How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?

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Is your business looking to hire website content writer near me? Then you are at the right place. Read along as we take you through tips to hiring a good web content writer and other details on  website content and the solutions we the team at Towards90 offer.

Tips To Hire The Best Website Content Writer Near Me

Hiring a content writer is actually very tough. To be able to find the one or the team that suits your expectations is not so easy.  Not everyone who claims to be a content writer will have enough knowledge about content marketing and SEO. Plus not everyone can create content in the tone and style that is apt for your business. And lastly, we also need to ensure they comply with the required timelines and schedules!

Here are 7 factors to look out for in a website content writer, and how we at Towards90 provide them to our esteemed clients-

How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?


The field of web content creation and copywriting calls for a lot of experience and up to date market knowledge. Someone who can show you multiple examples of their previous work and a happy client is the one you should consider.


Punctuality is the most vital quality of website content and copywriter. The rankings of your website rely heavily on the frequency of content posting. We at Towards90 never missed a deadline, and don’t intend to break this streak of ours! 


There are 1000’s of websites out there. So to ensure yours stands out, you need to ensure the content you post on it is creative and unique. 

Research skills

We are sure you have worked very hard to build your business. After all that hard, tireless work, are you willing to blow it away with not so good content on your website? Content on your website should not be some words that fill the space. Choose a website content writer near me who understands this and takes the time and effort to understand you, your business, it’s needs, its target customers, and only then create the content that goes on your website.

Presentation skills

Content writing is not just about writing!


Ok, let us explain!

The content you put up on the website is not just words. A good content writer must have writing as well as presenting skills. Attractively presented content can easily win over visitors on the website. Content on a website needs to be structured properly with the right mix of blogs, videos, images, infographics, charts, and other such mediums, and all this in a chirpy, bubbly and attractive manner.

SEO knowledge

How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?

For a successful website, it’s invariably important to follow rules of SEO, internal linking, keywords placement, and ease of navigation. Our expert team at Towards 90 has all the technical knowledge required to handle the website content requirements your business might have.

Knowledge of human psychology, marketing, and advertising

Writing for a website is just not about good expressions skills. It needs to cover a wide number of elements that involve principles of marketing and advertising and an in-depth understanding of buyer psychology and buyer personas of your target audience.

The entire process to find a website content writer near me takes time and effort, but it is a worthwhile investment. Writing for your website is not a one-time thing, so crafting a long-term relationship would prove very beneficial! The above-mentioned tips would help you tie up not just any writers, but only the best ones, like the writers on board with Towards90, and assure you get the best results!

What is website content creation? Why is website content important in digital marketing?

Content is what you as a business put up on your website for the world to see. It is the crux of any website and primary element to winning the audience’s attention. The designing, visual appeal, mediums like images & videos can play only a secondary role. 

The importance of good content from the digital marketing view cannot be stressed enough. Good quality content has the power to attract apt viewers to your website and build upon the awareness of your brand. Content should be such that it can educate potential customers and help them decide whether the services/ products you are offering are apt for them. It should engage the readers and propel them to take action.

How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?

Having high-quality content on your website also ensures better rankings on search engines. Search engines rank pages in two parameters-

  • Quality of the content and 
  • Links within the content

These two decide the ranking of your page in search engine result pages (SERP’s). Therefore, strong content acts like fuel to your SEO strategy, which in turn ensures the webpage to come up higher in search results.

The pre-requisite to generate backlinks and high click-through rates (CTR) is quality content on your website. Quality content would attract more visitors and more clicks prompting search engines to increase your website ranking. Lastly, when a reader finds your website content valuable, he is likely to share it in his circles.

Contact a website content writer near me today as only when your website holds awesome pieces of content that can excite your target audience, nothing can stop your website to top the search engine results!  

What is a website content strategy?

Content strategy is defining how your business can achieve its goals. It answers questions like what medium and style of content that is to be used to best achieve your goals. It also talks about how your business should first create your content, then mediums you should use to distribute the content and place it in front of customers, and finally what parameters would be used to measure the content performance in the online world.

A content strategy talks about how your business intends to build customer loyalty, and gain recognition in the online world flooded with competitors. It comes handy anytime your business needs to make tactical decisions. A clear and detailed definition of your business’s content strategy can continue giving purpose and focus on your marketing efforts.

Can I use another website’s content?

NO. Copying content from another website is called plagiarism, and it is illegal. 

Yes, you can put copied content on your website, but it would need to also have an extract with attribution and a link which on clicking takes the reader the original content. 

One also needs to understand that just making minor changes in the content is still a breach of copyright.

Thinking away from the legal aspects, a website owner also needs to understand that a visitor to your website would stick around only when he believes the content put up there comes from experts on the subject. Copied content decreases the value of your business in the eyes of the target audience and makes it look dishonest and unprofessional. 

A website has lost a major portion of its purpose if it is not able to rank well in search engine ratings. And search engines penalize plagiarism by ensuring they list towards the end in any search results. 

Therefore, hiring a professional website content writer near me, who has an in-depth knowledge of how things work in the digital world, is a good idea!

Can your website content be copyrighted?

How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?

A website does not need to be copyrighted. It is automatically protected the second goes “live”. It is the content on the website that requires copyright protection.

A copyright protects all your original work authorship. It could be text, graphics, images, videos, basically anything original.

Eligibility criteria for your website content copywriting include:

  • Originality 
  • A basic level of creativity
  • Presentation in a fixed and tangible medium 
  • At least a minimal amount of creativity

What a copyright covers – Only the elements you submit in the copywriting form can be copyrighted, be it content, images, or videos. Any changes/ updates you make to your website later require its own registration.

What a copyright does not cover – A copyright cannot be extended on methods of operation, procedures or ideas, nor the look, feel, design, and layout of a website. Also, a website’s domain or URL isn’t copyrightable.

Why update website content? How often should you update your website content?

Having an updated website reflects high on your brand. It sends out an image of your business being active and alive. Your updated content is a medium to keep visitors on your website informed about the new products/ services you offer, and more importantly, it ensures to enhance the website’s SEO value.

When your target audience posts a search query online, it works positively for your website if it can rank in the top 2-3 listings of their search query.

For a search engine to prefer your website over dozens of other websites, it needs to take into account a few algorithms. These parameters include 

  • The type of content, 
  • Number of words that match the query,
  • Quality of your content, 
  • The freshness of your content.

Fresh content does not refer to new content alone. Editing and updating pre-existing content can be considered freshness too.

A website content writer near me would suggest it ideal to update fresh material on your website once to thrice in a week.

Also, keep in mind that a single high-quality article posted on your site is much more valuable than two schlocky ones.

What is a website content management system?

A website content management system is a gizmo that assists in building up a website. The best part about a Web CMS is that you do not have to write all the code or have basic knowledge about it.

The web CMS is a program that assists to maintain, control, change, and reassemble the webpage’s content. Content is a general term covering text, video, audio, graphics, images, etc. 

The WCMS could also organize and present data uniquely as per the precise needs of the site visitors.

The key features of a WCMS are 

  • An environment where one can create, design, and store personalized content that is used to make a website.
  • This environment can be accessed by editors who would then review the content followed by approving it for publication.
  • This can then be automatically published 

So with a web content management system software users having almost nil knowledge of any sort of web programming language can still create and manage content on a website!

Some other generalized features of web CMS include:

  • Automated standardized templates
  • User security roles
  • Version history
  • Multiple language support
  • Easy editing tools
  • The collaboration of tools amongst multiple users
  • Easily installed plug-ins
  • Workflow and document management;

Where to get website content?

How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?
  • Internal content creation

You may not notice but a few of your many employees may have a passion for writing. Since they work for you they already know a lot about your business and industry. Internal content is sure to feel more authentic and strike a better connection with your target customers. Organizations may conduct fun and rewarding contests for employees who can submit valuable blogs towards your website.

  • Open forum discussions

In certain industries that have a huge number of followings and possibilities of endless discussions amongst followers, this methodology works as a perfect solution. This can be done by having a form on your website that visitors can fill to be able to discuss things on the topic with other fellow visitors. Such topic discussions have huge potential and can generate innumerable topic ideas. And this way your business not only gets newer ideas but also sends out a positive vibe about being concerned about its customers, their thoughts, and interests. Forums also contribute multi-fold towards organic traffic generation!

  • Old content, newer packaging

Taking off old content from your business website can contribute to increasing your website traffic. But, instead of just removing it, you can rewrite it, updating it as per current standards.

The trends and parameters of the digital world have been changing forever. An old blog that doesn’t qualify for today’s standards, but is still a worthy topic idea can serve as a base to a newly revamped blog that takes a lot less effort to write!

  • Outsource your content requirements to professionals
How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?

Being a business owner it seems an impossible task to manage everything on your own. Often you get so busy with other more important things to take care of; you fall short on creating superior quality content on a steady basis. And having an internal writer is not a cost-effective means to achieve the content needs for your website. This is where content creating firms or website content writer near me can come to your rescue. Tying up with reputed firms like Towards90 can not only get you good content but would also be economical to your wallets.

Guest posts are content that is created by someone else who wishes to post it on your website blog. Guest bloggers are people who are actively present in your industry, have good knowledge about it, and also have significant social media following. You may have to edit and proof-read such submissions as anything on your company’s blog reflects on your business, but such an expense is worth every penny for the free and valuable content you get.

Website Content Structure

A website’s structure refers to how you arrange information on a website. The architecture of your website is a parameter to brainstorm about in detail, especially if you have loads of content on your website. Apart from products content also includes pages, topics or blogs.

A website structure represents what a content page does to a book.

  • The book—-> Home page
  • Chapters—-> Categories
  • Topics—-> Different pages on the website.

Ensure that your website structure is designed in such a way that users can visitors find and use pages, without any confusion and doubts.

There are 3 broad classifications of a website structure.

  • Hierarchical structures
How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?

Such a structure is more commonly called the hub-and-spoke structure or the tree structure. All content in the website is connected in a top down approach. So a website visitor would begin with a broad category and eventually drill down narrowing the scope to the final information he is looking for.

  • Sequential structures

Such a structure makes the users glide through a step-by-step path.

  • Matrix Structures

Such a structure allows browsers to decide their own path. All content on such a website is interlinked in numerous ways.

Now you might be wondering, how to choose a structure?The answer to this is case specific. Some organizations call for a specific structure, while most others benefit by using the three of them in a complementary style.

What Are Some Website Content Best Practices?

How to hire the best website content writer near me | What should I know?
  • Relevant categorization of pages makes them easy to understand.
  • Properly structuring the internal links and linking each page to another helps in SEO.
  • Try not to have more than 7 items in the main menu and ensure the flow is in logical order as per your business and industry.
  • Adding relevant tags helps search engines to better understand your website. But also ensure you do not overdo it.
  • Ensure you have at least 2 cornerstone articles, but not more than 10 on your website.
  • Strictly avoid duplicate content as it confuses search engines.
  • Ensure the number of items do not go overboard in drop-down menus.
  • Ensure you discard bad, outdated and non-useful pages.
  • Have a regular site structure review process. 
  • If you restructure your site, ensure you resubmit your sitemap to Google.

Industry-Specific Content On Websites

While all the basic elements of any website remain common across businesses, different industries do have certain unique elements that have to be a part of their website. As a team of  knowledgeable Website Content Writer Near Me, let us take you through such unique elements that are industry-specific for websites-

Website content for accountants

  • Credibility elements- Accountancy firms are bound by law to not parade its client list. So they can establish their credibility through displaying –
  • Honors and awards they have received. 
  • Path-breaking articles they have published.
  • Accomplishments of personnel;
  • Authoritative, yet engaging content- Their industry demands that they make available loads of technical content, but in easily readable language.
  • Rock-solid ‘contact us’ options- Since they cannot have a sale-sy content, they should ensure the ‘contact us’ segment is easy to access and displays all mediums of contacting the business.

Website content for IT company

  • Multiple landing pages- These are standalone web pages made with marketing or advertising in mind.
  • Product tour pages- Products that IT companies deal in can be better explained using graphics and videos rather than text alone.
  • Resource center – This section aims at educating your target audience about the latest developments in the field regularly. Such an information-sharing process can happen through various mediums like apart from the usual blogs, like-
    • Infographics
    • Case Studies
    • Whitepapers
    • Webinars & Tutorials
    • Product Feature Releases
    • Industry News, Reviews & Reports
  • Testimonials & validation- Quotes, success stories, customer reviews, and video testimonials are an IT company’s best means of increasing sales prospects to future customers!
  • Assessment tools – IT companies often offer multiple versions of their product. Providing assessment tools like ‘product comparisons’ provide customers a deeper understanding making the decision-making process easier and friendlier.

Website content for construction company

  • High-quality interactive images of projects
  • Information about project and research material 
  • Government certifications for individual projects
  • Specific pages for each location with is relevant background information of the project
  • Downloadable resources like project maps, blueprints, etc.
  • Awards and achievements of the business
  • Client reviews

Website content for school

  • Robust search function to help find the exact course from the multiple options
  • Real-time videos of the educational institution
  • Staff directory with images, qualification, and accomplishment of the faculty
  • Academic calendar
  • Rules, regulations and various forms
  • Archived E-newsletters 

Website content for lawyers

  • Bio of the lawyers in the firm
  • The segment of specialization of the firm
  • Achievements
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Tools like 
    • Guides
    • Checklists
    • Printables
    • Quizzes
    • Whitepapers
  • Clearly stated ‘contact us’ options of all possibl;e mediums of contacting the business, as they cannot get very pushy about hiring them. 

Website content for manufacturing company

  • Product specifications with images
  • Case studies showing potential customer solutions you can offer them. 
  • Blog posts and other information content not only on your products alone but on generalized industry trends and customer concerns.

Why Settle For Less Than The Best?

We at Towards90 are your one-stop solution to all your content creation needs and your best bet when you are looking out for a website content writer near me!

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