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The Evolution of Content Marketing and How Content Writing Companies Can Help You Get The Bang For Your Buck

During yesteryears, people advertised the product. The promotion strategy revolved around the product. Companies described the features of the product, the benefits of using it, its price, and where to buy the product. The success of the marketing strategy was measured by the increase in sales. Then the content marketing revolution came along. The marketing strategy no more revolved around the product alone, but it shifted towards promoting content.

The success of the marketing campaign included a lot more factors, rather than an increase in sales alone. The focus shifted to creating brand awareness and improving brand recall. Business organizations started hiring third party content writing companies in Mumbai and other parts of the world to provide high-quality content that offers value to the readers.

As business organizations started to recognize the importance of good content, the demand for content writers in Mumbai and all over the globe and companies providing content writing agencies in India started to rise.

Evolution of Content Marketing

During the initial days of content marketing, businesses concentrated on creating generic content that did not offer any clarity to the readers. This type of content did not have any structure or direction. The readers were confused about the purpose of sharing the content and what action to take next.

This sort of content usually angered the viewers as they were forced to view content that did not interest them. This apathy from viewers made brands to recognize the importance of well-written content. They employed professional content writers or outsourced the job of writing content to third-party content writing companies in Mumbai and other cities around the world. These content writing companies provide a wide range of content writing services in Mumbai and other places.

Slowly, as businesses started to understand content marketing, they realized that it is important to incorporate value in each message, they send out to potential customers. The main objective of content is to engage the customers and potential customers into a meaningful conversation by offering reliable solutions to the problems faced by them.

To achieve this objective, brands now believe in generating customized content that conveys the true values of their brand, the philosophy of the business organization, and the reasons why the products/ services offered by the company are superior to that of competitors. Creating this type of content requires good understanding and professional exposure. The job is best left to dedicated content writers, who can understand the needs and preferences of the target customers and curate content that allows you to connect with your target audience.

The benefits of using well-written and high-quality content are far too many. It not only attracts viewers to your website but also provides reassurance to the viewers that they have chosen the right brand.

Content that offers value, helps to create a long-term relationship with the viewers and convert them into leads and customers. Volvo and Dove are two examples of brands that use the power of content marketing to convince viewers about the benefits of using their products, offer value in every communication and create believable stories to explain their values to the target audience.

Your business can enjoy the benefits of a well-planned content marketing campaign by hiring the services of Towards 90. We are one of the best content writing companies in Mumbai and offer a variety of content writing and content marketing packages to suit the needs of different organizations.

We aim to be among the top content writing companies in Mumbai by providing a whole range of content writing and marketing services for startups, established business organizations and SEO agencies.

Our services are curated to match the needs and requirements of different types of companies. No matter whether you are a small startup or a medium-sized company, we provide the right content strategies to take your business to new heights. Our experienced and certified content writers in Mumbai can create different types of content such as Website content, articles, and blogs, SEO writing, company profile writing, AD/Copy Writing, etc.

Now that we know about the importance of creating the right content, these are some tips from our experienced in house content writers and freelancers to ensure the success of your content marketing strategy.

  • You Should Believe in Your Content – Never create content just for the sake of it. Your content should be curated to match the requirements of your target audience. If you do not believe in your content, then the viewers have no reason to believe in it.
  • Mention Your Brand Wherever Required – Use your brand name wherever required. Integrate the brand name into the message so that the readers are made aware of your brand. The messages have to be crisp and clear to motivate the audience to connect with you and tell about you to other people in their network. To achieve this level of popularity, you have to hire the services of a professional content writing company. We are one of the best content writing companies in Mumbai with highly motivated and dedicated content writers for blog and article writing, company profile writing, copywriting, and other types of content writing.
  • Take your viewers on a Journey – To be successful, your content should engage with the audience and take them on a journey. Use your website, blogs, vlogs, and other social media platforms to connect with the target audience and convince them to take the journey. This requires proper research about the requirements of the audience, their problems, and the solutions that motivate them. Our expert content writers in Mumbai and other parts of India are well-versed in research and analytics. They find out what type of content motivates your audience and curate the content to match their preferences. Apart from creating content, we also use advanced techniques to monitor the performance of your content marketing strategy.

Most businesses find it a daunting task to choose the right company that provides content writing services in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Here are some factors to consider before choosing a content writing company in Mumbai.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Content Writing Companies in Mumbai, Delhi, and Other Cities

content writers in mumbai
  1. Consider the Experience of the Content Writer

Experience is the first and the most important factor to consider while choosing content writing agencies in Mumbai or any other city. Also, consider the experience of the content writers working in the company. Some content writing companies have in-house content writers while others employ content writing freelancers in Mumbai and other areas. No matter which type of content writers the company employs, they should have experience in creating content specific to your industry. Agencies with experienced writers can provide the right insights about the best content marketing practices in the industry and ensure that your content marketing strategy works well and improves your brand’s reach.

We are the best content writing company in Mumbai, with a pool of talented writers, graphic designers, video creators, analysts, and other professionals. Our content creators are highly experienced in creating various types of content to suit your business requirements.

2. Qualifications and Certifications of the Writers

Reputed content writing companies employ qualified and certified content writers. Hire agencies that have content writers with a degree or certification in the writing field. For example, if you want SEO content, choose a content writing company that provides SEO friendly content writing services. The agency should have certified SEO writers, who can produce high-quality articles and blogs that match the latest Google Panda content writing update.

We employ the best content writers in India, who are duly qualified and certified. They have years of working experience and can create superior content. Our specialist writers can write anything from technology content writing to SEO article writing.

3. Portfolio

The portfolio of a content writing agency is the right tool to gauge the type of content that it produces. Look at the websites and blogs of the company and assess the quality of the content it produces. Always ask the content writing company to provide samples. This will enable you to check whether the agency can provide the right quality of content suitable for your business needs.

Towards 90 is one of the top companies to provide the whole range of content writing services in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and other cities in India. We have a team of writers with experience from diverse backgrounds. Our experienced content writers can not only understand the needs of your business but also analyze the wants of the target customers and create content that engages with them.

4. Alignment with your Values and Culture

You should know about the values and working culture of the company, you are going to hire. It is extremely hard to work with a partner, whose values and interests do not align with yours. Choose a content writing company, whose work culture and business ethos match with your organization to ensure that you get the right content that is mutually beneficial.

Also, consider the personality of the firm. The content writing agency should be willing to commit to your project and work with dedication to the success of your content marketing strategy. Hire content writers or content writing companies, who are passionate about their work and are willing to work with enthusiasm and dedication to complete your work in time.

We have a team of highly motivated content writers, who understand the importance of content. They produce 100% original articles that comply with Google Panda content update 2019. We follow strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity and originality of our content.

5. Knowledgeable About Different Types of Writing

A content writing company should be knowledgeable about different aspects of content writing and content marketing. It should have a good understanding of concepts such as keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, etc. The company must be able to produce result-oriented content as per the preferences and tastes of the target audience.

We are one of the top content writing companies in Mumbai, well-known among our clients for our result-oriented writing. Our content creators are well-versed in the latest content writing updates. Our dedicated content writers are well-versed in using the latest tools to research for proper keywords, use proper meta description and title tags that make the content appealing to the audience.

6. Ability to Meet Strict Timelines

While choosing a content writing company, it is essential to assess their ability to provide high-quality and result-driven content within strict timelines. You can get an idea about the timeliness of the company by observing the time they take to reply to your emails, time is taken to submit samples, etc. Choose a company that is prompt and serious about their work.

We take pride in providing timely services to our clients. Our partners have to never worry about delayed submissions. Our content writers and freelancers in Mumbai are very professional and complete your projects on time. We maintain high-quality standards and ensure that we submit every content piece on time, no matter whether it is a blog, article, website content or video content.

The benefits of choosing the right content writing agency far outweigh the costs involved. However, it is important to choose the right company that matches your organizational philosophies and work culture and can produce content that is capable of engaging your target audience into a meaningful conversation.

There are a lot of varieties of content such as website content, articles, and blogs, copywriting, white papers, case studies, E-books, video content, infographics, etc. Let us understand in detail about the different types of content and how to choose a content writing company for each type of content.

Content Writing Services – Types

SEO Content

One of the main objectives of content marketing is Search Engine Optimization. High-quality content that follows the latest Google Panda content writing updates and contains the right density of keywords will help your website rank high on Search Engines. Most of the viewers prefer to visit the websites that appear on the first page of search engines and hence search engine rankings are very important.

SEO content includes articles, blogs, descriptions, etc. For SEO content to be successful, it is important to research proper keywords that are used by most people while searching for products/ services that you offer. These keywords should then be used in all the content to ensure that your website can be easily located by the search engines and ranks high on them.

Hiring the services of an SEO friendly company in Pune, Mumbai and other cities is essential to ensure the success of your SEO content. SEO friendly companies have the right talent to create content that has the right amount of SEO keywords and also provide information the viewers are searching for.

content writing services in mumbai
  1. Before you begin searching for SEO friendly content writing services, define your goals. Chalk out the areas which are lagging behind in your content marketing strategy and what are the ways to improve them. If you are not an expert at doing the analysis, hire a content writing company like us that provides content strategy consultation.
  2. Once you are aware of the shortcomings and goals, the next step is to find an SEO company that can track your data, analyze it and offers solutions to improve the reach of your content marketing campaign. We offer services like status quo analysis, A/B testing, content theme mapping, content analytics, etc. to help our clients to improve brand awareness and brand recognition.
  3. Shortlist a few Seo friendly companies and get feedback and reviews from their past clients. You can visit reviews sites or read the testimonials of past clients on the website of the content writing services company. You can also ask the content writing agency to provide references to their past and present clients. This will enable you to speak directly with some clients of the company and enquire about the quality of services provided by the agency. We are a reputed content writing agency in Mumbai, who can boast of hundreds of projects completed on time. Our clients vouch for the quality and efficiency of our work and its effects on improving the success rate of a content marketing campaign.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the content writing company. There is no need to choose a company in your city, you can choose a company that is in another city if you are satisfied with the quality of their services. For example, if your business is in Mumbai, you can choose a writing agency in Mumbai or an SEO friendly company in Pune to provide content. Once you choose a writing agency, schedule an appointment with its representatives. The initial consultation will help you to observe the enthusiasm of people in the agency, their qualifications, and their creativity. You can also understand whether the work culture of the SEO content company matches with yours or not.
  5. The last and final step is to determine a budget. The SEO budget is an integral part of the total content marketing budget of an organization. Shortlist a few companies and get estimates from them. Most of the companies that provide SEO services offer multiple packages to suit the budget of different clients. Choose a package that suits your requirements, the size of your organization, and your budget. Towards 90 is one of the top content writing companies in Mumbai. We provide multiple content writing, content marketing, and strategic consulting packages. We also have a pay as you use packages for our start-up clients and SEO agencies.

Website Content

The internet is a busy place with a staggering number of websites. It is crucial to have a responsive website with good content in order to stand apart and attract your target audience. Good website content is one of the critical factors that affect its ranking on search engines along with other factors like the use of high-quality pictures and videos, and the backlinks it receives.

Writing website content is a challenging job. Website content writers have to research about the primary and secondary audience to the website and curate the content to suit their preferences.there are many ways the target audience can find your website. Some of them are shared on social media, email sharing, links from websites and search engine results. The content of a website should be optimized for search engines. The content should be in tune with the latest Google Panda content writing updates.

Writing good content is not rocket science. It requires some practice, patience and excellent research skills to create good website content. Some useful tips to create effective website content that engages your audience are

  1. Do not plagiarize content from other websites. Write original content that provides value to your visitors.
  2. The website content should be optimized for search engines but it should also appeal to your human viewers.
  3. The content on the website should be arranged in an inverted pyramid model. The most important and relevant information should be at the top of the web page and supporting information follows it.
  4. Do not fill the page with huge walls of text. Viewers have a very short attention span. They scan the information within seconds. Use bullet points, infographics, videos, etc. to make the information easy to comprehend.
  5. Use short and simple sentences. This makes the content easily understandable. Do not use complicated words and lengthy sentences.
  6. The content on your website or social media should be useful to the audience. It should educate them about your brand story, offer them guidance to solve everyday problems, explain to them the features of your product or service and convince them to be your customers.

If you cannot follow the rules of website content writing, it is advisable to outsource the task to content writing companies in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. These companies have specialist content writers to produce different types of content as per your requirements. For example, you can hire Towards 90 for all your content writing and content marketing needs. We provide the whole range of content writing and marketing services ranging from writing content for blogs, articles, SEO, websites to content management and analysis.

Technical Writing

Technical writing involves writing user manuals, product guides, user manuals, help files, technical literature and so on. Technical writing is mostly required by companies that are in electronics, software, hardware, aeronautics, healthcare, and other industries.

Writing technical content requires technical knowledge about the industry. The content writer for technology content writing must be well-versed with the technical know-how and have detailed information about the product.

Tips to Choose Content Writer for Technologies Content Writing

  1. The writer should be capable of producing technical content in a clear and direct style. The information should be easy to understand for the viewers.
  2. Since technical writing involves explaining the features of technical products, how-to guides, troubleshooting information, etc. the writer should be an expert in the industry.
  3. The writer should be able to assimilate a huge chunk of information and produce content that is easy to understand and follow.
  4. The technical writer must be capable of conducting audience analysis and understand the target audience for the content.
  5. The person should be a professional content writer, with experience in writing technical content.
  6. Check the credentials and experience of the writer and ask him to give you one or two samples.
  7. You can also ask the writer for references and speak to his past and present clients to get information about the quality of writing, adherence to timeliness and professionalism of the writer.

Searching professional content writers for technologies content writing requires some time and homework. If you do not want to go through the process, just hire a content writing agency in Mumbai that provides technical content writing services and other content services like blog writing, video content creation, SEO, etc. under one umbrella. This saves a lot of time and ensures you have access to the best technical content writing freelancers in Mumbai and other places across the country.


Blogging is the best content marketing tool to improve your reach and connect with the target audience. Creating high-quality blogs that provide valuable information to your target audience helps to engage them in a long-term and meaningful conversation.

However, you have to be very careful while writing blogs. The blogs should maintain a balance between educating the audience about the features and uses of the brand, and providing solutions to the everyday challenges of the target audience and how your products/services are useful in solving those problems.

There are many advantages to blogging. Some of them are

  • Opportunity to communicate directly with the target audience
  • Blog content can be shared on other platforms
  • They are SEO magnets
  • Blogs are a good source to collect leads
  • Blogging is an excellent way to get exposure to your brand
  • Blogs with the right keyword density can improve your website ranking

It is crucial to choose dedicated content writers to write blogs for your organization. These writers should be able to research the keywords, understand the requirements and preferences of the target audience, understand the content marketing goals of your business and then create content that is mutually beneficial.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Content Writers for Blog

The quality of writing of your content writers plays a critical role in the quality of your blog. Hence it is important to consider the following factors while choosing a content writer for blogs.

  • The experience of the writer
  • Educational qualifications of the writer
  • Availability of the writer to handle your requirements
  • The price charged by the writer
  • Turnaround time for each blog
  • Interest and experience in writing about your products/services
  • Portfolio of the writer
  • Reviews about his/her work
  • References

Hiring a professional content writing company like us will help you to get access to professional content writers and freelancers, who have experience in blogging. We provide special packages for startups and SEO agencies. Our writers are professionals and are up to date with the latest trends and updates. They understand the target customers and produce customized content aimed at engaging this audience and converting them into leads and customers.

Magazine Writing

Magazines are an excellent way to connect with your audience. They provide industry related information to the audience and help them to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

Writing for magazines is a specialized task. You have to hire specialist content writers for magazines, who are experts in creating interesting content that appeals to the readers. The writers should be able to create unique and fresh content ideas that motivate the readers to buy the magazine.

How to Choose Content Writers for Magazines

Writing for magazines is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires good command over the language and deep insights into the field, which the magazine caters to. Considering the fact that there are too many freelancers and content writers, who claim to be experts, here are some simple tips to hire professional content writers for magazine writing.

  • Before you start searching for writers, create a schedule for the production of the magazine. You can outline your target dates to submit stories to the editors, design schedule, printing deadline and date of distribution.
  • Once your production schedule is in place, search for content writers for magazines, who can create content as per your requirement.
  • The writer should be able to match your standard of quality and should be able to work on strict guidelines to follow your production schedule.
  • The writer should be able to create an attractive and motivating call to action.
  • he/she should be able to gauge the preferences and interests of the readers and come up with suitable content.

Instead of hiring individual content writers, you can also hire reputed content writing companies in Mumbai. As one of the best content writing companies in Mumbai, we provide a host of services such as magazine writing, case studies, white papers, etc. we have a team of motivated and enthusiastic content writers, who provide crisp and up-to-date content. Our experienced content writers can create appealing magazine stories that connect with the audience.

Company Profile

The company profile is a brief introduction to the company. It is an essential piece of content to cast a positive first impression on prospective customers, business partners and other stakeholders of the company. The company profile has to be crisp and powerful and inform the readers about the company and the products/ services it deals in.

Creating a powerful and effective company profile is a task best done by professional company profile writers in Mumbai. They understand the points that need to be highlighted in order to convey important information about the company to the readers. Professional company profile writers can project information about the company is a concise and attractive manner.

How to Choose Content Writers for Company Profile

It is essential to choose content writers, who are specialists in creating company profiles to ensure that your profile is simple and yet effective. Most companies find the task of searching and hiring company profile writers challenging. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

  • Consider the skills and knowledge of the writer
  • Experience of the writer in writing company profiles
  • Ask for a few samples of company profiles done by the writer
  • The ability of the writer to work under stress
  • You can also ask the writer to create a sample profile for your business
  • The education level of the writer, certifications and qualifications
  • Referrals and feedback from past clients

The success of your content marketing campaign depends largely on the quality of content writers working for you. Hiring the services of a reputed content writing services company in Mumbai will help you to get a high ROI on your content marketing campaign.

Apart from the abovementioned content, there are many other types of content such as social media posts, video content, gifs and infographics, white papers, case studies, etc. Instead of hiring content writers individually for each type of content, it is better to hire the services of a content writing company in Mumbai that provides all these different types of content under one umbrella.

Most of the startups and SMEs underestimate the power of content in digital marketing and suffer the consequences. Let us discuss a few reasons why every company needs the services of a content marketing company in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai.

Here are Ten Reasons Why I Need content Writing Services

Content writing companies are a boon for startups, SMEs and SEO agencies. They provide one-stop content writing and content marketing solutions to business organizations. Here are ten advantages of hiring a content writing company.

  1. Hiring content writing companies helps you get better search engine rankings. These companies have expert content writers, who can write keyword centric content that is optimized for search engines.
  2. Hiring a content services company helps you scale up easily.
  3. A professional content writing company has access to the latest tools and custom technology to research the target audience, identify keywords, and analyze the performance of the campaign.
  4. You can concentrate on more critical aspects of your business, leaving the job of content creation and marketing to third party content writing agencies in Mumbai, Chennai, and other parts of the country.
  5. Outsourcing content to third party agencies saves a lot of time and money.
  6. The best content writing companies in Mumbai and other cities employ writers and freelancers, who are experts in their field. These writers create different types of content that engage the viewers and improves the reach of your campaign.
  7. The job of content writing companies is to create content for your websites, blogs, etc. and keep the content updated. These companies constantly monitor the performance of the content on different platforms and devise ways and means to increase the ROI.
  8. Outsourcing content marketing lets you hire professional writers at the best price. As these companies offer special packages to suit your budget, there is no strain on your resources.
  9. Professional content writing agencies help to create brand awareness and improve brand identification and recollection.
  10. The content created by the expert writers of content writing agencies engages the audience by providing authoritative and informational content.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of hiring the services of a content writing company, browse through our FAQ section to find the right answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hire Professional Writer in Mumbai at Best Price

Towards 90 is the top content writing company in Mumbai that provides a wide range of content writing and content marketing services. Our range of services includes content writing for blogs, articles, SEO content, Whitepapers, Case Studies, Video content, Gifs, Infographics, Emailers, Newsletters, etc.

Apart from writing engaging content, we also provide content marketing and analytics. We provide content marketing services that include campaigning across all online assets, complete campaign analytics, A/B testing, etc.

We also offer comprehensive content strategy consultation services for start-ups and established organizations that are trying to make a mark on digital marketing. Our content strategy includes performing status-quo analysis, formulation of road-maps and goals for content marketing campaigns, content theme mapping and creating a brand ideas and content themes. These services are ideal for startups and emerging small and medium scale enterprises.

Our 3 step content strategy aims to engage, inspire and transform your audience and convert them into leads and loyal customers of your brand. The three steps in our content marketing strategy are

  • Content strategy consultation
  • Creating an effective content strategy
  • Developing high-quality content that is effective and powerful

We are top Content Writing Companies In Mumbai