Guide For A Perfect About US Page: What To Write In About Us On Website

what to write in about us on website

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Each website surely has an ‘About Us’ page, but not all of us are clear about “what to write in about us on website”! This is exactly what we are going to be discussing below!

Purpose Of A ‘About Us’ Page

The primary purpose that an ” about us” exists on a website is to inform readers about the business.  The text on this page serves as a marketing tool for the business informing the world at large about the background, the values, the core team, the aspirations, and other such basic details along with adding a human element to the business in this digital world.

If we at Towards90 are asked to define content for ‘about us’ on the website, we would like to call it a self-portrait in the text created by a business.

Elements Of A About Us Page

All said and done, a decent ‘About Us’ page is not very common to come by. Generally, all businesses do have a page dedicated to it on their website, but it is more than often neglected, by the business themself. It comes somewhere at the end of their priority lists about giving a deep thought on the contents of this page.

Many times it is also observed that such a page is boring and unattractive to read and is just about ‘us’, ‘us’ and ‘us’ i.e. the ‘business’.

But what businesses need to understand is that it is probably the first place a probable customer comes looking for when they wish to know about you and your business. Taking the contents of this page not so seriously as required or even worse, getting it wrong is a single way path to turning people off even before they begin to consider you and your business.

Therefore, ensure you as a business take time, effort, and a lot of thought before you decide on what to write in about us on website. 

Unless you are Google, Amazon, Ebay, and the likes, chances that a probable customer would come looking to know about your company on the ‘About Us’ page are extremely high. It is a pathway to gain the trust of a visitor and ensure they fall into the buying cycle.

The following are the primary elements of a content for ‘About Us’ in website of a business-

  • Catchy headline
  • Explanation of the mission statement of the business
  • Clarity on how your business can benefit the customer
  • Images /videos and back story about your company

Unfortunately, more than often, ‘About Us, pages get treated as an obligation and not viewed as the valuable opportunity they can be to connect with your probable customers.

How To Write About Us Content For Website

It is believed that the best way to sell is to first earn the trust, respect, and awareness of people who are likely to buy from you! A lot of such prerequisites can be achieved through a well-drafted ‘About Us’ content for your website. 

Here are 15 thighs that can answer your query of “what to write in about us on website” – 

Talk about the mission of your business

This is the best place your business should talk about the reason for its existence. A place where you state the goal of your business and about what you wish to achieve. Talk about it in such a way that answers a website visitor’s query with convection about why they should care.

Background story

what to write in about us on website

Some businesses have a long story behind their existence. And on the other hand, some do not. Some have achieved many milestones, and some are just first-timers.

Whatever be the background story, sharing it here with the website visitors creates an emotional connection. This is the place you should share where you came from and your backstory, especially if you or the founders of the company have an interesting story behind what sparked the idea for your product or service. 

Don’t shy away to mention even the failures and wasted efforts that have been invested to finally achieve success. 

Skimming the vital information to share is the key. Suppose your business has been around for 5 decades, you need not give a year-by-year account of the happenings!

Share your business strategy and the way you intend to be perceived. Throw light on the way your business has evolved, the ideas that have contributed to the process. Talk about how you as a business are always willing to change, adapt, and evolve as per the changing needs of the industry.

Share your USP

what to write in about us on website

Talk about how your business is different from the others around you. What’s unique about what you are offering. 

You also need to talk about your challenges and how you overcame them and how it has contributed to what you as a business are today!

Talk about such value propositions in the upper half of the webpage. This section is known as ‘above the fold’ and is that part of the web page that is visible without the need for scrolling down. The reason behind this being- users are likely to spend 80% of their time in this section of the web page. And it is this content that can encourage the reader to scroll down the rest of the page or quit!

Your target audience

Each business has a specific ‘target audience.’ Although your business website is open for the world to browse, you need to identify and address your target customer.

Having a clear customer persona in mind can help you understand how you can target them and address their needs. It also makes the readers confident that your business understands their concerns and can offer them solutions.

An ‘about us’ page is all about creating a ‘connect’ with the audience. So, knowing who you are targeting makes creating ‘About Us’ content for the website easier.

Explain what you’re offering

what to write in about us on website

Now that you have clearly defined whom you serve, you need to clarify what you are offering. Don’t make the mistake of generalizing your product/ service or using technical jargon to explain your offering as this can make it difficult for a customer to understand what they are paying for.

Remember this is not a place for detailed explanations! Short, crisp, and easy to understand description is the key to keep your potential customers on your webpage for longer and attract them to learn more.

Narrate a gripping story

what to write in about us on website

The ‘About Us page of your business is an opportunity for you to narrate a story, something that can create a place for itself in the hearts and minds of your target audience. From the viewpoint of a probable customer, While evaluating a brand, emotions play a mightier role than information. So, when your business shares information in the form of a story, it evokes the emotions of the customer, thus increasing their likeliness to buy. 

Such a story can be in words, images, videos, timelines, infographics, or a mixture of two or more forms.

Studies prove that 7 out of 10 millennials are more likely to watch a video than reading text. But, be careful to be original and say NO to stock images/videos.

Images help build trust

what to write in about us on website

Yes, we all know how images are more preferred than text, but it’s not just about putting together a bunch of images. It is more so about the right kind of images.

Have real pictures of important people like owners, directors, founders, and other top officials on the page. This sends out a message of your authenticity and relatability, which contributes to trust-building. Research states that company founder images can increase conversions by 35%.

Prompt towards a call-to-action 

Don’t miss out on giving a call-to-action to the customers showing them what they can do next. An ideal way would be to give it twice on the page- once on top and the other below! This lets the probable customers understand where to get started and can create a positive impact on conversions by a whopping 300%.

Talk about your celebrated customers

Does your business have a few particular celebrated and loyal customers? 

This is the perfect place to show them off to the world. Letting your potential customers know about who has placed their trust in you and already benefited from your product/services makes it easier for potential customers to place their trust in you! Share reviews/ testimonials from them.

A few glowing and recent customer testimonial videos can add a lot of weight.

Basically, any sort of customer success stories have the power to display credibility first-hand.

Awards and recognitions

what to write in about us on website

Display all awards and recognitions your business might have achieved. This contributes a great deal to provide instant credibility. 

Talk about the values your business believes in

Share the values of your business with your target audience. This gives them a chance to feel connected with you. Talk about your view on environmental concerns and topics of general interest and how you as a business can contribute to making a difference to the world at large. 

You may be a clothing company, but sharing with the potential customers your care about the environment and how your business is doing its bit in contributing to environmental protection and making the world a better place can speak volumes about the Values of your business.

Talk about your company culture. The secondary audience of your website and the content for ‘About Us’ in website  or your future employees. This is a place you can give them a glimpse into how working for you could be a pleasant experience for them.

Throw some light on how a normal day in the company/office is like. Show them you care not just for work, but also about the people who work for you.

Showing that you have a heart, and pouring it out with simplicity is the key to win over anyone’s heart- be it your probable customers, or your future employees.

Contact information

Did you know contact information is one of the most vital things but remains on the top of the list of things businesses miss out on to incorporate when deciding what to write in about us on website!

When you have a proper postal address, it adds multifold to the value of the business, as people are often not very confident to part with money with some business that just exists on the internet alone.

Be sure to mention all means a probable customer can contact your company be it 

  • Post, 
  • Email, 
  • Fax, 
  • Telephone, 
  • Skype, or
  • Various social media handles.
what to write in about us on website

And most importantly ensure they are up-to-date.

Does your business have an email list? This is where you can mention about it and let people know how to opt into your email list.

Skip the jargon

Using too much industry jargon, technical terminology and acronym-infested words may seem like radiating intelligence and knowledge. But it is not! For an average reader, it tends to get cold and boring. When a reader lands on your ‘About Us’ page, they are looking for learning about your business in simple unambiguous terms. So give them that!

Write in a conversational style. Ensure the content is accessible and friendly. Corporate-speak copy style is boring. Writing style should make the reader feel like you are speaking face-to-face. 

Also, do not make the mistake of naming the ‘About us’ page something else like Our Ethos/ Meet the team/ The Journey, etc. Readers are intending to find an ‘About Us’ page, give them that.

Behind the scenes happenings

The world has gone digital. And in such a space, having transparency in your business process is an asset you should show off. Casual yet real-time images of the processes inside the business generate their curiosity and also help to keep the audience feeling connected.

What Not To Include In The Content For ‘About Us’ In Website?

what to write in about us on website

Now that we at Towards90 have taken you what all needs to go on the ‘about us’ page of your business, there are few things we suggest you leave out-


All the hype your business wishes to create should be done on social media platforms. Keep the ‘About Us’ content for website strictly about bonding with your customers and building a rapport.

Sales pitch

This page should not be about trying to sell. Yes, your readers might be interested in your products/ services, but when they are on your ‘about us’ page, they wish to know about you and your brand as an entity. There are other places you should talk about your products, not here!

The Takeaway

what to write in about us on website

There is no one simple or a few pre-decided ‘correct ways’ to create an ‘About Us’ matter for website.  We at Towards90 vouch that About Us pages can be very diverse—and the logic behind this is very simple- Your company is unique and this should reflect in your ‘About Us’ page! But it is crucial you do not overdo it.

An ‘About Us’ page is not just about your company alone. It is also about why a customer should get emotionally invested with your brand. It is about making them believe that your business is offering the best option to solve their problems.

Research states that probable customers who browse through the ‘About Us’ page of your website are likely to spend 22.5% more compared to the ones who don’t. Also, such people are 5x times more likely to buy from you!

And yet, more than often we find businesses do not pay enough attention to the content for ‘About Us’ in website!

Your business might be new to the online world and are just about to create a webpage or you have been around for a while and are on the verge of updating your website, where ever be the reason, what makes an “About Us” page unique is about first figuring out what is it that makes your business unique. It could be your backstory, your products, your employees, or your vision. It is not the generic facts that would impress a visitor/ probable customer/ existing customer about your webpage. It is extremely vital that the information you place there is not only correct, but it is also unique. 

If you are still not confident about what to write in about us on website, our team at Towards90 can come to your rescue!!


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