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As per the latest statistics, Facebook has over 2.50 billion monthly active users, which provides marketers with a vast scope to spread brand awareness about their products and services. Facebook has over 80 million business pages, and proper management of your business profile is crucial to stand ahead of the competitors. Most of the customers visit the Facebook pages of a brand to view their product offerings and customer reviews. Hiring Facebook marketing service from Towards 90 ensures the success of your Facebook marketing strategy.

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Rising Importance of Facebook Marketing in the Digital Marketing Mix

Facebook marketing helps to reach out to your target audience and engage them with creative and relevant content. It helps you to develop a relationship with the audience and improve brand recall value, whenever they need to invest in products or services from your niche. Hiring the services of a Facebook advertising agency will help to ensure the success of your Facebook marketing campaign.

Who Can Use Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be used by any business, irrespective of their size. It is most suitable for


Brands from various industries such as consumer durables, home goods, restaurants, etc. can be promoted on Facebook. It helps to turn passive customers into active followers, who engage with the brand.

Local Businesses

No matter, whether you own a family-run business or a franchise of a big company, Facebook advertising can help you build a local community that visits your business and recommends it to others.


Business consultants, personalities, musicians, event managers, writers, authors, etc. who need to connect with more people to advertise their services can use Facebook marketing. Our Facebook marketing services for service business will help you develop creative and targeted ad campaigns using scientific data and reach out to a larger audience.

Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations such as charities, political organizations, public service groups, etc. can also use Facebook marketing to promote their cause and get donations.

How Can You Benefit From Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing helps to build a relationship with potential customers and increase brand awareness. There are many other benefits of Facebook marketing such as

Value Proposition From Facebook Marketing

Attract the Audience

Creating a business page on Facebook helps to attract the target audience. You can build a loyal community of Facebook fans for your brand, who not only buy from you but also promote your brand to others.

Engage the audience

Creating relevant and useful content for Facebook is critical to engage the target audience. You can use a mix of written content along with videos, images, infographics etc. to make the content interesting and informative. The more the audience likes to engage with the brand by liking and sharing the content, the better exposure for your brand.

Grow Your Brand

Facebook provides many opportunities for businesses to promote and grow their brand. You can reach out to a specific audience through targeted Facebook ad campaigns and improve qualified leads and conversions. Increase brand loyalty and grow your brand with Facebook marketing campaigns.

Did You Know? 32 of online user are accessing social channel via Facebook

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook marketing is a critical component of your overall content marketing strategy. However, it is crucial to choose a reputed Facebook marketing service in India to make sure that your investment in Facebook marketing yields optimum results. Hiring the service of a Facebook advertising agency will help you to gain the maximum advantage of advertising on the platform without having to do the hard work. You can address other strategic business functions, while your Facebook marketing service provider takes care of your Facebook business pages and attracts more followers to your page.

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Facebook Marketing for Growth

Facebook provides businesses with multiple targeting opportunities. You can target broad and large audiences or narrow and specific audience based on your business requirement. You can advertise to the saved audience, custom audience and lookalike audience through our Facebook advertising service

Facebook advertising can be used for three main objectives. 

Facebook marketing service

Creating Awareness

Facebook advertising helps to reach the maximum number of your target audience, and inform them about your brand. A Facebook advertising agency has copywriters, and content developers who can create clickable ads that reach out to the audience and make them aware of your brand.

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The next step is to push your audience further down the sales funnel. It includes motivating the audience to engage with your brand by watching, liking, sharing, and interacting with your Facebook content. Our Facebook marketing services packages improve engagement, generate high traffic, increase page likes, boost video views, improve app installs, generate conversations and boost lead generation.

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Facebook marketing also contributes to boosting the bottom lines of your business. Our Facebook marketing services feature conversion campaigns on Facebook can increase conversions on your website, boost sales, and drive store visits.

Few Wrong Practices That Can Negatively Affect Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Facebook marketing is very dynamic and it is hard to be up-to-date with the Facebook algorithm. Here are some of the common Facebook Advertising mistakes made by businesses.

Tips to Improve the Return on Your Facebook Marketing Investment

Outsourcing your Facebook marketing campaign to an experienced Facebook marketing service provider will work wonders to improve the return on your investment. The specialists at the Facebook advertising agency Delhi are well-versed with the Facebook algorithm and can create the right campaigns that increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

Why Choose a Facebook marketing Service Provider?


Towards 90 is the best agency offering Facebook marketing services India. We have a dedicated team of social media managers, who understand the intricacies of Facebook marketing. We are up-to-date with the highly dynamic Facebook algorithm and can design highly-targeted ad campaigns that place you before the right customers, looking to buy products/ services in your industry.

Customized strategy for each client

A dedicated team of social media marketing experts

Comprehensive Facebook marketing services packages

Highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns

Advanced analytical tools such as Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics, etc. 


Our Process

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Towards 90 is a respected Facebook advertising agency. We believe that research plays a crucial role in the development of any marketing strategy. We spend ample time conducting in-depth review and research to understand your business goals, objectives, and history. Our professional team of researchers also conducts audience research and creates buyer personas. We also undertake a competitor analysis and review of your existing Facebook ad campaigns. 

It is essential to have a well-planned strategy to secure the success of your Facebook marketing campaign. The professionals at our Facebook marketing agency India create a well-researched strategy to help you accomplish your Facebook marketing goals and objectives. We ensure that each of the Facebook marketing campaigns created by us delivers high returns in terms of lead generation, engagement, conversions, page likes and so on. 

We offer comprehensive Facebook marketing services packages. We use the latest analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, and so on to track the campaigns and measure different performance metrics such as page likes, engagement, lead generation, website traffic from Facebook ads, conversions, etc. We use Facebook pixels to measure the various metrics and optimize Facebook ads for higher conversions. 

Why Choose Towards 90 Content Creation Services Over Other Agencies?

Facebook marketing service

Boost Your Revenue Through Content Marketing Services from Towards 90

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Content marketing helps to connect with the customers, inform them and convert them into your loyal customers. Our comprehensive content marketing strategies engage the customers, generate leads and boost sales. 

Reasons to Invest in Facebook Marketing Services from Towards 90

Facebook is one of the most active social media platforms at present. It has more than 2 billion users, which provides a great marketing scope to businesses. Hiring the services of an experienced Facebook marketing agency India, helps you to get the maximum return on your Facebook ad investment.


Competitive Cost-per-click Rate

The cost-per-click rate of Facebook is approximately $0.97, which is one of the most competitive rates for social media marketing.


Benefit From the Low cost-per-lead Rate

The cost-per-lead rate for Facebook marketing is $1.07. You can earn qualified leads, who can be pushed down the sales funnel quickly. 


Reach a larger Number of Potential Customers

According to statistics, 26.3% of the global population uses Facebook. And half of the internet users who do not use Facebook live with someone who uses Facebook. 


Develop Online Community

As per the latest statistics, 49% of Facebook users like the Facebook pages of their favourite brands. 


Stay Ahead of Competitors

67% of digital marketers report using Facebook marketing in their overall marketing strategy.


Develop Highly Targeted Promotion Campaigns

Facebook can be used in 142 languages, which makes it easy to connect with users around the world. 


Increase Viewer Engagement

As per the statistics from Ecommerce CEO, 32% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly on the platform. 


Influence the Purchase Decisions of the Target Audience

According to 47% of marketers, Facebook content and ads can impact the purchasing decisions of people, whereas 44% of users claim Facebook influences their shopping choices. 


Enhance Brand Awareness

70% of brands report using Facebook to promote brand awareness and gain new customers. 

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Facebook marketing is an excellent way to build brand awareness and improve lead generation.

Go through some of the successful examples from industry to understand the importance of Facebook marketing.
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HubSpot used Facebook marketing to enhance audience engagement and increased its video views from 50,000 to 1 million.

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Samsung used Facebook marketing to promote the launch of its Galaxy S6 smartphone in Latin America

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Nike builds brand awareness through Facebook marketing

Do small businesses need Facebook marketing?

In today’s digitally connected world, every business big or small needs to reach out to potential customers online and create brand awareness. With over 2 billion users, Facebook is an important social media platform that is used by over 94% of marketers. 

Is Facebook marketing expensive?

Facebook offers both organic and paid campaigns. It is important to manage your Facebook marketing campaigns carefully to make sure that your Facebook ad spend does not go waste. Hiring the services of an experienced Facebook advertising agency will help you to get maximum ROI on your Facebook ad investment. Our Facebook marketing service prices are very low in the industry and very transparent. We ensure that you get the maximum return on every rupee you spend on Facebook advertising. 

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Hubspot is a software company that provides marketing, sales, and CRM software. The company wanted to improve audience engagement on their Facebook content. The social media team of the company embarked on a pilot project to change the objectives of their Facebook campaign from lead generation to audience engagement. They started creating videos and headlines that their audience would like and engage. They also experimented with video design, formats, and size. 

As a result of this pilot project, Hubspot reported their videos views increased from 50,000 to 1 million per month. It proves that creating content that is informative and intriguing helps to engage the audience better than just plain lead generation content.

Samsung used the multiple ad strategy on Facebook to Launch its Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone in Argentina. They created 3 videos to highlight the design, camera, and battery life of the phone. One video was launched every week and targeted both men and women in Argentina. During the last week of the campaign, the company launched more photo and video ads. These ads were targeted to the specific audience who engaged with the earlier videos and their lookalike audience. 

Samsung reported a 500% ROI on their month-long, highly-targeted Facebook marketing campaign. They also reported a 7% increase in new customers.

Nike, the popular sportswear brand, has a corporate page on Facebook. They also have several fan pages for various sports such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc. They also have activity pages such as Nike+ run club, Nike women, etc. These separate pages for sports, activities, and products help the company to target their audience in an efficient manner. They can provide valuable content to each of their audience groups, without disturbing the other groups. 

Moreover, Nike organizes various activities and encourages users to share their photographs and videos to develop user-generated content. As a result, they have a lot of branded content generated by users shared across the platform. 

As a result, the brand increases brand awareness without being too promotional about their products.