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What is a Blogger Outreach Program? How Can It Grow Your Business Website?

Today, the digital space shows a fierce competition for any business. Given that, creating a name for yourself and making your business digital footprints felt is a daunting task. We all look for ways that would make our job easier and expedite our success. One way to achieve it is through the blogger outreach program.  

Wondering what it is and how it can help your business grow? Read this write-up to know what is a blogger outreach program and how it is crucial for your business.  

What is a blogger outreach program? 

We know content is the backbone of online marketing strategy, and blogs are one of its vital tools. Many bloggers own their blogs and invite quite a considerable traffic on their site. They are the ones who form an essential tool in your business success.  

Blogger outreach is famous by many names like blogger relations or influencer marketing. In simple terms, blogger outreach is how any business allies with these bloggers to create genuine, authentic, and kick-ass promotional content to promote your business, product, brand, and services. This method helps you take leverage of the blogger’s trust and influence to the advantage of your business.  

Importance of bloggers  

You might be wondering about the significance of these bloggers and what they can do for your business. The fact is that these bloggers’ pave the way for unlimited possibilities for your business.  

Today, bloggers have become equivalent to major media outlets. It is evident from the fact that you find them integrated into many businesses’ PR strategies.  

Do you know that the aggregate of multiple small blogs has the same audience as major publications? These numerous sites attract a large audience. An influencer or a blogger can easily sway them in any direction via an influencer. You can easily hire a blogger outreach specialist like us to help you build a campaign to get the maximum out of it.  

The second reason the bloggers have gained importance is that major media outlets often do not cover small businesses. The regular blogs give a much lower PR moment, but the coverage is justified, and they can give your business plenty of exposure just with an in-depth article or a primary contest.  

Types of Blogger Outreach  

Now that we have understood what a blogger outreach program and its importance is;  let’s know the various types of blogger outreach. The best fit would depend on your business and what you are trying to achieve.  

  • Sponsored posts  

Here the blogger writes killer content and publishes it on the blog after charging a fee from you. The blog would have mentions and links to your brand. The price is agreed upon beforehand. Usually, the amount depends on the blogger’s popularity and the extent of influence and audience of the blog site.  

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) demands a blogger to disclose receiving money for the post. Hence, you almost always find a disclaimer to that effect at the end of such sponsored posts.  

  • Product reviews  

It is another smart tactic. Here, any business sends its product to bloggers in exchange for a review. Like any other person, bloggers are delighted to get a freebie and give you a positive review in the form of a video, blog post, or photos on social media. Positive feedback from them works in favor of your business.  

  • Product features 

It is quite similar to a product review. But it differs from the formal review like in earlier. Here, your product gets featured in a post on a broader topic. Here, we can take an example of your backpack business. The blogger might be writing about a trip to any location. i.e., Europe and keep mentioning how your brand backpack proved invaluable to them during the journey.  

  • Giveaways 

Giveaways are not only super-effective but prove a winner for both the blogger and your business. Here, the blogger hosts a competition on social media platforms or personal blog while you provide the prize. Any competition attracts a large crowd that gives your brand some priceless exposure.  

  • Blogger events  

Executing a blogger event is an excellent way to attract fans of real-life things. Here an event is organized showcasing your product and brand. Most bloggers and influencers are invited to attend the event. In exchange, all of them write about your product and brand in their blogs. It creates plenty of coverage for your brand simultaneously and creates a turbo-boost for it.  

For better ROI or for creating a killer digital record, you can even generate event hashtags. Such events are time-consuming and require a lot of time and effort, but the results make them completely worthwhile.  

Reasons Blogger Outreach is Crucial for Your Business  

We hope that you are now well-versed with what is a blogger outreach program. The next query arising in your mind might be why it is essential for your business. Without further ado, let’s walk through a few compelling reasons that make it crucial for your business. 

  • Improves your brand’s digital presence and visibility 

A robust online presence and a strong brand presence is mandatory if you want to attract the right customers and be successful in your business. Bloggers make use of their compelling content and spread positive words and reviews about your business. Their recommendation and promotion of your brand across various platforms, including social media platforms, strengthen your brand’s digital visibility and presence.  

  • Establishes trust  

Any online customer would first look for a trustworthy and reliable brand. Bloggers play a crucial role here. They help establish the credibility and trustworthiness of your business, irrespective of the industry. The blogger’s endorsement of your brand and services earns the trust and confidence of potential customers in your brand. As your brand credibility grows, you are likely to attract more traffic to your website and reap better conversion and sales.  

  • Super targeted audience 

All your marketing efforts are meant to target customers of your niche. It is they who would want to hear about your business. Knocking at random doors will not yield the desired results. Because bloggers write about niches and not genres, their reach is super targeted. If they write about your products and services, there is a high probability that the audience would be your potential customers who would eventually become your loyal customers and audience.  

Thus, you would get the desired results and sales while saving on your time and money. The success of it lies in your pinpointing and selecting the niche blogger of your business. Everything would fall in place, post it.  

  • Cost-effectiveness  

Finance is always a constraint in any business. The best thing about bloggers outreach is that with minimal investment, it increases your brand awareness exponentially. It forms an excellent medium to boost your SEO and content marketing initiatives. Most bloggers do not charge much since they are always looking to share more content on their blogs. 

In case you are facing difficulty pinpointing the right blogger, you can always hire a highly experienced and resourceful blogger outreach agency like Towards 90 who smoothen out the road for you.  

  • Helps you procure valuable backlinks 

It’s a common knowledge that in its ranking, Google gives preference to websites with more quality backlinks coming from several platforms, especially well-established sites. Blogger outreach strategy helps you procure good quality backlinks that improve your SEO ranking and yields better business. It can maximize your link building opportunities.  

  • Improves brand value and credibility 

Earning the trust of online customers and visitors is tough, especially if your business is a start-up. But when high authority blogs promote your brand and product on various platforms, including social media, people start noticing your brand and begin giving credibility to it. It gradually builds a loyal readership for your business, which later converts in higher clients, sales, and business.  

  • Forges stronger connections with influencers  

One reason why blogger outreach is easy to do is that bloggers and influencers are also looking to build long-term relationships with businesses to elevate their status in their niche. It also provides them plenty of content to write about in the future.  

It works profitably for your business as well. Because of mutual benefits, you can quickly form a stronger connection and arrangement with these bloggers and influencers. They get a fee, freebies, and other benefits from you while you get more traffic, audience engagement, and better sales and conversion.  

The relationship works well as you can reach out to them at a moment’s notice and promote your business.  

  • Helps your business reach newer markets 

Blogger outreach counts amongst one of the best tools to extend your brand’s presence outside of your industry. You can easily reach all associated markets and tap into a new audience. It not only improves the conversion and traffic but your business ROI as well.  

  • Let others promote your brand or product.

Blogger outreach facilitates other people promoting your product, services, and business. Without spending much of your valuable resources, you can effectively capture the attention of new markets. It is because you can use the blog’s readership to your business advantage.  

There is always the probability of the blogger’s content going viral and being shared on various other platforms and social media. You simply need to initiate the campaign and wait for the magic to begin. 

  • Get feedback from your product.

One of the most popular forms of content used in blogger outreach is product reviews. A study suggests that about 72% of online customers never buy any product without checking its online review. Moreover, 15% of customers do not trust businesses that lack any reviews. It was also found that 81% of online buyers believe the reviews and words of these bloggers. Therein lies the importance of review blogs.  

When the bloggers write a review about your product, you can effortlessly build a solid reputation for your business and product.  

You also get another advantage. Most bloggers are unbiased and would not hesitate to highlight the drawbacks of your product. Since you get to see the content before it gets published, you get the opportunity to rectify it to the best possible extent and showcase its best side to potential customers.  

You can also compare and conclude how your product stands against your competitors. It allows you to improve upon it and make it the best available in the market.  

The above arguments have demonstrated that blogger outreach is a useful marketing tool available to you. It improves your brand’s promotion as well as SEO’s efforts.  

A Guide to Executing a Blogger Outreach  

We are confident that you must be itching to start a blogger outreach campaign for your business by now. Obviously, you would be confused and clueless about how to go about it. To make things simple, we present a simplified guide for you to get the balls rolling.  

  1. Identify influential bloggers to reach out to 

It’s a no brainer that your very first step would be to find our few influential bloggers who write about your niche or related to it. They must also be active and have a lot of followers. It might look daunting, but it is not so difficult. It is time-consuming, though. For the best results, you can maintain a spreadsheet. 

Google is a great place to discover influencers. Any blog that you find in its search would obviously be an authority site. You can follow its keywords and links. A great tip would be to look for long-tail keywords with three or more words instead of single-word keywords. You can also look at the long keywords related links that you find at the bottom of the google search page. Once you land at a blog page, you can identify the blogger pertaining to your business.  Try to collect at least 30 or more names.  

  1. Segregate the target bloggers into tiers  

We all know that all blogs are not equal. Some blogs have a large audience and high engagement, while others would be less. A smart tip would be to separate them into levels. It would be not very smart to use the same approach for all types of tiers. Segregation would make your task easier. The blogs can be separated based on Social Authority, Domain Authority, and Comments.  

  • Social Authority is a social metric that considers both the number of followers and their influence. For instance, if a person like Justin Bieber is following a blog, it would have more weightage than 1,000 followers of much lower influence.  To find the metrics, you can use tools like Follower Wonk.  
  • Domain Authority gives you an idea about the blog authority. Tools like Open Site Explorer can be of great help here. Higher domain authority sites would carry more weightage.  
  • The number of comments on a blog is another useful metric. A higher number of comments indicate a tightly-knit community. 

By following these indicators, you can segregate the bloggers and then craft out your approach to them.  

  1. Divide and Conquer  

Now is the time to strategize and build relationships. Tier one bloggers are the most influential and deserve your utmost attention.  A few tips for it would be to  

  • Try sharing their content regularly. Take special care to mention the blog’s handle. This way, the blogger’s attention would be attracted to your sharing, and you would stick on their minds.  
  • Many bloggers love to post questions on social media. Answering the questions is an excellent way to add value and attract their attention.  
  • Another terrific way to warm up an influencer is to post insightful comments on their blogs. But it should be complimentary, have some powerful words, and add genuine value and perspective to the blog.  
  • Sending a complimentary email is another terrific way. The email should be short, sweet, and ego-boosting. The direct approach is a great way to build relationships with influencers.  
  • Highlighting broken links, if any, is a great way to break the ice. No serious writer would want it, and if you highlight it and even offer a replacement, you could be forming a bond with them.  
  • You can also grab the blogger’s attention by offering help in improving their page, like pointing to a non-functioning feature or pointing an update.  

All these steps would help you build a relationship with tier 1 bloggers. You can use the direct approach with tier 2 and tier 3 bloggers.  

  1. Reach out  

Once you have done the groundwork, it is time to go for the kill. The tactic you use here would depend on your specific goal like you might want a tweet, a guest post, a quality backlink, sharing your content, etc. Your email must be drafted according to the purpose.  

All bloggers might not respond, but few would definitely respond. Once you achieve success at this level, you can take things to the next level.  

  1. Grow the relationship  

Once you have affiliated with a blogger, you can adopt tactics that convert your one-off transaction to a relationship. It could be tactics like thanking them, holding a real conversation with them in person, or via apps like Skype or WhatsApp; initiating a joint venture, and other tactics that help build your relationship offline.  

Common Outreach Blogger Mistakes  

Everything might look easy, but most often, your marketing team finds the campaign failing dismally. Most of the time, it is because of some common mistakes that many marketers commit. Few of them are: 

  • Not personalizing the email. 
  • Not offering the blogger value and expecting something for nothing 
  • Pretending it is not about SEO 
  • Not offering value for the blogger’s audience 
  • Not engaging with the action post work is done like not sharing on your social media or responding to the audience’s comments.  
  • Not following up  
  • Going back on your word  

All this oozes a sloppy and lazy attitude that can make all your efforts go down the drain. 

Reasons to Hire a Blogger Outreach Services 

We have seen some of the most common mistakes. Given that and the plethora of other important work you have, we recommend outsourcing your blogger outreach campaign to experienced and specialist agencies like us. Few compelling reasons that make it a smart idea are: 

  • Access to a pool of influential bloggers 

Any agency specializing in blogger outreach would already have a robust network of website owners, influential bloggers, and content managers. You can easily exploit their vast resources and expand and build your business without wasting your time and money. It is one of the best benefits that you can derive from an agency.  

  • An industry-specific marketing strategy that is result-oriented 

Experienced professionals like us would always offer top-notch service and value for your money. They would always understand your business and its requirements before designing an outreach program for you. They would get updated on your competitor’s tactics and then create and publish the content accordingly. It would promote your business without sounding like a sales pitch.  

They would help you get quality backlinks, grow your website’s audience, and overall increase your business ROI.  

  • Stat-based analysis 

Professionals like us would always use stats as a metric. The resources and infrastructure are used such that you get detailed and easily understandable reports to gauge the performance of your blogger outreach program. It is especially welcoming if you have a small or startup business.  

  • Cost-effective 

Any business always finds itself short of funds. It might hinder your marketing efforts. But most agencies execute the blogger outreach program at very budget-friendly pricing. You get the best results and are able to eliminate all blunders. You can effortlessly reap all the benefits of a blogger outreach program and easily avoid its pitfalls.  

Final Words 

By now, we hope you will be educated on what is a blogger outreach program and how it benefits your business. If you wish to initiate it for your business or would want to know more about it, get in touch with us today! We are eagerly waiting to partner with you in your business success journey!