Experienced Medical and Healthcare Content Writers To Establish Your Medical Expertise And Be Reachable to Patients

Healthcare and wellness industry is highly regulated and challenging. Writing health and medical content requires in-depth knowledge, industry experience and extraordinary writing skills.

Hire medical writers with subject matter expertise and superior writing skills to create engaging content which attracts, informs, educates, and converts the audience.

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Impress Your Patients With Informative Content Created BY The Best Medical and Healthcare Content Writers

Medical content contains a lot of jargon, which makes it harder for readers to comprehend. However, presenting medical content in a simple manner helps you to connect with the audience and develop trust and rapport with them. Hire professional health and fitness content writers to create exceptional content.

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Why Do Medical and Wellness Businesses Require Professional Healthcare Content Writing Services?

Content creation for hospitals, clinics, wellness centres, and fitness centres is a challenging job. Medical content should be able to answer the questions of the patients and guide them in the right direction to get more specialist information about their problem or query. The information has to be accurate and it should be presented in an engaging manner to make an impact on the audience.

Hiring Healthcare writing services aids in producing effective content that is relevant, informative, and valuable.

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Medical and Healthcare Content Writers

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Hire Our Healthcare Content Writing Services to Position Your Hospital As A Industry Thought Leader

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Creating scientific content requires minute attention to detail. All the data has to be carefully procured, filtered, and presented in a precise manner that makes it easy for common readers to understand. At Towards 90, we follow a streamlined approach to ensure that the content we create matches with your marketing goals and brand personality.

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As the initial consultation is very important for creating personalized medical treatments or fitness routines to understand the patient condition and requirements, the same way we also feel that the initial consultation helps us to understand your requirements and goals. Our team of experts will sit across the table with your team to know your content marketing objectives as well as clear any doubts that you may have.

The most important step in our content creation process is research. Research helps us to understand your target audience, their likes and preferences, their content demands, etc. We will also review your competitors and their content marketing strategies. Keyword research helps us to shortlist the relevant keywords for your niche. Our analysts also review your existing content to measure its performance and identify the shortcomings.

Based on the detailed roadmap created after research and review, our content creators will get down to start creating content for you. Our experienced health and fitness content writers will choose the most trending topics from time-to-time to create knowledgeable content that is a class apart from the already existing content on the topic. We create highly accurate content that can be easily repurposed for different target audiences, and for different platforms.

Medical and Healthcare Content Writers

Develop Brand Awareness

Sharing valuable and up-to-date content regularly helps you to rank well on search engines. Content with the right meta titles and descriptions also helps you to appear on top of the search engine result pages in Google snippets, Google stories, etc. even if your rankings are low. The more people see your content, the more they are interested to know about your brand.

Medical and Healthcare Content Writers

Gain Trust Of Your Prospective Clients

A majority of patients search online before they finalize a clinic or a hospital. Patients prefer to trust the experiences and reviews of others over paid ads.Getting good reviews and positive feedback online help to gain the trust of your prospective patients. Moreover, the quality of content on your website also plays a crucial part in the patients’ impression of your brand.

Medical and Healthcare Content Writers

Portray Your Brand As Industry Authority

Publishing well-researched and unique content is a sure shot way to engage your viewers. Moreover, it also helps to improve your SERPs rankings by attracting more organic backlinks and mentions from reputed websites in your industry. Quality content can make your brand an industry authority in your niche, which in turn improves the trust of your audience.

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Writing medical content for hospitals is a very challenging task as the medical field is highly regulated and the guidelines are very dynamic. Moreover, every day brings a new scientific breakthrough in the medical field. Our adept medical and healthcare content writers will help you display your authority and at the same time engage the audience with amazing content.



As people are getting more fitness conscious, the number of gymnasiums and fitness centres is increasing day-by-day. In such a scenario, our healthcare content writing services will set you a league apart and help you attract clients. Our health and fitness content writers can create excellent content for your websites, social media pages, and blogs.


Yoga and Wellness Centres

Our trained wellness content writers have working experience in the industry and understand the pulse of the audience. They create the right content that has the capability to go viral and make your brand a household name. We can create content on multiple niches like yoga, acupuncture, music therapy, and other advanced wellness techniques.

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Specialized Content Writing For health and Fitness Industry To improve Trust & Confidence 

Why Hire Healthcare Content Writing Services From Towards 90?

Hospitals and  practicing doctors face a lot of hurdles such as the lack of competent health and fitness writers, ever-changing regulations, and highly expertised medical content requirements. Towards 90 provides top-notch medical writing services India. We specialize in creating authoritative medical and wellness content that interests the viewers and gets a high E-A-T ( Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) rating from the search engines.

Highly researched and accurate content for medical and wellness brands.

Keyword rich content to reach the right audience

Medical and wellness content that is in compliance with all the regulations

Experienced health and fitness content writers

Timely submissions and fast turnaround times

Applications of Health and Fitness Content


Portray a positive first impression on your website visitors with engaging content presented in an aesthetic manner. Our content writing services for medical websites will help you produce SEO-optimized content that provides the right information to the viewers.


Publishing blogs in a timely manner aids to keep the content on your website relevant, and attract more viewers. Our able health and fitness content writers can present boring and complex medical information in an interesting manner to draw the attention of the viewers.


It is crucial to publish whitepapers to share your research information with your industry colleagues and establish thought leadership. Hire freelance medical writers, with subject matter expertise to write highly researched whitepapers without any factual errors.

Magazine Articles

Writing articles for medical journals and magazines is critical for medical professionals to establish their credibility. We can help you create amazing articles in the right format to impress your learned audience.


Sending periodic newsletters to your target audience with the latest healthcare information helps to increase engagement. Hire skilled medical and healthcare content writers, who know how to present complex medical information in simplest terms to create informative newsletters.

Blog Post & Social media packs

Our flexible packages are designed to suit your content marketing objectives and budget. Choose from the pre-existing packages or get a package tailored for you.

Engaging Healthcare and Fitness Content Customized To Suit Your Brand

Pack of 12

5999 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 8 Social Media Posts

Pack of 24

11499 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 8 Blog Posts
  • 16 Social Media Posts

Pack of 45

19999 + GST ( Per Month )
  • 15 Blog Posts
  • 30 Social Media Posts


We understand the complexity of preciseness in quality for medical content. We ensure that there are no factual inaccuracies or uncorroborated claims.

Terms of Use and Privacy

Your information is secure with us. We do not share your information or content with unauthorized persons. You will have the copyrights over all the content produced on your behalf.

Our Support

We are just a call away when you need us. Our 24/7 support team is always ready to guide you through the complexities of content marketing.

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"Its been a great year of association. We really loved the way your team handles deliveries on time. Good Support for revisions.

Medical and Healthcare Content Writers
Agency Owner

"Keep up your good work...!!! I really appreciate your detailed review. Looking forward to create many more great content pieces together. Cheers!!!....

Steve Johnson
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"Thanks for creating complete content for my website. It feels a milestone reach, yet we have a long way to go...Thanks for your teams support.

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I already have some website and blog content for my fitness business. Do you offer content refresh services?

Yes, our content writing service for medical and fitness industry also includes content refresh. We review your existing content and analyze its performance. We will retain the content that is performing well, and optimize the remaining content. We create fresh content to bridge the gap between your existing content and the content demands of your target audience.

Do you provide medical content writing service for start-ups and Individual medical practitioners?

Our healthcare content writing services are designed to suit the content marketing requirements of medical, fitness, and wellness businesses of different sizes. We have helped many startup clinics, gyms, diagnostic centres, etc. to increase their online visibility and gain customers. 

Moreover, you need not worry about the budget as our packages are very flexible and you can choose to pay-as-you-go. There are no huge one-time investments, and we also have special discounts for large volume clients.

Why do healthcare and fitness businesses require content writing services?

Every business needs to reach out to their target audience in order to educate them about their business and build brand awareness. Content marketing is an excellent way to connect with your audience by providing them with useful insights that help them solve their everyday problems. 

The content requirements of the healthcare industry are very unique when compared to other businesses. Not every writer can create medical content as it requires an in-depth understanding of the medical concepts, good research skills along with a grip on the language and writing skills. Hire freelance medical writers with the right qualifications and experience aids in the creation of appropriate content for medical and healthcare brands.

How do you ensure that the content is in line with the regulations of the medical and fitness industry?

Medical and healthcare industry is highly regulated. Publishing unverified content that misleads the readers can cause a lot of legal trouble and may also lead to a loss of your reputation. We choose the best medical and healthcare content writers with conceptual knowledge and working experience in the industry to work on your project. Our writers are up-to-date with the latest regulations and breakthroughs in the medical field and can produce engaging content in simple words.

How much does it cost to write content for a medical website?

The cost of content creation depends on a lot of factors such as the number of pages in the website, the level of research required to create the content, number of keywords, and other content requirements such as the number of blogs, social media posts, etc. get in touch with our team to get a customized quote for your medical and healthcare content requirements.

I have a yoga wellness centre. Do I need to outsource my content writing project?

Outsourcing medical and fitness content to experienced writers or agencies aids to get amazing content that is written to suit the interests and understanding capabilities of your target audience. Hire sports and fitness writers from Towards 90 to establish your online presence, get more engagement, and increase your clients.

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