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Law firms and insurance agencies require content with expertise that adds value to the audience’s knowledge. Every other lawyer and attorney’s website on the internet is filled with generic filler content that bores the viewers and increases the bounce rates.

Hiring professional legal content writing services helps you to publish exceptional content that engages your audience and convinces them to spend more time on your website and connect with you for further engagement.

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Hire High quality Legal Content Writing Service for better results

Legal and insurance industry is very content-oriented. Your Audience has a lot of questions, which need to be addressed with accuracy. Providing generic content without specific details will not solve the purpose of content marketing. Hiring professional agencies providing industry rich legal content writing services helps to produce quality content that solves your customer’s queries and increases engagement.

Types of Automotive Content We Create

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Why Do You Need Insurance and Legal Content Writers?

Just like other businesses, legal and insurance firms need to market their services to attract new clients and boost revenues. However, the content demands of customers seeking legal counsel are very different from other people. They seek up-to-date content that informs them about the latest legal, judicial and regulatory updates and changes, and how they influence their case. Hiring legal content writers helps to create authority  content that can convey your expertise, attracts, informs and engages your potential clients.

industry Specific Benefits

Insurance and legal content writing services

WHat you Get With it

Hire Our Insurance and Legal Content Writing Services To Create Insightful Content That Empowers Your Viewers To Take The Right Decisions At Right time

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Legal and insurance companies require strategically created content that appeals to their customers as well as search engines. We understand that legal content writing for Attorneys and insurance firms is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our experienced legal content writers are practicing experts. Some of them are practicing legal counselors and insurance advisors with years of working experience. They follow the best SEO and legal content writing practices to produce evergreen content based on the requirements of your target audience.

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Before we commence writing your content, we need to understand your business or practice. We will schedule an initial consultation to understand your business, your content marketing requirements, goals, and objectives.

Research plays a critical role in legal content creation. Our team will research your audience, their content demands and preferences, and your competitors. We will also conduct keyword research to shortlist the most trending keywords for your niche. Our experts will also review your existing content and refresh it if required.

Equipped with the right keywords and roadmap, our insurance and legal content writers will start creating content for your website, blog, case studies, etc. We have a distinguished team of insurance and legal content writers, who can create magical and trust-able content that suits your service or practice’s brand personality and audience preferences. 

Insurance and legal content writing services

Create Brand Awareness

Produce content that showcases your depth of experience, your assets, and how your services can help the client’s interests. This will help to create brand awareness among the target audience. Once people know about your firm and service offerings, they will contact you whenever the need arises.

Insurance and legal content writing services

Develop Trust

Legal businesses have to develop trust with the target audience to convert them into clients. Publishing informative and up-to-date content is the key to trust-building. Once your audience believes that you have the right solutions for their queries, they will trust you to handle their litigation and cases.

Insurance and legal content writing services

Improve Search Rankings

A majority of people seeking legal firms use the search engines. It is important to be found by your clients when they are actively searching for you. Publishing relevant content that is optimized for search engines will help you rank better on SERPs and attract qualified customers and clients to your website.

Insurance and Legal Clients We Serve


Tax Law Firms

Our legal content writing services with expertise for tax and law firms help to showcase your experience in tax planning and attract high net worth clients. We create highly researched blogs about tax planning, investments, handling litigation with the tax department, changes in the tax regime, and other relevant topics. Our services will help you create brand awareness, generate new clients, and expand your services to new territories.


Insurance Defence Firms

We provide insurance and legal content writing services for insurance defence firms. Create specialised legal content that attracts the attention of different clients such as claims adjusters, risk managers, insurance agents, self-insured corporates, and so on. You can show off your experience in handling cases from different industries, your unique method of handling cases and success rate with strategic content.


Personal Injury Law Firms

The legal industry is highly competitive. Personal injury law firms can hire our legal content writing service for the legal industry to stand apart from the crowd and gain the client’s trust. We help you create authoritative web content that connects with the target audience. Our expert legal content writers can create blogs, social media posts, web copy, info-graphics, and all other forms of content to provide useful information to prospective clients.

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Work With the Best Insurance and Legal Content Writing Services to Establish Your Credibility

Why Choose Towards90:

We provide exceptional legal content writing service delivered by practitioners and experts. Our established legal content writers can write in-depth articles that are in tune with the current legislation and laws in the country. They understand the requirements of the viewers and present content in an easy to understand manner.

100% plagiarism-free, original content written by experts

Relevant content that can be repurposed for different platforms

Adherence to deadlines and commitments

Keyword enriched content that improves search engine rankings

Multiple legal content writing services under a single roof

Applications For Legal Content

Articles and blogs

Legal content is very complex. It consists of a lot of jargon, which is difficult for common readers to understand. Our specialist legal content writers are experts in blogging for law firms. We write immersive articles about the latest trending topics in the industry in a simple manner for your readers to follow. Our writers are up-to-date with the latest happenings in the legal industry.

Website Content

A majority of online searchers, visit your website before contacting you in person. Your website content has to be relevant, fresh, and keyword-rich in order to rank well on the SERPs and attract high-quality traffic. Our legal and insurance copywriters can also create impressive biographies that list your talents, experience, USPs, knowledge of the law, and eminent clients you have served.

Landing Pages

Landing pages play a crucial role in educating and converting your audience. Our distinguished content writers can write effective content for your local business landing pages. We can create attention-grabbing headlines, conversion-oriented CTAs and convincing forms that convince the viewers to provide their information.


Publishing informative articles in magazines and journals help to establish your thought leadership and create brand credibility. Our subject matter experts are well versed with the concepts of law and insurance. Our legal content writing services for attorneys includes magazine and journal stories that appeal to the audience with different levels of understanding.

Legal Documents

Legal documents have to be written carefully with complete attention to detail. Our experienced legal content writers at Towards 90 can also write legal documents such as underwriting documents, bank loan documents, lease documents, rental agreements, etc. We ensure that each document is written with perfection using the right vocabulary and legal jargon.

Blog Post & Social media packs

Choose from existing packages or contact us for a customized package. We also have retainer models and special discount packages for agencies.

Establish Your Thought Leadership and Attract Clients With Quality Content


We take the utmost care to ensure that you get nothing but the best. However, if you are not satisfied with the content, we give you unlimited revisions.

Terms of Use and Privacy

You have the copyright over the content created by us on your behalf. We do not use your content for any other purpose. We strive to maintain the privacy of data and have all processes in place to safeguard it.

Our Support

You are never left alone when working with us. Our support team is always there to answer your queries and solve your problems.


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Insurance and legal content writing services
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What is a Quality Content?

Quality content is precise, clear and accurate. It is targeted towards the viewers’ needs. Quality content is easy to find and understand for your clients. It is up-to-date and relevant to the users. Quality content anticipates the users’ queries and provides apt answers that not only add to their knowledge but also compel them to engage with your brand.

I have a startup legal firm. Do I need legal content writing service?

Content plays a crucial role in educating, convincing, and converting your audience. Writing legal content is a job meant for specialists to handle that requires writing skill, in-depth understanding of the law, and researching capabilities. Hiring legal content writing services helps you to leave the job of writing to the experts and concentrate on other important areas of your practice.

Why do law firms need a blog?

Writing a blog helps you to answer the questions of your current and prospective clients in a detailed manner. Your clients will no longer waste your valuable time for answers to their questions when they get the required information on your blogs. Blogging also helps you to build trust in the target audience and establish credibility as an expert in your field.

What types of blogs can you create for legal and insurance firms?

Blogging for law firms requires a lot of research. We understand your clients’ information requirements and create blogs that are informative, relevant, and valuable. Our writers create blogs based on your area of practice, your clients content demands and preferences, the common questions about your practice area, and the currently trending topics in the legal industry. Every blog we create for you is created keeping your brand personality in mind. It helps you to improve your search engine rankings, attract prospective clients to your website, and engage with them.

What are the qualities of a good legal content writer?

  • A good legal content writer should have subject matter expertise and industry experience. 
  • They should be abreast of all the latest amendments and changes to the law. 
  • They should be able to write the highly complex legal content in a simple and reader-friendly manner using as little jargon as possible.
  •  Apart from these qualities, the writer should have a good grasp over English and should be able to write original content. 
  • he/she should also know about SEO and the latest updates from search engines.

What types of legal content writing services are available at Towards90?

We provides content writing services for the legal industry for a variety of applications. We can help you create content for your 

  1. Website
  2. Articles and blogs
  3. Newsletters
  4. Marketing materials
  5. Case studies
  6. Social media 
  7. Press releases
  8. Ad copies for PPC
  9. Guest posts
  10. Practice area and local landing pages

How fast can I expect to receive the content?

Writing legal content is a time-consuming job. A well-researched article about your practice area requires more time than creating a short ad copy or social media post. Out average delivery time will be 48 hours. Any delays would be communicated in advance. If you require some content urgently, our adept legal content writers can also create content at short notice.