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Organic methods to gain search engine rankings and increase website traffic take a lot of time to give results. Enter PPC services, which provide instant results in terms of increasing brand awareness, and driving qualified leads to your website. Towards 90 is a trusted company for PPC services in India. 

Providing comprehensive paid marketing services in India to help clients boost conversions and heighten sales. We are the best PPC company in India to provide full-spectrum pay per click services that help you increase revenue and grow your business. Our PPC packages take your brand before the qualified audience on their preferred platform and increase brand awareness. 

Gain an advantage over competitors and position your brand as a market leader with our Best PPC Management Company in India

PPC Campaign & Retargetting

Drive conversions and Improve Sales with top Notch PPC Services in India

Hire towards 90, One of the Top Pay Per Click PPC companies in India to Take Your Brand In front of the Audience

  • Ads that feature on top of the Google search engine results page are likely to receive 52% more clicks than others.
  • Statistics prove that google ads receive 65% of clicks from people who started their search with keywords related to buying.
  • Google says that PPC ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.
  • As per the latest statistics, PPC ads on Google have an 11.38% click-through rate.
  • As per the latest stats, the top 3 paid ads on Google Search result page get 41% of the clicks.
  • An average viewer is exposed to over 1700 banner ads in a month, while only half of them are viewed.
  • According to statistics from Search Engine Land, 33% click on paid ads that directly answer their search queries.
  • Visitors entering a website through PPC ads are 50% more likely to buy than organic visitors.
  • Consumers who click on paid ads from a brand are 27% more likely to buy products/services in-store.


Towards 90 is a full-service PPC management company India. We have a team of PPC experts, who understand the intricacies of creating PPC campaigns for search engines as well as social media. 

Our professionals can create comprehensive PPC packages that suit the marketing goals and budget of the client. 

We can help you create search, display or shopping ads for Google or platform-specific PPC services such as Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, etc. 

Hire our PPC services in India to get the maximum ROI on your marketing investment.

Competitor analysis

Audience research

Advanced analytical tools

Monthly reporting

Data-driven strategies customized for each client

Our Process

ppc services in india

Towards 90 is the best PPC company in India. We believe that a good strategy requires in-depth research. Our PPC experts perform deep research to understand your business goals and objectives. Moreover, we conduct audience research to know in detail about your target audience, their content consumption patterns, their preferred platforms for content, their problems, etc. We also conduct a competitor analysis to understand what is working for your close competitors. On top of it, we conduct a thorough PPC audit to gauge the performance of your PPC campaign, if any.

Based on the research data, our PPC experts develop a result-oriented PPC strategy for your business. We use the latest advertising technology such as Google’s PPC Ad manager to ensure that you get the best return on your PPC ad spending. We develop banner, display, shopping, retargeting marketing campaigns to take your brand in front of the target audience. Our dedicated project manager will discuss the strategy with your team before we implement the PPC strategy. We believe that the client should be taken into confidence before implementing any strategy on their behalf.

Our PPC experts, not only implement your pay per click advertising strategy, but they also track the performance of the various campaigns and measure their performance. We use the latest analytical tools to measure different performance metrics such as website visitors, bounce rate, leads, conversions, sales, ROI etc. We optimize the campaigns that are performing well and take steps to improve the performance of other campaigns that are not yielding the desired results.

Why Choose Towards 90 for PPC Services in India?

Content Writing Service
Content Writing Service

Climb Up in Google Rankings and Increase Brand Awareness With Customized PPC Services in India from Towards 90

ppc services in india

Develop Hypertargeted PPC Campaign to Engage with Your Target Audience by Hiring a reputed PPC Management Company India

Reasons to Invest in PPC Services in India from Towards 90

PPC campaigns allow you to reach out to your prospective customers right when they are actively looking for your products or services. It helps to inform the audience about your brand and engage them by offering your products as a means to solve their everyday challenges. 

PPC campaigns provide quicker results as they offer a faster way to appear on top of the Google SERPs. Hiring the best PPC company in Delhi, Towards 90 helps you to build a profitable PPC campaign and nurture it to get higher returns. 


Reach Out to a Larger Audience

Statistics state that over 97% of the customers search online to find out about local businesses. 


Improve Brand Recall Value

As per business wire statistics, 2/3rds of customers can easily recall a brand they have seen on mobile ads in the last week.


Choose the Right Type of Ads

As per CMO statistics, viewers are 27 times more likely to click on video ads than banner ads


Get More Clicks

Websites featuring on the top 5 spots on SERPs receive 67.60% of the clicks.


Get Qualified Leads

65% of people who click on paid ads actually are interested to make a purchase right away.


Increase Brand Awareness

Statistics prove that almost 60% of viewers cannot differentiate between an organic listing and paid ad on the Google search results pages.


Get the Right PPC Strategy

As per statistics, 49% of viewers click on text ads, 31% on shopping ads, and 16% on video ads. It is essential to have the right mix of all the different types of ads in your strategy to get the optimum benefit from PPC.


Build Brand Recognition

As per statistics, 97% of people get to know about local businesses online.


Increase Store Visits

72% of viewers performing a local search will visit a store within 5 miles.

Paid Marketing Services in India Help You to Achieve Your Marketing Objectives in a Quick and Efficient Manner.

Our Clients

Towards 90 is an experienced paid marketing agency in India. 

PPC Campaign & Retargetting
PPC Campaign & Retargetting
PPC Campaign & Retargetting
PPC Campaign & Retargetting
PPC Campaign & Retargetting


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Multiply the reach of your content through paid content promotions. Our paid content marketing services include native advertising, PPC marketing, paid social media marketing, and influencer promotion.​

Some of the successful examples from industry to understand the importance of ppc services in India and overseas in increasing conversions and sales.

Best PPC services in India


Payoneer used PPC to launch its new product for freelancers and professionals.

Best PPC services in India

Southern Sun

Southern Sun, a hotel chain used PPC to climb up google rankings and increase online bookings.

Best PPC services in India

Polaris India

Polaris India used a PPC campaign to build brand awareness and boost sales in a new market.

What is PPC marketing?

PPC is Pay-Per-click marketing. It is a digital marketing strategy that allows brands to place their ads across the web. PPC marketing provides businesses with multiple targeting options and increases the return on marketing investment. You can place text, image or video ads on social media, search engines, and websites using the PPC marketing strategy. 

Why do I need to hire a PPC management agency?

PPC needs regular monitoring and optimizations to provide good results. PPC management agencies have the resources and tools to develop, implement, and monitor PPC campaigns. They have access to the latest tools and technologies that may PPC effective and tracking results easier. Moreover, you can benefit from the expertise of the PPC management companies as they have experience in handling the PPC requirements of clients and understand the intricacies of the industry.

How much do your PPC package costs?

Our PPC management pricing depends on the services required by your business. We offer a host of ppc services in india and other countries that include PPC audit,  PPC consultation, PPC development and implementation, and PPC management. Our packages are very flexible and pricing is transparent. You can choose the package that suits your requirement and budget. 

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Payoneer is a popular brand for online payment services with operations in over 210 countries. The company launched a new service for freelancers and professionals but faced certain obstacles such as the absence of search inventory, difficulty in reaching the potential clients and assessing client-value. 

The company resorted to a comprehensive PPC strategy for search and GDN. They also created mini-landing pages in 16 different languages and optimized them continuously based on real data. Their PPC company also integrated Payoneer’s CRM with the advertising data to measure actual results. 

As a result, the company increased its signups and also added thousands of active users every month. The campaign also contributed to a phenomenal 4751% growth for Payoneer, making it the 34th fastest growing company in North America.

Southern Sun is a popular hotel chain in South Africa. They launched a new website and as a result, lost their previous organic search rankings. The main objectives of the company were to develop trust with the search engines, regain their rankings, and increase online bookings from domestic and international travelers. 

The company used a PPC campaign to achieve its objectives. They used a comprehensive PPC strategy that involved creating multiple ads, split-testing advertisements, optimizing landing pages, and introducing special campaign offers. They also used advanced tools to track the different stages of the buying process to identify the problematic stages. 

As a result, they received 7500 clicks per month during the first 3 months of the campaign. They also got a 780% ROI from local and 430% ROI from international markets. The company also reported a conversion rate of 125%.

Polaris is a US company that manufactures and sells ATV vehicles and snowmobiles. The company planned to foray into the Indian market and wanted to target the High Networth Individuals (HNIs). 

The company used a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved Google Adwords, and social media marketing to reach out to their target audience and inform them about the company’s products. They set up different Google ad campaigns to target specific groups such as sports, adventure, travel, and tourism, etc. Each category of the audience was targeted with appropriate themes and advertisements. 

As a result, Polaris India grew its leads by 500% while reducing their cost-per-lead by 60%.