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Your website is a key asset for your business. The design of your website plays a critical role in drawing visitors, engaging them, and converting them into customers. Moreover, it is also one of the factors considered by search engines while ranking your website. If you are a start-up or established business in Trichy, it is essential to work with a professional web design company in Trichy to get a website that sets you apart from the competitors. Towards 90, is the best web design company in Trichy with an experienced team of web designers and developers.

Web Design Company in Trichy

Do you know? 94% of the visitors’ first impressions of a website are related to web design.

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Importance of Choosing The Right Web Design Company in Trichy

Trichy or Tiruchirapalli is an industrial and educational hub of Tamilnadu. The fourth-largest city of Tamilnadu is also home to the synthetic gem industry. There are many big and small businesses in the city that are competing for the attention of the customers. In such a scenario, it is essential for businesses to have a professional website that communicates with the visitors and converts them to paying customers. Hiring the right website design company in Trichy puts you in an advantageous position and helps to boost sales.

Types of Services Offered By a Website Design Company in Trichy

While choosing a web design and development company in Trichy it is essential to know about the types of services offered by them.  Here are some web design and development services offered at Towards 90.

Web Design Company in Trichy

How Superior Website Created By a Professional Web Design Company in Trichy Helps to Boost Sales and Grow Your Business

More than 66% of viewers prefer to view visually appealing content rather than something that is plain and boring. A website is your online salesperson that viewers primarily see before they can contact your sales teams or visit your physical store.  Hence, it is essential to have a well-designed website that fortifies your online presence. 

If you are a businessman in Trichy, searching for ways and means to attract new customers, it is important to contact an experienced website design and development company in Trichy with a dedicated team of experts. 

Here are 3 reasons why website design is critical for your business growth.

Web Design Company in Trichy

Positive First Impressions

The visitors to your website will form an impression about your business within the first few seconds. If they feel that your website is plain and boring, they will immediately leave your page and prefer your competitors. You will lose out valuable leads to your competitors. So it is important to have an appealing web design that captures the attention of the viewers and convinces them to engage with your brand.

Web Design Company in Trichy

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Web design is one of the critical factors considered by search engines to rank web sites. The design of your website determines how content is presented on it, which in turn affects your search engine rankings. Website design is a primary element of on-page SEO. Hiring a professional web design company in Trichy with an in-depth understanding of the web design process will help you to create brand awareness and improve leads.

Web Design Company in Trichy

Builds Trust in Target Audience

Brands with an obsolete website appear shady. If you want to engage the audience and develop trust in them, it is important to have an updated website with relevant content. Modern websites with the latest security features and appealing design are perceived to be trustworthy by the viewers. The more the audience trust your website, the more opportunities you get to convert them into customers.

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Why is Towards 90, the Best Web Design Company in Trichy

Towards 90 is the best web design and development company in Trichy with more than 2 years of experience in the industry. We have expert website designers and developers in our teams, who can work with the latest web development platforms. Our web developers can develop a wide range of websites such as eCommerce websites, CMS websites, static websites, dynamic websites, etc.

Experienced team of website development and design experts

Website design packages to suit the requirements and budget of different businesses across industries

Timely completion of projects

Dedicated accounts manager for each project

Conversion optimized websites that propel your business growth

Our Process

Creating world-class websites requires a result-oriented approach. Towards 90, is a reputed website design agency in Trichy, known for its professional-quality web designs. Our website development process involves 3 steps.

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We start the website development process with planning. During this stage, we brainstorm with the client and understand their business goals and objectives. Our team also understands the unique vision that you have for the website. We use all the data to come up with innovative ideas.

Our website developers create the design and layout for the website. We discuss the ideas with the client and choose the best idea that is approved by them. We create the wireframe and implement the design and layout.

Our teams conduct manual and automated testing to optimize the performance of the website. The website is tested for various parameters such as loading time, user experience, responsiveness, navigation, etc.

Reasons to Choose Towards 90 as your Website Design and Development Company in Trichy

A website should portray the essence of your brand, and convince the visitors to invest in your products or services. An effective website helps to increase conversions and skyrocket your sales, which in turn boost your bottom lines. Choosing towards 90 from the list of web designing companies in Trichy helps your establish your business and get the maximum ROI.


Stay Ahead of competitors

As per the statistics from 2019, the total percentage of small businesses having a website is only 64%.


Make Your Website Responsive

According to stats, 8 out of 10 customers prefer not to engage with content that is not responsive.


Differentiate Your Brand

73% of brands wish to personalize their website to provide a unique experience to the users.


Develop Trust Among Target Audience

94% of people do not trust websites with bad design.


Reduce Bounce Rate

47% of people expect websites to load within 2 seconds.


Improve Conversion Rate

Studies claim that reducing the loading speed of a website from 8 to 2 seconds will improve conversions by 74%.


Attract Repeat Visitors

38% of people prefer not to visit a website if it is slow to load.


Raise Engagement Rate

44% of visitors will leave your website if they cannot find proper contact information or phone number on it.


Increase Recommendations

57% of viewers will not recommend a brand without a mobile responsive website.

Some Successful Web Design Examples Near You

Web Design Company in Trichy

Periyar EVR college

Periyar EVR college benefited from professional web design

SEO Company in Trichy

Sri Chakra Ayurveda

Sri Chakra Ayurveda increased online consultations through world-class web design

Web Design Company in Trichy


DMK reached out to its voter base using an innovative website

What is the cost of creating a website?

The cost of creating a website depends on the individual requirements of the client. Some factors that influence the cost are the number of pages, the layout, design requirements, integration requirements, and so on. Contact us now to know the pricing of our web design packages.

Can you help me in developing the content for the website?

Towards 90 is an experienced content development company. If you want to hire our content development services, we would be happy to develop informative and engaging content for your website.

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Periyar EVR is a well-known college in Trichy that imparts quality education. The college was set-up by the Tamilnadu State government to provide education to the economically marginalized students of the state. Most of the students of the college were first-generation learners from the surrounding rural and urban areas. 

The college wanted to change its image and attract new students. They hired a web design company in Trichy to design a modern website with an excellent user experience. Their website is easy to navigate and provides relevant information about the various courses offered at the college, examination schedules, services at the college, etc.

Sri Chakra Ayurveda is an ayurvedic clinic cum training institute. They wanted a modern website that allowed them to conduct pre-recorded and live classes to students around the world, and also provide online consultations to patients far and wide. 

They hired a web design and development agency to create a website with interface integration, excellent user experience, simplified log-in process, and hassle-free payment mechanism. As a result, they saw a jump in the number of people signing up for their classes and online consultations.

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is a leading political party in Tamilnadu and Puducherry. The party wanted to launch a website in order to establish clear communication with the people and humanize their party leaders. They wanted to create an informational website that updated the public about the various party-related events, news, videos, and snippets of their party leaders. The party wanted to present the content in the local language of their voters, Tamil. 

Their website design and development agency created a world-class website on the Laravel platform. As a result, the party is able to connect with its supporters and convey regular updates about the various events and current affairs in the state.