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Content Writing Services In Pune

Best Content Writing Companies in Pune

Contents are highly in demand these days, and there is no alternative to content as well. That means, good and informational content gives you so many opportunities to learn and teach. And certainly, you cannot replace a good piece of information with anything else in marketing. Good content is based on information, facts, real-life incidents and a lot more; most importantly, it should catch people’s attention and should be comprehensive to the general public. The delivery of the information or the content can occur through television, print media, audio, CDs, etc. With that in mind, Pune has built up many content writing services to help you boost your marketing campaign. Here we will discuss the best content writing companies in Pune.

Before going to discuss content writing services in Pune, let’s have a discussion on what is content marketing. Content is a type of marketing that consists of various activities like the creation of the content and distribution. The reason for content marketing is solely based on the interest of readers and learners. And this continuous way makes the readers and users part of the marketing strategy as they become customers. The top content writing companies in Pune follow the same strategy and hire the most efficient and professional website Content Writers for the general public and customers.

Content Writing Service: Types

Content writing is not an easy-peasy task and finding a professional freelance writer is not an easy process either. You can’t just visit a portal and hire the most professional writers out there; because it does not work like that. There are various types of content you will find in the marketing world and based on the marketing strategy and audience type, the contents tend to be different. First, you need to make sure what type of content you are looking for, and then you need a writer who will be the best fit for your project. Depending on their field of study, interest, and personality every writer can have a different set of skills. Different types of writers love to write on different types of niches, and they have different specialties. Hence, you can understand that content marketing and content creation is something that only professionals can understand.

It is not like cricket players who play the same game with a bat and ball. Content writers create various content based on their interests and skills. And in order to improve their skills, they use various techniques. Moreover, a writer can choose to boost their experience in various specialties. Here we will discuss various types of content writers and their specialties.

Brand journalist

Journalist writers are highly professional and skilled, and they basically work on long term projects and interviewing pieces. Like, the one you usually see in magazines and newspapers. Brand journalists are great in narrating stories and find interests in a different perspective to create relevant workpieces. Basically, they are the Content Writers For Magazines. They can create eye-catching headlines. Alongside this, they have a great idea of storytelling. You must opt for the service of a Brand journalist if you are looking to create newsletters or community stories as part of your brand marketing strategy. Having handy writers with research skills from this genre can even create blog posts from various angles.

SEO Copywriter

Content Writing Services In Pune

SEO copywriters or generalists don’t require much of an experience to create valuable and interesting content. They just follow up several rules and techniques to create SEO optimized content for brands. You will find SEO copywriters widely and more than any other type of writer in the market. The sole responsibility of an SEO writer is to create keyword optimized workpieces to maximize the search benefits. They do keyword research and come up with keyword-based content that would ultimately benefit you with a higher website ranking in search engines. Moreover, keyword-based articles can drive more traffic and add significant value to the conversion rate of your business. There are many SEO friendly content writing services available all over India.

Digital/UX Writer

This is the era of digitalization where developers are constantly coming up with new interactive ideas to engage customers. Mobile applications contain an exciting environment where visitors like to visit for learning and spending time, and these are not billboard kinds of things. Digital/UX writers have a huge role to play when it comes to writing eye-catchy content for different pages and buttons of this apps. The UX Writers can come up with the most optimized content for your application which will complement the design of the particular app. Digital writers are well-trained to understand the complexities of digital platforms, and they take strategies that help them create analytical content that is best for the platform. Therefore, you should opt for these dedicated content writers who will ultimately help the application to connect with your target audience.

Lead Generation Writer

The main purpose of a lead generation writer is to generate leads and create sales. They have a strong knowledge of data, analytics, alongside they are well aware of consumer psychology, to create effective content. A professional Lead generation writer needs to understand the lead conversion methodologies to create effective content for customers. As a trained lead generation writer, one should be able to create landing pages, call to actions, sales letters, website banner ads, online pay-per-click ads, and similar writing pieces.

Subject Matter Expert

As you can say, a subject matter expert should have sound knowledge and a deep understanding of the subject. The person should be able to write about your industry with authority, and this type of writer is hard to find. They are even rarer than the Lost Generation writers, and that is why a subject matter expert is more expensive than a generalist. A subject matter expert can create topics that generalists can’t, and they create credible products to help your brand become more authoritative. These writers are efficient and dedicated, and that helps them suggest ideas you have not come up with before. They can write e-books, informational contents like how-to’s, whitepapers, link generating contents, content series, pillar blog posts, and articles, etc. You can call them academic content writers, and there are many academic content writing jobs in Pune that help them boost their experience in this field.


The main advantage of hiring an influencer is to use their built-in audience. They can post the content on their site or yours, but the key difference is, an influencer will help you reach different sets of people in different and unique ways. If you are looking to connect with different audiences to take your marketing onto the next level, you can connect with an influencer. If you involve influencers to your website and industry, they will help you boost the credibility of your content and industry. That’s why it is a wise idea to hire content writers freelancers to be one of the trusted content writing agencies in Pune. If an influencer plays their role in a particular niche or subject, they can multiply the value of an academic writer. Some influencers can even have interactions with publishers to earn more effectively.

Social Media Writer

A professional social media writer knows how to write content that would influence conversations with the general public. A social media writer writes engaging and interactive social content that stimulates conversation. They also have experience in creating content for different social networks. To be a social media writer, one should learn how to use hashtags, links, questions, polls, engaging statements, etc. Social media writers also know how to create multi-touch content journeys, and they know how to create content for company websites, community forums, contests, social media pages, etc. To maximize interaction, they plan on posting content for social media networks at the best time. These writers are smart and efficient, which makes them the most valuable part of brands and companies.

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising copywriters are best in creating ideas and turn them into powerful messages. They possess creativity and work on the point that helps them penetrate deeply into our minds. They are hard-working and efficient professionals who adapt unique angles of common topics. Advertising copywriters will become handy if you are building a business and dealing with marketing competition. If you want to maintain your brand’s voice, hire a professional advertising copywriter who will help you with your marketing strategies. They create powerful print, TV, radio, billboards, home pages, landing pages, etc. Avail the service of a professional advertising copywriter from the best content writing company in Pune. Their expertise and talent will help you to grow further with your specific business goals.

Technical Writer

Technical writers have expertise in technical terms and stuff. They will help you understand the most difficult technical topics and concepts. Good technical writers tend to be detail-oriented along with methodical steps and efficient writing style. However, they need to understand their target audience to create meaningful content for them. As a technical writer or to be a technical writer, one should be knowledgeable in writing guide articles, how-to’s, FAQs, manuals, instructions, and other similar helpful contents. Technology content writing is not an easy task and to gain expertise in this field; one needs to be dedicated to this field.

Grant Writer

Grant writing has some unique content requirements that you can barely match with other types of content writing. These writers are storytellers who focus on audience engagement. Along with that, they know how to mix emotions with ration in well-structured ways. Similar to a technical writer,  a good grant writer should also be detail-oriented, and they should be well organized. Their creation has to meet the specific requirements of the industry. So, even a simple mistake can ruin the whole work, and that can ruin the chances of winning the grant from the awarding organization. And most importantly, grant writers need to be dedicated enough to meet strict deadlines.

Now, after reading and knowing the types of content writers available in the market, you should be able to recognize your brand essentials. Hence, it will help you hire the most efficient and professional content writers in Pune.

Why I need Content Writing services?

content writer in pune

If you are starting a business or already have started one and are currently looking to generate more leads, you need the best Content Writers For Company Profile. You need a group of professional people who will understand the value of your industry and will help you land more traffic to your site. Suppose you have created a health service website for the first time. You need professional writers who have experience in the niche and will help you publish relevant content on your site. Creating and publishing useful content on your website makes it credible and creating new content on your site increases the traffic by at least 3X on average. If you publish 15 articles on your site, they will catch your reader’s attention and will help you keep them engaged in the long run.

You can write your own content and publish them on your site if you like the idea of writing. That’s what bloggers do. Unfortunately, businessmen don’t have time to research and create helpful and engaging content. So they take help from professional SEO friendly content writing services in Pune or website Content Writers. Here are some considerable reasons why hiring a professional content writer in Pune will be fruitful for your business.

Web Writers Know the Best Use of SEO Kits

SEO kits are important to optimize an article properly. There are WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, keyword density checker tools like Keywords Everywhere, and others to improve the on-page SEO of your web-contents. Professional web content writers are well aware of these tools and they can optimize your piece of content following the suggestions of those tools. Only a proper SEO optimized article can ensure a higher ranking of your website on SERP.

Expert Voices Boost Trustworthiness

They know the right use of words and that helps them create powerful messages to convince the reader’s mind. In simple words, they play with words and sentences on their content that helps them create engaging workpieces for the target audience.

It Saves Time And Money

Getting in touch with an best content writing services in pune helps you save money along with time. You don’t need to create content on your own, and you don’t have to invest vastly on your site. To boost your site’s presence and credibility, you must create content that attracts people’s attention, and at the same time, it informs the customers about their search inquiry. Creating impressive and informative blogs for your website can be downright scary if you don’t practice writing frequently. So, in that case, you can hire writers to help you create content, and you can pay them based on their value. In this way, you are saving your time, and you don’t even have to research the internet to find the best relevant information. Leave everything on to the trusted content writers.

Great Writers Help You Develop Content Marketing Strategy

Only publishing blog posts alone won’t develop your marketing campaigns and to boost your marketing process, you need to apply other strategies. You need someone who knows content marketing strategies. A professional and efficient content writer understands who your audience is and plan the concept accordingly. Along with that, they will provide valuable information on your marketing strategy. He will put the plan to action as well as in his writing. After the content is ready, the writer will plan the delivery process that involves scheduling, publishing, outreach, and much more depending on the target audience. Publishing a good blog is a good start to your marketing goals. However, a great writer will boost your confidence with your site and marketing strategy.

Content Writers For Company Profile

Company profile writers create an immaculate first impression that immediately draws your client’s attention towards your business. Company profiles open up a string of opportunities for the fruitful future of your business. It helps in turning your visitors to your future clients. The first piece of information to be created is your company profile. Your company profile helps the audience gain knowledge about your products, industry, policies, and services. Hence, your company profile reveals everything about your company and your uniqueness. So, when a visitor is checking out your homepage, he will get to know about your industry through your company profile. Therefore, the writer needs to create content in a way where you will be able to showcase your services in simple terms. Moreover, you will find so many companies profile writers in Pune who will help you out with the business just accurately.

Content Writers For Magazine

There are thousands of magazines you will find on newsstands and in readers’ mailboxes, and they are always trying to find new talents. The reason is simple; they need unique and creative content every day. You will find magazines like Forbes, WebMD, and Redbook, and they obviously post beautiful articles on a daily basis. The writers who have experience in writing content for magazines can create huge traffic on your site. If you are looking to create a small audience, you can hire magazine writers. Magazine readers are a completely different audience, and they are not like other people who are surfing informational blogs on the internet.

Content Writers For Blog in Pune

If you are starting a blog, but you don’t like to write, you can hire content writers for the same. There are writers out there who have experience in blogging and writing informational content. Based on their preference and niches, they can write about everything. And when you are starting your own business, you can contact such freelancers to help you out with blogging. Since many people make a living by writing for different clients, you can get efficient blog writers easily.

SEO Friendly Content Writing Services Pune

No one will deny that proficient writing is an important part of your business. Since it is the era of digitalization and everything happens online, SEO friendly content that will be friendly to the Google search engine is really important. Moreover, these days competition is getting higher and higher every day. And to understand the right strategy and motive of the content marketing field, you need to get in touch with professional SEO-friendly writers & content writing services in pune. Gaining a high position in your business is actually difficult.

Writing has always been a great way to read people and to convince them. Content writing has made that way easier nowadays. Nowadays, through engaging content and blog posts, it is easy to reach a wide set of the target audience. And when the group of the audience becomes wider, the future of your industry becomes more clear. A proficient content writer knows the real use of the Google search engine and thus create SEO-friendly articles for the target audience.

It takes a few years of experience to be a completely proficient SEO writer. And there are so many professional SEO writers out there who know exactly how the search engine works. Moreover, it is not only Google where our focus is. A great SEO-friendly writer knows how to create content that will be acceptable for multiple search engines. And at the same time, they write content with the general public in their heads so that no one faces any issue in collecting information from the internet. There are a few differences between SEO content writing, website content writing, and article/blog content writing. And all of these fields have their separate customers as well as marketers.

Technologies Content Writing

A person in the technology field has no bounds. He can grow as long as the earth will last. This is an age of technology, and there is no limit to innovation. Technical content writers have a huge future in their field as there is no end of their write-ups. Technology, science, and other complex topics are getting more popular day by day. And along with that, the demand of technical writers are also increasing. The general public always searches for content that is simple and true. Technical writing on a regular basis helps the writer to grow in their field, and that includes in-depth research along with preparing content. The main advantage of technical content writing is, you get to learn about new technology, and there is no bound.

The analytical form of technical content writing and marketing helps writers grow more in the field. The writers who are creative and unique, develop well and become the highest paid ones. Most of the times, people from engineering or mechanical fields or the ones who like to read about high-tech stuff, read technical writings a lot. And to be a proficient and classy technical writer, all it needs is improving research skills, following up on the latest technology and trends along with a vast technical vocabulary. If you are looking for technical writers for your industry, you can hire freshers and train them. But if you need experienced writers, you must search for the ones that have enough knowledge in the technical field.

Hire Professional Writer in Pune at Best Price

Like other parts of India, Pune provides professional, comprehensive content writing services and focuses on content marketing strategies too. If you are a Pune based marketer, you need to be knowledgeable about the content marketing services in Pune. Nothing is more important than the marketing strategy that you apply to your business. Each and every business in the world is unique but what makes it irreplaceable is the role it plays to the customers. The world has a great competitive digital marketing area and to keep up with that; you need to boost your advertising and marketing strategy. Your target audience wants engaging and creative content that will keep them intact with your services for years after years.

There are so many writing services out there in Pune that include professional content writers. Be it an SEO-friendly article or just an essay, an effective and professional content writer would know how to keep your customers engaged with every single post. Here are some content marketing solutions that most professional content creation companies offer.

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Meta descriptions (there are content writers out there who have experience especially in meta descriptions)
  • Info-graphics
  • Case studies
  • Social Media Snippets
  • Press Release
  • Story Board Content
  • Classified Ads
  • Marketing Collateral

What is the best way to hire content writers?

You can hire a professional writer at the best price from Towards90. Professional writers must have the following criteria to call themselves “professional.”

They should be able to deliver 100% scalable contents
Robust and highly professional writing
Sound knowledge on a particular field
Knows how the content marketing strategies work

Our content writing services in Pune deliver creative and professional content with all the requirements keeping in mind. They know how the business works and what it takes to rank high in the Google search engine. The main goal of the content writers and content marketers is to keep the target audience engaged in their work. Irrespective of the size of the business, if the product is good, traffic will increase automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

content writing companies in pune

What are the advantages of content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most effective and practical marketing strategies in today’s world. Here are some of the benefits of content marketing that every business person knows and you should also need to know.

Maximum on-site content

The time you spend on your site for content creation and content marketing, is highly efficient in increasing the number of customers. However, in that case, you need to make sure whether the products and contents are comprehensive enough for the target audience. If the general public finds your product suitable and compatible with their needs, they will take time to get familiarized themselves with the items.

Lower costs in content marketing

Unlike other marketing strategies, content marketing costs minimal. The only major thing that you put into your marketing strategy is time. Writing content is not that time consuming if you know the techniques. It is cost-effective, as well. Moreover, if you can write good quality content regularly, it pays off well in the future. Even if your blog does not get attention, you can learn how to write effectively and sell your work pieces at your preferred price rate. Content marketing is a slow and steady process, and when you are developing it, you will find gradual changes in your strategy. It may take time, but it also grows with time.

A universal utility

There is no limitation of contents, and every marketing company is going to need it sooner or later. There are many companies and brands out there who do not rely on the marketing process. Nevertheless, the majority of businesses and industries are dependable in their marketing strategies. Marketing is the best and the only way to gain popularity among the right customer-base. Content marketing is cost-effective; so it can be a great idea to use this marketing channel and gain the interest of your potential consumers.

Boosts customer engagement

If you publish impressive content on a daily basis, the customers will surely notice. That is where success lies. The more comprehensive and interesting your content is, the more customers will feel a connection with your brand. And this also helps you build trust within your customers.

How do content writing services work?

Whether you are looking for short term writer or on a long term basis, simply ask the top content writing companies in Pune. They will inform you of everything about the content writing services they provide. Tell them about your requirements and what kind of content you are looking for. They will give you comprehensive ideas or services according to your requirements. As a client, you have the responsibility of accepting and rejecting content. If the workpiece is not suitable as per your needs, or if it is not what you are looking for, you can send a rewriting proposal. And if everything goes well, you can pay the writer for the content.

Why is writing a blog or article that important?

Writing a blog or article wouldn’t be that important if it was just for fun. Since you are doing this to improve your business, comprehensive blogs and articles would create trustworthiness to your site. As a business owner, this should be one of the many things you want for your business.

What is the Panda content update 2019?

Panda 4.2 was released in 2019, and its aim is to eliminate poor-quality pages and ranks the high-quality pages. It is Google’s Panda algorithm that focuses on high quality and informational pages to show on the first page of Google search. Before the Panda content writing update was released, many pages were with poor content that appeared on the first page of Google search results. But now, the latest update eliminates the websites that post duplicate content, thin contents with very little information, low-quality content, and much more. To pass the test of Panda, your website should not have any of the following:

  1. Lack of authority in the information you provide
  2. Excessively paid adverts
  3. Low-quality user-generated content (UGC)
  4. Irrelevant content
  5. Make sure your website is rated by users and that too in positive ways
  6. Low-quality and broken but paid affiliate links

If your website passes this test, then you are safe. Otherwise, Google’s Panda won’t let your posts appear in the Google search’s first-page ranking. Worst of all, it may result in high user bounce rates.

How will your business benefit from content marketing?

There are a few things you can consider if you want to benefit from content marketing with Content Writing Services In Pune.

Quality web content

If you want to be on the first page of Google, you need to create quality website content regularly. Google has gone through some major updates on its search engine. Penguin and Panda have eliminated lots of traditional SEO techniques with which many websites used to appear on the first page. Now they are all useless. But the thing that has never changed is the demand for informational and well-researched content. Create engaging and quality content on your site if you want the search engine’s attention.

Catch your customers’ attention

When clients or customers come to your site, they will be looking for answers/solutions. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they will try to find it elsewhere. And to keep them engaged with your website, you need to create quality website content, blogs, articles, etc. That is the main way to gain some rewards from your customers.

Well-written website content is the key

If you want your site to stand out from the crowd, you should create and publish as many quality web content as you can. You need to differentiate your site from your competitors. And to achieve that, you need to write amazing content and use as many engaging words as you can on your homepage, blogs, and other pages.

What’s more?

It will help you improve what you are already good at.  You are good at many things in life, so why not share that with the world? You are creating and carrying on a business because you are really good at it. And that does not always mean to sit down and to compose blogs and articles. You can get what you want, and at the same time with content marketing services, you can boost your expertise and income. Undoubtedly, it brings more money with fewer efforts and online content writing services also reduce your headaches.

Where to Find Best Content Writing Services?

If you are a beginner and on your way to creating a successful start-up business, you can count on Towards90 Content House. For comprehensive and quality content, you can find one of our best Content Writing Services In Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai. Moreover, if you want bulk content writing for SEO agencies, you can ask Towards90 Content House for comprehensive content. The content should be encouraging enough to convert your customers into your audience. There are a few things that a great content marketing agency would provide you. And among them, generating quality content that would reveal your brand identity, is the most important. Creating an online reputation in your industry, so that it gains more popularity in the field is very important.

Moreover, you should also find out what works best for your business growth and how it really works. Create a complete content strategy that will develop your start-up business into a grown-up and successful organization. Moreover, there are enough Content Writing Freelancers in Pune who will help you publish content without the help of an agency.

Towards Content House Services

If you are looking for any of the following services, we can help you with that.

  1. Blogs and SEO articles
  2. Video production (YouTube videos and the like)
  3. Website contents
  4. Press releases
  5. Infographics or GIFS
  6. Product descriptions
  7. Case studies (academic writing)
  8. E-books
  9. White papers
  10. Newsletters

Final Thoughts about content writing services in pune

Basically, content marketing and content writing is a thing that anyone can do. And all you need is in-depth research about the topic with loads of energy and an innovative mind. Among many content writing companies in India, if you find it difficult to get in touch with the most trustworthy one, we at Towards90 Content Marketing can help you build your business with great content.

Now that you know everything about content marketing and content strategies, Go ahead and start building up your successful business venture. However, you must need to understand all the points we have mentioned here in this article. You must remember every little information about content marketing techniques. And even if you forget, you can always get back here and start reading it all over again. After all, who does not like to increase their knowledge?

Call today for Content Writing Services In Pune.