7 Awesome creative article title generator tools for SEO friendly headlines

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7 Awesome creative article title generator tools for SEO friendly headlines

What makes quality content?

You might say, relevance, structure, a powerful call to action, and other aspects. 

What we often overlook and forget to mention is the first thing that catches your target audience’s eye is a good title that promises to resolve their query without being boring. 

No matter how informative your piece is if it does not have an enticing and contextual title, the audience will not be compelled to click and read it. Furthermore, it is equally important to have content divided into headlines that directly talk of the product/ services features which make them stand out. 

In today’s post, we have comprehensively explained the nitty-gritty on the significance of SEO friendly titles and creative article title generators. 

The importance of a good title:

The purpose of a good title is to entice readers to garner attention from a qualified audience and convince them to read the content. A title is a concise way of telling the audience about what they are going to read and how it will solve their specific problem. It is important to know and understand what words should be used and how. How words are crafted to create a title can make a significant impact on appealing to and bringing the audience for quality traffic. A creative title will get readers while a boring title will get lost in the information of the sea that is on the internet. 

How can a boring title drive your audience away?

The title works as an effective marketing tool when created in the right manner. It describes what pain points the writer is going to resolve and why consumers should read it further. It is important that you as a writer, content marketer spend significant time analyzing your content and change it if you find it will not attract the target audience in the manner that you wish them to. A title should be easy to understand and convey information, making consumers click and read aka take a digital action. A boring title can:

  • It won’t attract the desired traffic
  • Drop your page’s search ranking
  • Impact your business’s brand value

Coming up with a click-worthy title is not rocket science but it is not a piece of cake as well. There are certain factors that play an important role in creating a title that compels the audience to click and read the content. 

Factors that should be taken into consideration while creating titles:

Regardless of how different your goal is for creating the content, there are established elements that make a good title. 

Know your audience:

It is important to know who you are appealing to. Your brand/business will have a set of audiences that they are catering to- teachers, educational institutions, restaurants, homeowners, etc. The language of your title should be aligned with how your target audience converses. Take for instance – you would be using medical words if you are targeting healthcare professionals, like doctors, pharmacists healthcare technology professionals. 


No content will look authentic and relatable until the writer puts itself in its target group’s shoes. Your title should empathize with the audience and shows genuine concern towards resolving the contention. It is important to make sure that your title invokes the desired emotions be it aspiration, fear of missing out, or curiosity. Empathizing is the best way to appeal to your audience and convince them to take an action. 

Conduct A/B Testing:

Ust like how you would test an app before launching it or gauge upon the performance of the website design as to how it is being received, perform it for the title as well. There are various title analyzing tools that will provide honest feedback and highlight what is lagging in your title. Use these tools and other ways such as checking your previous post’s title and how they performed. This will help you create a more enticing title targeted to your potential customers.  

Use words correctly:

It is the power of words that can make or break the possibility of gaining high click rates for you. You need to have a good vocabulary and tricks up your sleeves to make even a title of three words compelling enough to get clicks, visits, and read. 

Having pointed out the crucial elements that make a good title, let us discuss what you should and should not do in your pursuit of creating an SEO friendly title that garners attention.

Dos and Don’ts of creating an impactful title:

Create a title that grabs immediate attention:

Address the problem in the title in such a smart way such that it grabs the immediate attention of your target audience. 

Add the keyword in the title:

Make it a point to include the keyword in the title. This instantly boosts your search engine page ranking, increasing your page’s visibility and generating more qualified traffic. 

Make it short and crisp:

A short, crisp, and to the point title attracts immediate attention. But it is important to make sure that your title is relevant and does not lose its essence in an attempt to be concise. 

Resolve a question:

Craft the pain point as a question in the title of your content. This will increase its SERP as customers, largely type questions in the search engine. 

Go for lists:

Breaking down your content into lists, bullet points, and numbers will enhance readability and boost click-through and the number of visitors to the site. 

Don’t use special characters:

Special characters can often confuse the audience when they will try to pronounce your title. So we would suggest you refrain from using them in your titles. Numbers and letters will help boost your SEO, special characters on the other hand will complicate readability to the audience. 

Refrain from using uncommon, difficult words:

We know you have a good vocabulary but that doesn’t mean that you will fill the entire title with complicated synonyms of a word that would have otherwise best fit in the post. Take for instance, if you can write 5 tips for creating a remarkable ppt but you decide on going with miraculous. This would look funny and your target audience won’t take you and your services seriously. 

Don’t exaggerate your services:

Say it as it is. Exaggerating your service is only going to land your business in trouble, jeopardize your relationship with the prospective buyers, and tarnish your brand’s reputation. Use the appropriate adjectives and don’t promise something that you can not deliver.

Don’t try to add mystery:

In an attempt to add the mystery element to the title, don’t lose the focus of your end goal that is to attract the audience. The title should be able to give a brief idea of what the consumer is going to read. 

While the aforementioned tips will undoubtedly help you come up with a fantastic title for your content piece, you can also use the headline maker tool for SEO friendly headlines. We are going to list down 7 editorial title generator that will further your goal of traffic generation.

7 best title generator tools for SEO friendly headlines:

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator:

One of the best and most popular tools of Hubspot, The blog ideas generator requires you to just add the keyword in the search bar and hit add, which will give your five results to choose from. 

Free? Yes but you will have to register for more than one search

Blog Title generator by SEOProcessor:

This tool has proven its ability to serve as one of the most versatile and providers of a wide range of options for the title to the seeker. You will get the most recent and powerful tool for content generation. 

Free? Yes 

Content Row’s Headline Generator:

If you are on a lookout for a trending topic, then all you need to do is sign up to this free article title creator for the best and wide range of results. 

Free? Yes

Tweak Your Biz:

Tweak your Biz will provide you with a plethora of how-to, why, lists question, and other ideas of creating titles. This tool has proven potent in garnering traffic and delivering results only with a click of a button and writing the defined keyword. 

Free? Yes

Answer the Public:

As the name suggests, this article headline generator creates titles out of questions like what, which, how, when, and more. It is being hailed as one of the most sought-after headline maker tools for the number of options it provides to the writers. 

Free? Provides a free trial run but you can upgrade to Pro

CoShedule Headline Analyzer:

It empathizes with your target audience and creates titles that don’t look automated. Make powerful headlines to boost your blog’s traffic and return on investment. 

Free? Yes

SumoMe’s Kickass Headline Generator:

Get categorically divided and customizable titles from this free editorial title generator. With the Kickass Headline generator, you will never run out of interesting and industry-wide topics. 

Free? Yes

So, the next time you are in a pickle to choose the title for your next blog, make use of the title generating tools that will make sure it is SEO friendly, generate more qualified traffic, boosts your ranking, and yields a higher return on investment. 

If you know any headline tools generator that we have missed out on, comment below to help the community.