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Product descriptions play a crucial role in getting traffic to your website and increasing conversions. However, it is essential to hire the best product descriptions writer, who have good knowledge of SEO as well as your industry.  Our product description writing experts are experienced in writing keyword-rich descriptions that help customers find your products easily.

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Why You Need a Professional Product descriptions Writer

Product content or product descriptions is key to increase your conversions. Compelling product descriptions strike a chord with your visitors and convince them to try out your products. Writing product descriptions that invoke a desire in the readers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our product description writing experts can write product descriptions that sell.

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Our Process

Towards 90 is one of the reputed product description writing companies in India. We follow a streamlined process to ensure that our clients get the best product content that impresses the visitors and creates a desire to buy your products.

Digital Marketing Company In Trichy

Our dedicated accounts manager will work in collaboration with your sales teams to collect all the essential details about your products. We understand the features of the products, its USP and how it benefits the users.

Our digital marketing experts conduct market research to understand the demands and preferences of your customer. We create buyer personas to assess their everyday problems and what they are actively searching for.

Our experienced product descriptions writer create keyword-rich descriptions that match your brand image and the customer’s requirements. They ensure that each description is SEO optimized, plagiarism-free and easy to understand. 

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Increase Brand Awareness

Be found by customers who are searching for your products and tell them about your brands. Our SEO optimized descriptions help to increase the website traffic and boost conversions and sales.

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Engage the Audience

Hire product descriptions writer to write highly engaging product content without using jargon. Our product descriptions writer understands the pulse of the customers and can write click-worthy descriptions for different platforms such as Amazon, online storefronts, etc.

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Increase Conversions

Product content is one of the critical factors that influence buyer decisions after price, product availability and service. Hire the best product descriptions writer to ensure that buyers do not abandon their purchase due to inaccurate product content.

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Why Choose Towards90:

Towards 90 is the best agency with the best product descriptions writer for hire. We have an experienced team of in-house and freelance product content writer. Our product description writing experts can write the most compelling content that elevates your products and increases sales.

Content marketing agency with 2+ years of experience in writing product descriptions.

Transparent operations and detailed monthly reports.

Dedicated project manager to create, deploy, and track your digital marketing campaigns

An experienced team of product description writing experts, who have a grasp of SEO best practices.

Flexible packages with no hidden costs and absolutely no long term commitments.

Applications for Product Descriptions

Physical Product Labels

The label design of your product plays an important role in its success. Most of the customers read the product labels to know the essential details of the product. Creating content for a product label requires a lot of experience and understanding of your customer demographics. Hire product descriptions writer from towards 90 to create visually appealing and informative product labels.

Shopify / E-commerce Product Pages

Most of the businesses are using eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, etc. to sell their products to the customers. The design of your eCommerce landing pages is critical to increasing conversions and sales. The product description writing experts at Towards 90 understand the nuances of writing product descriptions and specifications for eCommerce landing pages that are optimized for conversions.

User Manuals

User manuals help the customers to understand how to use a product in the right manner and troubleshoot any unexpected issues. A user manual must be written in a simple language to be easily understood even by a layman. It should not contain industry jargon or technical words that are difficult to comprehend. Hire the best production description writers with knowledge of technical writing to create user-friendly manuals.

Physical - Flyers & Brochures

Creating flyers or brochures is a huge investment. You have to make sure that they are perfect in every manner and cast a positive influence on your target customers. The brochures must grasp the attention of the customer, interest him to know further about the product, generate desire to own the product and inspire the customer to take quick action. Hire experienced content writers to write product descriptions that sell for your business brochures.

Promotional AD's

No matter whether you are using traditional media or digital media, creating awe-inspiring promotional ads requires creativity and understanding of customer requirements. The success of your pay-per-click advertising depends on the efficiency of your ad copy. We have the best product descriptions writer for hire, who can create conversion-oriented promotional ads for your business.

Our Pricing

We have the best product descriptions writer for hire at the most affordable prices. Our packages are flexible and there are no hidden charges. Choose a package that suits your requirements and budget and you are ready to go.

Boost Sales With Our Clear Product Descriptions

01) Unlimited revisions at no extra costs.

02) We respect the privacy of our clients and ensure to keep the client details safe.

03) We are just a call away whenever you need our guidance to grow your business.

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Can I write my own product descriptions?

Yes, you can write the product descriptions for your products. However, to make sure that your products stand out and attract the target customers, the descriptions have to be clear and concise.

How do product descriptions help sell your services?

Product descriptions play a crucial role in the buyer’s decision-making process. Writing effective descriptions that convey the product specifications, price, and other crucial information requires experience and understanding of the SEO concepts. Hire experienced product content writer from Towards 90 to create physical labels, e-commerce landing pages, user manuals, and other types of product descriptions that engage the audience and improve conversions.

What makes a good product description?

The quality of your product descriptions determines the success of your products. An effective product description should be clear, simple, convey the details of your products and engage the audience.

How to develop a product description?

A good product description should be descriptive, creative and comprehensive. It should be crafted keeping the preferences of the buyers at the centre. The description should differentiate your product from competitors, convey the USP of the product, and develop a desire in the buyers to take immediate action. It should be quickly scannable and grab the attention of the viewer in a short span.

How do you allocate product descriptions writer for projects?

Towards 90 is a reputed content marketing agency with the best product descriptions writer for hire. Our product content writers have years of experience in writing product descriptions for clients from different industry verticals. 

Our dedicated accounts manager works with your team to understand your requirements. We then conduct market research and competitor analysis. We then choose a product descriptions writer, who has expertise in writing for your niche. The writer then creates exclusive product content that highlights the special features of your product, explains how it can solve the problems faced by the target audience, and other technical specifications. We ensure that you never miss a customer because of inaccurate content. 

Can I use the product descriptions provided by the manufacturers?

The product descriptions provided by the manufacturers tend to be too generic. There are chances that multiple sellers are using the same descriptions, which results in content duplication and no SEO value.

How to optimize product description for SEO?

To ensure that the product descriptions aid your SEO campaign, they should contain good keyword density, be easy to read, should be of the right length and must be optimized for conversions.

Can you use online descriptions for products without copyright infringement?

It is unethical to use the product descriptions of others. Moreover, you may be violating the copyrights of others, if you use the pictures or descriptions without their permission. If you are planning to use other descriptions to create yours, make sure that the final product is completely different from the original.

How long should a product description be?

Product descriptions should convey all the essential features and specifications of a product. They should focus on the features and benefits of a product and tell a story that persuades the buyers to invest in them. The ideal length of a product description is between 305 to 400 words.

How to write a great product description for a t-shirt?

Good product description for a t-shirt should contain information about its size, price, material, availability, and care instructions. The description should be short and crisp with the right title. It should appeal to the customer and generate a need or desire to buy the t-shirt.