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Are you wondering if buying pre written blog posts is worth your business marketing? Pre-written articles can meet your content requirements on the internet and expand your profits if well thought out and done correctly. A lot of companies buy pre-written articles to meet content demand in a short time and scale-up their sales. But does it fit your business requirements? 

What is the difference between creating a fresh content vs buying an already written content?

Established business owners, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs have huge support teams to create attractive newsletters, email campaigns in exchange for little money. For a custom-created content, you have to employ freelancers or ghostwriters for your business to talk directly to your targeted audience. An optimized fresh content maximizes your business’s online visibility when aligned with customer-focused SEO. Customized content meets your potential demand and focuses on trending topics and stories. But does this mean pre-written blog posts don’t match your audience requirements!

To reach potential audiences and drive revenue, entrepreneurs should choose content that is reliable, engaging, solve your audience’s doubts, queries with high-quality, and also should meet up with your business’s expectations. Creating customized blog posts especially for your business is time-consuming and hectic. Pre-written blog posts save you time and resources from hiring a content writer for business and make content marketing an easy task. 

Content created focussing on evergreen topics can always add value to your content marketing whether it is custom created or pre-written. Some pre-written marketplaces websites allow you to edit and repurpose your content the way you need it. Select your business-related and evergreen pre-written blog posts that remain relevant for a longer period, add them to your website to engage and build trust and credibility with your audience. 

How to evaluate an already written content?

Choose a pre-written blog post that covers highly relevant topics that are evergreen and repurposable to make it easy for building content campaigns across multiple social platforms. Buy highly structured blog posts or specific blog posts to target your audience or industry. High-quality, appealing, error-free articles with proper structuring have the power to contribute to your SEO efforts with compelling and valuable content in it.

Before buying pre-written articles, check the following criteria that can benefit your business growth.

  • Check whether the topic is clearly defined and attractive

Great articles stick to the subject which gives you a clear topical understanding from the title to the end. Pre-written articles should have effective information related to your industry and evergreen writing to get more responses from targeted customers. If you buy a blog post with grammatical errors and irrelevant content, it will affect your content marketing efforts and lead generation.

  • Do the articles grab your audience’s attention and engage them?

Ensure that it has effective titles and first sentences to hook your audience and encourage them into buyers’ journeys. Use enough call-to-action to convert your traffic into qualified leads and sales.

Ensure that the pre-written blog content that you prefer to buy speaks facts that are taken from trusted and credible sources. Make sure the content is fresh and free of plagiarism with a defined format and structure.

  • Is it easy and readable for a customer?

Choose simple language with concise words that will help you to establish authority and connectedness with your customers. To get long-term results, make sure your articles have clear and smooth content flow without any distractions. The overall article should be effortlessly readable at ease. A good article must have attractive headings and bullets that engage your audience.

  • Does the writer stick to a structure, style, and voice throughout the article?

A well-researched, well-defined, and structured article has the power to attract your targeted audiences. The article may be informal or formal, wordy or concise, humorous or serious, it should stick to the one style throughout the article and voice out the needed information using friendly, cheerful or argumentative terms.

  • Does the writer use proper spelling and grammar?

Most writers use a spell checker to avoid spelling mistakes. Keep a sharp eye and read the article more than twice to avoid grammar mistakes and inappropriate sentences. Grammatical errors make an article clumsy and readers find it difficult to understand the information.

  • Are the words and sentence choices right for the purpose of the content with appropriate style for the audience?

Word choices and graphics vary depending on your targeted audience. The pre-written article which you may buy should not contain buzz words, industry acronyms, and short forms. Also try to avoid articles that are more intelligent or technical by using complex industry terminologies, which distracts your audience’s interest.  

  • Is the pre-written blog post having the correct content length?

More importantly, you have to check whether the word count is of appropriate length. The length of the content has a huge role to play in ranking your content for the targetted keyword. Pre-written articles need concise points and well-researched information to engage your audience.

Problems with buying pre written blog posts and content. What can go wrong?

Publishing a diverse range of articles is key to engage different sets of audiences. Buying and publishing already written content is an easy way to drive traffic to your site, generate leads, and establish your authority among customers.

There are a lot of problems and pitfalls involved in buying and publishing pre-written content, it can go wrong and affect your brand name if not handled safely.

  • Buying low-quality content articles from non-trusted sources

If you prefer to buy articles from untrusted websites or sources, you may end up with a lot of flaws and errors. Spinning, plagiarism, AI-generated content are common threats, Choose a content writing or creating service who can handle various kinds of well-researched content created using authentic and experiences writing talents and information researched and sourced from trusted sources. More importantly, written by legitimate writers.

  • Less SEO focus

Compared to custom-created content, pre-written articles provide fewer SEO benefits. To increase your product’s online visibility, you need highly optimized content specially designed for your business. To increase ready-made content’s value in terms of SEO, it needs to be optimized technically with proper links and appropriate keywords.

  • Less targeted

Most of the pre-written content is not created especially for your business, this may distract your audiences. You need to rewrite and rearrange them to make it brand-specific. This may sometimes consume a lot of time.

  • Outdated content

Pre written blog posts might sometimes be created to meet a specific potential demand, which may last for a week or a month. You will find it difficult to find appropriate content that focuses on hot and trending topics. 

  • Lack of continuity

One of the persistent problems in buying pre-written content from freelancers or native writers is the lack of continuity. Continuity is key to grab the audience’s attention by referring past posts and sources to make them understand your writing. The links and references make your blog post more qualitative and within your audience. It can make them come back to your website again if done correctly.

How to avoid any risk associated?

You can buy and publish a well-researched and resourceful pre-written blog post with a consistent brand voice to make your marketing campaign head started quickly and easily. Always try to select any pre-written content having similar structure, style, and tone of writing that resonates well with your already published existing content. This will help you in maintaining your brand identity and tone.

If you have time, make edits to the pre-written blog post to suit your brand’s voice and personality.

To avoid plagiarism and quality issues, you can choose one from Towards 90 to buy an article to control over your content marketing.  Well written and optimized pre-written blog posts can speedup your SEO results and helps in your business visibility with better lead generation. 

Pre-written articles can be the best investment to strengthen your business’s content marketing efforts in a short span. It comes along with conversations optimized pages and touchpoints for effective and speedy business growth. 

In-fact, its all about the result and bottom line that speaks for your business, more than whatever you do

Where can i buy pre written blog posts for my business?

There are a lot of sources to get pre-written content. many content mills and reseller portals are out there.

It all comes down to the kind of content, the quality, and meeting the end purpose which sets you apart from your competitors.

If you are buying cheap pre-written articles to save investment, you may end up buying works from writers who just rewrite existing articles and reproduced content.

Original pieces of content takes a lot of work and time to create.

To be frank, I don’t encourage you to buy a pre written blog posts or other content. Because there are inherent risks and a lot of investigation involved.

Each brand is unique and so does should be the content it creates.

AT Towards 90 we can create fresh content for your industry that pushes out your brand to your audience and offer real answers for their questions about your brand’s product and service. We specialize in providing high-quality engaging blog posts at affordable pricing. 

Providing effective, eye-catching visuals and optimized unique key phrases articles associated with each industry to draw valued customers to your site is our expertise. We have in-house resources and freelancers to write content-rich articles that play a key role in your business success. 

How to get quality work with ready-made content?

On the internet, a very old phrase says ” Content Is King”. It still is relevant and will be, in the times to come. Content is like the heart and soul for your business’s online growth. Good content makes your relationship strong with your customer. It is vital to find a relevant and informative content which is capable of taking your business to the next level.

There are both pros and cons in buying a pre-written blog post. It’s an easy way to push content into your site when you have limited resources and time. Don’t publish articles that lack purpose and are irrelevant to your marketing goals.

To get high-quality content, choose the best content writing service provider who can make your content a sensible business decision.

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