use the platform to create brand awareness and build an online community of followers. Instagram provides amazing marketing tools for businesses.


Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, interior designers, fashion designers, stylists, etc. can use Instagram to promote their services. Instagram is a highly engaging platform that can be effectively used to communicate with the target audience. You can use Instagram stories to create likeable stories about your brand and share them with your followers.


Brands can use Instagram to increase their followers and engage them with interesting and informative content that is aesthetically appealing. The social media network can also be used to interact with the users and collect valuable feedback through polls, contests, questions, etc. brands can also interact directly with customers through direct messaging to address their queries or respond to grievances. 

Not-for-profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations can use the stories section and post videos of their activities to inform users about their work and connect with like-minded people.

How Can You Benefit from Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing helps to spread awareness about your business and gain new customers. Creating a business profile on Instagram and posting highly-engaging content provides the following benefits

Value You can get From Instagram Marketing

Attract the Audience

Creating a business profile on Instagram helps businesses to attract their target audience and build a strong community of followers.

Engage the audience

Posting beautiful images, videos, and content on Instagram engages the audience and motivates them to like, comment and share your content. This helps to acquire new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.

Grow Your Brand

Posting amazing content on Instagram can increase brand recall value in the target audience. They can recognize and remember your brand when they need products or services from your industry.

Did you know? 90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business profile on the platform.

Best Instagram marketing agency in India

Instagram marketing agencies provide professional Instagram content creation and management services. They create comprehensive marketing strategies to promote your business on Instagram. Instagram services for business include strategy formulation, creating a business profile, content creation, creating a content calendar for Instagram, tracking and measuring the performance of the various marketing campaigns. 

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Instagram Marketing for Growth

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform with over a billion active users. It provides many marketing tools for businesses to benefit from advertising on the platform. 

Instagram provides users with multiple filters and options to make their images and videos look visually appealing. 

Businesses can share a sneak peek into the internal happenings of making a brand through Instagram images, videos or Instagram stories.

Best Instagram marketing agency in India

Direct Communication

They can communicate directly with the followers through Instagram Direct Messaging to increase user engagement and build a loyal fan base.

Best Instagram marketing agency in India


IGTV allows users to share live videos on Instagram stories. Businesses can use this feature to develop user-generated content that promotes brand awareness. IGTV is one of the most popular features of Instagram that users go gaga over. The fact that everyone is not allowed to create an IGTV video adds to the appeal of the feature.

Best Instagram marketing agency in India

Brand Awareness

The platform helps businesses to reach out to new users by using different hashtags. Including highly-engaging and popular hashtags for your posts creates a link to every post that is shared with the same hashtag.

Few Wrong Practices That Can Negatively Affect Your Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Instagram is a highly dynamic social media network. Using Instagram for promoting your business requires a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy. Each Instagram post should contain a combination of eye-catching images or videos, carefully selected hashtags and compelling captions in order to be successful in catching the attention of the users. 

Tips to Boost the Returns from Your Instagram Marketing Investment

Hiring the services of the Best Instagram marketing agency in India will help you achieve maximum ROI on your Instagram marketing spending. The social media marketing experts at Instagram marketing agencies can use the best Instagram marketing tools to create engaging content that develops trust among the users. 

Why Choose an Instagram Marketing Agency?


Towards 90 is the Best Instagram marketing agency in India. We have 2+ years of experience in handling social media marketing campaigns for clients from various industries. We offer Instagram account management services as well as Instagram content management services to our clients. Our experienced Instagram marketing experts can help you in every step of Instagram marketing such as creating a business profile, creating relevant and engaging content, Instagram account monitoring and management, and Instagram analytics.

Customized Instagram marketing strategy

Latest Instagram marketing tools for paid and organic growth

Customer-centric approach

Growth-driven strategies

Latest analytical tools to measure and optimize performance


Our Process

website optimization services

Towards 90 is the Best Instagram marketing agency in India. Initially, our Instagram marketing professionals will conduct competitor and audience research. They identify your exact target audience, and what are their demands and preferences. We also research your competitors to understand their marketing tactics and devise strategies to set your business apart. We will also review your existing Instagram campaigns and their performance. Based on the results our experts will create an extensive Instagram marketing strategy for your business.

Our dedicated project manager will discuss the strategy with you and we will only implement the strategy after you go ahead. We will open your Instagram business profile, and create a content calendar to keep you updated about content creation and publishing. Our creative content developers start their work to develop beautiful pictures and videos that portray your brand identity and connect with the users. We reach out to highly successful influencers to promote your brand on Instagram. We use different Instagram marketing tools to search for effective hashtags, create contests, paid promotions etc.

Our Instagram account management services India include regular monitoring and monthly reporting. We track your account daily and respond to users comments and direct messages. We track and measure the performance of each campaign developed by us on your behalf. We will create reports in an easily understandable format and share the results with you.

Reason to Invest in Instagram Content Creation Services from Towards 90

Businesses are flocking to Instagram to promote their brands due to the huge number of active users on the platform. It is crucial to hire the Best Instagram marketing agency in India to ensure that your brand is differentiated from competitors.


Get Discovered By New Customers

As per statistics, 83% of users discover products and services on Instagram.


Influence Users Buying Decisions

Research proves that 80% of Instagram users decide whether to buy a product or service depending on their experience with the brand on Instagram.


Create a Positive Impression on Users

70% of Instagram users want brands to take a stand on various social causes.


Increase Brand Awareness

79% of users searched for more information about a brand after seeing it on the platform.


Boost Website Traffic

As per the latest stats, 65% of users visit a business website after seeing it on Instagram.


Increase Engagement

Businesses can generate 4 times more engagement on Instagram when compared to Facebook.


Stay Ahead of Competitors

71% of US businesses use Instagram marketing to promote their business.


Share Relevant Content

One-third of the most-viewed stories on IGTV are from businesses.


Generate Brand Awareness

As per statistics from Hootsuite, 200 million users on Instagram visit at least one business profile daily.

Our Clients

We have partnered with the best brands in India and abroad. Here are a few of them.
Best Instagram marketing agency in India
Best Instagram marketing agency in India
Best Instagram marketing agency in India
Best Instagram marketing agency in India
Best Instagram marketing agency in India


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Best Instagram marketing agency in India
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"Thanks for creating complete content for my website. It feels a milestone reach, yet we have a long way to go...Thanks for your teams support.

Best Instagram marketing agency in India
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Instagram marketing is an excellent way to build brand awareness and increase brand awareness. Go through some of the successful examples from industry to understand the impact of Instagram marketing.

Best Instagram marketing agency in India

National Geographic

National Geographic grew its followers on Instagram

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Adidas used Instagram to market its new brand

Best Instagram marketing agency in India


Chanel used influencer marketing on Instagram to reach out to their target audience.

Does every business need Instagram marketing?

Instagram is the most popular social media network after Facebook. The platform has more than one billion active users and is an effective way to reach out to an international audience.  Every business, irrespective of its size, can benefit from Instagram marketing. However, hiring the services Best Instagram marketing agency in India will help you to get the optimum return on investment.

What are the popular Instagram marketing techniques?

Instagram is a highly dynamic platform. They introduce new features and marketing tools to enhance the reach and engagement of Instagram marketing campaigns. Instagram stories are one of the most engaging and popular Instagram marketing tools to share images and videos with followers. You can also IGTV to live stream videos on Instagram. Apart from these tools, you can use different types of posts such as motivational posts, crowd-sourced images, day-in-the-life posts, product posts, influencer posts, tutorial posts, etc. to connect with your followers on a regular basis.

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National Geographic is one of the most popular profiles on Instagram. They have around 74.2 million followers on the platform. National Geographic regularly shares breathtaking photographs from exotic locales around the globe that capture the imagination of the viewers and pique their interest. They are a good example of achieving great results by doing the one thing that you are best at.

Adidas is a popular sportswear brand around the world. The company used Instagram to promote its new brand NEO through user-generated content. The company asked users to create Instagram posts inspired by Adidas and share them using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. They selected the best content creators and called them for a professional photoshoot for Adidas Neo. They announced that the photographs will be shared on the Adidas Instagram channel. They also recruited the services of Instagram’s most popular celebrity Selena Gomez to promote their contest.  

As a result, the company generated 71,000 mentions of their hashtag #MyNeoShoot and also gained 41,000 new followers.

Chanel is a designer brand famed for its luxurious creations. The company planned to promote the launch of their new perfume No. 5 L’Eau. They unleashed the power of influencer marketing on Instagram to reach out to their target audience and inform them about the product. 

Chanel invited the top fashion and beauty bloggers for a complimentary retreat in the South of France.  They gave the group a tour of their production facility at Grasse and allowed them to explore the flower fields. The company encouraged them to document and share their experiences on Instagram with hashtags #newchanel5 and #chanelgrasse. 

As a result of the campaign, the brand generated over 1600 pieces of influencer and user-generated content and attracted 900,000 likes in the first month itself. They reached over 9 million people across different social media channels.